Reincarnator - Chapter 413 A step towards Desolation 1

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Chapter 413: A step towards Desolation (1)


K-Merrow Nell was in the center of the circuits that extended out from the Relic, looking at the mountain that had finished morphing and standing still with a scowl, as if something had displeased him.

The other two clan heads were doing the same.

A man watching the three clan heads and a humanoid creature by the heads said as he stroke the Relic, “Well, this might actually be for the better. If we hadn’t realized that monster reacted this intensely to the Relic, we might’ve failed even after activating the force build below.”

Samuel nodded. If they hadn’t known that the monster wanted the Relic, they would’ve suffered much more since the vast amount of energy being released from the Relic would’ve continued to entice the monster.

However, the clan heads weren’t very satisfied with the man’s words.

“Let’s get to the point. We need to get back to the battlefield after all.”

Samuel shook his head at those words.

“No, there’s no reason to anymore.”


Samuel continued to talk to the dumbfounded clan heads, “It’s time to activate the barrier.”

Samuel focused on Mihee’s words.

<As I said before, the final tower has been completed as well. We just need the Relic.>

“Good job! Everything’s solved here as well. We just need to activate the Relic.”

Mihee asked with a worried expression.

<Hansoo… Did everything go well with him?>

The fact that the Relic was in their hands meant one of two things: either they succeeded in negotiating with Hansoo, or Hansoo had been killed by Samuel.

It would’ve been better if it was the former, but something kept bugging Mihee’s mind.

Samuel replied with a slightly bitter voice, “… It didn’t just end with words of course.”

<Did you kill him?>

Samuel shook his head.

“No, I didn’t kill him, but I don’t know what I should do. But…”

Samuel stopped. He wanted to say that they should kill Hansoo, but Samuel hadn’t said it out of respect for Hansoo’s relationship with Mihee, and because the words Hansoo had left before he disappeared kept bugging him.

<My responsibilities… Are now yours.>


Samuel clenched his jaw as K-Merrow Nell called for him, “Enough chit-chat. We’re going to begin since we’ve finished preparing.”

“… Right away?”

It wasn’t K-Merrow Nell that responded, but the man, “We don’t have all the time in the world. There’s no reason to waste our time if everything is already ready.”



… The man’s hand started to shine brightly, a bright light that pushed back the scorching heat. That bright light got more and more intense as it started to devour the ground beneath them. And soon, the circuits that were now filled with the bright light started to extend in all directions with the Capital, Neoreim, as their center, past the underground space and toward the boundary of the Neropa Union in the far distance.

Ukatan Pael tutted as he saw this scene, “Tsk! Too bad we can’t contain all of the territories we wanted. The 113th Zone in the east is damn worth it.”

“We agreed that we would compensate you for that already. There are priorities.”

As K-Merrow Nell spoke…


… A change started to occur around the hundreds of metal towers that had been places by the boundary.



‘Everything should be fine, right?’

The 14th Border City, Etoreim.

Metionel looked at the city that had been destroyed by John Stone with a bitter expression. Their tribe had ruled over the place in the past. Though it wasn’t theirs anymore, and it was destroyed now, watching the scene still displeased him greatly.


Metionel stepped on the corpse of the traitor, Karas.

‘If you were going to just die like this, why did you betray us in the first place?’

Metionel continued to walk through the inner parts of the city that had long been destroyed by Karas, John Stone and the other Dragon God Soldiers, but suddenly…


… A tremendous noise shook the entire city.


‘What the hell?!’


Metionel activated his Dragon God Armor and barely managed to maintain his balance. He had thought that everything had ended, but what was this?

‘… No, there shouldn’t be anything else left near here.’

There were no ships, monsters, nor were there any other Dragon God Soldiers. There weren’t any special satellite weapons or explosives, nothing that could shake the city like this. However, he was only startled for a moment, and his shock soon turned into fear.

‘What the hell?!’

Beneath the ground, from the center of Etoreim, the destroyed city, a giant bright barrier was being created, a translucent barrier that made it hard to discern whether it was solid matter or energy.

