Reincarnator - Chapter 460 Heaven 2

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"Why are you delaying?"

Clementine chuckled from what Eres had said.

"Eres, you still haven\'t finished your bet with me yet. What would you do if they are weird people? I wonder what they will do."

Eres paused momentarily before shaking her head.

"There\'s no reason to fight because of them."

Even if they didn\'t fight, all their pleasures and desires were fulfilled. Though they have not yet given them the right to register, as Noah had said, this place can literally offer everything they want without restriction.

That was why there was no reason for them to fight.

Clementine chuckled once more.

"How long do you think we will wander around this world?"

Eres flinched from his remark.

\'I wonder how long…\'

To be honest, it would be great if this was the last stop. She wanted nothing more than having no further threats with Noah\'s ark being the last. However, would that be possible?

Right now, she had no clue for what reasons this unidentified white ship was built for, and even Noah wasn\'t aware as well.

<i have="" no="" previous="" memories.="" i="" just="" opened="" my="" eyes="" and="" saw="" you="" standing="" in="" front="" of="" me,="" and="" i="" just="" merely="" knew="" what="" i="" could="" do.="" to="" be="" honest,="" it\'s="" only="" my="" guess="" that="" the="" functions="" that="" i="" was="" designed="" to="" have="" were="" to="" make="" everyone="" happy.="" if="" not,="" there="" would="" be="" no="" need="" to="" have="" such="" features.="">


She hoped this would be the end. However, she had an ominous feeling that this place would only be the start.

Clementine continued to speak to Eres.

"We don\'t know how long we will be in this realm. Of course, it would take longer if we were to stay with those people. But, can you believe that? Do you think we can spend decades with them together inside here? If you think so, register them right away."

Eres couldn\'t forget what he said since he was right.

The forces over there were strong enough to create heaven or hell. The materials and energy that flowed in Florida could quickly turn into a mass-murdering weapon more frightening than anything else. The moment these people were to be registered, these functions would be available. It didn\'t look like there was anything different from here. The authors and the people all had equal rights. It wasn\'t like Eres believed in the goodness of humans. She just believed that with proper control and enough resolutions, humans could work together instead of engaging in conflicts to find solutions.

So far, Eres had the power to enable that proper control. If they combined the strengths of Kangtae, Kelvin and Clementine, that was possible until now.

However, what if they got a hold of this enormous power. Then, they would truly be beyond their control.

"I agree that there should be a lot of people. However, I don\'t agree that everyone should be here. Let\'s observe for now what kind of people they are. We don\'t even know what faction they are in. WE have to hide our existence to observe them properly.


Keldian sighed heavily.

\'That is certainly unusual.\'

If they had risen separately and grew from below their jurisdiction in the first place, it wouldn\'t have even taken much effort to discover what and who they were since they wouldn\'t be much different from themselves. They would be moderately selfish and violent. If it was dangerous, they could abandon their comrades as well for their own safety. For them, they had the confidence that they could control those forces.

However, they were completely different. They all had the same armor with the same formality. In addition, they had similar auras radiating that unknown power. Though they looked to be somewhat split, they were not hostile against one another.

This meant one thing. They were completely unified from the lower zones.

\'Who in the world would be able to do this?\'

This meant that the person had unified all of mankind. Keldian didn\'t understand how such a feat was possible.

No, it was hard for humans to ascend up the Colored Seven Zones, to begin with. They had to worry about survival and adapt to their environments, but they were all unified.

Did this mean that they had resolved all of the problems in the lower zones and found solutions for all of the disasters below? From his point of view, that was impossible.

\'This would be impossible even if you returned back in time.\'

Humans showed a completely different side depending on whether they were unified or working independently depending on who had created the group and the purposes the group or faction has. What if the people there had extremely dangerous ideas like fanatics? It would be suicidal to distribute Noah\'s authority to them.

Seeing those people, Clementine smiled.

"So, let us wait and see while we adjust their desires and wants moderately.

Then, they would be able to witness their various appearances.

At that remark, Keldian frowned before nodding.




<sick bastard…="">

The demons tiredly looked on at Hansoo who was surrounded by bodies.

This lunatic had truly made it.

There were only piles of corpses lying around. The entire room were full of corpses on top of corpses. This lunatic had managed to pull through trapped inside the room of 981 species. The reward of that fight was converting it to his strength.

The seed that had settled inside his body, <mad demon=""> had crazily developed and pumped power into his body.

