Reincarnator - Chapter 451 To Noah 2

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"Huhuk… Kak!"

Seeing the fist that had destroyed his heart, Magnus coughed out blood.

\'I\'ve… truly lost. Damn it.\'

Magnus gave a despondent look as he continued to cough up blood.

He had no regrets since he had fought with all his heart. His sickle was broken, and his cape was gone. He had utilized all of his techniques, experience, martial arts, and skills in his power; everything that he had accumulated over the 20 years that he had fought throughout.

Even if he were to go back in time and fight again, he didn\'t think he could fight any better. He wasn\'t at fault. It was just that his opponent was stronger than him.

"Good for you… You bastard."

Magnus looked at the guy that killed him. The one that might be in a more bloodied state than him.

His armor was close to splitting, and there were various holes in his sturdy shield. His right arm was dangling as if it was almost cut off, and it was hard to find a place on his body that didn\'t have a wound. If one combined the blood that spilled from his body, one would be able to fill a few buckets. It was his superhuman stamina that was keeping him alive.

Seeing the guy like this, Magnus laid back down.

\'Yeah, fucker. I did what I could.\'

Magnus smiled.

From now on, that guy would become stronger going forth. He would probably soar to a place where he wouldn\'t be able to catch up or look at. If that happened, who else would put him in such a state then?

\'Ah. That\'s not it. Come to think of it, there are quite a few.\'

Not only that, he had somehow kept her alive, so he had completed his mission.

"Eeeeeeeeek! Eeeeek!"

Magnus had a weary expression after seeing the Queen elope in shock after seeing him collapse.

Since he had kept her alive, the plan would continue to progress.

The Queen would continue to live and suppress the Desire Return, while Agnus would gather her army and come up from below to try and constantly keep it in check. For that, he had succeeded in cleanly finishing his mission.


Seeing Hansoo walk toward him, Magnus internally sent a message.

<agnus. i="" lost.="" however…="" i\'ll="" make="" sure="" that="" he="" doesn\'t="" go="" over="" there="" so="" don\'t="" come="" over="" here="" either.="">

<hey! magnus="" you="" crazy="" bastard!="" hold="" on="" a="" little="" longer!="">

<don\'t come="" over="" here="" and="" focus="" on="" your="" side.="" be="" well.="">

After finishing his sentence, Magnus grinned as he looked at the one before his eyes.

"... Hey, baby. This isn\'t the end. Clementine will take care of you in my stead. If you don\'t want to die, then go somewhere else and put yourself in bed. The plan is almost finished.

\'I feel like my ending is similar to a third-rate villain.\'

However, he knew he had to do this. He needed to provoke the guy to march toward where Noah was. There were only two locations for this guy to head to. It was Agnus or Noah. Unfortunately, it would be impossible for Agnus to beat him. She wasn\'t specialized in combat, and her subordinates were currently struggling to deal with the army that was coming up from below.

Therefore, he had to go to where Noah was and oppose Clementine. If it was Agnus, it would be difficult. If it was Clementine, he would definitely win.

\'Avenge me…\'



The Soul Shard within Magnus broke as he closed his eyes.


"Woah. What a nasty guy. Suicide, huh."

Hosang looked at the man closing his eyes with an uncomfortable expression. The ending especially made him more uncomfortable. Though he wanted to chase after the Queen and capture her, it was too much after seeing that she was already surrounded by a swarm of troops.

As if they were wary that she had attacked them previously first, she was not sending her troops against them. However, if they were to make a preemptive strike, it was certain that she would concentrate all of her forces here.

For the Queen and her army, what was most important was her survival.

Indeed, as soon as the man\'s Monarch rule was lifted, the Queen slowly pulled her forces out against the Desire Return since there was no reason for her to fight it to begin with. It was because the Desire Return was still enraged from being attacked and continued to assail the Queen\'s army. However, with some time, that would also settle down.

The Desire Return would be exhausted and go on his own way, and the Queen\'s army would also be faithful and loyal to the Queen in maintaining and reproducing their race.

\'When that time comes… We will never catch her. Damn. That would be hell.\'

She was already strong enough to oppose that large beast in the Desire Return. She was indeed worthy of the simple title, Queen. However, to let her accumulate her strength and army over time caused Hosang to be very uncomfortable.

\'I should go and capture her right now.\'

However, what made him uneasy was what Magnus had said before he died—the plan was coming to an end. Didn\'t that mean that a significant event would happen onto them if that plan was to end?

"Clementine… Was it you?"

Hosang muttered. It was impossible not to know. He was a comrade that appeared out of nowhere. He wasn\'t someone that had the leadership and quality to gather people toward her like Eres, nor was he analyzing and providing strategies on the situations at hand like Keldian, or Kangtae who was always charging first in battle. However, there were many by his side.

