Reincarnator - Chapter 447 Desire Return 4

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The black-haired beauty frowned at the sight of the elevator.

\'... what shitty timing.\'

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Huge numbers of Adventurers poured out of the elevator like cockroaches.

No, cockroaches were hard to ignore since if they were, they wouldn\'t be wearing such shiny armor nor would they be walking out with such confident expressions.

The reason why they ran over to the elevator in surprise were not due to them, but it was to inspect the large trembles made by the Desire Return.

However, it became quite an unfortunate situation seeing the elevator nearby open.

\'We had to crush them the moment they ascended… what damned timing.\'

However, doing so was also somewhat burdensome.

They had already expended much of their forces and attention to subjugate the beast species.

So, in order to repress this mass, she had to do it alone, but when she first saw them, there were countless 3 and 4-star Transcendents rushing out amongst the mass.

It may be somewhat embarrassing, she was better at controlling than fighting.

The Contract and Monarch.

There were two characteristics.

Thanks to her, the ones that possessed the Seven Soul Shards were able to control a very large number of Adventurers, and because of that, she was able to watch over Clementine\'s side as they ascended.

It was true that she was somewhat envious of Magnus\'s fighting potential when it came to these kind of situations.

If she was MAgnus, regardless of 4-Star Transcendents, she would go down and kill everyone, ripping apart all of the people in her way.

However, since she did not possess such ability, she couldn\'t jump in. As a result, she could only allow them to set up camp and organize their army while waiting for her subordinates to bring over the beasts.

\'Did they catch some sort of dragon below? What did they catch and eat to have gathered that many crystals.\'

Though both Clementine and Agnes both admonished her to cut down on swearing, she couldn\'t since she was like this.

Why did matters so simple not work out?

However, things had become like this and it had to be resolved somehow.

It was the mission assigned to both Magnus and Agnus to sweep them out of the way.

\'What\'s important is right now.\'

There were now two possible factors that could interfere with Clementine\'s work: the Desire Return that was currently being handled by Magnus and the Adventurers huddled before her eyes.

However, what was more urgent were the Adventurers in front of her, not just because she was assigned to this task.

Though Desire Return was a guy that had already awakened, these Adventurers were now starting.

Their troops and enormous pressure was constantly multiplying from the continuous troops that were being supplemented from before.

However, that was only the start.

They were able to keep the whole region under control in large part to the Soul Shards. However, if they were able to squeeze out all of their forces from below, they would become formidable. If all of them are currently armed like that and marched forward, it would become a truly tiring matter.

She had to cut the bud before it bloomed right now.

Fortunately, Magnus was doing his mission well and was coping well with the large Desire Return.

This meant that Magnus himself will have some leeway.

Agnus attempted to talk to Magnus through the Soul Shards.

<hey. hey.="" magnus?="" hagnus?="" i="" know="" you\'re="" busy="" over="" there="" but="" come="" here="" first.="" give="" me="" a="" hand.="">

The answer was simple.

Magnus would come here and break the enemy\'s main line with herself.

Then, they would unite their beast army and repel them away so that they could crush them without much risk.

They would be able to overwhelm the opponent without needing to concern themselves with any possible variables that could appear.

Unfortunately, Magnus had betrayed her expectations.

<what the="" heck..="" i\'m="" busy="" as="" hell!="">


Hearing MAgnus\'s rugent voice, Agnus couldn\'t help but give an incomprehensible look.



The huge sickle held by Magnus radiated with a violet aura as he whirled it.


The skills shot over by the Transcendents were instantly cut down, and the violet energy did not stop there as it sped towards Dell Marcus and the other Transcendents.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhk! Dammit!"

Hosang screamed seeing the blade with violet energy shoot towards him first.

\'Why leave the strong guys behind and go after me?! I… can\'t block that!\'

There was an absolute gap that existed between a 5-Star Transcendent and a 4-Star.

However, it wasn\'t so disparate that a 4-Star wasn\'t able to block the strike of a 5-Star. However, Hosang had no confidence to stop that violet aura coming towards him.


It was a magnetic blade that neutralized and sliced through all energy.

There was no way such power could come from a simple skill. There was definitely a special effect that was activated. However, what was the point of knowing if there was no way of counteracting to begin with.

\'This damned world. If I\'m reborn… please give me some useful characteristics!\'

The moment Hosang closed his eyes cursing the unfair injustices of the world…


"Open your eyes. How dare you close them in a fight!"


Hosang was startled from the voice in front of him and opened his eyes.

