Reincarnator - Chapter 452 To Noah 3

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Clementine, who was walking forward without hesitation, paused for a moment at Taehee\'s remark.

\'... How many are left?\'

Clementine fell in thought with a heavy look on his face.

\'You\'re faster than I thought, Kang Hansoo…\'

His growth was faster than he had expected. All he had left was Agnus. However, since Agnus had her feet tied up, it was easy to assume that he would be heading directly for him.

\'Well, I had bought enough time.\'

Far away, he could start to see the end of the hallway.

A glimmer of light was creeping in as if to claim that the end of the blackened corridor was over there.

Kangtae, who suddenly regained his energy, walked forward and beckoned Clementine.

"Hey! Come quickly! I think we\'re almost there!"

Clementine replied with a smile, "I\'ll be right there. Wait."

Clementine, who muttered quietly, slightly gestured toward Taehee.



"You… cockroaches!"

Dell Marcus saw the alien species rush toward him and that caused him to have an annoyed expression. They had been repeating the same thing on their way to the north. Though they were beasts that couldn\'t even put up a punch against them headfirst, they continued to make sudden attacks. In comparison to their weak stamina, they had such strong attacks as well.

Just a while ago, one of them had appeared from the shadows and left a deep wound on his ankle with its weapon. Though its defense was so weak that it would be cut in one blow, its attacks were emphasized as if their attacks were something to be feared.

Dell Marcus gave a quick remark to Hansoo, seeing his ankle slowly heal.

"This is evidence that we\'re doing well."

"This… must be Agnus," Hansoo muttered as he looked at the various species blocking their way. Though they were weak head-to-head, they were quite efficient at holding and slowing them down. What was common for all these species was that they were controlled by a single entity. There was only Agnus that could deploy all of these guys on his way. The species that were strong in direct confrontation were holding down the army at the elevator while those who were weak enough to be swept away by the remnants of war were deployed here.

\'I knew that she\'d interrupt me… But she\'s quite aggressive,\' Hansoo, who muttered internally, plucked one of the shadows from beneath his feet.

He had gathered enough stamina to use his skill.



The drawn-out shadow exploded like a black cloud instantly, covering the air. The moment the Adventures stopped momentarily…


The shadow that exploded in the air began to split into tens of thousands of pieces instantly.

The Transcendents, who saw this, was alarmed. It was not easy to break the shadow-like fragments.

"Ughh! Disgusting"

"Oh my God! Keep that away from me!"

Hundreds of millions of fly-like insects began to sweep all over the place where the shadow had split. It wasn\'t a regular fly. They were parasitic flies that were full of red bacteria and fungi all over their body. It was a skill that was available once he reached 5-Star. Now, it was possible for him to successfully mix the skills of the two seeds proficiently and use it. The flies swept through the vicinity like a large black cloud. No, to be exact, it was everywhere.

It went into the ground, into the stones, into the water, and even the brushes. He was the owner of a legion.


Mormart\'s authority along with Hansoo\'s allowed the black cloud to sweep all over the place and cause a reaction.



The various species that were hiding started to scream and jump while some even use their limbs to penetrate through their skin to kick out the flies from their bodies.

Of course, all of this was meaningless.

Then, at some point…


The flies began to quickly crawl inside into the flesh and skin of the species as they began to melt.

If the defense and health of the alien species here were a bit higher, they wouldn\'t have melted in vain, but they had come here to slow them down, it was too much for them to withstand the attack of Mormart and Hansoo.

As stated, the screams rose out from all directions. While the Adventurers watched with uncomfortable expressions at the screaming species, Hansoo gave a brief remark.

"Let\'s go."

At the same time, the black clouds that melted the surrounding area began to fly toward the front as if it was to clear the path.

Hearing the constant screams and the sounds of the melting flesh occur within the black cloud, Hosang couldn\'t help but shiver and have goosebumps as he gulped.

"Ugh… The visuals are not that great."

"It can\'t be helped. It\'ll be the same as what opponents think as well."

The more he could instill fear into his enemies, the more effective this was.

It might not work on the truly strong alien species, but for the mentally weak ones, having them hesitate and flinch was itself a success.

Hosang sighed after seeing Hansoo.

\'This guy really thinks of nothing else than killing and fighting.\'

Seeing how he had never heard of him before, it was certain that he had climbed from below before him, and yet it felt like he was someone that had spent decades on the battlefield, and a more fierce, harsh environment at that.