At first, he didn\'t know why there were so many by his side, but after watching him, he was able to realize that those around him were able to feel at ease.

No matter what predicament came their way, he was someone that was able to calm the situation and someone that never stopped smiling despite the circumstances. Even when enemies harbor hatred toward him, he didn\'t break his composure. He took on his opponents while taking his time and proceeding step-by-step.

The mere sight of him gave others a sense of ease; a belief that they would be able to overcome anything as long as they were by his side. In addition, he actually proved that his composure wasn\'t a lie on the way. However, that kind of guy was scheming up a grandiose plan to kill all of them. It was quite unbelievable. If he was ordered by Clementine, then why did he say that sentence before he passed away?

\'This bastard… Did he say that just to anger us?\'

Hosang looked over at Hansoo and asked, "Hey! Shouldn\'t… we help those over at the elevator?"

It was a battlefield of kill or be killed. Although the number of troops on their side was said to be increasing, it was unlikely that the battle would end anytime soon considering how the opposite side was also replenishing its troops. At this rate, it was certain that casualties would continue to rise. The best option was already decided.

They would go and help those by the elevator and clean up the mess before gathering and uprooting the Queen. This was the best that he could come up with, and the most convenient one at that.

"Whew. What\'s with all of this trouble?" Hosang stretched his tense muscles as he muttered.

A small elite. That was nice, but what was better than a small elite army? It was a small elite army with a meat shield that would allow them to operate comfortably by clearing the path. If not, why did Transcendents like themselves make subordinates and carry them around? Not only that, this was not a bad proposal at all to Hansoo. No, he was definitely someone that needed this suggestion.

\'Crazy bastard. Whew.\'

Hosang gave a pitiful look at Hansoo whose body was devastated with injuries. Even though he was recovering at a quick rate, it was still obvious that he was not in good condition. If he were to continue fighting at this rate, even ten lives would prove to be too little for him. However, Hansoo sadly rejected his offer.

"Let\'s go to Noah."

"Huh? Wait, you\'re telling me that you believe what that guy said? It\'s obviously nonsense. In case the guy might go toward the Queen or the elevator, Magnus had spat out those words. However, Hansoo had no thoughts of going there to begin with. The priority was obvious. Once things were resolved in Noah, the other two armies would naturally be resolved as well."

If he were to fail in Noah, then it didn\'t mean much even if the other armies had failed in their missions.

It wasn\'t like Clementine had purposefully dragged out time here without a reason. It was because he knew that what needed to be done in Noah was most important which was why he had gone there.


Hansoo raised his body. He had to move and enter Noah.

\'Well… At least we\'re almost there.\'

It wasn\'t that far from where Noah was at. Then, the answer was simple. Along the way to Noah, he would destroy anyone in his way and take Noah for himself. It would become a truly worthwhile reward for his hard efforts then, more than enough.

\'How tiring is it to have to continue to fight.\'

Hansoo smiled.

It would be complicated if he were in one space with a guy with a nasty personality. Even if he weren\'t trying to fight, he was someone that wouldn\'t hesitate to kill everyone that didn\'t follow him. He didn\'t want to follow him, nor did he wish to die. Well, he didn\'t want to be alive that much either, but that sensation he felt before intrigued him once more. It was the feeling of overcoming a wall. It was truly a marvelous sensation. Perhaps, God had purposefully planted desires in humans to achieve in his own fickle manner.

\'If I do well... I should be able to overcome one more wall.\'

He had become somewhat stronger after fighting Magnus. At this stage, he felt it was possible. Though he didn\'t have a skill, it was something he could attain along the way even if it wasn\'t a level of a Transcendent skill.

If it was a Zero Numbering skill, he could do some work with it and attempt to overcome it.

\'Ah. But it\'s not like it would fall along the path for me to pick up.\'

Hansoo shrugged his shoulders.

\'It\'d be nice if I could pick one up along that way… If not, then that\'s that.\'

Hansoo, closing his thoughts, rose up from his seat and began to start running without hesitation toward the North where Noah was at.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhk! Magnus!"


Sangjin hid after seeing the rampaging woman in the distance.

Now, he had done what he could. No, to be honest, he had done his job here. Now, he needed to go and prepare for the next stage.



Sangjin who felt the tremble of the Soul Shard that settled within his heart caused him to clench his teeth as he rose.

He had something to give.

\'I\'m going.\'

Sangjin took a deep breath in after seeing a skill that had settled in his arms.



Sangjin\'s new self began to jump furiously northward.