Reincarnator - Chapter 433 Final Zone 2

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With just a glance, he could feel the immense energy emanating from the spear.

Its old appearance was anything but cute in comparison to the energy that pulsed from it.

Literally, it was a spear that would allow him to control the massive energy of the Red Jade, its energy enormous enough to be used as a weapon to destroy the planet.

"I could use this and destroy that Nelkipa (moon-sized warship) over there immediately."


Sangjin picked up the spear and pointed to the Nelkipa wandering around like a satellite.

Hansoo chuckled from Sangjin\'s words.

\'That\'s not how you use it.\'

At least it remained very clear in his memory why he tried to collect all of the Relics and make a spear out of it.

From his knowledge, its purpose wasn\'t meant as a simple weapon. If that was so, then it wouldn\'t be very helpful for humans that would eventually have to ascend.

"Give it to me."

"… Are you thinking of ascending? With this?"

Hansoo nodded from Sangjin\'s words since he originally had plans to ascend with it. However, now that he saw it in person, he didn\'t know.

\'… If that spear doesn\'t have the Red Jade, it\'s truly useless.\'

If that was so, even if he carried it with him at the next zone, there would be no purpose.

"Give it to me. I\'ll show you something fun."

Sangjin looked at Hansoo curiously who was swinging around the spear in his hand before surrendering it to him.

\'Hmm. Well, it\'s well designed at least.\'

After feeling out the spear in his hand, Hansoo cleanly abandoned all hope.

If it was a reward, the Fairy had already prepared one for him.

\'Let\'s open the gift box a bit later.\'

Hansoo sent a message with the transmitter in his hand.

"Don\'t break them all and leave one ship behind. I need to use the Quantum Transmission System there."

Kiriel, who was destroying all the ships without hesitation, glanced over at Hansoo with a questionable look.

[Can\'t we just go with Cloudy Movements? We can go anywhere.]


Loud explosions could be heard through the voice comm in which Kiriel\'s voice was full of confidence. It couldn\'t be helped since Kiriel had achieved 4-Star Transcendent.

Since the number of crystals that had dropped from the Haetara was so many that it was able to allow Kiriel to eclipse Mihee or John Stone who had distributed crystals as well into a 4-Star Transcendent.

\'Well, It\'s a bit insufficient to make her a 5-Star Transcendent.\'

If she were to achieve that, she would be able to recover from almost any time of injuries, while Sangjin and Mihee still had some injuries left on their bodies on the other hand.

\'Tch. Really.\'

Seeing how their bodies were completely riddled with injuries after coming to save him, Hansoo frowned and spoke on the voice comm once more,

"It\'s a little beyond your ability to reach there by distance. You won\'t even remember."


Kiriel had a questionable look who was full of confidence that she could transport anywhere with her ability from Hansoo\'s words.


There were two satellites that were revolving around the planet, Angkara, which was a shining blue Nelkipa and a black-dyed Karakal.

Karakal was quite dull in color compared to the beauty of the Nelkipa.

Whether it was the Pompeion Empire or the three clan heads, they had shown several times more interest toward the planet of Karakal in comparison to Nelkipa. This was because they had the necessary tools to make Dragon God Soldiers, which was where Dragon God Armor originated from.

In comparison to the ships here, it was somewhat lacking, but it was still attractive enough to be used by humans to generate great power.

As a result, since the development of the Quantum Transmission System, the men of authority in Angkara had been diligent to keep a close watch and monitor Karakal.

This was why one of the satellites pointed toward Karakal.


Blue-colored lights began to gather in drops.



The blue light burst, causing several people to appear on the surface of Karakal.


Though the harsh conditions of the new planet rushed at the new intruders, the four people that had come here by quantum transmission did not care as they looked around with serene looks.

Among them, Hansoo nodded who was at the front.

"You didn\'t have to follow me."

Mihee and Sangjin shook their heads.

"No, we wanted to see this place for ourselves as well."

"Well, if that is so, let us go."

Then, Hansoo walked on his way before looking behind and shouting, "Oh, take good care of that friend."


At Hansoo\'s words, Mihee looked at Eliot who was the last person of the 2 guys and 2 girls in their party.

Unlike others who were breathing normally through the harsh conditions of the planet\'s surface, Eliot was constantly revolving her skills to raise resistance against her surroundings. It was necessary since compared to the other three, she was merely a normal adventurer.

Though she was strong relatively, it was not yet time for her to stand in this position just yet.


"Come. Follow me."

"Whew… Yes."

As Mihee expanded the oxygen pocket larger around them, it was then that Eliot was finally able to breathe comfortably before following along.

\'Why did he bring along an adventurer?\'


Mihee, who was full of suspicion, soon shook her head and followed behind Hansoo toward the faraway building on Karakal.

