Reincarnator - Chapter 450 To Noah 1

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\'What nonsense is he blabbering…\'

The frowning Magnus soon wrapped the threads around with a cold expression.

Thousands of purple threads that looked as if they would snap any second were thrown around Hansoo\'s body.

It was an attack that would be difficult for Hansoo\'s bloodied body to endure.

However, Magnus did not stop with just that.

\'I will make sure to crush you.\'

With a cold expression, he raised the sickle tightly. He had preserved his body thinking that he was able to before. However, now he knew that if he were to continue like this, he would continue to revive like a cockroach and look for an opening.

No, it will be different.


The threads were split again once more as something was beginning to pop out.

At the same time…

"You damned bastard! Just die!"


Hundreds and thousands of other attacks from the Transcendents flew towards his back full of determination. It couldn\'t be helped since if Hansoo were to die, the rest of them would be butchered up as well.

Even now, Hansoo was standing in front of him while preventing the mysterious infection of the scorpion with his red bacteria, but if he were to disappear, the remaining people would either be infected or mutilated.

They were causing such a ruckus but seeing them put forth such determination and forth, Magnus couldn\'t help but clench his teeth.

Normally, it was right for him to pay attention to his behind by using his threads to attack the most threatening skills. However, Magnus was fixated to finish the battle once and for all in this next move.


Some of the threads released and cut everything around it. Like a purple storm, it cut through the attacks in the air and rushed in. However, it wasn\'t enough to block all the attacks.



Though its momentum had fallen, it still was able to push forward with force allowing Magnus to take in a deep breath.

With this much, his body would be able to endure and survive.

\'To limit me to these options… you will bear the responsibility.\'

Magnus, who was anticipating the pain stared at Hansoo full of rage.

Then, he raised his sickle and jumped.


There were no more blades on his cape so there was no way for him to block the attacks.

The skills that collided on Magnus with various skills began to burn Magnus\'s body.

It ominously burned its mana, and even the poisonable liquids exploded as it melted the armor. Though he may be near-invincible in his attack, he was relatively weak on defense so pain transmitted throughout his whole body.

However, Magnus coldly smiled amidst the pain.

It was time for this prolonged fight to end.

Giving up defense and not dodging attacks, he gathered all of his remaining mana onto the tip of his sickle.


Different threads of blades that were of a different realm compared to the previous blades of the cape appeared as Magnus rushed in to envelop Hansoo with it.

A moment later…

The transparent purple blades shot straight towards Hansoo and enveloped him.

The moment they saw this, sighs could be heard from the mouths of the Transcendents.

"What the hell…"

"Sick bastard."

They didn\'t expect that he would ignore all of their attacks and rush at Hansoo. The power of the purple blade that was shot towards Hansoo was much different from the previous ones, which was at least ten to a hundred times more powerful. No matter how well Hansoo had endured so far with his armor and shield, there was a limit.

\'Damn… do I need to run?\'

Hosang clenched his teeth seeing this scene.

Though the guy may have permitted them to assail his back, that didn\'t mean that their gap would narrow much. Now, it was basically determined that the rest of them would be slaughtered. The grim reaper-like man over there knew that which was why he had gone on a full-offensive to crush Hansoo.

When Hosang was contemplating whether to turn away or not, it was then…

\'... huh?\'

Hosang gave a puzzled look.

It was the face of a man with a deeply distorted look. It wasn\'t an expression of relief or elation. At the same time…


Something began to roughly come out of the threads.




Magnus who was suddenly struck by something from inside the threads was flown away in anguish to the location where the Queen was struggling and fighting.


Within the dust storm that was created from where he landed, Hansoo walked over with a grin.

"I\'m not sure if I waited too long."

Magnus seeing this gnashed his teeth. His appearance looked similar. He was still in a bloodied state with cracked armor. His shield was worn-out and his hammer dirt-stained. In short, he was a total wreck.

However, one crucial aspect was different.

"It can\'t be… It makes no sense! How are you a 5-Star?"

It was truly unbelievable. To achieve the stage of 5-Star, you needed crystals, and a substantial amount of that. Just in case he might gather crystals to ascend to the next stage, he didn\'t even call over the Queen or his subordinates and continued to fight him.