It had risen up from the ground and had split Etoreim in half.



The city that had barely maintained its shape soon turned to dust and disappeared as the barrier swept past it. The issue was that this barrier was now breaking apart the building Metionel was standing on.



Metionel quickly activated his Dragon God Armor and rose into the air, watching the scene below in utter disbelief.

It wasn’t just Etoreim. The entire continent was being split in half by the barrier that had destroyed the building he had been standing on.

Metionel clenched his teeth.

‘Damn… Where does this lead?’

Though it looked like it was rising straight up into the air, Metionel, a Dragon God Soldier, could see that the barrier was half of a sphere. It just looked like it was rising up vertically due to its massive size.

The barrier was making a slight curve as it rose up, which meant that that giant continent would be divided in two parts, a part that was outside the half sphere, and the part that was inside of it.

Though he didn’t know what maniac was causing all of this, they weren’t doing it just for show, and now, he needed to make a choice that would change his entire future.

However, he only pondered it for a moment before he quickly flew off toward the outside of the barrier.

‘Thinking about it, I’ll just be trapped inside once this is complete.’

If Hansoo had succeeded in stealing the Relic, this wouldn’t have happened, which meant that the Neropa Union had activated this. To be trapped together with them? The Flameless Lands didn’t exist anymore, and no other groups were a threat to them. It would be a dictatorship.

‘Dammit… Dammit! I don’t like those guys from Pompeion either!’

But he had no other choice.


As Metionel made a complex expression toward the giant barrier before his eyes…


… White clouds appeared by his side.

“Hey! You!”

Metionel was surprised by Kiriel, who had suddenly appeared by his side.

“Here you are! Come! We have no time.”

“Huh? Ahhh!”

Kiriel grabbed onto Metionel and quickly used her Cloudy Movements again.


The two bodies quickly disappeared into white clouds again.



‘This place is…?’

Metionel instinctively looked around as he was teleported alongside Kiriel, and soon…

“…Ugh! What is this?”

“God! My joints!”

Metionel sighed in relief as he looked at the core members of Reunion.

‘They are all alive!’

The terrorist actions they had caused in various locations had put their lives on the line. Of course, he had been worried when they had parted, but seeing them all there made him greatly relieved.

‘Though, I don’t see everyone exactly…’

It was good enough.

Metionel quickly thanked Kiriel.

“Thank you for taking care of us all.”

If they had been split apart with the chaos from the barrier, it would’ve been even harder for them to survive. Kiriel waved at him lightly with the intention of saying that it wasn’t much, and Metionel smiled as he looked around.

The most important question was still unanswered: ‘Where exactly is this?’

Then, Metionel saw a small window on the side of the area and looked outside.

“Huh?! Ahhhh! Why did you bring us here?!” Metionel shouted with a mixture of fear and rage.

Of course, he’d seen the barrier that was being completed outside the window, which meant that he was in the inside half of the sphere.

At that rate, they would all die.

Kiriel shook her head and said, “Don’t be like that. I put a lot of thought into it as well.”


As Metionel made a confused expression, Kiriel continued, “Think about it. They aren’t turtles, right? Why would they be defending themselves like that?”

Metionel nodded. She was right. There was no reason for this.

Kiriel asked with a tired expression, “Wouldn’t they be doing that because there are greater dangers outside?”

‘Or because they were creating a greater danger.’

Kiriel looked at the barrier with a worried expression.


“Good. This is perfect.”

A man nodded as he watched the giant half-sphere that covered the continent. It looked like half of a sphere, but in reality, it was closer to a full sphere.

It was now time to head on to the next stage.

The man looked at the clan heads and Samuel as he spoke, “Now, blow up the Red Jade.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a full explosion because even that barrier wouldn’t be able to withstand one. They were going to shake it just a little bit, just enough to burn everything outside to death.

Samuel shouted in terror, “What the?! You never told us about that!”

What about their race that was outside? They had never heard about that.

The man shrugged at Samuel’s words and asked, “Did I have to?”

The man smiled.