Reincarnator - Chapter 454 Solitude 1

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"We have to move!"

"No, let\'s wait and see! We don\'t know what kind of world this is!"

"That doesn\'t mean we should stay still!"

Seeing the mess unfolding before his eyes, John Stone shook his head.

\'What a mess.\'

There was one word that could describe this situation. Disunion.

Since they were controlled in the lower zone, they worked together under one body, but they realized that this zone was not yet controlled. If there was, they would have already put them under control and not be pushed back. They were remaining quiet and breathless since they were being overwhelmed, but they were all individuals that grew with desires and ambitions. After given new strength, it wasn\'t strange for them to have ambition. Since the reins were released, the desires that were shut within now erupted out immediately after.

Since there was a strong enemy before them, they didn\'t keep fighting, but that didn\'t mean the situation was for the better since they were some in the middle of trying to gain control over one another.

\'So there are bastards doing politics as well…\'

John Stone clicked his tongue after seeing people form factions attacking others simply to gain control.


A slight tremor swept through the place where they were standing.

\'What\'s that?\'

Far to the north, there was a bluish light that illuminated.

John Stone and the rest frowned, seeing that.


Blue light began to radiate around Noah as the large roar caused it to stir as if it was trying to jump out of the ground. Seeing this, people had uneasy expressions.

\'What\'s that? Is it trying to move?\'

Until now, they had thought it was a huge structure or some research institute. It was too big for anything else. The surface that could be seen on the soil reached a few kilometers already.

Based on the curvature of the surface, the overall size of the structure would be incomparably large. However, that kind of thing was trying to move.


An unexpected event occurred.



The beasts were shaking in fear as they screamed.

The alien species, who seemingly roamed around with fear, was so disturbed that they began to run around in circles doing nothing productive.

\'What is that?\'

People became more anxious at the sight.

They knew the strength of the beasts, but for them to be shaking in pure fear, it caused the people that were momentarily thinking to raise their weapons.

\'Well, it\'s a good thing in a way.\'

Until now, they were deemed as dangerous targets worth avoiding since they were so vicious, but in another, they were like treasure chests that poured out crystals giving the elite more.

In fact, some of them had become so strong that they had transcended in the middle of a battle and the lead representative of that was Dell Marcus. He was already quite strong among the 4-Stars, but he was the one that fought most bravely in the front, and also the same that had harvested the most amount of crystals. It was a great opportunity while the beasts were stricken in fear. In those conditions, he could quickly eliminate them and attain more crystals.

\'Yes. Well, they were enemies to be eliminated anyway.\'

In addition, it was a situation where they were unaware of what kind of guys there were inside. He needed to be as strong as possible.

Though their reactions were abnormal, it couldn\'t be helped. Nothing in the world was normal anyway.



Hosang, Dell Marcus and the rest of the Transcendents used skills and began to devastate the field from all sides.


Those that were shaking in fear came to their senses and began to pour out their attacks in rage. They were more angry at the bugs that were threatening their survival than being captured and dominated once more.

However, that was all.

The situation was different from before when the various alien species attacked to kill. Most were terrified and were at a loss of what to do, and only a few of them struck back.

One simple sentence was enough to explain this situation. It was to defeat them one by one.

Literally, they began to attack the weakest ones and became stronger through their crystals. This lit a fire in the Adventurers to hunt.

"Ahahaha! Amazing! You hurry and do it as well!"

Hosang shouted loudly as he spread his own skills with the Baren Tree Roots all over the place, entangling the various races.




Due to the roots, their bones were broken and the collapsed beasts fell down and became corpses.

Those dead bodies were absorbed by the Baren Tree Roots as nourishment, and the absorbed crystals provided more strength to Hosang.

Having his skill enhanced, he began to hunt for other prey.

If they looked too strong, he avoided them for a while and hunted the weaker ones first.

As a result, a game of survival became just a regular game.

For the Transcendents that were fighting with their lives on the line not long ago, this was the work of God basically.

However, it was only Hansoo that didn\'t have a good expression.

\'Tch. I don\'t like this.\'


Hansoo muttered as he struck the monster in front with a hammer.

