Reincarnator - Chapter 457 Solitude 4

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The people were shocked to see something large rising.

It was a white thing the size of a mansion covered in blue light.

There were still hundreds of kilometers north of their current location. It wasn\'t that short of a distance for these superhumans, but that didn\'t mean that it was a distance easy to traverse either.

What had initially caught their eyes was the blue light, but now their eyes were fixated on the overwhelming size of the structure with its beautiful white surface curves.

That was how grand the object was.

One of the Transcendents that had seen this subconsciously uttered out a word.


To be honest, it was much smaller than a moon and there was no way a moon would be buried under the ground, but there wasn\'t another word that could explain the scene that unfolded before his eyes.

It was a round white sphere with a sparkling cold blue that radiated sadness.

The long battle had prolonged the day into the night, and the blue light that was sprinkled by the object was as if it was protecting them.

It was overwhelming and unrealistic that those who were quarrelling among themselves were left in a speechless daze.

Caron Belphegor who had insisted on heading to the north loudly shouted.

"We need to immediately head north!"


From Caron\'s cry, everyone had doubtful expressions as to what they just heard.

Seeing the crowd mumbling among themselves, Caron shouted once more.

"Everyone should know on their way up to the elevator that this is the last zone!"

Everyone nodded their heads. It was true that the last floor that the elevator ascended to was this place, the Seventh Zone. There were no more floors that they could up. Everyone thought that since this was the end, it would be the zone where they would restart their lives. Whether they dislike or like the place, they had to survive.

Belphegor seeing their expressions continued.

"But, are you going to just stay here and watch that suspicious object float? Whether we go investigate or destroy it, are we going to let those things float above our heads without any response?"


The people nodded since he was correct. Surely, there was no reason to fixate on the issue of the object floating unless this was the last place they would spend their lives in since they would just train themselves before ascending to the next zone. However, this time, the story was different. The elevator had signalled that this was the last zone, and if this issue wasn\'t resolved, they would be swept with discomfort as they live on.

No, it would be a relief if it was just discomfort, but what if that object was something dangerous.

What if it were to activate and instantly wipe out all the creatures in every direction? Then, they would have to pay the full price of negligence with their own lives.

At that moment, there was a cry of disapproval from another side.

"So? Are we going to leave this place and depart? If we leave, then what do we do with the others before?!"

It was truly difficult to ascend up to this place. If the other Transcendents had not been holding the formations in place, they would have been killed by the monster army they had seen earlier. They had defeated them and pushed them back, but it didn\'t mean that they had completely overwhelmed their opponents. They were just readjusting and replenishing their armies. They would have pushed on if they had judged that they could completely defeat them. However, the monsters had retreated despite knowing that there were still more people ascending from the elevator. There was meaning to that. It meant that if they all united and reorganized their divisions and numbers, they had confidence that they could win again. However, if they were to take their forces and head north, then it was obvious that the others that were currently ascending would be engaged in tougher battles than before. No, it could be said that they could be cut down and slaughtered.

AT the cry of such a man, Belphegor frowned for a moment before muttering internally.

\'What do you know.\'

Experience had told him so far that there was a supernatural power in each zone.

The first zone had the World Tree, and from zones 2-6, all of them had such cases as well. There was someone that had controlled all of mankind and had enough strength leftover, the one that was extremely famous who had that kind of power in his hands.

\'Kang Hansoo.\'

He was the true ruler of mankind, who possessed all of the Transcendental weapons in all six zones.

He hadn\'t personally ruled or controlled them, but no one could escape his influence.

People grew stronger as he had ordered, and was controlled by his orders henceforth.

Rules have risen, and people were not able to act of their own free will. Of course, there was no way to deny that it allowed them to reduce internal conflict and grow rapidly. However, Belphegor could not be satisfied with this much. He wanted to vent his strength to his heart\'s content, and become a presence that was in the top 0.01% of humans.

But, what was this situation?

At this rate, they would become mere spare parts to the system that was created by him. They would grow as he had ordered, and be forced to fight if he wanted.

He could never be content with such a rule. He wanted to enjoy the right of authority, make his own subordinates and men, and reign like a king. He wanted to take whatever he wanted, and keep all the women he willed.

Until now, it was impossible since Hansoo\'s strength was too enormous for them to dare resist no matter how much they struggled.

However, it was different now.

That strength had appeared before their eyes. There was no room for doubt. That object would be the ultimate power to control this area.

\'That… if I could control that thing.\'

Belphegor tightly gripped his fits.

The one that was able to laugh last was the final victor.

Even if Hansoo was the one that had devoured the previous six zones, he would become the final king by occupying this zone.

And… there was still an opportunity for himself

If Hansoo had already occupied that power, there was no way that sphere would have stopped working until now.

