Reincarnator - Chapter 461 Heaven 3

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"Whew… This is awesome."

One of the warriors that had followed Belphegor, Simon, lied down on the beach and mumbled while looking up at the sky.

<this is="" a="" place="" prepared="" for="" you.="">

The people that lived here had told them this while they were wondering what was happening.

They realized that the creatures made here were robots not long after.

Some suspicious ones soon caught and tortured the fish, revealing their inner appearances.

Of course, since they need to be cautious, they hadn\'t scattered yet and had agreed to gather at one side.

The lives that they had lived so far were too rough for them to leave everything down just because it was a heaven prepared for them. However, at least it was clear that they could live a much more comfortable life than before.


"Wow, this feels real," Simon muttered while he was fondling the butt of a woman lying down in her swimsuit beside him.

As if she was asleep, the woman did not show a response as her beauty was overwhelming than any other woman he had seen on television.

It wasn\'t just one or two women but there were dozens of them playing around in the vicinity.

They acted cutely and even playfully teased them.

\'With this… Is there a reason to fight each other?\'

Simon scratched his head as he looked up into the sky.

There needed to be a reason for them to fight to begin with.

It wasn\'t like they were crazed to kill.

To begin with, guys like Kang Hansoo had gone up initially and had destroyed all of them. The rest that was left was greedy and ambitious but not without reason.

Though it was clear that the reason why they had followed Belphegor was because they wanted something as well, there were others like him that were chasing a better environment to live in.

There was no need to cut people and see the blood of his own and his opponent when his back was warm and his belly was full.

There were people that wanted to live a hard life like Belphegor, so he could rest for a while.

Simon, who laid on his back, looked up into the sky once more, extending his legs.

\'Something\'s a little uncomfortable…\'

His body couldn\'t be any more comfortable, but something was nudging him inside.

It was then…

\'... A presence?\'

Far away, Simon leaped onto his feet after he felt a presence from the hallway that he had entered from.

Simon quickly dug out the sword that was buried in the sand next to him and gripped it.

Since he was the one closest to the entrance, he was able to see everyone. Ever since he had settled there, not one person had left outside. In other words, whoever was entering the place they were in was another person.

Simon\'s muscles in his body began to tense up as a storm began to swirl around him.

A normal person would immediately lose consciousness from the aura that was radiated by him.

\'Wait. If I do this… Will these people not faint?\'

Remembering the countless beauties that were prepared for them, Simon glanced to his side.

However, Simon soon frowned. As if nothing was happening, the women were flaunting around.

"Oh my. What\'s wrong?"

"Have some more fun. You\'ve had a hard time. Tell me more of your stories."

As soon as Simon saw this, Simon realized what was nudging him inside.

\'They are not afraid at all.\'

Different from the alien species that they had fought so far, they were different from other humans. They had power which was why they were always cautious and wary of those that could potentially hinder their paths.

However, these women were accepting them too comfortably.

There was only one scenario why this was happening.

They didn\'t care what they would do in this unknown location. So, they had tried their best as well to adapt from their warm welcome, at this point, he felt very uneasy.

\'Sh*t. I should leave. Come to think of it… When has the world ever been so kind to us?\'

The sweetness of this place was slowly beginning to get on his nerves. It was as if he was being devoured.

"Go away, you girls."

\'Of course. What nonsense is rest in this fate.\'

Tightly gripping his sword, Simon swung it around as he pushed the women clinging to him far away.


Someone walked out from the entrance.

The moment he saw that…

"... Who are you?"

It was a woman he had seen for the first time with a large man. Behind them was an intelligent-looking man. There were only three, but Simon held his sword even tighter.

The moment he saw them, he knew.

\'... Monsters.\'

He could not even guess just how much power they had from their bodies. It was infinite.

He had reached the 4-Star Transcendence himself that was why he was tasked with defending the entrance since he was recognized for his strength.

However, the moment he saw them, he realized that he could not handle any one of those three people.

No, if one of them had stepped forward, it was certain that he would not last even for a minute.

Simon began to earnestly fluctuate his aura around his whole body before breathing in to warn everybody.

