Reincarnator - Chapter 424 Transition 5

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Reincarnator - Chapter 425: Transition (5)

The man looked at Hansoo diving toward him and frowned. He had thought that Hansoo, after having his soul twisted, wouldn\'t join in on the battle.

But, for Hansoo to go out of his way to push him this far…

\'Damned bastard.\'


As the man scowled at Hansoo\'s meter-like descent…


… the dark red sphere around Hansoo and the bright sphere of the man collided in a huge explosion.

The moment the two spheres collided, the two relics in the man\'s hands went berserk in order to repel the thing that had intruded in their space. Though they had weakened a bit from fighting the beast, they were still powerful.

The man now had two Relics, and one was enough to cover half of the entire continent.

Though the ground beneath him had shattered, the explosion was enough to burn everything around them to a crisp. However, the dark red sphere maintained its structure as it pushed him into the ground.

The man frowned at this scene.

\'Pompeion… Even you are here, huh?!"

The Relic that was with Pompeion shone in Hansoo\'s hand.

Like the Relics the man had, Hansoo\'s Relic also pulled energy from the core and supplied it the barrier around him.


The Haetara watched the scene of the three Relics colliding and cried out. However, it realized the harsh reality and collapsed. It had used too much energy in its attempt to obtain delicious food, so it didn\'t have any strength left.


The Haetara\'s body smashed against the ground loudly.

Though the Haetara\'s appearance was quite amusing, nobody laughed at it. They knew that the Haetara had done its best, and though the Haetara had become strong by devouring a vast amount of energy from the Relic in the past, it was now very feeble, to the point that it could barely hold on to its body.

Even just breathing used energy. Maybe if it had been in the Abyss, but there was nothing there that could maintain its fully-grown body other than the Relics in the man\'s and Hansoo\'s hands.

So, the Haetara had gambled everything for survival, and next to its corpse, Hansoo and the man were doing the same thing.


As their collisions got rougher and more vicious, the Relics released more and more energy. The result of the collision fell in the man\'s favor. Even if the man had been weakened by the battle against the Haetara, the two relics were still releasing more energy than the one in Hansoo\'s hand.



The man\'s body slowly came to a standstill in midair. No, it was now even pushing Hansoo back. The difference in energy was just too great.

But, Hansoo simply looked up and mumbled, \'Now.\'



… Thousands of beams of light started to descend from above.



The Miprosky Grade Cannons that could easily wipe out entire cities continuously fired down.

"Make sure the coordinates are perfect! Focus the beams as much as you can!

"Do not touch the red sphere! Focus on the bright one!

"Do not fire together since the attacks may hit each other and neutralize themselves! Fire one at a time but continuously!"

R-Oconnel Ron, the captain of the ship, stood in the center of the ship and mumbled, "... I never thought we would fight alongside Pompeion."

"We never expected such a thing to exist in the first place."

Oconnel Ron looked down as he heard his vice captain\'s words.

Though the scene of the nearly-hundred ships from both the Pompeion Empire and the Neropa Union coming together to shoot thousands of attacks toward one location was indeed amazing, and though even the technocrats were stealing glances as they worked, R-Oconnel Ron\'s gaze was locked onto one thing below them, the bright sphere that was withstanding those thousands of strikes.

The ships\' attacks, the attacks of the clan heads that were as powerful as all of the attacks of the ships combined, as well as the Pompeion\'s attack, which was as strong as the three clan heads combined, even the humans\' attacks, despite all that, the sphere was only being pushed down.

\'If that energy had been targeted at us…\'

If that man could withstand the energy that could melt the entire continent, his strength was stronger than that. For that reason, they had to kill him no matter what.

R-Oconnel Ron clenched his teeth and shouted, "Hurry! Raise the firepower! Focus all the energy we have, including the one for the shields, and fire at it!"

And soon…


… even thicker beams started to head to ground.



As the attacks from above fell, the situation turned. Though the Relics were doing their best to withstand everything and were maintaining their barrier, the man was quickly being pushed down.

