Reincarnator - Chapter 427 Transition 4

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"Why did you call me here for?"

Hansoo, who watched the steel tower that maintained the barrier collapsed, spoke nonchalantly.

"There\'s a guy causing some problems here, so I need your help to get rid of him. Hurry over with the Relic."

At Hansoo\'s words, Pompeion frowned.

\'What is he planning?\'

Pompeion couldn\'t quite grasp the current situation. What was the reason for the guy to call for him? But, Hansoo shook his head.

<there is="" no="" time="" to="" waste.="" the="" situation="" is="" getting="" worse.="">


Before he finished his words.


Beyond, the storm of energy colliding against the continent increased in intensity, as if it was letting the people across the continent know of its existence.


"Ha. Ha."

The other residents supporting the Emperor gasped and groaned because of the energy storm. The sky darkened as the air trembled as if the world was reaching Armageddon.

The flow of energy was so strong that the earth twisted and trembled while strange noises rang out from various places. This caused the people to be overcome with anxiety over the calamity that was to come.


Pompeion, after witnessing the trembling ground below, realized that this was not the time for him to take calculative measures in his actions. The entire world was being driven to destruction with every passing second, due to the monster that he had raised and let go of in the past.

At this rate, the planet was slowly walking toward annihilation.

\'Yes, I... I need to finish this.\'

He must finish everything he has done for the sake of those who have followed him loyally until this point. Pompeion grasped the Relic tightly and spoke to the Technocrats behind him, "Prepare the quantum transmission. The destination is… The capital of the Neropa Union, Neoreim."

The source of the energy storm was resonating from that location, a place where he needed to go.

The Technocrats clenched their teeth and spoke, "Emperor. That place is in enemy territory. Why are you trying to go to the most dangerous location on this planet?"

"We still need you, Emperor."

"It is not the Emperor\'s fault, so why are you trying to shoulder the burden all by yourself?"

Pompeion chuckled at the words from the Technocrats and his subjects.

\'You guys wouldn\'t know.\'

They might say that it wasn\'t his fault, but that was because they were unaware of the things that had happened between him and the man he had awakened, the contract that they had formed.

That was precisely why he had become the Emperor and why his empire had become so powerful.

From the start, the contract was a mistake.

It allowed him to have everything, but in the end, it was also the contract that would make him lose everything as well.

\'Ah… My friend is over there, too, so I need to head over.\'

Pompeion thought of Sangjin as he said, "I won\'t take any questions. Hurry and prepare."

The Technocrats clenched their teeth at Pompeion\'s determined expression and initiated the quantum transmission.


"I really don\'t know how… things have come to be in this world for us to join forces like."

K-Merrow Nell looked at the people around him as he mumbled.

The other two clan heads being here made sense since they were part of the alliance. Even Mihee and Samuel could be counted on since they had once been allies in the past. Even Sangjin, who was sitting in silence at the back, would do as well.

Though he was under Pompeion who caused a lot of problems for them, they still had plans to recruit him if the opportunity appeared. But, he never imagined that Pompeion, who they had fought against for so long, as well as Hansoo who made the earth beneath them tremble, would gather here together and converse about an alliance.

Hansoo grinned and said, "There is no eternal ally or enemy. Let us first deal with the urgent matter first."

Then, Hansoo looked down.


The Haetara was going berserk as they continued to bite down on the spheres that separated the beasts and the man inside.

If it weren\'t for the Haetara\'s attacks which caused him to focus on maintaining the defensive barrier around himself, the man would have long attempted to kill them. His eyes were full of hatred, biding his time to shred them apart.

\'What an amusing guy. Did he expect that we would wait for our deaths?\'

Hansoo chuckled.

He was the one that first announced he would first wipe out all organisms on the continent and make a home, and for him to glare at them with such hatred now… Well, whatever came next, since the man had been the one to declare war on the planet, they didn\'t have to hold back themselves.

They needed to use every resource to destroy him.

Hansoo scoured around and said, "Let\'s deal with the matter below us first, and then you can return to your quarrelling. Otherwise, we\'re all going to die at this rate."


The Haetara seemed to be getting weaker as well. Once the Haetara was dealt with, the man would resume his original plan. So, they needed to wrap things up beforehand so the other clan leaders nodded.

"Good. I agree about dealing with him, but… what do you suggest we do?"

The man, who now had two Relics, was releasing an insane amount of energy, which was one of the key reasons that allowed this alliance to be formed, or else all of them would be annihilated.

K-Merrow Nell was deep in agony but thought still.

Rather than taking the risk of destroying him, it might be better to take a ship and sail into space.

This was due to how terrifying the amount of energy was being emanated from the man below him.

Nobody wants to get near a bomb even if they know that it is necessary to defuse it since anyone could get killed in the process.

The only reason that this alliance was intact was due to the fear of losing everything. Otherwise, they would\'ve run away long ago from the immense sense of danger and fear that arose within them.

But what could they actually do?

The main problem was the infinite regeneration of energy. It wasn\'t that the Relics themselves were powerful, but that they could use the energy however they wanted.

If the total amount of energy had just been a large supply, then they could\'ve attacked and deplete the energy eventually, but those Relics had the entire planet as the source of energy.

This was a major threat since it used the energy of the Red Sun, located in Angkara, at its disposal.

"It\'s super simple," said Hansoo at that moment.


"Just shove it into the ground."


"Yeah, all the way down to the Red Jade."

Everyone\'s gazes turned to the giant red sun deep below through the hole that had been made by the giant beast\'s attack, the core of Angkara. The giant sun was the source of energy for the powerful defensive barrier surrounding the man.


"If it\'s this… then we can definitely…"

Everyone nodded from Hansoo\'s suggestion.

Surely, it was difficult to break it down, but it was worth a shot.

And if they were to push it down that far, even the blue spheres that emitted all this enormous energy would melt down completely since the disparity in energy was eminent in the first place.

Of course, a problem still remained.

"Okay. Let\'s say we proceed with the clan. Then will we all work together and push it down?"

The people\'s expressions turned for the worse. Though they had all gathered here on this day for the same goal, they had all been enemies before. Anything could happen to them were they to focus their attention on the current task. Even if they didn\'t betray each other, would that man stand still when being shoved into the ground?

The man would retaliate, and they would get injured in the process.

Hansoo smirked as he remarked, "I\'ll push it down, so I just need you all to attack from afar."

The clan heads wore strange expressions.

\'… What the hell is this bastard scheming?\'

There is a maxim.

<don\'t deal="" with="" a="" man="" that="" has="" nothing="" to="" lose?="">

And in their perspectives, Hansoo really had nothing to lose.

If he were to withdraw and run away, that would be it.

He was different from those who were born here and would be buried here. Hansoo had nothing that tied him down to this place.

Nevertheless, he was going to embrace the most dangerous role?

If they really went according to that plan, then they could focus on attacking without tackling any of the dangers, but Hansoo would have to withstand all of their attacks as well. After all, once he started to push the man in the orb down, he wouldn\'t be able to dodge anything, either.

Chuckling, Hansoo said, "Stop overthinking. Are you going to do this or not? If not, tell me and I\'ll just leave."

The clan heads\' expressions turned sour. They were unaware of what Hansoo was planning, but they had nothing to lose from his plan as well.

No. If Hansoo left, then things would take a turn for the worse.


The three clan heads glanced at each other and nodded.