Reincarnator - Chapter 456 Solitude 3

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"Huhk! You\'re crazy!"

People had dumbfounded expressions after seeing Hansoo plunge inside. If that were to happen, what should they do? Follow him inside? Even if they didn\'t want to, they couldn\'t enter, to begin with, since the white surface that swallowed Hansoo was now fully recovered and closed. Now, there was only a smooth white surface amidst the blue light.

Seeing the blue-colored white surface, Dell Marcus took a deep breath as he raised his weapon.

"Hey! What are you going to do?!"


Before Hosang was able to stop him, Dell Marcus let out a large scream and delivered a blow with all of his strength toward the huge structure in front of them.


The powerful blow literally ripped through the air as it crashed down onto the surface like thunder.

Though the distance was about 2km away, the blow, which gave off such intense force implying that it would never be intercepted, struck the white surface directly in less than a second.

Soon, a large roar was heard.



\'... When did this bastard get so strong?\'

There were dirt and branches flying all around.

Hosang, who was watching from the side, looked in awe at the huge sandstorm that was created from a simple shockwave.

He knew that Dell Marcus was strong, but for him to possess such power...

\'Well, I did become quite strong as well.\'


He grasped on his fist and felt the overwhelming power stream through his body.

He felt that he had become much stronger in this span of less than a week than he did in the last 6 months prior.

It wasn\'t easy to follow Eres while fighting and hunting, but the difference was this vast.

It was a hell of a training.

He was forcefully carried around and fought like crazy in life-or-death scenarios. He had to utilize all of his skills, experience, and his proficiency in his weapons to survive in these intense crises. Not only that, he obtained a lot of crystals from killing the beasts to reward his efforts.

As long as he stayed alive, there was no way he wouldn\'t get stronger.

Hosang frowned after seeing Dell Marcus in the sandstorm.

\'... There\'s not even a dent.\'

The terrifying blow that was struck down by Dell Marcus did not even dent the white metal surface as the blue light that swirled above it perfectly blocked his attack. If Dell Marcus\'s attack with that much force was blocked, it was meaningless for them to attack in unison.

It was a shield that boasted absolute defense, causing the Transcendents to swallow back in envy. It was a scene that helped them realize that they had no choice to start. Now, there was nothing for them to do with the guy who had entered the ship.

All they could do was wait or decide on what their next course of action would be.

\'Damn it…\'

Seeing the blue light become stronger, the Transcendents turned their heads toward a specific direction.

They looked at the man who had created this present situation; the one who had given Hansoo a new skill and induced him to go inside.

"Who are you? What are you thinking?" Hosang asked Sangjin. It was then…

"Huhuk… Huk."


Sangjin kneeled down and let out rough groans. It wasn\'t because his body was a total mess, but it was because his body was recovering at an astonishing rate.


It was a strength that was more than enough to destroy the planet Angkara in the lower zone. However, that current strength was the problem itself.

Beat! Beat!

His heartbeats became rougher. No, in fact, it was Neropa\'s soul that was divided into him by the Neropa Emperor that was becoming bigger. He had done all he could to suppress the strength of this soul. It normally didn\'t go on a rampage like this, but there was only one reason he could think of why it suddenly began to fluctuate.


\'As expected… That structure.\'

Sangjin kneeled down and drooled as he looked at the huge white structure in which the blue light was becoming brighter.


"Is this… the Red Jade? The one that we had seen below?" Eres muttered subconsciously.

When they arrived at the space, Clementine had walked over to a certain area and raised his hand over something, causing the whole area to brighten.

Once the place lit up, she realized that they were at the control unit of this huge place.

The blue light began to spiral all across the place, and what changed foremost was below them.

The floor of the space, which used to boast a heavy dense material, suddenly became transparent.

Eres couldn\'t help but be surprised to see what was happening as they looked under their feet. Something familiar caught their eyes.

Eres gulped as she saw the sight of dozens of red beads that were shining under their feet. They were smaller than the ones that were shining on the planet Angkara but didn\'t look like they would lose out in power alone against them.

Dozens of red beads were currently spiraling below them.

Even while admitting that this structure was massive, it was still an unbelievable sight.

In the first place, those giant red beads had enough supply to charge a planet\'s core and was able to store dozens of them. It would have taken up as much space for one red jade like how one did for the planet Angkara.

