Reincarnator - Chapter 446 Desire Return 3

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Hansoo opened his mouth briefly after seeing the collision between the large beast and the other beasts.

"Get ready."

Now, they had to prepare for battle.

Hansoo, who gave a short shout, breathed out.

\'What kind of horror movie am I in to be in such hardships?\'

To think about it, at some point, he didn\'t even hope for much.

He just beat up those that confronted him day by day and became stronger by overcoming them.

He descended downward.

He lived a bit longer.

He became a bit stronger.

\'There\'s absolutely no difference from a machine.\'

Hosang from the side and was preparing gave a short remark.

"Why do you have such a tired expression?"

"... There\'s too much to do."

Hosang chuckled from Hansoo\'s words.

"We\'re all doing what we can to survive. If we don\'t, we die."

Hansoo shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, I don\'t think there\'s anything pleasant to look forward to while being alive."

Hosang didn\'t know about the future which was why he spoke like that.

For him, he thought that he had almost arrived at the end.

Indeed, it would have been enough for the Desire Tree to give delusions to himself and the others of the end destination.

However, he knew the truth.

The world that they had traversed so far in the Otherworld was not the end but merely the preparation for the beginning.

\'Knowing this… Would you want to keep living?\'

When Hansoo muttered internally, Hosang spoke after seeing his expression, "Hey! No dreams! Dreams. Well, I mean…. It must be why you destroyed the Desire Trees."


Hosang nodded from Hansoo\'s remark and spoke, "Yes, dreams! People have dreams! Huh? Of what you want to do! Yes, that is why people want to keep living. Huh?"

"A dream," Hansoo muttered once more before smiling.

\'... What kind of dream could you have in this damned world?\'

The situation made the dream.

Every day, he had to fight and hope that he wouldn\'t die, so what kind of dreams could he have in this world?

"Just worry about winning."

"No, well, aside from us! Why are you living so fast?! Huh? Make some women?! Create a harem?! Or make something delicious?"

"You\'re being noisy. Let\'s go."


Passing by the shouting Hosang, Hansoo violently jumped from the ground toward the Desire Return far away.

"A dream," mumbled Hansoo as he smiled. He erased them from his thoughts and ran forward.



Seeing the large beasts fighting, he clutched the neck of the Queen on his right hand.

"Tell them all to charge. All."

"All… All?"

"Yes. All of your subordinates under you."

From those words, the Queen flinched and made a shrilling sound before soon wagging her tail.



The army of beasts from all directions began to attack like a tidal wave toward the beast the size of a mountain.



The beasts of the Queen\'s army collided with the large mountain-sized beast.

Whenever the large beast moved its eight feet, hundreds to thousands of beasts died.

Thousands of tentacles stretched out from under its shell and swung everywhere, causing for dozens of monsters to be ripped apart and be sucked into the shell. It was a one-sided massacre.

However, despite that many beasts dying, there wasn\'t even much of a dent on the army\'s formation.




The Desire Return kept ripping and cutting the attacking beasts.

Even though the beasts died from its tentacles, they did not retreat and continued to try and inflict damage onto the beast in honor of the Queen\'s name whom they served.

"Eeeeeeeeeeek… Eeeek."

The Queen cried after seeing her children be ripped apart, causing Magnus to frown.

It wasn\'t because he felt pity for the Queen, but rather, he was annoyed at how the situation had turned out.

\'Damn… This wasn\'t the reason why I had gathered these troops.\'

Magnus couldn\'t help but feel regret after seeing all of them die.

The reason why he had released the Queen from the white metal room, give her the time to raise an army, and retrieve it with such hard effort was for one reason only. It was to completely wipe out the guys coming up from below.

This was the intention of the Clemention he served.

It was the extermination of all humans that were not under his rule.

They had planned this from the Yellow Zone and had succeeded aside from the 1st and 2nd years of the First Generation that followed Eres. It wouldn\'t be an exaggeration to say that everyone apart from that followed Clementine.

The Contract and Monarch that were closely intertwined, as well as the seven shards, were enough to speak for themselves.

However, that plan had begun to go awry. He wasn\'t exactly sure, but it was roughly three years before.

"Kang Hansoo," Magnus recalled the name and muttered.

Despite being 20 years apart, he had raised momentum from the lowest floor and had become their main enemy.

If it was just him that was strong, they wouldn\'t even need to divert their attention since there was no reason to.

However, the things that he had done were not at a normal standard.

He was ascending with the intention of strengthening the human race with as many people alive as possible.

It was an idea that was wholly contrary to their objectives.

At first, they snorted at the rumor that he was ascending with such a purpose since they considered such a feat impossible.

However, now they knew that he had landed a blow to their chin.

Their allies that were dispatched in the Yellow Zone, Green Zone, and even the Blue Zone died off sequentially.

Just like him, the allies that were loyally doing their roles in the various places couldn\'t endure and were swept away by the man named Kang Hansoo.

