Reincarnator - Chapter 419 Experiment 2

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An Reincarnator - Chapter 420: Experiment (2)


\'So, this is the one…\' K-Merrow Nell thought to himself.

Mihee and Samuel had always talked about this:

<, it="" won\'t="" be="" that="" easy.="" they="" have="" a="" formidable="" foe="" on="" the="" other="" side.="">

K-Merrow Nell remembered the name: Sangjin.

Everytime he heard about the \'Sangjin\' fellow, he made fun of Mihee and Samuel for being cowards, but he realized why the duo feared that man so much.


"Ahhhhh!" K-Merrow Nell shouted out loudly as he exploded in flames at the violet soldiers rushing toward him from all around, corpses that rose from the dead, an endless amount of them too.


K-Merrow Nell\'s flames rushed past the soldiers, but shortly after that…


… as Sangjin spread mana about again, the bodies of the soldiers that had been killed were reconstructed as they rose up again.

The ones that had burnt up in flames rose back up with the same weapons and armor as they charged at him again. K-Merrow Nell fell into despair as he looked at the expressionless soldiers charging at him.

\'This will never end at this rate… No wonder Pompeion only sent him in.\'

If he was like a torch, lighting up his surroundings, then this army was comparable to giant violet waves that were trying to supress him. One of two things would happen: Either he would die from exhaustion, or Sangjin would run out of mana.

\'...I should\'ve just taken one of the two kids instead.\'

He didn\'t know what was a higher priority between Sangjin and the two duo attacking the barrier, but the fact that he was merely used to buy time didn\'t feel great. He didn\'t like how he had to risk his own life against this monster, but he was going to rise above that.

He wasn\'t someone who should be fighting some monster in some random place, even more so since that monster was powerful.


K-Merrow Nell grinded his teeth.

The exchanged felt neverending.

Adelaia needed to find a solution as quickly as possible. Ukatan wouldn\'t be able to since his intelligence and patience were both lacking.



K-Merrow Nell burned the surrounding soldiers again and stared at the man standing behind the endless wave.

"Let\'s do this… Why don\'t you join us? I\'ll let you and your subordinates live," K-Merrow Nell proposed to Sangjin.

There was no reason for him to stick with Pompeion anyway. The result after the war was much more important.

And if Pompeion won, there would be no reason for Pompeion to keep those humans alive. No, he would need to kill them. The humans would continue to grow stronger if they were left alive, and they weren\'t going to stay anyway.

To let such a dangerous group of organisms alive in one\'s own territory, that was not something someone with power would do, and if they did, that person wouldn\'t fit to have that power. People like him needed to pull out everything and anything that could possibly become a threat to him by the roots the moment they were detected.

The Neropa Union acted similarly but slightly different. Even if they did beat the Pompeion Empire, the war wouldn\'t over. The three clans would then have to battle each other, and that was as important as fighting the Pompeion Empire.

Since everyone would use every last bit of their strength in the final battle, and because they had gotten to know each other too well whilst fighting together, to them, the humans were important.

They would become great assets in the upcoming war. The other clan heads were thinking the same thing. The new humans coming up would have to choose with whom they would side as well.

That was why Samuel and Mihee had agreed to become their allies. Because they knew their future was brighter with them than with Pompeion. Though the war would become longer and more vicious, they would earn the right to live in Angkara.

And Merrow had come for a specific reason...

\'This guy is the most dangerous of the three…\' K-Merrow Nell thought to himself.

Being the most dangerous meant that Sangjin would be the most useful once K-Merrow Nell managed to recruit him. That was why he had decided to come here despite the dangers, to gain the man as his blade.

"It\'s over for Pompeion anyway. The balance has been tilted, and the plan cannot be stopped. You need to find a way to live too, right? Come with me, and I\'ll give you the best treatment possible."

Sangjin responded with a scoff.

"Is this how you recruit people? While you fight them?"

"Wha…? Damn!"


