Reincarnator - Chapter 455 Solitude 2

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Caron Belphegor, who had just recently transcended into a 4-Star, looked delighted as he felt an overwhelming power stream throughout his body.

\'So this is it.\'

His body was radiating an aura that made him feel like he could do anything.

However, it wasn\'t that one particular aspect of why he was feeling this way. He had overcome walls from below, but there was something different this time around. There was no presence that was suppressing him. It was quite frustrating downstairs since no matter how much he got stronger, there was always someone above him.

In zones 1,2, and 3, the World Tree, unmanned robots and huge mechanical battleships dominated them. In Zone 4, there were Transcendents who had already built their own factions, so they could not even dare to look at their eyes, and in zones 5 and 6, they were oppressed by the enormous power of the star.

To start, what could one do against a Transcendent who controlled the power of the stars. However, it was different now. There was no overwhelming presence to stifle him, and although John Stone and the others might be all strong presences, it would be quite difficult to control them since, unlike downstairs, this zone was not fully organized. The recent battle proved that theory. He clearly saw them fighting in the front since they couldn\'t afford to order and command them.

\'If that\'s so… It\'s possible.\'

There were no more beings to control him. Then, there was no reason for him to follow their words. Of course, he could not openly express his intent. First, he just needed to incite a small rebellion. Concluding his thoughts, he added his voice to the already boisterous crowd.

"So! Let\'s split up! Some will go north and investigate the blue light while others will cover this place!"

The group that headed north must be them.

It was a blue light as clear as day that could be seen from him. If a normal person were to see this, they would be captivated by the light. That was how beautiful that light was, shining as it enveloped the sky.

He didn\'t know what was there; however, he had realized something as he had ascended. Authority was given to those that move.

If one wanted to occupy something and go further in standing above others, one had to move even if it was dangerous.

\'We came up here first and fought bloodily, so shouldn\'t we have some say?\'

This wasn\'t a bad situation.

With all the clamoring in the vicinity, Belphegor smiled after seeing John Stone shake his head as if he had a headache.



Hosang was dazed after seeing the monsters far away march inside.

"Hey… Don\'t tell me you\'re going in there?"

Why was he trying to discourage him from going in there alone? The problem was there was a risk of them being dragged in as well. If that were to happen, it would be manslaughter.

For now, there was at least an opening for them to escape from that option.

However, if they were trapped inside that quarantine-like zone, only one conclusion remained. They would either all die or kill all of them. It was one or the other. By all means, it seemed that the former to occur was much higher in his eyes. That was how dangerous it looked inside.



Not sure what resentment and bitterness grew within them, they continued to growl and groan endlessly while entering.

It wasn\'t like their anger had reduced, but it was rather the opposite. Rage had reached the tip of their heads but was forcefully suppressed. If they were to enter such an area, it was certain that they would be the target of their anger and rage.

Hansoo chuckled from Hosang\'s words.

"Don\'t worry. I\'m not going in."

"Whew… Are you serious about that?"

Hosang let out a sigh of relief, seeing Hansoo nod. Of course, it was a pretty nice opportunity to go in there. If lucky, he might even overcome that wall. However, he was lacking one definite factor.

"Seed," Hansoo mumbled while looking inside his body.

That was right.

He still lacked one seed.

Though his body was recovering right now and he was getting stronger as he fought via the growth of his other seeds, he needed to sprout a whole new seed to get over that wall.

However, what remained was the Spirit Exploding Seed.

In order to completely germinate this seed, he had to die, and he had no intention of wasting his life in such a solitary pot.

Hansoo clicked his tongue.

If he were to die using the Spirit Exploding Seed in such a pot, he would be dying meaninglessly.

What that meant was as long as there was nothing major to die for, it truly wasn\'t worth using it.

This wasn\'t the reason why he had traversed so far in his journey.

He spun away from the entrance of the ship that was about half-closed and briefly spoke, "Let\'s enter. It seems like the entrance hadn\'t closed yet."

The moment Hansoo tried to lead the Transcendents, who let out a sigh of relief, toward the entrance…


A large crevice appeared in front of Hansoo.


"What the hell is happening again?!"

