Reincarnator - Chapter 442 Noah 4

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The hallway was wonderfully lit up from the light that was shining in Keldian\'s hand.

All four sides of the rectangular hallway were transparently revealing their true colors.

Beyond that, there were no signs of the hallway hiding the sight.


Following the hallway, there were hundreds and thousands… No even beyond that… Of species in countless rooms.

Some rooms reached several kilometers in width, while others weren\'t even 10m long.

However, they all shared something in common.

Inside the room, there were guests that were already inside the room.



The beasts in the rooms continued to howl incessantly.

Some of them resembled birds while others looked like bats.

Some of them looked like large elephants while others looked like gods and dragons.

However, they all shared something in common.

All of them were filled with rage as they were extremely stressed out.

Thud! Thud!

Some of them constantly bashed against the walls, expressing their anger while some were scratching the walls with their teeth and claws.

It was as if they were trying to escape the corners of hell as they continued endlessly.

Unfortunately, it seemed like some had succeeded in escaping.

\'It\'s empty here too…\'

Eres mumbled as she walked past another empty room.

She could see a shattered wall on the opposite side of the huge isolated room.

Whether the monsters were extremely strong or whether someone on the outside had let them escape, there were countless footprints in that empty, abandoned room.

Soon, Eres began to recollect a few beast species.

On the way there, she recalled fighting a few especially strong species of monsters.

\'Who the hell caught all of this.\'

Though she was unaware who, she was certain of one fact.

If all of these monsters here were released simultaneously, the Violet Zone would literally become hell incarnate.

It was then…

"I think we have almost arrived."


Keldian remark, who was walking at the front with the light, caused everyone to look at the end of the hallway.

The hallway, which had so far exposed the exterior of its surface finally revealed the texture of its cold metal.

Even the light that Keldian had lit was unable to properly penetrate the changed texture of the material inside the corridor.

Keldian frowned at the horrifyingly dark hallway. He looked back and said, "It seems like we will have to go in and check. Let\'s continue."

"... Okay."

Eres nodded.

If they had not witnessed this scene, then maybe there would be another option, but now they couldn\'t stop continuing.

Even if it looked a bit dangerous, they had to go in and check.

No, if they were afraid of such things, to begin with, they wouldn\'t have even reached here to start.

"It could be… that we could understand what this place is for." Eres muttered.



They walked past the hallway where the beasts screamed as Eres and Clementine\'s group began to enter deeper into the structure.



"What the hell…! What the hell are these things?!"


John Kael screamed in shock seeing the beasts rushing toward them, roaring.

The entire surrounding was already lit up in flames.

They were ignoring and enduring all of the skills that were thrown at them by the Adventurers and had inflicted so much damage that it had caused this scene to erupt.

"These damned fuckers! I didn\'t even enjoy spending half of the essence!"

They were over 50m in size, and as if they were bulls, even after John Kael had deflected them away, they continued to attack him. He clenched his teeth.

It hadn\'t even been long since he had took over the Desire Tree.

In that short time, John Kael, Mitsuyoshi and Elizabeth had experienced heaven. John Kael embraced all of the women he wanted to by creating them with his imagination.

For Mitsuyoshi, he was able to recreate all of the movies, music, and other media applications that he was not able to see before.

As for Elizabeth, she had imagined all of the foods and desserts that she had not eaten for so long before serving it and eating it pleasurably with her subordinates.

If they were to return to their former world, they would want the strength to be able to dominate that world. It was truly a simple desire.

However, it was these simple desires that had driven them through these last 20 years.

No matter how hard they would have worked while ascending in the six zones below, there was no path that could fulfill their desires.

That was the same just for him alone.

\'That wasn\'t because of the women.\'

John Kael shook his head after recollecting the Adventurers.

A woman needed to be womanly in order to be considered as a woman in the first place.

This was true when he considered himself and Elizabeth.

If he had acted a bit out of the ordinary against her, it would be his head that would be sent flying, not just his hair.

This was a despicable world predicated on fighting and stealing.

He had survived in this kind of world for 20 years, so he could no longer see the women here as girls.

They had become so strong and more vicious the longer they survived and adapted to this world despite their physical bodies and mentalities initially.

In comparison, the women he had imagined from his desires were delicate and soothing. Even though they were like dolls, it was sufficient.

The Desire Tree was able to satisfy the ideal woman that John Kael grieved for the past 20 years.

However, it hadn\'t even been that long for him to enjoy this time before falling into this sh*tty state.



He used all of his strength in both arms to send the rhinoceros to the side. It was quite unbelievable to even imagine a human who wasn\'t even 2m tall throwing a beast close to 100m away. However, it was the Transcendents that were given the right to ignore these norms.



The rhinoceros, who was flung away by John Kael, groaned as his whole body trembled. Yet, John Kael frowned after looking around his surroundings. All of his forces were already being pushed back, and those that could even oppose these beasts at a standstill was him, Mitsuyoshi, Elizabeth, and the rest of the 4-Star Transcendents.

