Reincarnator - Chapter 449 Desire Return 6

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The moves from Magnus were different from what it used to be when Queen was in his hand.


Everytime he moved both his hands swiftly, the purple sharp winds swept through the vicinity.

Nothing remained intact on the spots where the purple energy had swept through, including the weapon that Dell Marcus had produced with all his heart and soul as well as the Baren Tree Roots of Hosang.

Whichever skill or skill there was, they were cut down.

The Transcendents seeing this were shocked.

\'... damn I\'m going to go crazy. Where the hell did such a guy come from?\'

Even Hansoo would admit his power since he was only 4-Star.

It was a stage that could be somewhat transcended in the lower zones.

However, the guy in front was a 5-Star Transcendent.

Considering the exponential increase in the amount of crystals needed to jump over that wall was substantial, and it was quite difficult to jump over two stages worth of Transcendence.

In other words, the guy in front of them was more than likely to have had hit 5 Stars in the Violet Zone than he did in the lower zones, which was the main cause of what drove them crazy.

They didn\'t know that he had crazily gathered the crystals to overcome that stage. It was truly shocking from the perspective of the Transcendents who had reached far and wide in this zone. Others such as Eres, Taehee and Kangtae were within their range of predictions, but they had never imagined that such a 5-Star Transcendent like him would emerge.



"Damn! I told you to maintain your formation!"

"Then you stand in front! Everyone\'s going to be cut at this rate!"

As the threat grew, there was naturally disorder that arose among the Transcendents.

The bigger problem was the guy that was running rampant.

Holding the sickle as if he was a grim reaper, they had initially thought that his weakness was the scorpion-tailed woman.

To be honest, it was true that they had also attacked the female as well.

But, they didn\'t know what was going on now.

The moment she was out of his palm, she had become so strong that they had become some invincible monster.

Whenever she shook her tail, the armed warriors were flung away, and every time she punched, all of their skills were crushed by the wind pressure.

She rushed in so aggressively, and the power and speed was astounding. It was as if they were facing the rhinoceros that they had opposed previously.

It was unbelievable that such power could be produced from such a small body.

But, the most threatening part was its special ability.


There was a gap that appeared after Hansoo was blocking Magnus\'s attack. In that timespan, the Queen\'s tail swung and struck down one of the Transcendents.

Although the Transcendent used its full power to try and avoid the range of her attack, the speed that came from the Queen\'s tail was too fast, causing his skin to be grazed by the tip of her tail which had poison.



Central to the left arm that was grazed, the dark energy exploded on the left arm of the Adventurer.

"What the hell!"

The poison itself was spreading with intense force.

It was absurd that his left arm which was dominated was starting to attack the owner of the body.

Dell Carlos couldn\'t help but feel perplexed as he avoided the left hand that was trying to cut him down.

\'What the hell… infection? Poison? Control?\'

No other talent or ability could be as cheat-like as this current one.


He clenched his teeth while using his right hand to block the left hand of his own body.

At this rate, he would become nothing more than butchered meat.

A decision had to be made.

\'Damn… left hand. Thanks for everything.\'

In order to make sure that the infection won\'t spread anymore, Dell Carlos gathered all of his mana to try and strike down on his arm.



The red-colored bacteria that settled in his body began to explode with force.

The bacteria that had settled near the heart and brain began to attack the illegal intruders.

In a split second, the bacteria ran through the veins and collided violently with the black- liquid.


The black liquid in his left arm was none other than the dominating bacteria of the Queen.

It injected into other people\'s bodies and quickly mutated to strengthen the cell structure of other lifeforms, designed for the service of the Queen.

Normally, once the infection had started to spread, it should not be able to be prevented. Unfortunately, it met the wrong opponent.



The red bacteria of the fungus which were forcefully sucking Dell Carlos\'s mana began to devour all of the black cells that were currently trying to infect.

The few black cels were quickly destroyed by the Pandemic Sword that had already controlled Dell Carlos\'s body, which caused him to look at his left arm in a daze.

He couldn\'t help but feel uncomfortable of how powerful Hansoo was once again though he didn\'t have to cut his arm.

But, he quickly shook his head.

\'Well, this is better than nothing.\'


Seeing Hansoo fight bloodily in the front lines, Dell Carlos muttered.

It was a skill that was powerful enough to destroy the black poison that was more than capable of controlling his own left arm.

Compared to that, it was really no big deal to fight like puppets.

There was no need to stand in the vanguard with a hammer and shield and fight immediately. As long as they contributed and acted like meat shields, they would be able to reap the benefits more easily.

Thinking of the power and strength of that guy, that was a much better profit.

