Reincarnator - Chapter 462 Heaven 4

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Hansoo, who came out of the cocoon, took a long breath and exhaled, feeling the excess power rushing through his body.

\'... Great. Truly great.\'

The power was unparalleled to what he had felt before.

Besides, it was different from the time when he overcame the wall. It wasn\'t the feeling of taking a step forward. No, a better explanation would be that he felt like he was one step closer to somewhere. That was why he felt disappointed.

\'If I could take that next step….\'


It wasn\'t like he had simply jumped into a 6-Star Transcendent. It meant that his Trait had been developed and all his seven seeds had been cultivated. In addition, he had completed all of his traits that symbolized transcendence. There was no doubt that something else would unfold.

\'Well, only the shell is left.\'

Hansoo shook his head to shake away his disappointment.

The Spirit Exploding Seed was in his heart. To awaken this seed meant that he would explode his soul. This meant that he would not be able to exist as himself.

\'The demons could control me… And I could become a puppet. I really have no idea what would happen.\'

Hansoo shrugged his shoulders.

His existence would have already disappeared from this world by then.

Of course, it wasn\'t a situation that he wanted, so he preferred that this wouldn\'t happen.

\'It\'s time for me to go. Hmm… The hammer is a bit loud.\'

Hansoo, who briefly looked at Mjolnir, latched it around his waist and began to focus on his fingertips.

The moment he concentrated….


The waves of aura enveloped his whole heart and body before driving toward his fingertips.

When the black-gold energy was mixing crazily with the blood-red energy…


A large light began to form on the tips of Hansoo\'s fingers.

He climbed above the mountain of corpses in the white space before arriving at the wall. Then, he brought his fingernails to the blue-colored wall of Noah.


The walls that the beasts raged crazily to escape before began to be pierced before him like tofu as Hansoo slowly began to walk through the open path.

The walls tried desperately to recover the damages from the internal structure by flooding the place with blue light, but it was simply not enough.



At some point…

As if he was walking through clouds, he walked through the white wall with the energy in his fingers constantly piercing through the wall and appeared in the hallway.

It was the same white hallway that Eres\' group, as well as John Stone and Belphegor, had passed through.

Inside the hallway, he could see a blackened corridor and a huge wave of air coming from beyond.

\'Well, it\'s not easy living in this world.\'

Hansoo chuckled before quickly moving inside toward the border of white and black.



The towering aura that was being erupted from above caused Eres to be startled.

\'Unbelievable. Was Clementine this strong?\'

She knew that Clementine was strong. However, she thought he would definitely be a stage lower than Hansoo. Unlike Kangtae who focused on his physical skills and Keldian who carefully managed his own modifications to enhance his own skills with the crystals, Clementine didn\'t seem to be very interested in them.

There were so many things to be done, so crystals were always at a shortage, and since they were in the upper echelon, he didn\'t need to be greedy about the crystal allocation.

If he had emphasized a bit more, he definitely would have been allocated more crystals than Kangtake.

However, the aura that just erupted was beyond her imagination.

It was so much that even Kangtae had a flabbergasted look.

"Wow… It seems that this old man is right?! This is a sly bastard."

If he had this much power, they could have easily overcome the crises that they had faced.

There would have been fewer people that died and got hurt.

However, didn\'t this mean that he was hiding his strength until now?

It was only natural that Kangtae\'s gaze was distorted along with Keldian and Eres.

\'Clementine… Why on earth?\'

Eres who gnashed her teeth briefly shouted to John Stonem "All of you. Quickly bring all of the warriors scattered over here."


Eres nodded from his remark.

"Yes. Immediately."

Though the reason was constantly urging her that Clementine would never antagonize them, the aura that burst above was too threatening to be seen as such.

"But… it\'s not like it\'s impossible to win," Eres muttered.

Clementine\'s mentality might be unimaginably wicked than she imagined; however, they were not easy opponents as well.

Kangtae was incomparably strong, and Keldian was an elite that could handle Taehee.

Though they might be slightly inferior to them, they were still 5-Star Transcendents.

\'First, we will oppress them… and then ask for the whole story.\'

The truth that John Stone had spoken to them was truly shocking.

However, no matter how much she thought about it, it didn\'t feel false of all the things that Clementine had shown to them.

Rather than that… Clementine had fought so devotedly for them.

This was why she needed to ask the person who had caused this situation.

"Everyone gather! There\'s no time to play around!"


John Stone\'s loud shout caused all the warriors in every corner of the reproduced residence of Florida to gather around John Stone.

