Reincarnator - Chapter 434 Final Zone 3

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\'This is…\'

Eliot looked around and groaned.

Branches made out of metal stretched out to fill the entire room.

However, she couldn\'t feel any intimidation that matched the size of these branches since they were so skinny.

If it weren\'t for the branches that held up their bodies which stretched hundreds of miles, it looked as if they would collapse if not for the zero-gravity there in space.

They were scrawny and were in each corner, painted in black.

In comparison to these, the silver spheres that she saw earlier looked sturdier. It wasn\'t like they were normal either.


Eliot sighed as she looked at the spheres which were smaller than her palm.

She had realized that what she had seen earlier was in much better condition. Most of the heads there were smaller than her fist despite her hands not being that big, to begin with.

\'Well… If the branches are so thin, it\'s impossible that the fruit would be bountiful.\'

N-Karoniel Ron smiled bitterly understanding what Eliot was thinking of.

"These are the ones that have grown up somewhat useful. Everything here."

In the past, when the Dragon God Armor was first discovered, it had transformed the atmosphere of the planet as everyone who laid witness to these seeds would involve themselves in war.

If the Dragon God Armors were to have continued to accumulate, it could change the course of the war.

Compared to the ships that needed to use an extensive amount of resources to build one, all they had to do was pick these up and use them.

In addition, if thousands were gathered and accumulated, it would even be able to overwhelm ships, so everyone had turned their eyes on them.

However, when the investigation of the Karakal Expedition had fully completed, the full interior of the planet was revealed, causing most to be disappointed and leave.

It was not ideal to have a few hundred Dragon God Armors and go to war against dozens and hundreds of ships. The seeds here that they had seen were all the Dragon God Armor Seeds.

"I hate to say this, but this place is no different from a dead planet."

Hansoo nodded at that remark.

"It\'s not a dead satellite but rather an unused factory.


From Hansoo\'s words, N-Karoniel Ron gave him a mysterious look.

Hansoo swung the spear in his hand and spoke, "Originally… There needs to be energy for a factory to properly function, right?"

At the end of his words….

The spear in Hansoo\'s hands vibrated.


Black branches stretched out in the middle of the planet.



\'Ahah… What a shame.\'

One of the members of the Reunion, Metionel, looked on with regret at the ships that were being destroyed mercilessly.

They had invested in so much effort to keep a single ship intact even when they fled. Not to mention, they were armed with more up-to-date technology than the Neropa Union or the Pompeion Empire.

Metionel couldn\'t help but shake her head.

What mattered more was not the power that one currently possessed but who the enemies were.

The moment they tried to steal these ships, they had to make all the humans before them as potential enemies.

They would never be generous to anyone who could threaten them with a weapon in hand.

\'Yes. If they rather ascend quickly… Then…\'

Metionel muttered internally.

Even if they were considered allies, since they possessed a much greater strength, it was difficult to stay at ease in their presence.

This would amplify if their strength continued to multiply.

However, compared to Hansoo or Mihee, the rest strangely seemed to be in a hurry as if they had to ascend as quickly as possible.

First, if those monsters were to ascend together with them, it would put her at ease.

Though their ships were destroyed, they still had Dragon God soldiers, and the building facilities for these ships were still intact.

With time and resources, they could return to their former glory.

\'Then we can properly rest with ease. What should I do to ensure they won\'t attack before that?\'

The moment Metionel began to scheme on how to endure them, she reflected upon herself and shuddered.

\'… Damn.\'

Metionel had a bitter expression…


Beneath her feet, she could feel menacing vibrations begin to start deep in the earth.

They were vibrations that no ships, no waves of energy that their civilization could produce, causing her to be stunned.

There was a time where she had felt this before, which was very recent.

\'You\'ve got to be kidding me… I thought it was over?\'

The moment Metionel instinctively tried to flee to a Quantum Transmission in fear…


Huge streams of light shot from the horizon far away.

The pillars of light were several times stronger and denser than the God\'s Spear that the Pompeion Emperor had used.

The shell that the Red Jade surrounded soared upward as it emanated a presence that it would melt the entire continent.

\'What the hell… What is happening?!\'


However, the huge beams of light which seemed to soar from the ground and stretch out endlessly were suddenly halted by something and could no longer expand.

This was due to the large planet, Karakal, in the sky.

\'… What else are you trying to do\'


Metionel swallowed her groan as she saw the vivid column of light connecting Karakal and Angkara.



N-Karoniel couldn\'t shut up as he saw the spectacle before his eyes.

\'He wondered what the craters outside were used for…\'

The red-colored pillars of light flowered from the huge crater, lighting up the entire interior of Karakal.

