Reincarnator - Chapter 423 Transition 4

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An Reincarnator - Chapter 424: Transition (4)

"Why did you call for me?" Pompeion asked

Hansoo replied,

Pompeion frowned.

\'Is he planning something?\'

Pompeion couldn\'t quite grasp the current situation. Why was that guy calling him? But, Hansoo shook his head.


At that moment…


… The energy storm that was rushing out from the distance strengthened further. It was as if it was trying to tell the entire world of its existence.


"Haa. Haa…"

The people nearby who were assisting the Emperor all started to groan and gasp because of the energy storm. As if the world were ending, the sky darkened, and the air itself trembled. The flow of energy was so powerful that even the earth twisted while strange noises rang out from various places.

This only worsened the feeling of calamity inside people\'s hearts.


Pompeion looked at the ground trembling and realized that he needed to stop calculating things. The entire planet was taking a step closer toward annihilation with every second, led by the monster he had raised and let go in the past.

\'Yeah. I… I need to finish it.\'

He needed to conclude the issue he had started, at least for the ones that had been following him loyally up until that point. Pompeion graped the Relic tightly and said to the Technorats behind him, "Prepare the quantum transmission. The target location is… The capital of the Neropa Union, Neoreim."

The location the energy storm was brewing from was the place he had to go to.

The Technorats clenched their teeth and said, "Emperor. That place is enemy territory. Why are you trying to walk into the most dangerous location on this planet?"

"We still need you, my Emperor."

"This is not the fault of the Emperor. Why are you trying to shoulder the burden?"

Pompeion chuckled at the words from the Technorats.

\'You guys wouldn\'t know.\'

They all said it was not his duty, but that was only because those guys didn\'t know about the things that had happened between him and the man he had awoken, the contract they had made.

Thanks to that, he had been able to become Emperor and make his vast empire powerful. However, the contract had been faulty from the beginning. It had allowed him to gain everything, but in the end, also lose everything.

\'And… My friend is over there too. I need to head on over.\'

Pompeion thought of Sangjin as he said, "I won\'t listen to your questions. Prepare it!"

The Technorats clenched their teeth at Pompeion\'s resolute expression and started the quantum transmission.



"I really don\'t know what the hell is going on with the world—sigh—for us to join forces like this."

K-Merrow Nell looked at the people around him as he mumbled.

Having the other two clan heads there made sense. They were in an alliance. Even Mihee and Samuel, who had betrayed them, could be counted on since they had been allies once in the past. Even Sangjin, who was sitting down in silence.

Though he was under Pompeion and had quite a lot of problems for them, they still had plans to recruit him if the chance arose. But the other two, he would\'ve never thought Pompeion, whom they\'d been fighting for so long, as well as Hansoo, who\'d been shaking the earth beneath them, would gather in one place to talk about an alliance.

Hansoo chuckled and said, "There\'s no eternal ally or enemy. We need to deal with that fire first."

Hansoo looked down.


The Haetara was going berserk, and the man was watching them from the sphere he had made to protect himself from the Haetara.

If the Haetara\'s attacks had stopped and he hadn\'t had to maintain the defensive barrier around himself, then the man would\'ve long tried to destroy them. His eyes were filled with fury. They were eyes that wanted to shred them apart.

\'How amusing. Are we supposed to just die from that?\'

Hansoo scoffed.

For him to look at them with such hatred when he was the one who was trying to destroy the entire planet in the first place… Well, whatever happened, the man had been the one to declare war on the planet, so they didn\'t have anything holding them back anymore.

They needed to use everything they had to destroy him.

Hansoo looked around and said, "Let\'s deal with that thing under us first, and then you can get to your quarrelling. Otherwise, we\'re all going to die at this rate."


The Haetara seemed to be slowly getting weaker as well. Once the Haetara was dealt with, the man would continue his original plan. They needed to finish things before that, so the other clan heads nodded.

"Good. I agree about dealing with him but… What do you want to do?"

