Reincarnator - Chapter 414 A Step Toward Desolation 2

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Chapter 414: A Step Toward Desolation (2)


As Samuel responded angrily, the man repeated without an expression, “I asked whether there really was a need for me to tell you such things. This isn’t related to the contract you and I had, right? I told you that I would protect everyone within your Union and create a sanctuary for you.”

“You… Did indeed,” Samuel slowly spat the words out.

The man was right.

‘But if you really cared about us, then you should’ve told us about something like this. You clearly knew our goals…’

When the clan leaders had told them that he could only guarantee the safety of the ones inside the Neropa Union, Samuel and Mihee had nodded since it was hard to save both parties at war with each other. And, if those who followed Sangjin joined the war on Pompeion’s side, there was nothing the Neropa Union would be able to do.

So, the two of them had helped the Neropa Union and hadn’t thought much of it since they could just assimilate the humans spread around Pompeion’s territory after they destroyed those controlling Pompeion.

However, with something like only the people within the Neropa Union being able to survive, Samuel blamed himself for not being thorough enough.

‘No… Maybe not yet.’


Samuel gritted his teeth as he looked at the giant wall in the distance that existed to cover half of the continent in it and cook the other half alive.

Who could’ve thought of such a vicious plan?

K-Merrow Nell snickered at Samuel.

“You should’ve read the contract thoroughly before you agreed to it. What about we give you a refund? We’re pretty nice to our customers after all.”

K-Merrow Nell was implying that they would throw the two of them and the other humans out from the barrier. Samuel clenched his teeth and shook his head.

“… No.”

Samuel wanted to beat the crap out of those clan heads and cut all ties with them, but at this rate, some simple calculus told him that half of humanity on this continent would die.

He wanted to break the union, stop the malicious plan and figure out a different way. But, he could not.

‘… I must save at least half.’

If he escaped that place and failed to find a different method, it wouldn’t be just half dying. Every single person would perish.

And if they, the ones who held the contract, disappeared, he couldn’t even imagine what would happen to the humans who migrated to this place in the future.

‘No, I can at least figure that out.’

Those guys were the type to talk casually about wiping half of his entire race.

As Samuel stood in silence, the mysterious man walked toward the relic and said, “I’ll now focus on shaking the relic’s core. It will take a bit of time, so don’t disturb me. Focus on what you all need to do.”

“How long is it going to take?”

The man pondered a moment at K-Adelaia Ron’s question and responded, “Not long. Just a week should do.”

K-Ukatan Pael laughed out loud at Samuel, who had bit his lip after hearing the words ‘a week.’

“Good! Send some letter or something to people on the other side of that thing in the meantime! It should be enough time to say your goodbyes!”


And, as Samuel ground his teeth…

‘Hmm… Is he planning something?’

… K-Merrow Nell watched with sharp eyes.



Boom, boobooom!

‘… Jesus Christ!’

Samuel looked at the sky with a complicated expression. They had done an amazing job as allies. The giant metal towers they had affixed into the ground, and the blue barrier that was the result of the towers, everything was doing great at blocking the attacks on Pompeion, the barrage of attacks that came from beyond the barrier with the noise they made when they collided against it.

Despite the Miprosky-level ships that could easily melt away any city on the planet like ice cream under the hot summer Sun continuously attacking…



… The bright barrier stood and maintained its ground, refusing to give in.

K-Merrow Nell’s warning from earlier rang inside Samuel’s head.

<Don’t think of doing anything reckless. Just stay put. If you do something, then we won’t stand idle either.>


The watch over them had become much stricter than before, so it wouldn’t be easy to move around anymore either.

‘… Kang Hansoo, what would you have done?’

Samuel turned around from the barrier and looked in the distance with a complicated expression on his face. The mountain was shaking, but nothing was actually happening to the giant creature that had Hansoo sleeping inside of it since Hansoo’s execution date had been pushed back by a whole week.

‘No… There was no other way.’

Samuel looked at the various ships floating outside the barrier that were watching over them. As the giant barrier was formed, the Neropa Union’s ships that had been buying time against the Pompeion Empire had also been left outside. Though they wouldn’t be able to receive the protection of the barrier, that wasn’t a huge issue since they just needed to fly out from the radius of the explosion when the explosion happened.

