Reincarnator - Chapter 445 Desire Return 2

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A bit north ahead of the entrance where Clementine and Eres had entered…

One man was exhaling roughly under the collapsed mountain.

"Whooooooo... It\'s so strong. Damn," the man mumbled as he continued to press down on the woman under his feet.

"Eeeeeeeeeek! Eeeeeeeeeeek!"

The woman continued to scream as the man trampled on the woman without mercy.

It might seem that it was a poor screaming woman being unconditionally trampled upon by the man, but if someone were to say anything like that to the man Magnus, he would personally catch the guy and throw him in front of this damn creature.

\'What a truly arrogant guy.\'


Thump. Thump.

Whenever he stepped on her, the woman was so strong that it was his bones that were making sounds.

Magnus frowned at the struggling woman in a bloodstained state.

Though she might resemble a human, she was never one.

If she was a human, she wouldn\'t have a tail similar to a scorpion\'s tail, to begin with, though he had to admit that she was similar in size to them.

\'Well, she\'s pretty.\'

Magnus shook his head as he continued to step on the naked woman.

That was not important.


Magnus held the Queen by her neck with the large sickle before lowering his head and whispering into the Queen\'s ear.

"Immediately… Tell your subordinates to clean up."

"Sub… ordinates?"

"So, um… Yeah, these. These things."

With a frustrated expression after seeing the Queen\'s incomprehension, Magnus reached out and grabbed something next to him.

It was the corpse of a half-broken beast.

He had only stepped one foot to the side, but a corpse was already there for him to pick up.

It couldn\'t be helped since the entire mountain was covered in bodies.

The Queen looked wistfully at the bodies that covered the entire mountain before soon nodding and wagging her tail.





Far away from the corpse, about 500m away, there were hundreds and thousands of creatures beginning to flood out.

After seeing this, Magnus couldn\'t help but click his tongue.

\'It hasn\'t even been long since she was released, but for there to be so many…\'

If they had not secretly marked them before letting them go, they would have had such a difficult time.

If he hadn\'t caught the Queen by surprise, it was certain that it would have caused a large predicament since it wouldn\'t have been possible to capture the Queen hiding amongst that army.

Clicking his tongue once more, he watched the retreating army.

Some had the appearance of a monkey, while others were of birds and wolves.

They only look like those animals though since their sizes were much bigger and were vicious.

He knew what the identity of these guys were.

They were the beasts that descended from the Abyss.

However, they were currently infected by the Queen.

\'This is the Queen.\'


Queen Ant, Queen Bee.

Though all of the species have a species name behind the Queen, this one was just Queen.

She didn\'t have a species, but she made one.

In other words, species weren\'t born from her, but whoever or whatever she touches would become her slave.

This was the reason why she was able to manufacture such an army in such a short time.

Whoever she fought or met, she would eat and infect and become stronger.

\'Now… It should be hard for her to increase her faction.\'

If they were able to hold her hostage and increase their power, everything would be simpler.

However, unfortunately, that was impossible because of the structure.

To begin with, if it felt that its life was threatened or received stress, it would stop dominating others and would stop producing the source of the material.

\'In other words, you won\'t be used as a factory.\'

However, this was more than sufficient.

That large number.

"Good. Miss Queen. Let\'s go on a date with those guys."

"Eeeeeeek. Eeeeeeek."

Magnus continued to hold the Queen\'s neck as he coldly smiled.

She wasn\'t the only one that was released. They had released the dangerous species that they felt they could control.

To get their hands on these species, aside from himself, there was another man along with his subordinates working in another location.

\'Thanks to the filtering of the Yellow Zone, all of the subordinates were useful. How great.\'

As for him, he preferred to work alone, and since his specialty was launching surprise attacks, he didn\'t bring along his men. However, he couldn\'t deny their usefulness.

Though they fought well, they were still realms apart from the 1st and 2nd years of the First Generation.

In fact, he wasn\'t fond of everyone.

\'Eres and Keldian… It would be great if they were bound by a contract or by the Power of the Sovereign, but I wonder why he won\'t.\'

Magnus had a sad look as he recalled Keldian.

Of course, whether it was Eres or Keldian, they were both strong.

If he had the Power of the Sovereign, even he would feel that he would have much difficulty subordinating them.

However, wasn\'t the man, Clementine, different?

That man was truly strong.

Everything would become easier if he had subordinated all of the people including guys like Dell Marcus.

His complaints were brief.

\'He must have something in mind.\'


<it\'s caught.="">

Magnus shook the soul shard and sent a message to Taehee.

The message included a light voice.

<how about="" you,="" agnus?="" i="" succeeded="" alone.="">

It was then...

