Reincarnator - Chapter 428 Transition 5

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The man fiercely looked toward Hansoo who was descending toward him. He had thought that after Hansoo had his soul twisted, he wouldn\'t attempt to join the battle once more, but he was aggressively routing him.

\'This despicable bastard.\'


In that moment, he frowned as he saw the meteor-like descent of Hansoo.


Accompanied by a large roar, the dark red sphere surrounding Hansoo\'s body collided against the bright sphere of the man.


The moment the two spheres collided, the two Relics in the hands of the man radiated energy and activated as if they were trying to eliminate the insolent object that had just intruded their space. Though weakened from fighting against the beasts prior, they were still powerful.

There were two Relics, in which one alone was more than enough to sweep over half of the entire continent.

If it wasn\'t for the strong rotating descent, the current energy was more than enough to eliminate a bug like him.

However, the insolent dark red sphere was able to maintain its momentum as it continued to pressure him into the ground.

The man frowned at this scene.

\'Pompeion… you\'re holding me down even now.\'

In Hansoo\'s hands, the Relic that was originally Pompeion\'s shone brightly.

Just like the Relics the man possessed, Hansoo\'s Relic also absorbed energy from the core to continually maintain the barrier around him.


The Haetara collapsed on the ground, releasing a huge roar.

Seeing the Haetara collapsing in vain after trying to reach for its prey seemed foolish in a way, but neither Hansoo nor the man laughed at them since they knew that the Haetara did everything they could.

Having consumed the vast energy of the Relic, they were able to grow this powerful. However, they were now very feeble to the point that they could barely stand.

Breathing alone consumed a lot of energy. If it were the Abyss, there would be nothing that could maintain their fully-grown bodies other than the Relics that were grasped in Hansoo and the man\'s hands.

This was why the Haetara had gambled everything for survival on the crossroads of survival and death. Next to the corpses of the Haetara, Hansoo and the man were doing the same thing.


As the fight got more intense and vicious, the Relics released energy increasingly. The result of this clash fell into the man\'s favor. Even though the man had been weakened by the battle against the Haetara, two Relics would pour out more energy than Hansoo who possessed one.



The man who was originally pushed slowly began to push himself out into a standstill. No, it was now pushing Hansoo back. The disparity in energy was just too great.

But, Hansoo simply looked up and mumbled, \'Now.\'



Hundreds and thousands of light beams began to stream down from the top.


The Miprosky Grade Cannons that could easily destroy entire cities continuously fired down.

"Confirm that the coordinates are assigned perfectly. Focus and compress the beams as much as possible"

"Do not attack the red sphere! We must only make sure to attack the blue one!"

"Attack it on time so that it won\'t overlap with the attacks of others and accidentally neutralize theirs! Fire one at a time, but consistently!"

In the center of the ship, R-Oconnel Ron, the captain of the ship, mumbled, "I never imagined that we would fight alongside Pompeion."

"We never thought such an event would exist to begin with."

R-Oconnell Ron looked down after hearing his vice captain\'s words.

It was a spectacular sight to see nearly a hundred ships from both the Pompeion Empire and the Neropa Union unite to shoot thousands of attacks toward one location, and even though the Technocrats worked arduously on their tasks without a single break, R-Oconnel Ron\'s gaze was locked onto one thing below them, the bright sphere that was withstanding all of these strikes.

The ships\' attacks, the coordinated actions of the clan heads that were as powerful as all of the ships manpower combined, Pompeion\'s attack which was as strong as the power of the three clan heads combined, as well as the human\'s attacks were only able to push the sphere down.

\'If that energy… was targeted at us instead…\'

For him to be able to withstand the energy that could melt a whole contient, it meant that the opponent possessed such absurd power.

He must be put to death by whatever means possible.

R-Oconnel Ron clenched his teeth and shouted, "Hurry! Raise the firepower! Put all the energy we have onto the shield and fire at it!"



Hundreds of thicker rays of light beams began to descend more violently toward the ground.


The situation began to reverse as the attacks from above fell. Though the Relics were doing their best to withstand everything and maintain the barrier, the man was quickly being pushed down along with the blue sphere.

Like a waterfall, his body was quickly being swept with the beams in descent to the ground. Though it was initially slow, the acceleration would only continue to increase the velocity. Sooner or later, he would be thrust upon the core.