Just like a waterfall, his body was quickly descending into the ground. Though it was starting slow, the acceleration would only continue to increase his speed. Sooner or later, he would smash against the core.

The man frowned as he held the Relics in his hands.



… the tremendous amount of energy started to split.

The long Relic\'s energy headed toward the barrier covering him, and the crystal Relic\'s energy headed for the ships that were attacking him.



A beam of light that was as bright as the ones descending from above started to shoot upward, but only started. If Hansoo hadn\'t been there, it would\'ve been able to ascend.


Hansoo\'s Mjolnir smashed against the beam of light and dispersed it, withstanding the backlash with his body and armor while he continued to push the man down. And the powers of the Relics has been split, the man started to descend at an even quicker rate.


"I suggest you switch back to defending if you wish to live as long as possible," Hansoo declared after destroying another attack, but the man merely shook his head.

"I salute you for being able to gather those scrubs in such a short amount of time."

The man was serious. It hadn\'t even been an hour since the whole thing had started, but Hansoo had gathered an impressive force very quickly.

However, that was his limit.

\'Let\'s see what happens then.\'

A jar that was made with many pieces was bound to leak, even more so if there were issues. The man smirked as he silently gathered the strength of the Relic.


Suddenly, the man\'s body started to fall at an even faster speed.


\'Good! He\'s falling!\'


K-Merrow Nell, who had been attacking the bright sphere continuously, smiled. The man was being pushed. Sooner or later, he would smash against the core.

\'But man, that guy really is a monster,\' K-Merrow Nell thought to himself as he heard the giant explosions of the shockwaves that rang out from below.



Those hadn\'t been made by their attacks. They had been made purely by the collisions between the man and Hansoo.

Hansoo was blocking all of the man\'s attacks aimed toward them and the ships. If Hansoo weren\'t doing that, then at least half of the ships would\'ve been destroyed.

Hansoo was defending them with this armor and his hammer. He destroyed the attacks that rose with his hammer and withstood the backlash with his amor.

K-Merrow Nell frowned.

\'... What are we going to do afterward?\'

As victory came within their grasp, he started to worry about the next step. He was fine with Sangjin, Mihee and Samuel since they could deal with them with their own strength. As long as they used all of the strength they had, they could deal with them.

However, Hansoo was different. He wasn\'t confident that he would be able to deal with him. Hansoo would become an enemy even more powerful than Pompeion.

\'... He said he would just go up afterward, but will he?\'

K-Merrow Nell wasn\'t sure and K-Merrow Nell really hated that.

He needed to be the one in power. That was what he deserved as he stood at the apex of power. But, for him to be wary of a someone as he acted…

Greed started to form within K-Merrow Nell\'s mind. He didn\'t need the Relics. He just wanted both of those men dead.

\'... Not bad.\'

K-Merrow Nell smiled. He didn\'t just think of it. He acted.


K-Merrow Nell\'s attacks became weaker and weaker.




Three beams of light had started to weaken, and it was clear to whom they belonged.

The man looked upward. Once he started to hide his strength, the other party seemed to have thought that they would win and weakened their attacks.

They wanted both him and Hansoo to die, so the man laughed at Hansoo.

"Really? Is this what you had in mind?"

He would win now. He just needed to use the energy he had gathered slowly to kill Hansoo and wipe everyone above off. Even if Hansoo said something then, the clan heads wouldn\'t listen. They had long been controlled by their greed for power.

Hansoo chuckled.

"If you expected it, why wouldn\'t I have?"


"And if you only use the ones you can trust, how could you ever win?"

It would\'ve been amazing if the competent ones had been trustworthy, but according to his standards, not even 1 percent of the people he had ever met, or at least remembered right now, filled that criterion.

There were too few competent ones and even fewer trustworthy ones out of those.

So, since most of the people in his past life had been like that, he had learned how to make the useless ones useful and the untrustworthy ones usable.

\'Pompeion… He is the special one.\'


"You should focus on me."

Hansoo thought of the discussion he had had with Pompeion as he smashed the man down with his hammer again.


\'You filthy scum never learn.\'

Pompeion\'s eyes shone after he saw what the three clan heads were up to.