<stop spouting="" nonsense="" and="" hurry="" down="" to="" the="" south!="" oh="" my="" gosh!="" who="" the="" hell="" released="" that="" thing?!="">


Magnus gave a puzzled look.



The large beast continued to crawl to the north, causing the earth to relentlessly tremble.

Several kilometers behind the beast, there was a group of people currently moving. It was Hansoo and the rest.

Aside from the 4-Star Transcendents, there were thousands of Transcendents and many Adventurers beyond that, running northward.

Hosang, seeing this scene, felt secure.

"Though we had separated due to our own reasons, seeing our group together is reassuring."

Hosang joking around caused for Dell Marcus\' pride to take another hit.

"You must like it being the guy who left initially due to being crazy about women."

"... What\'s wrong with you? Did I say anything wrong?"

Dell Marcus nodded in response to Hosang\'s words.

He wasn\'t wrong.

With how much of a mess this world was, having everyone gather was reassuring.

However, a voice from behind broke the mood.

"We\'re at our weakest, so what\'s so reassuring."

"... You seriously... What a mood-breaker," Hosang complained after seeing Hansoo.

"We must have a plan for following it, right?"


"He\'s thinking more," Hansoo muttered, seeing Hosang.

Those words weren\'t wrong.

Their purpose for moving was for one reason.

It was for him to ascend to a 5-Star Transcendent.

He would also ensure that the others could also take the next step.

Though they might be weak compared to Clementine\'s faction, they were by no means weak.

\'Well. We just have to proceed.\'


Seeing the beast roughly cry while crawling upward, Hansoo fell into thought once more after seeing the Desire Return.

\'Can he open up all seven of them?\'

If so, then Noah was not needed.

He could jump in and finish it himself.

He would have the strength to destroy the beast up there.

Not only that, if there was someone that was able to reach 7-Star Transcendent before the Abyss opened, Hansoo thought that it would be himself.

He was the only one who had the true qualifications to reach that stage.

However, Hansoo soon shook his head.

\'But this seed is the problem.\'

Hansoo began to judge himself objectively.

5-Star Transcendent.

In Hansoo\'s perspective, it looked possible.

This was the reason why he had caused such a ruckus to reach that stage, and if things were to proceed as planned, he would achieve 5-Star Transcendent without much difficulty.

It wasn\'t far away from his current state.

\'Though I am in a hurry.\'

The ones that went up ahead were all 5-Stars, and he had to defeat them to obtain Noah, but if he were to engage battle with them as a 4-Star Transcendent, it would pose some complications.

However, if he had reached that stage, things would proceed smoothly.


This was a bit difficult.

Though there might be six seeds in his body, one of them was the problem.

Spiritual Outburst.

This seed was the problem.

He had to use this skill to become stronger.

He had to use his mana, determination, health, and stamina all into this skill to activate it.

That was the case for the Immortal Soul or Pandemic Blade, but there were no limits to this guy.

The moment he used it, his soul would explode. Of course, he would attain an unimaginable strength and ascend that barrier.

He would be able to delete all of his opponents.

However, would it matter?

If his soul were to break into pieces, it would be impossible to recover that even on the seventh floor of hell.

Self-sacrificing spells wouldn\'t exert unimaginable power for anything.

One was bereft of nothing which was why one was granted such strength.

\'The demons must be quite sad. Haha.\'

If the contract was broken due to the outburst of the sport, they would probably cry.

They would enjoy seeing him despair, but without his soul, they wouldn\'t even be able to witness it.

However, Hansoo soon shook his head.

What useless thoughts.

\'Well. Regardless…\'

It wasn\'t impossible to reach 6-Star Transcendent. He just had to get another seed and develop it one step further so that he could reach that stage although that might be the end.

"Well. Just being a 6-Star Transcendent is more than enough," Hansoo muttered.

If he reached 7-Star Transcendent, everything would be over. From his calculations, being a 6-Star was more than sufficient since it would allow his enhanced body and Transcendent skills to give rise to new heights.

Hansoo threw out these mixed thoughts and began to concentrate.

It was about time.

\'Good. Good. How nice… that all of us have hasty personalities.\'


Far away…

Hansoo murmured as he watched a strange ripple heading toward Desire Return.


"... Dangerous species," Sangjin muttered as he felt the trembling soul shard of Neropa.

Surprisingly, the shards of this soul were able to communicate beyond dimensions.

He couldn\'t deny that this was very useful.

If it weren\'t for this, he wouldn\'t be able to communicate with Mihee from below.

<come up.="">

He heard Mihee\'s reply who was holding the Relic.

<really? are="" there="" no="" problems?="">

Sangjin nodded and replied from Mihee\'s question.

<yeah. you="" can="" come="" up.="">


Sangjin muttered coldly after seeing the large army of beasts rushing and fighting against a large monster the size of a mountain that was wailing.