At that moment…


"It would be complicated if you make a fuss."


\'What the hell? When did he?!\'

Simon was shocked to see the man clutching his neck.

He didn\'t even see his movements. He was absolutely certain that he was beside the woman. However, in a blink of an eye, the man was beside him.



When Simon had an expression that he was losing consciousness as the hand tightened on his neck, a voice of salvation was heard.

"Kangtae. Stop it."

"Huh… Was I too harsh? He is pretty strong though."


Simon, who was floating in the air, dropped to the ground.


Eres, with a solemn expression, walked over to him.

"I\'m sorry for the sudden use of violence. However… There\'s a reason why we can\'t make a ruckus."


"We would like to talk with your boss."

Before Clementine returned, they had to quickly finish the conversation.

What thoughts they had to ascend, and what their objective was. Clementine wanted to observe them, but something was unclear. Why was it that they should not contact them and just observe?

The attitude that Clementine spoke to these people… was not an attitude toward the same human beings. It was as if he was speaking to inferior creatures.

"Clementine, for the very first time, I don\'t trust you," Eres muttered, recollecting Clementine who was away for a while.


<wow. this="" girl="" has="" some="" moves.="">

Noah shrugged his shoulders as it watched Eres suddenly storm into the residence.

\'Well… I did as I was told.\'

He did as he was told. He hid the contents of Eres and other images that needed to be properly edited and hidden while giving adequate stimulation to the living creatures within the living space. Following up, it was to show Eres and her group how they behaved without filtering. But, he didn\'t remember hearing an order of this sudden rush inside.

\'If you were so concerned… You should have kept your seat.\'

Noah smiled softly, recalling Clementine who had been away for a while.

Of course, Clementine thought it would be fine to be absent in this short gap.

However, how could reality flow as it pleased?

The conclusion was already made.

No, it could be that it might become more interesting.

\'Everyone\'s busy. So busy.\'

Noah smiled while observing the countless organisms running around within the ark.

It saw Clementine outside the ark meeting someone and being handed something.

In the inner corner of the ark, it saw Belphegor busily being engaged in something, checking every single nook and cranny.

While, in the residence place, Eres and John Stone were meeting and talking about the truth that Clementine so wanted to hide.

\'What\'s most entertaining… is here.\'

The residence space and the species conservation room.

Noah looked inside the species conservation room. To be exact, it was looking at the unidentified cocoon.

\'It looks like it will hatch now.\'

Noah whistled.


"... You want us to believe that now?"

Keldian\'s eyes trembled, who maintained a calm attitude, at John Stone\'s words.

John Stone looked frustrated by the way they behaved.

"Yeah, I\'m serious. If I ever catch that son of a b*tch, I\'ll break his legs…"

Of course, he didn\'t think he could do anything to Clementine. However, that was how heated up he was. How could a man look pretty when he was trying to destroy mankind as a whole.

\'By the way, what\'s wrong with these guys\' faces. Aren\'t they in the same faction as Clementine?\'

John Stone shrugged his shoulders.

He just answered honestly of how they had lived.

There was a bastard named Clementine who created such a mess that caused all of them to nearly die before barely breaking through and climbing up.

The people here seemed strong and could survive from the grasp and hands of Clementine. That was why he was trying to convince them so that they could be of great help.

But while he continued to tell the story, their expressions became strange. They showed expressions of a child as if they had just realized the secrets of their unknown births.

At that moment…

Above the residence room, a strong wave erupted.

It was a wave full of anger and killing intent as well as shock.


John Stone and Eres both jumped up from their seats at the intense eruption of a new life and anger.


<well, that\'s="" what="" happened.="" how="" unfortunate.="">


Watching the screen that displayed the residence room, Clementine grabbed something hard in his hand.

From the moment Eres and John Stone met to the point where everything about him was confided between them, all of them were shown in Noah\'s live documentary.

"Why… could you not wait any longer? I just… wanted to show you guys."


Clementine\'s face began to distort viciously.



"I wanted to sleep more, but they won\'t let me rest so easily."

Hansoo, who came out of the cocoon, grinned at the strange ripples that were sent across Noah.