Reincarnator - Chapter 425 Transition 6

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Reincarnator - Chapter 426: Transition (6)


K-Merrow Nell smiled coldly as he looked at the bright sphere descending beneath him.

\'Die, both of you.\'

However they died, it would be fine. The most important thing was for those two variables to disappear. If that happened, he wouldn\'t even need the Relic since they could just use their remaining forces to deal with Pompeion and Pompeion\'s remaining ships.

\'I want to deal with the other clan heads as well, but… Oh, well.\'

K-Merrow Nel smacked his lips. It was bad to swallow too much in one mouthful. First, he needed to deal with the two most dangerous beings below. And if he could deal with Pompeion as well, that would be better.

If the other clan heads died in the process, that would be the best outcome.

As K-Merrow Nel and the other clan heads slowly controlled their strength…

[It seems the power is decreasing. Are you guys planning something?]

… Pompeion\'s cold voice rang out.

However, the clan heads didn\'t even flinch.

[I don\'t know what you are talking about, but stop annoying me. It\'s already hard enough!] Ukatan Pael shouted out in rage.

Another voice was heard in the call, [I don\'t know about you, but we\'ve been fighting that dumb beast for the past few days and have used a lot of power! Though, you might\'ve not know anything since you were just playing around in the dark.]

Adelaia Ron\'s sharp voice shot toward Pompeion.

It was a good excuse.

\'Good. Good.\'

K-Merrow Nell spoke into the voice comm as he listened to the other two clan heads, "Don\'t get so agitated! You too, Pompeion. We aren\'t as strong as you… And we are already doing our best!"

K-Merrow Nell was pretending to have used all of his strength and was replying with a fatigued voice. Of course, he was still lowering the overall output.

\'And what if you do find out?!\'

Pompeion couldn\'t do anything even if he knew since he needed the clan heads\' strength to push the man down.

However, Pompeion\'s actions were even more shocking than theirs.

[Is that right? Oh, well. I understand.] Pompeion said into the voice comm…


… And stopped attacking.

[Wh-What are you doing, you crazy bastard?!]

[Have you lost your mind?!]

Pompeion scoffed at the shocked voices of the clan heads and continued to send out orders, [All ships stop your attacks. From this point on, save your energy in case the Neropa Union attacks.]

Though the sudden order was strange, every single ship under Pompeion\'s leadership stopped attacking.



Half of the attacks that had been rushing into the hole had stopped.

"You crazy bastard! Are yo…"

Pompeion\'s actions were more than enough to snap K-Merrow Nell, but even before K-Merrow Nell could finish his words…


… A vicious aura rose up from below like an ascending dragon.


As K-Merrow Nell dodged backwards…


… A giant beam of light flew past K-Merrow Nell\'s personal barrier and shredded it apart.

Though K-Merrow Nell was able to dodge it just barely, the ships above him weren\'t.



Though there were basic level shields defending the ships, they were all useless. The beam had had more than enough power to shred K-Merrow Nell\'s shield just by zooming by it.


Three ships above K-Merrow Nell couldn\'t do anything under the attack and blew up simultaneously.

[Bastard! He\'s attacking us now because you stopped attacking!]

[Order them to attack again!]

The clan heads were at a loss.

One of the ships that had blown up was Pompeion\'s, so to them, Pompeion had basically gone insane.



The clan heads raged at the beam that had attacked them as they poured every last bit of the strength they had left into their attack. They did it because they really felt like they would die if they didn\'t. Logically, they wouldn\'t have done that.

However, shocked by Pompeion\'s sudden ceasefire and because of the destruction from the beam attack, they had all lost it.


At that rate, one of two things would happen: either they and Pompeion would die by the hands of the man below, or Pompeion would kill them since they were using all of their energy.

The plan they had been preparing before was being used against them.

\'Bastard! Let\'s see who wins!\'

If the end result was his death anyway, he had nothing to fear.