If things progressed at this rate, it would be obvious what the end result would be.

The frowning man divided the two artifacts he had into each hand.


The Relics that endured the enormous attack divided into different directions. The longer Relic\'s energy headed toward the barrier covering him, while the energy of the crystal Relic began to head toward the ships that were assailing him.

At the same time.


A beam of light as bright as the ones descending from above burst upward.

No, it was trying to make it explode.

Hansoo swung his Mjolnir like a windmill in front to disperse the energy that was shooting upward. He was able to continue to push the man down despite the backlash of the beam of light with his body and armor. Even more so, he was able to force the man to descend at an even quicker rate.


"You should switch back to defending if you want to endure a bit longer."


The man shook his head at Hansoo\'s remark who had neutralized another one of his soaring attacks.

"I\'ll praise you for being able to gather all that trash in a short period of time."

The man was honest. It hadn\'t even been one hour since the whole outcome had started, but Hansoo had already gathered a force of that magnitude.

However, that was his limit.

\'Let\'s see what happens then.\'

The man began to descend at an ever-quicker pace.

\'Good. He\'s falling!\'


K-Merrow Nell smiled brightly upon seeing the blue sphere being relentlessly attacked.

He was being pushed back. It would be great if he was wedged all the day down into the core of the planet.



\'But… that man is truly a monster,\' K-Merrow Nell murmured as he witnessed the giant shockwaves ripple from below.

These ripples weren\'t sourced from their attacks, but made purely from the clash between Hansoo and the man.

Hansoo was currently blocking all of the man\'s attacks aimed toward them and the ships. If he did not do so, then it wouldn\'t be surprising to see half of their fleet be destroyed.

K-Merrow Nell frowned.

\'… What do we do once this is over?\'

With victory within their grasp, he began to worry about the next step.

Sangjin, Mihee, and Samuel—those three he was able to tolerate since they would be able to deal with them with their own strength if needed. As long as they prepared that the capital would be destroyed along the process, it was possible to struggle against them with their combined forces.

However, Hansoo was different. He wasn\'t confident that he would be able to deal with him since Hansoo would become an enemy even more powerful than Pompeion if he returned alive.

\'… They had said that he would just go up quietly afterward, but will he truly?\'

He could not confirm.

K-Merrow Nell really hated that fact.

He needed to be the one who was able to wield and give away power. That was his reward for standing at the apex of power. However, he was currently wary of someone as he acted…

Greed began to form within K-Merrow Nell. It would be great if both of those guys below would just die altogether.

He didn\'t need any of the artifacts as long as both of them were buried there.

No, it would be great if they both died while fighting against one another.

\'… Not bad.\'

Reaching a satisfactory result, K-Merrow Nell began to act instead of leaving it as an afterthought.


The moment greed materialized within K-Merrow Nell, his attacks weakened little by little.


\'Look at this\'

The three rays of light began to fade.

It was without question who the owner of these three beams were.

The man looked up and laughed

The moment he began to conserve his strength, they thought that victory was within their grasp and began to reduce their strength consequently.

They desired that both him and Hansoo will die.

The man chuckled at Hansoo seeing this.

"What exactly were you trying to do with those kinds of guys?"

Now, it was his victory. All he needed to do was to use the energy he conserved to kill Hansoo and wipe everyone else afterward. Even if Hansoo were to remark then, the clan heads wouldn\'t bother listening since they were long ago manipulated by their own greed.

Hansoo chuckled from the man\'s words.

"If you had anticipated it, why wouldn\'t I have?"


"And… how do you think we\'d win if I were to only use the people that I rely and trust on?"

It would\'ve been amazing if the competent ones were trustworthy to begin with, but in accordance to his standards, not even 1 percent of the people he had ever met or remembered currently would fill that criteria.

Only a few were competent, and even fewer were trustworthy out of those.

As a result, he had learned how to make use of the useless and untrustworthy ones.

\'Pompeion… he truly is unique.\'

<… so="" just="" focus="" on="" the="" fight="" below.="">

Hansoo thought of the discussion he had made with Pompeion as he smashed the man down with Mjolnir once more.

\'You guys… never learn.\'

Pompeion\'s eyes flashed as he saw what the three clan heads were doing.