They realized that the situation had heightened to the point where they couldn\'t easily rest here.

Eres spoke to Keldian, seeing these warriors, "Let\'s hurry and go up."

They had to quickly go and meet Clementine.

It would be great if they could avoid conflict, but if the worst situation was to come, they need to prepare for it.

Seeing Eres raising her fighting spirit and equipping herself, Keldian nodded.

It was then…

A voice could be heard from the black hallway.

"There\'s no need for that. I\'ve already come down."

The moment they heard his voice, Eres sighed.


Seeing Clementine and Taehee both come down from the control center, Eres narrowed her eyes.

\'Even Taehee… It won\'t be easy.\'

The moment she saw Taehee standing behind Clementine, she could see how things were going to progress.

Seeing how she wasn\'t startled at all, it seemed like she had shared the same purpose with him for a long time.

Then, Keldian, who was standing next to Eres, spoke calmly, "I haven\'t seen your angry face in a long time. Seeing that, it seems like what he said was correct."

Keldian pointed to John Stone behind him.

There was only one reason why he was suddenly infuriated. The truth that he wanted to hide had been discovered.

From his words, Clementine, with a somewhat calm face, opened his mouth.

"Just a bit… Why didn\'t you wait just a bit longer?"

He just needed a bit more time. Then, things would have gone according to his plan. He would have been able to control those close to him through his Trait without force, and they could have remained comrades until the end without knowing his secrets.

However, when he had briefly left in that period of time, everything was ruined.

Keldian briefly replied to Clementine, "You should have shown an appearance worthy of us waiting."

"Yes. Why are you so urgent lately? It\'s like there\'s a hole in your actions."

As if he was still having a hard time believing what Clementine did, Kangtae asked him with a worried expression.

From Keldian and Kantae\'s words, Clementine smirked.

\'I see.\'


It wasn\'t that they didn\'t trust him, but they had directly moved since he had failed to instill trust in them to fill the hole of the empty truth.

The cause for this was himself.

To be exact, he had no choice but to rush himself.

\'Kang Hansoo.\'

His progress was so much faster than he had expected, so he had to continue to accelerate his plan.

Without any time to proceed methodically, he had to move actively. In the end, he was complacent.

He hadn\'t expected to meet such a weird guy like him. However, Eres and the others were more meticulous than he thought and didn\'t hesitate to act.

That was all.

Clementine whose anger had somewhat subsided looked at Eres and spoke, "Even if I asked you to trust me and wait a little longer… You wouldn\'t have listened, right?"

Eres nodded.

"I\'m not sure what you\'re thinking… but stop and tell us what you have been doing?"

It was Clementine.

It wasn\'t just some random person, but it was Clementine that was plotting.

She didn\'t know what his plan was, but he had chosen to plow down the human race for his own ends and had even hidden these from them.

Whatever it was, he had to be stopped for now.

She would judge once she had heard the whole story.

Clementine laughed bitterly from Eres\'s words.

"Sadly, there\'s no time for that."

There was only one way left for him.

It was to light the bomb.



Kantae\'s figure disappeared, and in an instant, he appeared in front of Clementine. However, it wasn\'t Clementine that moved.

"Get out of the way!"

"How dare…!"


Taehee snorted as she blocked the huge sword from Kangtae\'s hands.

How dare he interrupt Clementine?!



While Kangtae and Taehee collided, huge shockwaves all over the place smashed the ground.

From these energy waves, John Stone frowned.

Hundreds of thousands of spheres began to rise into the air from the man named Keldian. At the same time, a colorful white light burst around the woman\'s body.

\'What the hell?\'

John Stone became speechless.

Among the hundreds to thousands of spheres, each one looked like a different type with a different skill while there was that unidentifiable light that amplified her power several times.

He had never seen this.

\'I had wondered, but they… are truly monsters.\'

Though their opponent was strong, it didn\'t look like they would lose either.

While John Stone was exclaiming, Eres clenched her teeth and shouted, "Clementine, stop now! You can\'t beat us!"

Clementine smiled softly from her remark.

"This is why I liked you."

Then, she looked at what Keldian was holding in his hand.

The plan had gone awry because he had gone to receive this.

Then, shouldn\'t the person who caused this to happen revert it back to its original state?

Keldian, who saw this, was startled.


It wasn\'t just a measly amount either.

There were hundreds of millions of them ground together.

\'Where did he get that much from?\'



While Keldian was pouring his skills out from shock...

"Our relationship will be restored… back to normal."

The muttering Clementine gulped down the crystals in his hand.