K-Merrow Nell recovered his sanity and tried to stop attacking, but Pompeion had beat him to it again.

[Start firing again! All ships except the eleventh and the thirteenth ships, use all your energy!]


As Pompeion sent out his orders, the attacks from above resumed, and at the same time, a tremendous amount of energy exploded from Pompeion\'s body and headed below.


The attacks from below ceased once the situation was returned to its original state, and K-Merrow Nell realized that he wouldn\'t be able to stop his attacks anymore.

\'That bastard! They\'re exactly the same as us.\'

Pompeion\'s ships and attacks were copying their own exactly.

[Don\'t try anything foolish.]

Pompeion\'s actions and words had been more than enough to warn the clan heads, but not everyone acted logically once they were filled with fear and anger.

[Crazy bastard! Do you think you\'re the only one who can do that?] Ukatan Pael\'s rage filled voice rang throughout the voice comm.

The most important thing wasn\'t the best result for everyone.

It was control.

In a balanced situation like that, anyone with a slight upper hand could kill the other party in an instant, and to gain that, Ukatan Pael could do the crazy thing Pompeion had just done whenever he wanted because he might get killed by Pompeion at any moment if he lost the upper hand.

And if he was the one who was going to die anyway, it would be better if everyone died.

Ukatan Pael stopped attacking completely and started to prepare an attack on Pompeion. He couldn\'t stand the fact that Pompeion\'s actions had decided their fates.

\'Th-That dumbass!\'

K-Merrow Nell freaked out. He was also angry, but at that rate, they would all die. If they fought each other in that situation, their attacks would end, and that would soon lead to them being killed by the alien\'s attack.

"Ukatan Pael! Wake up…"

But K-Merrow Nell was beaten to the punch once again.

[Let me offer you something you cannot deny.]


Ukatan Pael stopped Pompeion\'s sudden words.



\'It\'s a failure\'

The man looked at the ever powerful attacks descending from above and closed his eyes. He had expected them to kill each other in internal strife, but it seemed like they had united in some way.

The attacks had gotten even stronger as he, who had been half focused in his defenses, was being shoved down toward the Red Jade.

\'Hah...To have our final ray of hope destroyed by our own technology.\'

But, the man decided to accept this fate. He had tried his best after all. He had woken up alone and fought two races all by himself.

Wasn\'t that good enough?

\'I was tired… This is good.\'

Honestly, the man shouldn\'t be making such a relieved expression. No, he would\'ve been filled with despair up until a few days prior since his failure meant the end of his race. But, it was OK now.

Even if he failed, it wouldn\'t end completely. The seeds he had thrown still remained on the ground, and even if those seeds failed to sprout, their savior was still left.

\'I don\'t know where you are or what you\'re doing, but please take care of our race from now on.\'

The man thought of the human bodies and closed his eyes.



The powerful barrier was cracking apart slowly because of the attacks from above and the head of the Red Jade. Holding on for that long had been a feat on its own.

And, above his head…

Boom! Boom! Boom!

… Hansoo\'s attacks continuously smashed against the barrier as if Hansoo were trying to reduce the man into nothingness.

At that moment...


… The man\'s closed eyes opened up. He had thought of something he had to do.

\'Let me help you.\'

The man looked at Hansoo with anger. That boy had pushed him this far, so shouldn\'t he let Hansoo die a hero at least?

As the man thought up to this point…


… He focused onto the Relics in his hands, and the barrier surrounding him disappeared.


All the energy of the Relics were converted into an attack, and it swept away the dark red sphere around Hansoo.

Though the attacks from above and the heat from below seeped into his body and melted him away, he kept smiling. He had seen his own attack successfully destroy the red sphere.

Hansoo would soon melt like him.

But then…


… With his one remaining eye, the man could see something, something that appeared behind Hansoo\'s body out of thin air.


With that as his last thought…


… The man\'s body melted away.