Reincarnator - Chapter 459 Heaven 1

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Belphegor had an uncomfortable expression while looking at the long, black hallway.

\'Why is it like this? I feel like I entered a prison.\'

The hallway looked like a pathway to the execution chamber as most of his powers and skills were restricted as if it was telling him not to resist.

However, Belphegor soon shook his head.

\'If they were trying to kill me, there\'s no reason to be so complicated.\'

Earlier, when he was climbing the stairs, he realized that the vast waves of energy came from the entrance. With this large object, they could kill him whenever they want to.

Swallowing back, Belphegor walked with certainty toward the far visible light.

If he walked straight, he would arrive. There was still some distance left, but an estimate of 20 minutes at most would all it would take for them to arrive.

\'Let\'s go.\'

At that moment…


"Huh?! What?!"

The sudden trembles began to shake the dark corridor.

Soon, the walls of the hallway turned into small black cubes before changing their shapes like a broken graphic screen.

It wasn\'t just the walls as strange noises began to resound from the cloud-like black cubes for reassembling and creating a new path.

It wasn\'t a straight path like before, but a hallway that headed for somewhere else. The explanation might be long, but the change was instantaneous.

Less than a second later, the hallway that led to the distant light had disappeared, and in its place, a slightly curved path that was to the south arose.

Seeing how this carefully assembled hallway had suddenly appeared, Belphegor hesitated.

"If you\'re not going, get out of my way man."

John Stone stepped forward, pushing Belphegor to the side.

\'Bastard. He\'s scared.\'

If they were trying to do something strange, they wouldn\'t go in such a roundabout way.

It would have been easier to crunch the hallway from earlier and kill them. It was but a short moment, but he definitely felt the ominous, creepy energy that was in each black cube.

Although those cubes\' purpose was merely used for changing appearance, what he had felt from before could have been a staircase to hell.

\'And… It seems that the light had become subtly brighter.\'

The end of the hallway was brighter than before. John Stone walked toward it as if it was a location that was welcoming his arrival.

Picking up his speed, he soon arrived to the bright light which leaked out and covered John Stone\'s entire body. Walking out of the hallway, John Stone groaned subconsciously.


"Hey, big guy. Stop blocking the road and step aside. What is it?"

Since John Stone\'s body was very big, the people behind him could not see a single thing. Belphegor, who was following just behind John Stone, pushed him aside and walked out.

At that moment…


Belphegor uttered the same groan as John Stone. The same went for the warriors who began arriving behind Belphegor and John Stone.


"What is this?"

There was a huge, luscious beach with the sand shining brightly that was scattered on top. There were the sunshine and the cool, fresh breeze that was around them, and the benches and trees that were in the streets as well.

It wasn\'t just that.

"Wow! Over here! There\'s a ball!"

"Throw it this way!"

There were countless numbers of people filling the beach. There were hundreds of buildings and white houses standing tall on the beach.

\'What is this? Is this a hallucination?\'

John Stone and Belphegor both faltered back.

"This… is Florida," A warrior, who followed from behind, said with a bewildered expression.


<how is="" it?="" i="" re-enacted="" the="" happiest="" place="" in="" eres\'s="" memory.="" it\'s="" nice,="" isn\'t="" it?="">


Form Noah\'s words, Eres swallowed back. It wasn\'t just nice. Before she was dragged into this hell, it was the place where she had spent her life at. It was Florida. For every intersection, there was a building. Although her memory of the place had somewhat faded over the course of the last 20 years, she still remembered clearly what it looked like and what it had.

The scene that reflected from the scene perfectly filled the gaps in Eres\'s memory of Florida. It was literally the city that she lived in more than 20 years ago, and it looked exactly the same. Her eyes quivered as she looked at the faces of the people over in the screen.

\'... Even my friends.\'

Her friends that were dragged into the Abyss and had died were definitely alive at the time. They had gathered at the beach in order to celebrate her birthday party, and the words \'happiest moment in my life\' could not be more fitting than this.

This was definitely the brightest point of her life, and its reproducibility of that scene was horrifyingly accurate.

Eres clenched her teeth before looking at Noah and asked, "How did you do that…?"

Noah laughed loudly in amusement.

<ahahahaha! what\'s="" so="" hard="" about="" this="" that="" you="" had="" to="" ask?="" isn\'t="" it="" the="" basic="" of="" basics="" to="" create="" an="" environment="" for="" the="" residents="" to="" live="" in?="">


It was an ark that was built with great technological prowess.

There was only one purpose.

It was to make residents as happy as possible from the harsh environment that could reappear whenever forever.

The grand energy from the Red Jades with the combination of the liquid energy <exinum> allowed these miraculous events to be recreated so simply.

It wasn\'t even a job to create a replica of an environment when it had a hallway that could destroy Transcendents.

Of course, it would be a little far-fetched for it to be a joke since it was quite big, but with a bit of effort, it wasn\'t much.

It was able to sprout trees and make sand from the empty spaces. Through the distortion and crumpling of the space, it was able to artificially create the sun and seawater.

Wind? Waves?

With the energy of the Red Jades, it was too simple.

The fish, people, and pets that were in the set?

These were materials that could make anything, and as long as one had the memories with it, it could recreate it with the energy in hand.

Of course, it needed all three of the materials, energy, and design to make this happen.

It was able to create a killing robot that could wipe out a country, so how could it not make something as simple as this?

Of course, it was hard to make a perfect human being, but it was nothing like making a seemingly unpleasant resemblance to that of a human either.

All these technologies were used for the happiness of the residents.