\'Is this where they store the Dragon God Armor?\'

Mihee, who was staring at one of the bases owned by the Neropa Union, looked on in amazement.

A large metal structure sat on the surface of the planet.

"Open it. I\'m sure you\'ve already heard everything, right?"

The moment Hansoo spoke in the transmitter…


A loud door slowly opened on both sides with a small noise.

… And he was able to hear the manager\'s voice through the voice comm.

[… Verification complete. Please come in.]

\'… I\'ve only heard about it, but there\'s really no monster like you.\'

Seeing the two men and women walking on the surface of the planet without any protective equipment, remarks of shock couldn\'t help be emitted from the person.

As Hansoo and his party entered, the manager, who had relayed the message, walked out to guide them.

"I have heard the whole story. This way."

It was a respectful attitude without a doubt.

While they had busily enclosed themselves to manage this place, it had been long ago since they had heard the news of how the balance of power in Angkara had completely reversed.

Therefore, there was nothing advantageous to show any form of antagonism against them.

\'I better behave well.\'

The manager muttered internally to himself as N-Karoniel Ron led the four people deep into the base.

After passing through seven security gates, they appeared in front of a massive door.



After the M-waves confirmed that everyone\'s identity would never be replicated, the doors began to open on both sounds with a mechanical sound.


Eliot let out a short exclamation of admiration at the sight.

The Dragon God Armor might not be much for the Transcendents, but it was almost a Relic for adventurers like Eliot.

This was why she couldn\'t help but anticipate at the sight of the storage that held the Dragon God Armor.

However, once Eliot looked inside the room, she asked with a questionable look.

"Didn\'t you say this was the storage for the Dragon God Armor?"

Among the items inside, she could not find a single armor.

Rather, she could only see oddly-shaped beads the size of a human head.

Even among those, there weren\'t that many in number, rounded to around 100.

It wasn\'t a small number, but it certainly insufficient to meet expectations.

Seeing Eliot\'s disappointed expression, N-Karoniel Ron awkwardly laughed and said,

"Those are the seeds of the Dragon God Armor."

\'… Seeds?\'

From that remark, Eliot carefully looked at the beads.

There was a metal that surrounded the beads as if they were eggshells, a silver, organic substance which was constantly trembling.

\'Certainly… doesn\'t seem that unusual.\'

"Then how do we use these?"

From Eliot\'s words, N-Karoniel Ron put on a complicated expression.

"I can\'t use it. I lack M-waves… The moment I try and use one, the armor will devour me."

In order to use that seed, one must satisfy two conditions.

First, in order to provide enough energy to the armor, one needed to receive the Flame energy and work synonymously with the armor.

Second, one needed to be a user that could control the armor\'s strength so that it wouldn\'t turn against the owner since the starved seed would be sucking the whole body to replenish its energy reserves. If not, the whole body would become scorched by the energy that would run wild.

\'What? That means those can\'t be used for anything.\'

To be honest, they could be used here.

Once one received the Flame energy, one could utilize that to control the Dragon God Armor.

However, once they ascended, the armor would become useless.

If one did not possess the synergy of either flame or the Red Jade, then it would be unable to absorb fire and instead take the energy of the body instead.

Although she had received physical reinforcement, she wasn\'t confident that she could provide all the necessary energy for the scenario that she might perish with her energy sucked out dry.

\'And… there\'s not that many.\'

As if to answer Eliot\'s complicated mind, Mihee asked N-Karoniel Ron.

"Is this all? Is mass production impossible?"

To begin with, these were more useful for adventurers and not for the Transcendents.

If the people that ascend from below were to equip these, then they would become a great force.

However, for there to only be 100 of these, not to mention that there were only a few storages of these on Angkara, this meant that even if they combined all of the Dragon God Armors, there would be less than a thousand.

\'… I wondered why there were so few Dragon God Soldiers. Was it because of the lack of Dragon God Armors?\'

However, if mass production was possible, the situation would change.

From Mihee\'s question, N-Karoniel Ron replied with a look of embarrassment.

"… It was not us that made these."


"We had mined these. No… Harvest would be the better word."

Mihee became increasingly confused from what N-Karoniel Ron said, who pointed deeper into the base.

"Come this way."

\'… Where are we going?\'

Eliot looked at the elevator with a curious expression where N-Karoniel Ron had pointed to.

"This is…"


The elevator descended with a roar.

Down, further down.

Beyond the transparent walls of the elevator, an empty interior began to enter their sight.

It was a large, empty interior, except extremely large branches that stretched out in all directions.

Eliot exclaimed as he looked at the vine-like branches that were made of metal, not wood, that spread out in all directions.

\'So this is what he meant… for it to open.\'

Eliot mumbled as he looked at the small spheres that were clinging together between the branches.