Dell Marcus, who didn\'t really care, ran next to him and spoke briefly, "Well… Now we can go forward more comfortably."

Their speed went up much faster since they didn\'t have to worry about sudden attacks. At this rate, it seemed that they would reach Noah in no time.

At that moment, Hosang spoke to Hansoo who had a somewhat pale expression, "Hey, get on my back."

Come to think of it, if he could use that, he would\'ve done it already.

The fact that he used it now meant that he had gathered enough energy without much room to spare.

Hansoo nodded after seeing Hosang.

"Hope you don\'t mind."

He had already spent too much of his remaining mana.

\'It\'s better to at least preserve my strength.\'

Recovering on the way would be a bit better.

Hansoo got on his back as he wholly focused on recovering his body. He could feel the Immortal Soul work furiously to recover his whole body.



Hosang asked with a curious expression while running through the open path, "Hey! Is there anything you want to do? You think everything will be fine if you just destroy and proceed?"

In the first place, a man was not a creature that was suitable for battle. They just had the instincts to fight and survive.

From those words, Hansoo contemplated in detail before letting out a quick reply, "Well, I didn\'t give it too much thought."

"Even if it\'s a woman or alcohol or even treasure. Won\'t you feel better having one of those at least?"

Hansoo shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, I\'ll have to think about it once the fight\'s over."



The Flies of Mormart, who were pushing without resistance, were suddenly all melted down in a huge fire. In the first place, Mormat\'s power did not have much durability or defense, to begin with.

\'What wasteful mana.\'

He recovered the rest of Mormat\'s authority to regenerate his mana before jumping down on Hosang\'s back and scouring the place.

\'So you\'re saying that you\'re done with the warmup?\'



Crazy amounts of beasts burst out from all directions as they laid waste to their surroundings.

Some of them were huge enough to be counted in kilometers even though they were independent while others had horns that burnt everything in its path to a crisp. The beasts were either too dangerous or too violent. They were not particularly living creatures that would live in groups in unison under the Queen. These were the guys that Magnus and Agnus had released without much thought on how to subjugate them. Such species were currently rampaging all over the place, trampling and crushing whatever was in their paths.


Seeing how they were all released, it had been quite some time since all of the species in the white rooms were released.

Though it looked like she had a lot of power on the inside, it shockingly seemed that it was weaker than he thought as they were mangled up by the escaping species.

"Well, that\'s probably why… they had succeeded in releasing them," Hansoo muttered after seeing the few corpses far away. They were probably the subordinates of Agnus.

They were ordered to destroy Noah\'s outer walls and free the creatures inside but had died while trying to run away. Some of the 4-Star Transcendents weren\'t able to escape death it seemed. That meant the alien species over there possessed such boastful strength.

"... You don\'t mean to go in there?" Hosang muttered while pointing at the ragged monster that was taking place before them.

It looked more settling to go capture the Queen than to go inside there. At least there was hope for them to resolve the situation. While Hosang drooled after seeing the monsters cause a ruckus and bite at everything, Hansoo smiled.

It was not the time to hesitate.

If the beasts over there had enough time, they would sweep away the outer walls of Noah that laid dormant

That was also the reason why Clementine had not already released those beasts.

The reason why they had released these beasts this time was simple.

It was because they had determined that they would soon be able to awaken Noah, and if Noah were to awaken from its dormant state, then these things were truly nonproblematic in comparison.

Of course, he would be included as well in being swept away.

He had to prevent this before then.

"Let\'s hurry. If we breach through there, you will probably get stronger as well."

Hansoo took a deep breath as he gave strength to his whole body.



Three shadows shot up from the floor as they revolve around Hansoo\'s body, who was running furiously toward Noah.



Very small tremors came from the hallway, but all the Adventurers including Kangtae inside Noah had no time to pay attention to it.

They were too busy looking around.

"This is…"


The Adventurers were looking around and proclaiming. Through the long, dark hallway, they had arrived at this location.

There were full of strange devices in the large, blue room.

Eres walked toward Clementine.

"Good work. But… isn\'t it time you tell me?"

Clementine slightly smiled and asked back, "What?"

"Don\'t play innocent."

After a short pause, Eres looked at Clementine.

"You... How did you know all of this?"

This was not a place that one could find by luck alone. Eres asked, looking into Clementine\'s eyes.