The man, who now had two relics, was releasing a disgusting amount of energy. That had been one of the reasons that had made their alliance easier to achieve. His aura alone made them feel like they would die.

K-Merrow Nell was thinking about, instead of trying to kill that man and risking his life, just running away into space on a ship.

The energy that was being released from the man was that terrifying. Nobody wanted to get near a bomb, even if they all knew that they needed to defuse it, since anybody might get killed in the process.

The only reason they were still there was due to their fear of losing everything. Otherwise, they would\'ve run away long ago from the immense sense of danger and fear that roared within them.

But, what could they do?

The energy was close to infinite. It wasn\'t that the Relics themselves were powerful. They were powerful because they could use the energy of the planet however they wanted.

If the total amount of energy had just been large, they could\'ve attacked it continuously and depleted it eventually, but those things had the entire planet behind their back as the source of their energy.

The power emanating was only that strong because the Relics had reached a limit on how much energy they could use at once, and he was sure that the speed at which the Relics regenerated their barriers was much faster than anything that tried to destroy them, like how they were continuously recovering their energy despite the Haetara\'s attacks.

At that moment, Hansoo spoke up, "It\'s super simple."


"Just shove that thing into the ground."


"Yeah, all the way down to the Red Jade."

Everyone\'s gazes turned to the giant red sun deep below, through the hole that had pierced the continent, created from the giant beast\'s attack, the core of Angkara. The giant sun was the source of the bright and powerful barrier surrounding the man.


"That… We can do that…"

Everyone nodded.

It was hard to destroy the barrier, but pushing everything down to that location wasn\'t hard, and if they could do that, even that bright blue sphere would melt away under the heat of the core.

The amount of energy between them was incomparable. Of course, there was still an issue.

"Alright, let\'s say that\'s the plan. Are we all going to combine our forces to push it down?"

The people\'s expressions turned strange. Though they had gathered that day for a similar purpose, they had all been enemies once. Anything could happen once they started attacking it. Even if they didn\'t betray each other, would that man stand still when being shoved into the ground?

He would retaliate, and they would get injured in the process.

Hansoo smirked as he said, "I\'ll push it down, so I just need you all to attack from afar."

They didn\'t all need to latch onto the man. As long as the others could weaken the man\'s energy, Hansoo could push him down himself.

The clan heads made strange expressions.

\'... What is this bastard planning?\'

There was a saying:

And in their eyes, Hansoo really had nothing to lose. After all, he could just leave whenever he wanted if things went south. He was different from them, who had been born here and would be buried there. Hansoo had nothing tying him down to that place.

Yet, he was going to take the most dangerous role?

If they really went according to that plan, then they could focus on attacking without taking on any of the dangers, but Hansoo would have to withstand all of their attacks as well. Once he started to push the man down, he wouldn\'t be able to dodge anything either.

Chuckling, Hansoo said, "Stop thinking about random things. Are you going to do it or not? If not, tell me, and I\'ll just leave."

The clan head\'s expressions turned sour. They didn\'t know what Hansoo was planning, but there was nothing to lose with that plan.

No. If Hansoo left, then things would take a turn for the worse.


The three clan heads looked at each other and nodded.




As the Haetara got more and more tired, Mihee approached Hansoo and said, "Hansoo…"

She seemed like she wanted to say something, but Hansoo drew a line.

"Let\'s speak after the whole thing. I don\'t remember anything about you." Hansoo looked at the silent Mihee and added, "I don\'t have you in my memory. This means you and I are basically strangers. Even if you are endangered, I don\'t plan to risk my life for you."


Seeing her still silent, he concluded, "So, do the same for me."


He hated being indebted, especially in that damned world. His memories were a bit altered, but he thought that feeling was the same.

\'Time to start.\'


Hansoo threw Mjolnir toward the bright sphere below, and behind him, the clan heads and Pompeion started to launch their attacks, their attempts to push the bright ball into the center of the planet.


Neoreim, the capital that had barely held on under various attacks in the past, finally started to melt down as a whole.