<look at="" their="" expressions.="" they="" look="" a="" little="" dazed…="" shouldn\'t="" you="" go="" over="" and="" say="" something?="" a="" phrase="" like="" \'welcome="" to="" heaven.\'="">

They could make anything they want whether it was food, items and even people.

If they wanted a private space, they could set up their own private spaces that matched their desires since there was so much space anyways. Although the capacity for space expansion was lacking at the moment due to the lack of energy, it could simply expand the interior of Noah immensely using the Red Jades directly if needed.


It could build a kingdom for each one.

A giant territory with countless citizens as well as beautiful and handsome slaves.

This was a space where all materials and energy were used to satisfy a single pleasure.

This was essentially the height of pleasure.

<to be="" honest,="" these="" desires="" were="" automatically="" fueled="" by="" the="" level="" of="" civilization.="" there\'s="" nothing="" else="" worth="" using.="" however,="" how="" lucky="" are="" you="" all?="" you="" all="" have="" desires="" in="" sight,="" and="" you="" now="" have="" the="" option="" to="" meet="" them.="" however,="" are="" you="" truly="" not="" going="" to="" go="" and="" greet="" them??="" the="" screen="" that="" noah="" had="" shown="" in="" the="" air="" displayed="" the="" adventurers="" and="" the="" transcendents="" walking="" around="" the="" residential="" areas.="" eres="" frowned="" from="" noah\'s="" words.="" ---------------="" booooooooooooooom!="" ruuuuuuumble!=""></to><... you="" wretched="" bastard.="">

<i don\'t="" know.="" do="" as="" you="" please.="">

Seeing Hansoo rampage and destroy everything from all directions, the demons muttered.

The red light that surrounded Hansoo was becoming intensely stronger as it started to look like blood. This meant that the guy was constantly getting stronger. Of course, the crisis around him was not over yet as the beasts\' attacks remained strong, and their numbers remained finite as well.

No, it could be said that the situation had become more dangerous. Although he had become stronger, from fighting for so long, his body was filled with large wounds. However, if he were to try and leave, he would have left already.

Was it comforting to think that the guy that was fighting viciously was becoming stronger or no?

\'If it looks like he will die, he will probably leave.\'


Barmamunt muttered deep in the basement, seeing the guy pushing the beasts back. However, there were some that still hadn\'t given up.

<if you="" will="" leave,="" i="" will="" make="" sure="" to="" give="" you="" all="" the="" pleasures="" you="" want,="" so="" why="" do="" this?!="">

It was Dopidos, the Demon of Indolence, Greed, and Desire.

He was constantly frustrated at the sight of Hansoo fighting through his five senses.

It couldn\'t be helped since its least favorite thing was to busily move in such a dangerous place like this. The pleasure that Dopidos reveled in was seeing humans be devoured by pleasure and power, so it was no wonder that it was displeased.

Hansoo did not retort to Dopidos\' words.

\'Pleasure… Not bad.\'

However, there was a precondition.

There had to be an environment where he was relaxed enough to soak himself in the water.

Even if he were to think like this… What if there was an enemy hidden that was targeting him?

All the pleasure that he took would have to be repaid with his own life.

While he was resting, his opponents would constantly move.

\'I\'m… almost done.\'


The seed was growing without hesitation within his body.

Catching up with its pace were the other six seeds that were becoming stronger as well. Among them, the seed of the Pandemic Blade was also there.

"By the way, what are those guys doing?" Hansoo mumbled as he recalled the men with Pandemic Blade in their bodies.



Seeing Sangjin destroy the ground and running, Hosang sprinted while breathing heavily.

"Hey! Let\'s go together!"

\'You might be a 5-Star Transcendent… But we\'re all 4-Stars, so how can we keep up?!\'

If the guy had not borne wounds, they wouldn\'t have been able to catch up at all.

\'Damn bastard… Since he\'s so strong, I can\'t even catch up.

Seeing him flung his body forward without hesitation, Hosang shouted to the back of his head.

"But where are we going?! Aren\'t we going inside?!"

There was a giant, white body floating in the sky.

At first, everyone including Hosang thought Sangjin would ask them to enter there. However, the direction which the hurt person was flying toward was the south.

As a result, Hosang and the rest were all following him south back to the way they had come up from.

"By the way… There are quite a lot of people. I wonder if all of them will try and go in," The white moon that was rising in the sky, and the elevator that they had passed by caused Hosang to mutter.

There was already an overflowing number.

At first, he had wondered how so many had survived, but every time he looked back and saw the white sphere, that thought vanished.

No matter how hard he thought, he couldn\'t imagine all of the people being able to enter the large, white object.

It was then…

"We\'re here."


Sangjin, who was fiercely running, stopped, causing Hosang to automatically stop as well.

\'What is he looking at?\'

Hosang was curious why Sangjin was looking far below the clouds. He followed suit and looked down as well.

Then, Hosang gulped back.

"... What is this?"

There was a steep cliff that was perched beneath their feet from the vast jungle that started to the point where the cliff had ended.

However, that wasn\'t the point.



The jungle was set on fire.

In between, he could see the huge number of armies that they had seen previously. It was the large numbers of the Queen\'s army that had opposed the Desire Return earlier.

Although their numbers decreased because of the loss of troops against their battle previously, not sure what method they had employed, but their numbers were even greater.

If they were to attack them, no matter how strong they were, it was certain that they would be swept away. It was a situation where running away wouldn\'t be strange. However, Hosang and the other Transcendents didn\'t run away since there was no reason to.

\'They\'re… all dead?\'


The Transcendents couldn\'t help but groan and gasp, seeing the Queen\'s army all dead and become corpses.