Reincarnator - Chapter 437 Desire Tree 2

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\'What a mess.\'

Hansoo couldn\'t help but click his tongue after seeing these travellers fight amongst one another.

It couldn\'t be helped.

Though Desire made everything that the human wanted, it wasn\'t able to do everything that all humans wanted either.

In other words, there was a limit in the quantity that it was able to produce.

The essence that was stored within Desire was combined with the wants and desires of humans, and how much of the essence of the tree was combined was dependent on each individual and his/her desire.

To put it simply, it didn\'t cost much at all to create a cigarette. However, if one wished for a woman from that seed of that tree, it would consume a significant amount of essence to produce that.

The time that it took to replenish the essence was very slow, so it wasn\'t able to satisfy everyone\'s needs.

So, there were two options.

Either everyone sufficiently moderates their wants with the trees and live peacefully or reduce the number of people that would use this tree, and those in front of him seemed to have chosen the latter option.

\'Well, I\'m not sure. It could be that only one side may have chosen this option.\'

Regardless, one thing was important. It was that it was a great time to monopolize the tree.


There was no reason for him to feel guilt. Even without that tree, he would be able to survive and live. In his standards, there was no need to feel responsible for these guys that were fighting for this tree.

\'Just like me.\'

Shrugging his shoulders, Hansoo slowly walked toward the tree.




Karl Akus clenched his teeth as he continued to rain his attacks.

It was impossible to fire anymore, so he had to decide whether he would subordinate beneath them or retreat, train, and return once more.

After momentarily contemplating, Karl Akus quickly reached a conclusion.


To be honest, that tree wasn\'t worth dying for.

In terms of food, there were plenty all around him, and he could just hunt the monsters and beasts of the Abyss that would attack him as well. It was just that it was rather vexing.

\'Eron… I had wanted to revive you.\'

Biting his teeth, Karl Akus looked around and shouted.

"Damn… Retreat! Retreat! Fall back!"

However, at that moment.


"Where do you think you\'re going, bastard?"

From Hosang\'s choppy shout, large vines stretched out from around the tree.

Instantly, the vines entangled themselves into a huge, thick fence that surrounded them.

\'Ah, damn!\'


The flustered Karl Akus gathered all of his strength to try and hack through the veins. Though his attack had succeeded somewhat, he was unable to take a step out in the end.

In that short span of time where Karl Akus attacked the vines, Hosang quickly closed the distance.



Karl Akus screamed in pain from Hosang\'s attack, who smiled and spoke,

"I made this using that tree as well. Integrating my skill with it made it quite useful for trapping some rats."

"Son of a …"

Barely holding onto his stance as he held onto the vines, Karl Akus gave an expression of despair.





All of a sudden, a ruckus transpired from all directions.

The subordinates of Karl Akus, who were trying to escape as best they could to their abilities, were being fired down by Hosang\'s subordinates.

However, if Karl Akus wasn\'t able to penetrate through the veins, there wasn\'t much hope that the others could.

Not only that, the attacks from all sides made it quite impossible.

Seeing his subordinates being shot down mercilessly, Karl Akus gnashed his teeth, causing Hosang to smile and speak once more.

"Well, I do understand your admirable purpose… However, if we were to let a guy like you live, we wouldn\'t be able to comfortably use this tree. I hope you understand."



Hosang\'s kick to his stomach sent Karl Akus flying onto the ground as he coughed up blood.


Karl Akus mumbled as he saw the vines and thorns wrap around his body.

"Just… die. You bastard."

"Ah. I had originally planned on doing that…"




Karl Akus gave out groans of pain as the vines penetrated through his body, so much so that he was about to go unconscious. Feeling very uneasy, Karl Akus bit on his tongue but even that had failed.


Karl Akus wasn\'t able to kill himself as the vines clogged up his mouth and even his ears.

"Well, we had realized recently that there was a way to recharge this tree. It was stupid of us to wait I guess."

\'If so, you wouldn\'t have killed the guys that attacked you so easily.\'

Hosang seeing the immobilized Karl Akus laughed sneeringly.

He was full of satisfaction that he was able to produce much more than in the past.

\'Ah… there\'s nothing better than heaven, especially with that bitch, Eres, leaving.\'

To be honest, being by her side was quite comfortable. Even in difficult predicaments, they were able to easily muscle through. No, it wasn\'t comfortable, but at least he was able to safely preserve his life as he ascended.

All of this was thanks to Eres\'s guidance.

However, that was the extent.

Despite living in this damned world, he was prohibited from rape and stealing. There were so many things that he couldn\'t do. It was hell not knowing what to do with all of this accumulated stress. If he didn\'t have a strong body, it wouldn\'t be strange of him dying from high blood pressure.

Since Kangtae, Clementine, and Taehee were so obnoxiously strong, he couldn\'t show his inner thoughts, but there were quite a few that had a reluctance to Eres\'s rules.

This fact was proved from this event.