Hansoo was seen standing firm with a shield in front of him. Although the violet aura had smashed all the objects in its path, it could not touch Hansoo\'s shield or Hosang himself.

Hosang wore a weary expression seeing such a scene.

\'You stopped that?\'

It seemed that his arm was aching as it was wielding the shield, but it had definitely blocked that attack regardless.

It wasn\'t only Hosang that was surprised as the rest of the 4-Star Transcendents in the vicinity couldn\'t believe what they had seen.

"You… that\'s not a normal shield."

Magnus frowned looking at Hansoo who had blocked his attack.

If he was an ordinary 5-Star Transcendent, it would make sense since it wouldn\'t be difficult to block his attack once.

However, he was different.

He was someone that boasted of his extraordinary combat prowess.

<dimensional cutting="">

It gave him the authority to shake off and exclude the attacks of anything in its path. However, it could not pierce. It could only produce an attack with the capabilities of cutting its enemy.

After understanding his own unique characteristic, his weapon was determined to be a sickle.

All the other weapons such as swords, knives, spears lacked in fully maximizing the potential of his unique characteristic.

It was a simple restriction with a simple effect.

However, that effect was absolute and all of those that boasted that they could block that attack had all their throats cut off for the attack was equal to several times of what they had imagined.

Even Agnus, a 5-Star Transcendent would shake her head and avoid his attack.

But, a 4-Star Transcendent had blocked his attack?

This was a scene beyond his ability.

Hansoo smiled seeing Magnus.

"I mean, think about it. If my body was this good, then it\'s natural that the items that I possess would be at the same standards. Don\'t you agree?"

The moment he finished his words…


Hansoo raised his hammer on his right hand and swung it across the air to cut through the air.

However, it failed.


Though the violent energy of his sickle was able to cut through all of the skills and weapons of Dell Marcus and the other Transcendents, it wasn\'t able to cut through the attack of the hammer which fiercely cut through the air aiming towards its head.

\'What the fuck… why is that thing so firm?!\'

Magnus was startled and swung his sickle.


Magnus sickle and Mjolnir let out a roaring sound.

The victor was the sickle.

Asides from the solindness of the hammer, Hansoo throwing it made it difficult for Magnus himself to overcome the power it possessed.

However, the hammer that was about to be deflected away didn\'t and accelerated once more toward Magnus.

It wasn\'t like Mjolnir had a targeting ability.

Rather, it was Hansoo that grabbed the hammer that was deflected and powered his attack towards Magnus once more.

\'This reckless bastard!\'



A huge rumbling sound roared out from the clash between Magnus\'s sickle and Hansoo\'s Mjolnir.

The red clouds and black-gold energy bursted out of Hansoo\'s body and rushed in to destroy Magnus\'s body.

In response, hundreds of razor-like blades appeared from the corners of Magnus\'s cape and rushed out in order to block the attacks of Pandemic Blade and Dragon Essence Blade.

It was a cape that had Magnus had crafted specialized for its defensive capabilities.

Whenever the cape shook, hundreds of small razors made tremors, and from those tremors, Magnus was able to receive those vibrations to his advantage with his unique ability and create a sea of sharp blades.


The black-and-gold energy, converged with black and violet energy emanated large roars.

The result once again favored Magnus.


As if to display the difference of one stage, the violet aura cut off the energy from Hansoo\'s body and rushed towards him without hesitation.


There was a limitation to the shield.

As if Magnus was determined not to make the same mistake again, Magnus kept the shield in check with his own sickle while attacking Hansoo from all sides through his cloak, successfully dismembering HAnsoo\'s blue armor and injuring him.

However, despite his whole body being a mess, Hansoo smiled coldly.

"Aren\'t you too focused on me? I have so many friends that like you."

At the same time…



"Ahhhhhhhhhhk! These bug-like bastards!"

Magnus gnashed his teeth at the relentless attacks poured onto his back.

If he could, he would go and destroy all of the guys in front of him that were attacking him. In reality, he was weakening their attacks with the purple blades from his cape.

The greatest defense is offense.

Magnus was someone that practiced that maxim.

However, he could not do what he thought since he had something he had to protect.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeek! Eeeeeeek!"

The Queen in his left hand screamed whenever an attack came from a direction.

In fact, the Queen herself was sufficiently strong, but she was overwhelmed by his own hands.

This Queen was rather becoming a burden to him, but he couldn\'t give her up. If so, who would deal with that giant Desire Return then?

\'... How frustrating."

Magnus\'s expression began to become colder.