The brilliant red light penetrated the crater down into the dark sphere without wasting a single energy which was where the root of the branches laid.



The black sphere that was shone in light began to suddenly transform.

Like a metal sphere that began to heat up, the dark black sphere\'s color began to shift to orange.

No, the heatwave didn\'t just end at that level.

Instantly, the orange color in the black spheres began to stretch outward to the branches across all directions like electricity. The changes took place for the twigs that were drenched by this light.


The metal branches that had been drying up swelled with a rattling sound.

The light-bearing metals began to expand in size, emitting metallic luster in all directions.

It was as if they were hundreds of luscious, delicious grapes that were ready for harvest.


Seeing the fruit that swelled, No, the Dragon God Armor seeds, Eliot exclaimed in admiration.

"Whew. Come here."

As if he was a bit exhausted, after letting out a long breath, he called for Eliot.


\'As a matter of fact… Why was I brought here.\'

She wasn\'t someone special, and it wasn\'t like he called her to show her this scene either.

No, she had specifically heard Hansoo tell Mihee to bring a certain someone.

<that… bring="" anyone="" from="" the="" adventurers.="" from="" the="" people="" of="" the="" orange="" zone="" to="" the="" most="" recent="" one,="" bring="" the="" most="" normal="" individual.="">

\'Most normal… Damn it.\'

Eliot looked sulky as she brooded over Hansoo\'s words.

Of course, she knew that what he said wasn\'t wrong, but they had climbed up from the Orange Zone, so she had internally wished that he would have said that nicer.

Either way, Hansoo pointed to Eliot as he lifted the spear in his hand.

"Be prepared."


Before Eliot was able to finish asking…


Hansoo pierced the spear at the center of Eliot\'s chest.

"Ahk! What are you….!"

Before Eliot could complain about his sudden action…



An intense, radiant heat of energy began to flow inside her causing Eliot to swallow her breath.

It was burning hot in the middle of her heart.

No, to be exact, it was the space beside her heart as the mana inside her began to burn with intense energy, causing Eliot\'s whole body to be filled with strength.



The energy was so strong and violent that Eliot had to clench her teeth.


The silver fluid that laid in her chest surrounded her vessels, mana circuits, and nerves in her body, which was the source of her physical hardening procedure.

It was surrounding her chest, which was blowing hot like a furnace, to prevent the heat and energy to escape.

However, it was lacking from that.

The heat of the energy was so intense that the silver liquid from the Physical Hardening Procedure that was leaking beside her heart was running violently all over her body as if it would rip her apart from the inside.



Before Eliot could react, another presence responded.

The artificial spirit which used to house Eliot\'s body, the one that was born to only handle energy efficiently leaped out instantaneously to catch the heat from escaping.

The heat that was escaping was caught and plunged back into the mana circuits, which were eventually injected back to the chest, in which the spirit began to slowly control the energy.

However, Eliot\'s expression was not all that good.

\'It\'s lacking… Not with this!\'

The energy consumed by the Adventurer was not at a level where her body could endure.


"Now. Let\'s wrap this up."


Hansoo tore a silver sphere from a branch that laid beside the elevator and pushed it into Eliot\'s body.

The moment the silver sphere, to be exact, the liquid inside the sphere, which had been fluctuating in energy for some time, had touched Elliot\'s body.


The shell of the silver sphere broke and the liquid inside began to quickly wrap around Eliot\'s body.


The broken shells were made into the surface of the armor and wrapped the joints while the body was changing.

With her newly sprung nerves that were connected to every corner of Eliot\'s body, the mana circuits began to greedily devour the energy.



Eliot\'s body disappeared in a flash, and in place, a warrior in silver armor appeared.

The change took place the moment Hansoo pressed the spear onto her chest.


"How is it?"

At those words, Eliot began to inspect herself.

An iron-like body and a spring of mana…

The furnace was lighted with the Red Jade, which was controlled by the spirit.

The energy that was difficult for her to control was used up by the Dragon God Armor.

This change happened so suddenly, but despite that, none of the parts in her body felt burdened.

The changes that were made by the combination of these six objects were so smoothly transitioned, yet it boosted her combat power by several times, no even more.

"… This is amazing."

The process was rough, but the satisfaction that rose from the strength in her body exceeded that.

Hansoo must have expected this already.

However, contrary to her expectations, Hansoo frowned, causing Eliot to have a questionable look from his attitude.

"Is there a problem?"

Hansoo nodded.

"There is a problem. I have been collecting these while climbing up these six zones."


"It would definitely be a problem if the six cogs that you picked up on the road along the way would so smoothly match."

Hansoo muttered as he looked at the spear in his hand.