Though a few Pompeion ships that acted quickly alongside the Neropa ships would survive, that wouldn’t be much of an issue either. Where would those ships receive energy and supplies once their entire hometown got destroyed?

The chances of them surrendering was close to a hundred percent, and even if they did resisted, it still wasn’t an issue. Kang Hansoo’s execution would come after that.

Once they cleared the Pompeion Empire and removed the barrier, the ships would descend back to the ground. If the three clan heads and the hundreds of ships attacked continuously, even the giant mountain would melt away.

Even if the mountain managed to resist the attacks, the land underneath it would melt away. Then, it would be game over.

‘It would fall straight into the core of the planet… How am I going to tell this to Mihee?’

He hadn’t even told the other humans about what was going to happen.

Samuel had a complex expression on his face as he walked into the residence. The fancy interior of the terrace welcome him. It stood out within the ruins of the terror that had been made by the members of Reunion.

‘Well… They did focus on important locations, so a living space like this is still fine.’


“Oh, hello.”

“… How did you get in?”

Kiriel giggled as she looked at Samuel and his expression froze.

“I won’t take you in, so get out of here. This place is under watch. Soon, either the clan heads or the Dragon God Soldiers will…”

Kiriel giggled again.

“Under watch?”


Countless panels appeared before Kiriel’s eyes, panels that showed various places within the city they were in.

“What the…”

‘She stole the authorizations?’

Kiriel spoke in a leisurely tone, “The capital has been blown away. The other cities nearby have been destroyed as well. There’s no way they would be able to maintain their systems at this point.”

The capital, Neorime, had been entirely blown away. All of the important facilities and the scientists had died as well. And not only that, but the secondary systems that should be holding the city when something like this happened were also destroyed by him and Reunion’s terrorist acts. Even the people who could restore those systems had long fled or died.

Though the internal systems of the giant ships floating in the sky were more than enough to stabilize the systems of the entire continent, they were all floating outside of the barrier and could do nothing.

Meanwhile the Technorats of Reunion had survived, so crawling into the cracks and stealing authorizations was easy in a situation like this.

<This place is ready too, but it won’t hold out for long. The capital’s systems are recovering at a rapid rate. If we try to steal too much authorization, they’ll figure out our location.>

“No need to go that far. This is good enough. Good job.”

They couldn’t destroy the clan heads, nor the Dragon God Soldiers, nor the ships with the authorizations, so there was no need to go that far.

This was enough, enough to do things comfortably.


Kiriel ended the call with Metionel and then spoke to Samuel, who was still standing with a dumbfounded look on his face.

“I heard about your plans.”

She had listened in on the orders sent to the ships, so she already knew what was happening. She even saw Samuel worrying through the hacked system, which is why she had come, to solve everything.

“Stop dawdling around and help.”

“What do you want me to do?”

At Samuel’s question, Kiriel answered, “It would be good if Hansoo woke up in time but… We need to prepare in case he doesn’t.”

If Hansoo woke up within a week, that would better, but they needed to prepare, just in case he didn’t.

“… You are talking about stopping the plan that is going to shake the entire planet.”

Kiriel nodded.

‘I must stop Hansoo from being submerged in magma no matter what.’

Even if everyone else all died, she had to stop it.

Samuel’s expression remained cold as he replied, “Why must I help?”

It was true he didn’t like how the things were unraveling right now, but one wrong move could end everything. He wouldn’t even be able to guarantee his own safety at that point. There was too much to lose for him.

Kiriel giggled as she spoke, “Actually, I spoke to someone else before you.”




A panel appeared in Kiriel’s hand.

<Samuel, why did you not speak of this?>


Samuel was at a loss seeing Mihee’s rage-filled expression through the screen.



“The way it’s beating is disturbing.”

It was beating faster and stronger as time went on, as if a change was occurring inside of it.

‘We need to hurry and get rid of that…’

K-Merrow Nell frowned at the mountain that was shaking disturbingly, but he quickly changed his focus to the ones that were making him constantly nervous, though not as much as the mountain.

‘I hope they don’t try anything reckless.’

That would be for the best.

K-Merrow Nell thought of the abnormally quiet humans and mumbled to himself.