The seeds that he spread had grown far too much.

It was soon before tens to hundreds of thousands of people ascend, following the road that the guy had cleared way for.

No matter how strong they were, their faction could not withstand such a large force.

Clementine was one that emphasized complete control rather than strength in numbers.

A perfectly dense and controlled force like a sharp knife was of the highest value, and troops or forces that were deemed useful but were not on par with their ideals were always cut off and thrown away.

The Transcendents that were left behind at the Desire Trees this time was also for that reason.

Until this point, it had not been a problem.

However, with how the situation had transpired, it had become problematic to reduce their force for complete control.

No matter how elite their small faction was, even if it was a completely abandoned knife, the tide was coming at such force that it was impossible to cut through.

The enhanced Adventurers were coming at them in the millions, and that included the Transcendents mixed in their numbers.

After imagining such a scene, Magnus felt tired.

\'That\'s why… I had caught this girl.\'


He tightened his grasp subconsciously on the hand where he was clutching the Queen\'s neck.

The reason why they had worked so hard to subjugate the Queen and the other races was for this purpose.

And after somewhat succeeding with his plan, Magnus was at the point of anticipating for the guys below to hurry and ascend since he thought of showing them the strength of the army of this species.

However, with how things had transpired, he was now stuck in this position.

\'How complicated.\'



Magnus mumbled seeing the battle in front.

Even the situation was becoming more heated.

Though the beasts that were subjugated by the Queen were relentlessly attacking the Desire Return. With that large body, it was using its weapon to reign destruction upon them.

At this rate, though they might be able to stop the beast from heading north, the damage would be too great.

However, if Agnus were to come and help, then with their combined forces, they would be able to unite their forces and kill it with fewer damages.

Completing his thoughts, Magnus shook the soul shard and sent a message to Agnus who was coming up from the South to unite with his army.

<... agnus.="" where="" are="" you?="" if="" you="" are="" available,="" come="" help.="">

A moment later.

<... it\'ll="" be="" difficult.="">

<why? don\'t="" tell="" me="" that="" you="" have="" not="" yet="" unified="" over="" there?="">

Magnus asked with an incomprehensible look.

At this time, it was more than enough to have finished unifying.

Why could he not help?

Then, he heard a witty reply from Agnus.

<since we\'re="" fighting="" the="" guys="" that="" we="" were="" supposed="" to="" face.="" what="" great="" timing="" for="" these="" bastards.="">

<... shit.="">

From this, Magnus raised his leg and soared into the air.

Around the time he had reached the clouds, he was able to clearly see Agnus from his sight.

It was the Adventurers that were rushing out of the elevator from the floor below.

\'Damn… They\'re stronger than I thought.\'

Magnus frowned.

Despite listening to Taehee\'s warning, he had a tendency to look down on Transcendents since there were already some by his side. The difference in talent was like heaven to earth. He was even a 5-Star Transcendent.

Though the large number in the millions was somewhat burdensome, he had the sentiment that even if they were to unify, they wouldn\'t be able to do much.

However, the moment he saw the ones that had ascended, that sentiment began to disappear.

There was so much pressure that he began to suspect whether they were the same Transcendents that he had seen.

\'Oh my gosh… I want to see the face of Kang Hansoo now. What the hell did he do to his human body.\'

He subconsciously thought about that after seeing the mana stretching out from the bodies of the fully-armored people.

That was only brief.

\'... God really listens to my wishes too well.\'

Magnus frowned, looking below at the ground.

When he began to fall, he saw the large group that was advancing toward him.

The description of the man in front of him was the same that he had been told so far.



Landing on the ground with the Queen in his grasp, Magnus looked around the crowd.

He sneered.

"These trash…"

How dare these losers that weren\'t chosen crawl over here?"


A powerful wave erupted around Magnus\' body that could cut one\'s skin at a moment\'s glance.

Though he had lost some energy and strength engaging the Queen in battle, there was still such a large difference between him and the Transcendents in the vicinity.

That was the meaning of overcoming a wall.

To prove that, with a sneer, Magnus stared at the man at the very front. He was looking at Kang Hansoo that he had only heard of so far.

"You brought quite a lot of small frys. Why? Do you think that you could put up a fight?"

From those words, Hansoo coldly smiled as he twirled his hammer.

"I\'m here since it\'s worth a try."

To be honest, it was correct to avoid such an opponent for now.

However, after taking a step forward, it was quite complicated to do that.

He wouldn\'t be motivated by any opponent. He needed to be at least that stage for him to be able to quickly raise his stage.

Before he was even able to fish speaking…


Hansoo took the lead and charged toward Magnus.

At the same time…

"Ah, sh*t I don\'t know! You bastard! You think you\'re so good!"



Stemming from the clash between Hansoo and Magnus, the Transcendents gathered and began to rush in from all directions.