Even the 3-Star Transcendents were barely holding on as they struggled against the crazy rhinoceros, the reason being their solid bodies and their heavy charges.

If their speed was slow, it would be fine, but whenever these beasts stepped forward, it was as if space itself would fold.

\'At this rate… Everyone will die.\'

However, it wasn\'t like he could abandon his subordinates and run.

Though the shameless Dell Marcus might not hesitate to flee, they could never abandon these guys.

\'Okay, you bastards. Let\'s make sure to bury all of you.\'

"Come at me you bastards!"

The moment John Kael shouted loudly and stepped forward…


A large roar reverberated in the forest as a few red spheres began to shoot out into the sky.

\'What the hell is that?\'

John Kael frowned seeing the suspicious-looking red spheres.


The red-colored spheres splintered in all directions as it exploded, causing a brilliant bright rainbow to radiate from the center.

The light was so strong that it felt like they would be blinded.

"Oh no…"

"Close your eyes!"

They were strange objects in the eyes of everyone. Of course, everyone was being cautious, but after it suddenly erupted into a bright light, there was really nothing they could do with their blinded sights.

However, the red spheres rushed at the large rhinoceroses.


The rhinoceroses suddenly let out a large shrill as the rainbow-looking light burned their backs.

The brilliant gold metal armors that they gloated around slowly turned into stone before splitting apart.

In that instant…

"Quickly finish them off! The duration doesn\'t go for that long!"

"Damn it!"


After the spheres had pierced the rhinoceroses, hundreds to thousands of attacks began to rain down upon them.

They were attacks that were no different from John Kael\'s group who was busily defending the tree. However, the result was entirely different.



Blood spurted out as the skills from all directions crushed their skins and crept inside, destroying everything aside from their skin and muscles in which it bounced off from.


The rhinoceroses helplessly cried before falling onto the ground. No matter how strong their bodies were, they would not be able to rush in if their leg joints were cut off. John Kael, who was witnessing all of this, frowned.

\'... What is this? Who\'s doing this?\'

Which kind of bastards had the power and strength to effectively overpower these beasts?

It was then…


Vines began to erupt from the ground before entangling and crushing the bodies of the beasts.


They were the Baren Tree Roots.

It was definitely Hosang\'s skill.

\'... I had thought he was a fool, but for him to be able to come up with such a plan?\'

He didn\'t get along with the man very well.

"Ahhhhhhh! How frustrating!"


Accompanying the large explosion was a man holding four weapons.

\'Even Dell Marcus?\'

Seeing the guy recklessly fight in the front lines, he subconsciously nodded his head.

\'If it were him…\'

The man crazed to fight.

He could understand how this unfolded if it was him, his long-time rival.

Though he might be brazen, he couldn\'t help but admit that he had great ability.

\'Besides, I thought Hosang hated that guy.\'

However, if they had gathered in order to survive, it was understandable.

What was important was that the immediate fire had been watered down.

\'Well. I\'m grateful for you help, but don\'t expect me to pay my debts.\'

John Kael who shrugged his shoulders breathed out before trying to attack one of the absconding rhinoceros.

In that instant, a large ice spear flew toward his direction and penetrated the head of the rhinoceros, causing the rhinoceros to freeze just like the spear that was the size of a small building.


Usually, it wouldn\'t be bad if someone else had done his job in his stead. However, his expression hardened after seeing this sight.

\'... This isn\'t it.\'

He knew very well what this previous attack was.

It was the signature skill of the woman that had swallowed the Desire Tree of the East, Hessie Taylor.

She was definitely not someone that would unite her strength with anyone regardless of the situation.

However, this event was currently transpiring in front of his eyes.

As if to confirm his suspicions, a large spectacle of skills began to erupt in all directions.



Despite the beasts being deleted around him, John Kael slowly walked backward.

\'Mell Teron\'s Flame Spear, and even Pom Chai\'s Passion. What the f*ck…\'

Around him, all of the owners of the Desire Trees began to show themselves.

These guys would never unite if they were in their right minds.

It was so strange even if he were to think that they had united to come and kill him.

He could instinctively feel something ominous, so he tried to use his hands to send a signal to his subordinates to escape.

In that moment…


Three Transcendents fell from the sky and landed in front of him.

They were the three Desire Tree owners, Akanta, Kane Patos and Seunghyuk, that had settled farther east from his.

John Kael could only look on with a look of disbelief.

\'Could it be that almost everyone had gathered?\'

"You crazy… Why did you come here?\'

From those words, Kane Patos, who was standing at the front along with the rest, gnashed their teeth.

"You shouldn\'t be… the only ones to escape."

"Of course."

"F*ck… Ha… Seriously."

Seeing their despondent rage and anger, John Cael put on an expression of incomprehensibility.


"Are the enhancements almost over?"

John Stone nodded from Mihee\'s question.

"We have almost finished."

There was full of confidence from John Stone as if their formidable force could defeat any enemy in their path.

However, Mihee strangely could not feel calm at all.

\'... Why is this?\'

Mihee bit her lip from the ominous feeling as she looked to the sky above the elevator.