No, he thought this was definitely the right choice than fighting a 5-Star Transcendent out of his league.

Therefore, before entering the fight, they were all stricken in fear since it was reality that they would be miserably thrown away after being used.

However, after engaging in battle, their situations had become different.

He was the one that was fighting headfirst in battle against the wind blades that were too scary to go near against.

\'... this is better.\'

Dell Carlos muttered as he regained his composure and began to fight the Queen once more at a more vigorous pace.



Magnus clenched his teeth seeing Hansoo who continued to stand in his way.

\'This… damned bastard!\'


There was a difference of one stage.

No matter how tired he was fighting the Queen before or dealing with the crazy ones around him, it was normal that he should already have been destroyed in his hands. However, he had no intentions of falling down.

Was it the armor, the shield, or even the hammer? Or, was it the aura that radiated around his body, where did he gain all of these insane skills?

That didn\'t explain the difference between himself and Hansoo.

It was impossible to explain.

Who the hell was he?

"You son of a bitch… just go die!"


Unable to hold himself back, Magnus began to extract every thread of his cloak. The cloak and his sickle were two of his most prized treasures. He couldn\'t\' help but recollect how joyous he was when he had received these gifts made by Clementine. These weren\'t some items that could be reassembled. They had already dried the seeds of the core of that particular species, so no more could be made.

But Magnus was so enraged that he didn\'t care about that.



A storm of unparallel proportions of power began to blow as the cape was fully unravelled, much different from the thousand blades.

The threads that boasted thousands of blades had created a net which could cover the whole area was formed with a mixture of mana, skill and his unique ability.

The mana net which was so tightly knot began to sweep all around Magnus.


"Back! Back!"

The Transcendents were trying to fly back.


The blast of air that emerged from the center of Hansoo\'s body counced their bodies dozens of meters back.

AT the same time…



The threads that shot out in all directions drove towards Hansoo with full force as if was a spider trying to web its prey before killing it.

Magnus couldn\'t help but smile from the ends of his threads

It was the feeling of something being crushed and ripped off.

It didn\'t feel like it was cut, but he was satisfied.


Within the spider web-like threads, a quick ripple-like sound came out.

In that gap, what appeared was a shining shield.



Using the widened gap, a hammer flew out and attacked the head of Magnus.

"Ahhhk! You fucking bastard!"

He tried to hurriedly raise his sickle to block the attack, but the blow unavoidable.

It was when he was at his weakened state due to the precise control of his threads.


Hansoo who viciously ripped apart the spider web began to attack Magnus.

\'Unbelievable! You\'re telling me you endured that?\'

Magnus who regained his focus couldn\'t help be flabbergasted.

There was a reason why he was caught off guard.

His body should be in a complete mess, but for him to counterattack.

He soon realized that the reason why his attack didn\'t work was due to a different reason.

No, to be precise, he realized that he was only half-correct.

His prediction was precise since he knew that what was trapped inside the threads was completely crushed.

The armor was cut in pieces and the blood flowed out from the body of the guy inside.

His muscles should have been ripped along with his bones,.

However, his estimation was wrong.

He hadn\'t realized that his opponent would rush at him in such a state.

Magnus finally realized why he was unable to finish him off.

It was the difference in mentality.

He was trying to reduce as much damages to himself as possible before proceeding to the next stage. On the other hand, he was wholly focused on one objective. He was going to use all of his power and strength to attack him until his heart remained. It was a mentality that he would kill him even if he died. Magnus\'s expression hardened seeing the bloodied guy rush at him.

\'I admit my mistake.\'

Hansoo had jumped at him from the start because he saw the opportunity to win.

He tried to oppose him while trying to not let himself be injured by such a fellow.

But, he realized this wasn\'t enough.

He realized he needed to use everything in his power as if he was risking his arms and legs.

If he did so, his eyes would already be closed and the rest of the guys in the vicinity would all be cut down already from the wind blades.

\'However… it\'s not too late now.\'

He did realize that he was a bit late, but if he were to use his full force and power, he would be able to complete his mission.

It wasn\'t like it\'d be a problem losing an arm or a leg.


Hansoo laughed.

"You, can it be… you\'re thinking that it\'s not too late?"


Hansoo in a bloodied state coldly laughed towards Magnus.

"Idiot. There are times when you realize too late. Do you truly think the world is so kind?"

The seeds in Hansoo\'s body began to sprout out.

No, rather the whole shell began to crack apart as the stem shot out.

Something inside came out and blossomed brilliantly.

At the same time…


Rough changes began to take place in Hansoo\'s whole body.