Hansoo would definitely have wiped out the alien species or used it to control them. Something should have already been done. The fact that no actions were taken place, it meant that he hadn\'t succeeded yet.

Belphegor shouted once more.

"I have no intentions of letting that thing stay above my head. I need to know what that is! I\'m going to go investigate so you guys stay here!"

Belphegor shouted loudly as the surroundings began to shake.


The hologram created by Noah was able to show the full appearance of the large moon-like ship to everyone.

Keldian gulped as he watched the towering white body. He knew that it was enormous when he first saw the hull. However, he didn\'t expect such a large object to float in the sky.

<it\'s good,="" right?="" well…="" with="" one="" red="" jade,="" there="" aren\'t="" a="" lot="" i="" can="" do,="" but="" this="" should="" be="" enough="" to="" enlighten="" your="" eyes.="">

At Noah\'s words, Keldian frowned.

He recollected Noah\'s words previously.

\'There are conditions to fully awakening these functions.\'

Curious of the conditions needed to awaken, he asked Noah.

"You\'ve said that there are conditions, so what are they?"

Noah shrugged from his remark.

The hologram who made a pretty sly expression looked down towards the Red Jade and spoke.

<basically as="" an="" ark,="" noah="" is="" very="" efficient.="" just="" because="" it="" was="" liquid="" energy="" doesn\'t="" mean="" it="" will="" give="" off="" an="" infinite="" amount="" of="" energy…="" it="" would="" be="" better="" to="" preserve="" such="" wasteful="" energy.="">


Noah laughed from Keldian\'s nod.

<it\'s good="" to="" have="" a="" quick="" conversation.="" to="" put="" it="" simply…="" this="" noah="" was="" built="" on="" the="" assumption="" that="" millions="" to="" billions="" of="" users="" would="" use="" it.="" if="" there="" were="" many="" registrants,="" then="" maybe,="" but="" with="" a="" small="" minority,="" there\'s="" no="" reason="" to="" use="" all="" 18="" red="" jades,="" correct?="">

"You mean…"

"It\'s simple. Increasing the number of registrants solves everything.>

Noah smiled as he saw Keldian narrowing his eyes looking at the large populations of people over at the elevator.



Countless beasts from all sides swarmed onto Hansoo.

Dragon-like creatures swirled all around Hansoo while hundreds of millions of cockroach-like beasts gnawed mercilessly into his armor to dig out his skin and whatever existed beneath.


Melting everything around him with fire, he could hear a voice of frustration.

<... i\'ve="" seen="" a="" lot="" of="" crazy="" guys,="" but="" i\'ve="" never="" met="" someone="" as="" crazy="" as="" you.="">

It was the voice of the demon, Barmamunt, that had reappeared after a long while. It couldn\'t be helped since if this guy was to make a single mistake, he would die all for nothing.

It hadn\'t even seen him in despair yet, so it would be quite problematic for him to die, so much so that he was somewhat regretting giving this man power.

The reason why he had taken away his memories in exchange for their strength was largely due to wanting him to create chaos and disaster. They had wanted to see him destroy what he was protecting.

However, this idiot was using that power to crawl towards his death as if he was jumping on a chance to finally die like a lunatic.

They were flabbergasted to see him crawl into higher areas of danger the more strength he garnered.

They didn\'t even like the seed he had received from below.

<spirit exploding="" seed="">

It was a skill focused on self-sacrifice. With that kind of skill, his soul would be shattered and scattered. If it was a skill that destroyed one\'s soul, it was certain that they would disappear regardless of their contract.

It would mean that an unimaginable strength would burst out. However, that was his position since there was nothing beneficial for them.

What would be the point of using a doll without a soul.

<you lunatic.="" please="" leave.="" there\'s="" still="" a="" chance="" for="" you="" to="" leave.="">

<my power!="" use="" my="" power!="" i="" will="" immediately="" allow="" you="" to="" leave!="">

The demons were roaring, which caused Hansoo to smile.

"It\'s up to me to decide what to do with the power I was given. Shut up.>

If he were to choose one of the few pleasures from this damned world, it would be the distorted faces of those demons.

<you son="" of="" a="" bitch!="" are="" you="" even="" sane...="">

"If I die, try saving someone else."

From those words, Barmamunt including the rest all groaned and gnashed their teeth.

If it was so simple, they wouldn\'t even be speaking.


The rest were all fake. They were like weeds born through the cracks of the Abyss and the Underword.

It was too special to let waste of a soul where only one true Transcendence was born in each world.

Where do they get the opportunity to make the sacrifice of another admirable soul contract elsewhere?

However, that guy knew this and yet… he was like this.\'

Deep underground, Barmamunt muttered.