Reincarnator - Chapter 441 Noah 3

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"It\'s… opened!"

Kangtae who used all of his strength as if he was in judo practice was able to pull the door out as he screamed.

Eres who was watching this scene behind him frowned.

\'Kangtae had to use all of his strength just to open this?\'

It might be a bit rude to say this, but his strength was ignorantly powerful. It was so much so that it could be questioned why he carried a weapon. Kangtae believed that strength was what defines a man, so he had wholly focused his skills and proficiency toward melee attacks and strength, including physical attribute enhancement.

Normally, if one prioritized an attribute or ability that much, there would be an imbalance which could provide costly when one contended against an opponent of similar ability; however, he was able to fully supplement the shortcomings of his body through items and skills. It was truly an ignorant method.

As a result, he had become a complete beast.

No matter how much he felt the structure could be destroyed if he used a weapon, it took all of his strength just to rip apart that door.

\'... There\'s definitely some merit in finding this.\'

Eres mumbled internally. It was certain that there was something of high value that was stored deep inside this structure. At the same time, she was also worried that some unidentified species could emerge from inside this structure as well.

\'What was that thing before?\'

She was referring to the large hole that was at the exterior of the structure.

Though she had tried looking around through the hole, it was only an isolated room, so there was nothing like an additional entrance to further explore. She had also gone to see if there were any more enemies that were inside, but there wasn\'t even a door installed. In short, it was like a hollow chest.

Yet, there were claw marks and footprints all across the room of a species full of rage. This was why she was even more concerned with who or what was trapped in here, which was why she felt it was necessary to investigate as quickly as possible. It could be possible that there might be some hints regarding the unidentified species that had escaped from here.

\'Until then… Please be safe everyone.\'

Eres frowned as she thought of the others.

"Eres, what are you doing? Let\'s enter."

"Ah… Yes."

From Taehee\'s urge, Eres began to walk inside the ripped entrance.

As they entered through the door, they were welcomed with a dark, long corridor. It was as if it was extending them an invite to go deep into the abyss-looking hallway.


Keldian, who was beside her, raised his hand and lit a light in the hallway.

"Let\'s see… It would be great if we attain some information that would be useful to us"

Keldian muttered as he plodded through the hallway.



Hansoo and Dell Marcus collided apart from the Desire Tree, a distance of several kilometers.

It was an ambiguous distance as there was an intense battle involving thousands of bizarre beasts and Adventurers going on in this location.

"Ah… Shit!"

Hosang clenched his teeth after seeing the unidentified creatures running to them like beasts. It was so difficult to deal with them.

\'You damn… bastards!\'


Hosang concentrated as an aura called the <baren tree\'s="" roots=""> erupted around his body.

Tree roots that could melt and suck the opponents emerged out from the ground and tackled the beasts that came upon him. The result was a success.



Thousands of thick vines began to move busily from the ground as they tied together dozens of the beasts before destroying their organs. The fluids that were exerted from the roots began to melt the beasts\' thick skin and texture.

It seemed to look like he had the situation totally under control. At this rate, these powerful roots would be able to crush the beasts, and the Baren Tree Roots would be able to absorb its fluids as it continued to improve their state.

However, Hosang continued to gnash his teeth. Though it looked like a success on the outside, in reality, he knew it wasn\'t.

The result was that his mana and stamina were not rising at all. If his skill had perfectly worked, the Baren Tree Roots would be able to absorb the beasts\' liquids, which would restore his mana and stamina.

However, his mana did not budge at all, and he continued to become more tired. The reason for this was clear.



The blood and bones of these strange creatures were continually changing. The bones, muscles, and skin of the beasts which was originally hard became as soft as pudding. No, to be honest, it was as if his roots were entering bodies made out of water. Though the roots had entered the transparent bodies of these beasts, Hosang knew better than anyone that it had not penetrated them.


The beasts that had eaten the fluids coming out of the Baren Tree Roots caused their bodies to slowly turn green.

"You damn bastards!"


As Hosang cursed at the beasts for melting his Baren Tree Roots, he concentrated once more and created more of his Baren Tree Roots.

He didn\'t use this skill just to make more of them. The use of these roots was so that it could attack them. Once damaged, the strength of this skill would be greatly reduced until it was fully recovered, so it was one that he had used sparingly.

However, his roots were being wholly melted.


He gnashed his teeth after seeing his roots were already half gone after retrieving them.

\'... They melted it before eating.\'

It wasn\'t just that.

As if he was now immune to the shocks provided by the beasts, he quickly focused his body and raised his fist with strength against the rushing foes.

\'Shit… I will definitely win and live.\'


After kicking one of the beasts away, he began to recollect the scene when he first encountered these beasts when he had arrived earlier.