\'I think only around 30%... had followed her? Haha.\'

The rest had all scattered. A total of nine groups were made in order to monopolize this tree. Amongst that, he felt that he had the greatest luck ever to be able to have control over this tree.

Now, it felt like he was truly living on the throne in heaven. Hosang grabbed the bottle of liquor that was equipped onto his belt and began to pour it into his throat.

Gulp. Gulp.


It had been 20 years since he last had a proper drink.

Though he wouldn\'t get drunk from this, just this feeling of being able to reminisce filled him with joy.

"Ahahahahaha! Everyone, well done! There will be a feast tonight! The seed will soon blossom! Everyone, enjoy! The things that we couldn\'t do because of that bitch, Eres, we will make sure to relieve all of that today!"

"Kyaahahaha! Of course!"


When the others all lifted their bottles following Hosang, it was then…

"Look at these bastards. What feast?"



There was a roar that came from the corner of the vines.

What followed that large sound was an enormous explosion.


The large vine wall that Karl Akus couldn\'t even scratch was up in flames in a split second as a hole tens of meters was created.

It was before Hosang\'s subordinates who were standing by the wall was able to scream before being flown away.



"Ahhhhhhk! It\'s collapsing!"

"Uhhhk! This is damned!"

The whole pillar that was blown apart caused the whole vine wall to begin to collapse.

\'Damn… Which crazy bastard did this?\'

As Hosang was gnashing his teeth from the people running away from the vines…


In the collapsed hole, Hansoo walked over and sharply spoke, "The owner has changed. Please leave the room."

"You bastard…"

Hosang had a bewildered expression.

There was close to a thousand warriors that were present, and yet this guy walked here alone and started a fight.

"You crazy bastard…"


From that remark, Hansoo smiled.



"So why did you do this?"

"Ugh…. Ahhhhhhhk!"

Karl Akus was mortified seeing Hansoo shake his head while Hosang was rolling around in the ground in pain.

\'Damn… What the hell did he put in his body.\'


After recovering his composure, he stood up and looked around before gnashing his teeth.

The vicinity was a disaster.

It was a one-sided massacre.

On the left, those that had shields on had their whole bodies beaten up while those on the right with the hammers had their bones broken.

It was futile to run away.

It was as if he wouldn\'t let one guy escape after destroying the entrance, he began to orderly beat up every guy that came his way.

At first, his despaired heart slowly transformed into hope as he looked like a savior, but Karl Akus soon realized that he had not come for good faith.

"Ugh… Ahhhhk!"

Karl Akus swallowed once more as he saw the rolling Hosang.

Red smoke that came from Hosang\'s body created a terrible scene in front of him.

It was then that Karl Akus realized why the intruder had not killed a single person and spared them.

\'The problem is… we\'re included as well.\'

When Karl Akus gnashed inwardly, the red cloud of the Pandemic Blade had been injected into every single person here, causing him to have a satisfied expression.

\'How useful.\'

After spreading the red cloud of Pandemic Blade around, Hansoo walked toward Desire.

Then, he raised his hand on it and imagined what he wanted.



Countless seeds began to fall below.

Healing seed.

Hansoo held hundreds of seeds and began to distribute them one by one.

"... What does this mean?"

"Eat and recover your energy. We are now one body and spirit."


"You mean a slave.\'

Feeling the rustling red cloud inside his body, Karl Akus soon grabbed the seeds and began to bite on the seeds.

The body soon began to resume its regeneration as the exhausted mana was replenished.


After recovering his energy, Karl Akus was able to cool-headedly judge the situation once more.

\'It wasn\'t the worst outcome.\'

To be honest, it would be hard to be worse than being in the hands of Hosang.

That was truly the worst scenario.

Though he had ended up being a slave, at least he was able to survive.

Not only that, it seemed that the man took care of their health.

He wasn\'t aware of where he was going to use them or what he was going to do with them now. After breathing a long sigh, he began to carefully investigate the man.

Now, their fates were decided on what kind of thoughts this man had.

\'Not to mention, we are a few years apart, but for him to be this strong, it\'s the first time I\'ve seen something like this…\'

He knew almost all of the first generation people since they had always fought together. Including Hosang, he was a comrade that he had fought side by side up to the Sixth zone.

However, it was the first time that he had seen this man.

While Karl Akus fell into thought, Hansoo walked in front of the fallen Hosang and spoke, "Now it seems that my words will finally get to you, so let\'s have a chat."


Though the pain had disappeared, Hosang was still groaning from the aftereffects.

"Tell me the conditions of the other eight trees."

Though there was a limit to how much one tree could make from its essence, if one were to gather the essence of all nine trees, he could make something very nice, a truly amazing item.

\'I should slowly prepare.\'

He needed more strength.

From his memories, the Desire trees weren\'t the only problem here.


\'There\'s the problem with Noah as well… It\'ll get busy.\'

Hansoo looked at the large green forest far away.