K-Merrow Nell shouted again as he burned the soldiers charging at him.

Sangjin told him, "Recruiting allies is good, but you should first find out about the person you\'re trying to recruit, no?"

Sangjin looked toward the Capital in the distance.


"Damn! You\'re going to the Capital? You aren\'t going to help the other two?" John Stone shouted in frustration as he looked at Hansoo rushing toward the Capital.

If that man went to the Capital, then the other two would sooner or later lose the fight.

Hansoo shook his head.

"No. I don\'t know who they are, but they\'re doing a good job. So, I need to act now."

John Stone\'s expression froze.

\'Bastard… This guy is just selfish.\'

He knew a bit about the situation as well. Hansoo had lost his memory and changed into a different person. Though his actions showed that he hadn\'t lost his memories completely, John knew that Hansoo\'s personality had gotten a bit twisted.

John Stone spat on the ground and then said to Kiriel, "Damn! Kiriel, move me to Samuel, please."

"...What can you do there?"

It would be like a shrimp getting in a fight between whales.

John Stone shouted out in rage, "F***! Then, what?! That bastard is trying to fulfill his own greed! I need to help out at least!"

Hansoo chuckled.

"Why are you treating me like such a selfish person? This is good for you guys too."


Hansoo shrugged as he spoke, "You know that I held the Relic inside that thing\'s stomach, right?"

As John and Kiriel nodded, Hansoo continued, "I felt it then, but the power hidden inside the Relics is huge, big enough to decide the fate of this entire planet. Well, you might know that since you\'ve seen it as well."

John and Kiriel nodded again. They knew it better than anyone else. Every time a Relic was activated, the planet was flipped upside down.

Relics had created the seven beasts that shook the entire Neropa Union, raised the barrier that cut the planet in half, and even fueled the spear that pierced that barrier. Though the civilization of Angkara was quite advanced, the power of the Relics was dimensions greater.

Hansoo said to John Stone, "What was supposed to happen to them?"

"... Apparently, the three clans want to hold one each after the war."

For some form of peace to appear after the war, a balance of power was needed. Only then, would they be wary of each other and raise their strength in secrecy. If one tried to eat all three, then they would get destroyed by the other two. So, each family would take one each and create a temporary balance of power, and the people that would fill that gap between them were the humans following Samuel and Mihee.

Hansoo chuckled.

"But did everyone agree?"

"... What do you mean?"

As John Stone frowned, Hansoo continued, "There\'s one more guy in the Capital, right? Did he agree?"

Hansoo took a short break from his speech before continuing, "It didn\'t seem like he was part of Angkara as well."

That man was strange, beyond a simple genius. He was a man who had created a copy of the powerful alien who called themselves the \'Nerpa,\' as well as technology from the Neropa Union. He was the man who had given the power of the \'Flame\'s Blessing\' to the clan heads and the Dragon God Soldiers.

Once he got to that point, it was easy to deduce what would happen.

"It seems that man is the original owner of these Relics."

That meant that there were three races on the planet: the aboriginals of the planet Angkara, the humans and a mysterious alien race. Three races, but one land.

Though it was large enough for the three races to live in harmony, reality wasn\'t that simple. All three races had the power to wipe the other two out.

Hansoo continued to chuckle.

"If I were him, I would wipe everything out."


As John Stone realized something…


… A tremendous amount of energy burst out from the Capital, not just enough to shake a part the planet, but more than enough to destroy a large part of it.


"Haha, look at that. He and I really think alike."

\'Let\'s go see who it is.\'

It wasn\'t too late yet.

Hansoo dashed toward the capital at a higher speed.


"Hahahahaha!" the man in the middle of the Capital laughed as he looked at the modified human.

\'Our savior was working properly!\'

Their savior hadn\'t thrown their race away. The savior was working hard somewhere in the universe, which meant he needed to do something as well, the job he had been assigned to do.


The energy from the Relic intensified, as if it was replying to the man\'s feelings.</,>