However, for the time being, it will be a little difficult for it to operate since the guy was almost half dead by now. This was why they had said he was a sick bastard.

He had fought to the point where he had holes all throughout his bodies with all of his muscles to the extent of them being cut off. Despite all of this, he continued to fight.

If his seed related to body regeneration had emerged, then it would be different, but the growth of seeds that were aimed for pure destruction would definitely not help the user\'s body recover greatly.

Of course, his recovery was still accelerating, but it would take a while before the Immortal Soul, the seed that is in his body, allow him to fully recover.

TheImmortal Soul began to suck up the bodies around him by melting the corpses and convert them into materials aimed to accelerate his recovery.


After seeing that Hansoo\'s body began to recover quickly, the demons let out a sigh of relief since the death of this madman had somehow been prevented.

Not only that, his beautiful soul was still fine.

Now, all they had to do is watch him go out and destroy everything.

<i can="" finally="" catch="" my="" breath="" now.="">

<i\'m going="" to="" go="" manage="" my="" territory.="" call="" me="" if="" trouble="" occurs.="">

The moment the demons were about to scatter…

<hey. that="" sounds="" fun.="" there="" are="" a="" few="" more="" coming.="">

Mormat with an excited expression shouted as he used his White Moon Army to observe outside.


A private space was created next to the control room.


Taehee who was finally alone with Clementine looked a bit relieved.

Outside, she had to always be aware of Eres so it wasn\'t easy to talk.

\'By the way, I wonder how Clementine had woken this up?\'

Though they pretended to wake Noah up, in reality, it was Clementine that had done it.

With an intrigued expression, Taehee shrugged her shoulders before beginning to speak.

She had to finish her report.

"Things are progressing well outside."

\'I\'m not sure where that guy had gone but he\'s quite a hassle…\'

Taehee shook her head and muttered, recollecting about Hansoo.

As long as their plan progressed, it wasn\'t something that one guy could easily block.

\'To be honest, I really don\'t know what he\'s thinking.\'

Everything would be over if they killed everyone inside Noah.

This was a job that they had done along the way as well.

She could not understand why they had to front an innocent act.

I\'m sure this is being done for a reason.

It has been close to 22 years since she had begun following Clementine, and her faith had always been rewarded.

It was quite unbelievable to think she was complaining about why she couldn\'t understand since it happened more than once.

As if he was trying to console her, Clementine smiled before having a satisfied expression.

"You did a great job. Good job, everyone. It\'s almost done.

Taehee, slightly relieved by Clementine\'s words, smiled politely.

"It\'s nothing really. But…"

Seeing Taehee slightly leaking some words, Clementine asked again.

"Ask me if you\'re curious. What is it?"

Clementine asked, seeing the somewhat hesitant Taehee.

"... Magnus had made his final report before he died. This time, he had not seen the ring from the guy."

It wasn\'t just Magnus, but after the 4th zone, everyone that had fought him had said the same thing.

Ever since the battle against Metiron and his elites in the Yellow Zone, it seemed that the ring had disappeared.

He couldn\'t explain how surprised he was when he first saw the ring.

It was the symbol of Clementine himself.

Nurmaha\'s Ring.

It was a rare Artifact that could only be obtained in the Tutorial.

Other than Clementine, he had not seen anyone else obtain it which was why he was so surprised when he had seen it.

"Did he lose it? Or is that that the ring has other functions?"

If he was hiding it before using it as a hidden card, they needed to prepare for it.

This was how strong the Nurmaha\'s Ring was.

Normally, the Artifact was treated a level below once the first few Transcendent walls were overcome.

However, Nurmaha strangely maintained its power which was why she had asked Clementine.

Other than Clementine, there was no one else that had the ring, including those closest to him.

\'I wonder why he\'s not telling me.\'

Taehee had a somewhat sad expression, but Clementine\'s attitude remained unchanged.

Clementine shook his head and replied.

"I don\'t know. However, there\'s no way he has not used it. I heard that he had nearly died a couple of times so maybe he had used it at those times."

Taehee nodded at his response. That\'s what she thought which was why she had asked.

"Then, I will finish it."



In the room where Taehee disappeared, Clementine laid absentmindedly looking at his fingers.

In fact, he was looking at the shining ring on his finger.

Possibly this being his last break, he wanted to rest, but he was also curious.

\'If he had it, there\'s no way Noah would be this quiet. Did it truly disappear?\'

There were only two possibilities.

It\'s either been erased… or it has dug in.


Clementine who was spinning the ring muttered softly to Noah.