However, this structure in calculation from the curvature on the outside was by no means as huge as that planet.

\'I still haven\'t received my answer from Clementine.\'

Since her question wasn\'t answered, her curiosity grew more.

Eres looked at Clementine as if she was urging him to answer.

She had the right to know.

However, it was another existence that passionately responded to Eres\'s stare.


A translucent hologram began to form in the air before them.

It soon identified their shapes and adapted into a common human form.

<we folded="" the="" space="" and="" stored="" it="" here.="" in="" order="" to="" securely="" store="" this="" liquid="" energy="" body="" of="" this="" size="" and="" since="" we="" can\'t="" compress="" the="" storage="" of="" the="" red="" jades,="" we="" couldn\'t="" help="" but="" fold="" the="" space="" and="" expand="" the="" storage.="" as="" a="" result,="" we="" were="" able="" to="" store="" all="" 18="" red="" jades.="" truly="" remarkable,="" is="" it="" not?="">

There was pride in the hologram\'s face, who smiled while pointing at the 18 Red Jades that were circulating in a dark space similar to outer space.

It was as if the person was boasting a carefully crafted work of art.

Seeing this hologram, Eres frowned.

Though he couldn\'t feel a killing intent, he was an unpleasant fellow.

Seeing this, the hologram paused momentarily before having an enlightened expression.

<ah! are="" you="" making="" such="" a="" face="" because="" i="" haven\'t="" introduced="" myself?="" i="" should="" have="" done="" it="" earlier.="" i="" was="" confused="" about="" why="" you="" were="" so="" displeased.="" there\'s="" no="" reason="" for="" you="" to="" be="" displeased.="">


Eres narrowed her brows while looking at the guy, who was making wild guesses.

The hologram smiled and continued.

<i have="" a="" name…="" but="" for="" now,="" please="" call="" me="" noah.="" this="" is="" a="" name="" that="" you="" will="" need.="">

The hologram, who finished speaking, walked around and smiled.



Hansoo, who was fighting furiously inside, felt something suddenly and frowned.

The level of energy remained unchanged, but the flow of energy was different.

The energy that was constantly flowing under established rules so far had at some point began to flow with a different purpose.

There was only one reason why such a scenario was occurring.

\'... It has awoken.\'

In fact, he didn\'t know what exactly happened to Noah here on out since they had failed in awakening Noah in his previous life.

The only attempt to awaken Noah was blighted by Clementine.

Though he lost his head to him in the end, it had been quite a while since the control room was destroyed by him.

They might have been able to fix the control room if they had enough time, but they didn\'t have time to spare since the Beasts of the Abyss attacked them relentlessly. In the end, they gave up Noah and chose to dive deeper into the Abyss naked.

They fought endlessly and continued to do so like what he was doing right now.


Hansoo struck down his Mjolnir onto the beast that tried to bite him.



He was fighting endlessly, again and again.

The beasts that were trapped inside were full of rage as they all focused on expressing their pent-up anger to him.

He was cut and blown away.

In return, he also made sure to return the favor as he destroyed them, and amidst the process, he became stronger.


The seed that had settled within him was growing quickly.

Hansoo, who was able to feel the seed\'s growth, began to concentrate. If he were to make a mistake, he would really die.

Whatever they did, it didn\'t matter. Just like how he couldn\'t afford to care about them, it seemed that they didn\'t bother to think about him as well.

This was evidenced by the huge flow of energy, which immediately faltered temporarily before resuming its normal stream.

After being somewhat rattled momentarily, he quickly recovered and began to fight relentlessly.


\'Wait… a bit longer.\'


With Eres behind him, Clementine asked Noah, "Are all the features available?"

At those words, Noah, to be precise the hologram that named itself Noah, shook his head with excitement.

<all the="" features="" are="" not="" available="" yet.="" it="" hasn\'t="" been="" long="" since="" i="" had="" awoken,="" so="" we="" are="" missing="" a="" few="" conditions.="">

From Noah\'s words, everyone looked below.

Like Noah had said, there was only one active Red Jade out of the 18.

As Eres and Keldian both narrowed their brows, Clementine, who was standing in front, smiled and said, "Then, can you float?"

<well, that\'s="" simple.="">

Clementine laughed from Noah\'s words.

"First… go up. I want to show these friends of mine something."

< as="" you="" request.="">



The huge white structure that was Noah began to tremble in its entirety.