It didn\'t refer to their judgment to hunt. To be honest, they made a good decision. Since they didn\'t know what was inside, it was normal and natural for them to raise their strength in preparation since the difficulty became suddenly lighter. What he didn\'t like was the sudden lowered difficulty. Normally, he fought with his life on the line and had become stronger facing tougher opponents. In short, the previous situation was the best scenario possible for him.

It was a scenario where he had to use all his skills possible to fight. Therefore, he wasn\'t fond of this current circumstance.

\'Well, the world never revolved like how I wanted. We should compromise at this rate.\'


Hansoo fought the strongest alien race while destroying one of the rushing beasts. He was looking for ones that could truly threaten his life individually.


Hansoo was able to find such guys.

It had the appearance of a dragon as it was about 1km in size. It was the same guys that were coldly monitoring the situation with heavy eyes while the others were causing a rampage.

If it was them, they were capable of giving him quite a great deal of challenge.

"Since there\'s no chance of winning even if I enter… I\'ll raise my strength before going in," Hansoo mumbled while gripping his hammer.

Though he was in a hurry, he wasn\'t a fool.

What was inside was essentially a tiger\'s den.

He wasn\'t sure how much Clementine had control over Noah. If he was unlucky, he could have already operated the inner defense system. Then, he would truly be burnt alive along the way.

Even if that wasn\'t so, what if he met against Eres or Kangtae. Though he was strong for a 5-Star Transcendent, they weren\'t easy opponents by any means.

If all of them rushed at him, it would be truly troublesome.

The moment he was about to explode from the ground and fly to the dragon-like species far away...


The blue light that surrounded Noah became stronger.

At the same time, the white hull that was covering Noah began to change color as it rose.

It was the outer walls of the hull that were torn apart by the angry alien species.

All of a sudden, those outer walls that were torn apart began to grow while the debris on the floor melted like water as soon as the blue light touched it before turning them into white liquid. The liquid that had changed, as if it had a will of its own, adhered onto the wall again, resulting in quicker regeneration of the walls.

Instantly, the ship covered in blue light began to reconstruct its walls into a clean white surface as if it was reversing the time of broken pottery.

"Damn it… What the hell is happening?" Hosang mumbled as he swept aside the monsters.

He would have continued to focus on hunting if the change was minimal. Something the size of a mountain was restoring time to its original state as if it was fully prepared to utilize its functions.

So, how could he concentrate when this was all happening?

\'Should I go in? Or should I continue hunting?\'

However, Hosang\'s worries were short. It was the beasts that helped him reach a decision.



The guys in the vicinity were shaking in fear and began to cry out in fear before furiously beginning to escape somewhere.

That was also temporary.


The dragon species that Hansoo aimed for made their decisions first and began to elope.

They were running to the largest space that had the most damages full of holes in the white room. The moment they saw that…


The other alien species that were deep in thought also began to move inside the ship that they had so much wanted to escape.


The other locations had already been restored to their former state and had their entrances closed. Naturally, thousands to tens of thousands of alien species began to rush in. The Transcendents, seeing this, had weary expressions as they fell back.

Though they were madly trying to rush in, it didn\'t feel like they would be able to follow them in.


Hosang shook his head after seeing all of the species flooding in and piling up. The interior space was quite spacious. At first, it looked like it had a width of at least a few miles. The number and size of these beasts were in the kilometers. To enter and hunt, it was basically the same as begging to be killed.

\'Now that I think about it… It looks like a solitary pot.\'

Inside a pot, dozens to hundreds of nasty beasts were stuffed in. Once that happened, those who were startled or were starved would become angry, bite, and eat each other. As time passed, when one opened the lid of the pot, only one species would come out victorious. This was done to increase the ferociousness and killing intent of that beast and prove itself to be the strongest.

"I\'m not sure if they will do that… No, they wouldn\'t do that," Hosang looked inside and mumbled.

Even if they fought and ate each other, there wasn\'t much to eat, to begin with. No, fighting would rather cause a loss than letting them become stronger.

If it were them, then it might be different, but as if they had realized this, they were wary and cautious of each other and were not attacking.

At that moment…


Someone entered Hosang\'s sight.

As if he was intrigued by the large solitude that was being made inside, the person that was the most vicious in his eyes stared inside with much interest.

\'Don\'t tell me this crazy bastard…?\'

Hosang looked at Hansoo with a look of doubt.