Thousands of shadow-like bodies were approaching them through the trees in the camouflage of the surroundings. They had hidden their presence so well that if it weren\'t for Hansoo telling them, he wouldn\'t have noticed at all.


<it would="" be="" a="" waste="" if="" we="" let="" those="" guys="" die="" over="" there.="" just="" endure="" a="" bit="" here.="" i\'ll="" be="" back.="">

Since the red bacteria was in his body, he was in a situation where he couldn\'t even flee.

He was having a shitty time here ever since the guy said one remark before leaving.


"You creepy bastards! Just die!"



Flames of fire and lightning ceaselessly rained on the battlefield.

These Adventurers, who were people that could destroy buildings with their fists and swing around metals that were never seen or heard about before on Earth, swung their weapons relentlessly. However, the response of the beasts was beyond that.



They ate the flames and endured the thunder.

They avoided the spears and swords or even blocked them with their constantly transforming bodies.

No, they weren\'t just simply blocking them. Even the wounds on their claws and feet were constantly deforming and changing.

\'Damn… If things are to progress like this... \'

The beasts continued to rush at them with their nonstop changing bodies as if they were born to slaughter them.

They weren\'t immortal.

If they were to attack different types of spells and attacks simultaneously, they could definitely kill them.

However, while they were trying their best to kill them, the damages done to the Adventurers were increasing exponentially.

It was then…

"Damn! What are you doing! That bastard told us to use that before! Use it!"

One of Hosang\'s subordinates screamed at Hosang.

The bastard that he was referring to was Hansoo who was fighting in the vicinity of the Desire Tree.

After listening to his subordinate\'s reminder, he quickly recollected himself and looked at the object that was latched onto his waist.

It was the same sea-urchin looking object that he was cautioned before that could potentially cut his wrist away.

It was such an uncomfortable time that he had erased it from his memories, but seeing how dire the situation was, he clenched his teeth.

\'Damn… Alright. Let\'s use this!\'


The beasts rushed in once more, so after deflecting them away, he grabbed the object in his waist and began to inject his mana.

In that instant…


The sea-urchin looking object began to shook wildly before the thorn shot out.


After almost being pierced from that sudden change, Hosang threw it in the air before falling back in shock.



The wildly shaking object let out a large roar before exploding.


Along with dark smoke, the thorns began to fire at all directions, piercing through the bodies of the large, disgusting beasts as Hosang watched on.

He was curious about what changes there would be.

However, his expectations soon became a disappointment, and that disappointment quickly changed into anger.

"This scammer! It\'s a good for nothing!"

The beasts, acting as if it didn\'t even tickle, quickly stood up and rushed in once more, causing Hosang to gnash his teeth.

At one point, there was one that was right in front of him.

The bastard had told him to use that sea-urchin looking, no good piece of shit, and now he was at the point of being eaten.

\'... I\'m going to die.\'

He closed his eyes as he looked at the beast right below his chin.

Though he could counterattack, there was no meaning to that.

The beast would change its body again and endure.

Hosang swore loudly at Hansoo who had truly led him to a pitiful death.

"See you in hell! You fucking bastard!!!!!"

At that precise moment…


The beast that was rushing toward him bounced back violently as if it had been hit by a truck.


Hosang, who had seemingly screamed his final shout, had his eyes wide open.

Then, he heard a familiar voice from beside.

"I clearly had mentioned to attack it immediately after using it."

"... Hey, you bastard! You gave me trash, so what bullsh*t are you spouting?!"

Even if he did, what attack would work if it didn\'t even affect them?

However, Hosang, who shouted crazily, soon realized what Hansoo was speaking about.


The beast that received Hansoo\'s attack was soon wringing his whole body around the ground as if it was suffering.

Normally, it would have modified its body to heal and endure the attacks, but it was now struggling in pain as it was in the same body form.

This scene was replicating itself elsewhere.



"Hey, it\'s working! It\'s finally working!"

"Kill them!"

The beasts who were constantly transforming, adapting, and modifying their bodies as if they were bragging about their immortality were unable to change their shapes.

The moment the thorns had shot out of the smoke and touched their bodies, their bodies stopped changing as they hardened.

The Adventurers, who were being relentlessly pushed back, had now suddenly reversed the situation.

There was one more.

"Good job. Take a rest. Now, those friends will be fighting in your stead."

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn it!"


Not sure why he was so infuriated, Dell Marcus was creating a bloody mess as Hansoo laughed watching him.



"Woah… Is this a zoo?"

Kangtae whistled as he looked around his surroundings walking through the hallway.

It was the same for the rest of the group that was ceaselessly looking as well.


"Ah well…"



Although the hallway was not fully visible from the entrance, now they could clearly see from the side of the hallway.

\'... What the hell is this place?\'

There were tens and hundreds of different races and species.

Eres frowned at the huge isolated rooms where they were locked up.