What scheme did he pull off to break over that wall in such a short time?

Hansoo laughed from his words.

"There are people like this and people like that. Why are you trying to understand everything?"



Hansoo walked over as his feet hit the ground.

\'Yes… this si it.\'

The feeling of overcoming that large wall.

It was a strong emotion that made you feel like you\'ve become a different person, or a different creature.

He had said that there wasn\'t a single joy to be found in this damned world, but he was wrong since there was one good aspect.


While growing with effort and time, ascending to the next stage was like rewarding all of his hard efforts with an enormous burst of strength.

The strength in the Hongma Door seed broke through the shell at the end of its growth and burst out.

The power and energy that came out of the seed did not stop supplying to the Hongma Door seed, but sent it to every nook and cranny of the other seeds that laid in the body, regenerating his broken veins and nerves, and even replenishing strength to the Dragon Essence Blade.

It wasn\'t just the seeds that coveted this new source of power.

The blue armor that surrounded Hansoo\'s body munched down on this energy as it began to restore to its original state.

\'Yes. Eat a lot. It\'s not over yet.\'

Hansoo smiled as he looked at the banquet that had opened inside his body.

It didn\'t seem that he was the only one that knew this fight wasn\'t over.


"Eeeeeek! Eeeeeeeek!"

Magnus who stepped on the collapsed Queen as he rose from the ground coldly muttered.

"... if I had known it would be like this, I wouldn\'t have received those attacks from before."

He had overreached to try and finish Hansoo with one blow. As a result, the wounds that he sustained still throbbed. If it wasn\'t for this wound, even if that guy had ascended to the realm of 5-Star, the odds would be in his favor.

If he excluded the wound on his back and his depleted mana, he was fine, but that guy was in a mess opposing him.

Even if he was recovering thanks to the new energy provided from the realm of 5-Star, the wounds that he sustained from his unique ability would not disappear easily. However, the result was like this.

\'This bastard. He purposefully bought time to lure me to attack him recklessly."

Magnus grasped his sickle as he muttered. Now, he was scared. What he did just previously was close to a gamble of his own life. If he was a bit quicker to realize the situation, he would have turned his body to block the attacks, and if he was a bit late, HAnsoo would have been cut into two pieces by his own sickle.

A rational man would never take on such a gamble.

Even if the man engaged in battle knowing he was at a disadvantage, normally he would try and reach 5-Star as quickly as possible before fighting him. However, the conclusion became like this.

The overwhelming advantageous situation had disappeared. It could be said that he was at a disadvantage now. No, he still had an advantage. Hansoo had just reached 5-Star Transcendence, and he had much more stamina than him.

Even if he admitted that the guy was truly strong at the same stage, and knowing that his subordinates were still there behind him, he was better off.

However, Magnus\'s thoughts were contrary to his beliefs.

\'Am I… truly at an advantage?\'

Closing his thoughts, Magnus raised his sickle and put strength into his grip.

It had been a long time since he had such an unfamiliar feeling.

Feelings that he had never experienced after joining with Clementine began to rise from within his chest.

\'Unbelievable… unbelievable! Am I scared?\'

Hansoo laughed seeing Magnus.

"How is it? It seems you\'ve always fought at an advantage. First time fighting a crazy bastard?"

He was able to approximate at first sight.

Seeing how he utilized his strength, he was well-trained. There was definitely a teacher that pointed out his errors and flaws, and an opponent that allowed him to show off abilities. This was the standard.

If he had a disciple who was dear to him, he would also raise him likewise.

However, that was not the current case.

Someone who was able to properly use his strength could never beat someone who knew how to use all his strength. A man needed to know all of the hidden cards of his enemy to win. Magnus gnashed his teeth seeing the staring Hansoo.


What kind of bullshit was this…

"You… bastard! It\'s not over!"



A large aura exploded from Magnus\'s body. Hansoo laughed seeing this.

"That\'s what you think."



Thirteen shadows began to dye in blood-like color around Hansoo\'s body.



It was the feeling of her heart becoming numb, the feeling of something significant disappearing. At the same time…

\'... what the hell? Magnus?\'

Agnus who was speeding merrily subconsciously turned towards the North.