The Transcendents stepped back in worriedness at the hidden attack that they couldn\'t sense. They instinctively knew that it wasn\'t an attack that could be made by a person that was slightly stronger than them. It was the remnant of an attack created by someone that was a stage above them.

\'Damn… There\'s no end to those bastards!\'

However, unlike the others, Hansoo leisurely looked back. They were airwaves that were quite familiar to him.

"We meet again?"


At the remark, Sangjin, who was standing far away on the hill, looked down and nodded silently.


"You must have had a hard time from when we last met," Hansoo mumbled as he looked at Sangjin\'s body. It was covered in wounds. Not only that, seeing the airwaves that were rumbling out of his body, it was clear that he had been engaged in a fierce battle not long ago. Of course, he had made sure to reap the cost.

"You\'ve already crossed the wall," Hansoo mumbled once more after seeing Sangjin.

Well, it would have been stranger if he had not transcended after being engaged in such an intense battle prior since he was a 4-Star Transcendent for quite a long time unlike him.

The evidence was the difference in the level of fighting power he displayed compared to the others. Although it was a short period of time, it would not be strange to transcend if he had fought so fiercely and absorbed some crystals.

However, that wasn\'t important.

"We meet again. What\'s going on?"

Sangjin threw something at Hansoo from those words.


Hansoo frowned after seeing what was thrown to him.


It wasn\'t a normal seed at that.

\'It was at least the level of the Immortal Soul.\'

Feeling the aura, he could sense that it might be above that.

In other words, if he used this properly, he might be able to overcome the wall.

This was a very valuable item. If Sangjin had used this item, he would have been much stronger than him. It probably required blood, sweat, and tears of effort to acquire this; however, the reason why he had safeguarded this until now was for one reason—to hand it over.

"The reason why you\'re giving me this… is to tell me to enter over there I think."

Sangjin nodded at Hansoo who was glaring at the pot over there that was nearing its completion.

"If you go in like that, you\'ll die."

The place he was referring to was not the solitary pot but rather Noah itself.

Hansoo could also vaguely feel it as well.

\'That probability… is quite high.\'

Unfortunately for him, things were more favorable for the ones inside. They had good comrades, and since they were moving quickly, they were able to take Noah first and occupy an advantageous position.

Not only that, they held good skills and talent.

He had done everything he could do to catch up to those that had come here 20 years before him, but now he had to face the harsh reality that such words were ineffective in this kind of scenario. What was important was that he needed to win.

At this rate, it was obvious that he was inferior. However, if he used the seed and were to use Solitude, then the story would differ.


Staring at the seed in his hand, he looked at Sangjin and spoke, "Even if you give me this, it could be in vain. I\'m a little different from who you used to know."

He had already heard the reason as to why he was going to this extent.

He was following him since he believed that he could see a better hope by serving him.

Before he lost his memories, he had clearly shown results to him of what would happen if he were to help him.

"However… I can\'t guarantee that it\'ll happen in the end as well," Hansoo mumbled.

The result had come out better than expected after a myriad of events below.

However, that was not due to his will but rather a combination of the circumstances and luck. The picture could be quite different from what he was anticipating, but he was helping him to this extent.

Sangjin strangely smiled.

"That\'s if you\'re still alive. I do not want to see you die."

Hansoo chuckled.

\'I don\'t know.\'

He had no thought of refusing since he couldn\'t lose this opportunity. Making a decision, he raised the seed and devoured it, hoping that it would become a new skill.

"Hey! Heyyyy! Don\'t tell me…!"

Seeing the Transcendents shout in urgency, Hansoo chuckled.

"Don\'t worry. I\'m going in alone."

"No matter what… It\'ll be perfect if I go in alone," Hansoo muttered, feeling the new seed that took root in his body and energized him.

With this much, it was more than sufficient to oppose those guys inside to transcend to the next stage.

\'Well… I could die as well.\'

However, whichever road he took, there was always a possibility for that.

The key was taking a path with a higher probability.

"Until I come out… Be well!"

"Huh? Hey! Hey!"


Looking at the gap of the outer wall of Noah shrinking rapidly as it recovered, Hansoo immediately jumped inside sparing no time for the people in the vicinity to speak.