Reincarnator - Chapter 406: The Price (2)

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Chapter 406: The Price (2)

Barmamunt looked amused.

Hansoo’s motivation wasn’t from any enjoyment of the present nor was it hope for the future.

It was his memories of his past life.

‘A poor fellow stuck in the hands of the reaper.’

Barmamunt chuckled.

Despite having so much strength, he only ran forward to escape from the illusion of his past.

Maybe it was because he came from the future.

So it wasn’t just some past memory, but rather a future that could drastically change depending on how he acted right now.

But that wasn’t fun.

As his words ended—


—a wisp of a black flame appeared on the tip of Barmamunt’s finger, radiating a grim aura.

Barmamunt took the strange cluster of energy that somehow resembled black flames—or perhaps a collection of small shadows—and placed it on Hansoo’s forehead.

Instead of the playful voice that Barmamunt had been using up until now, a very serious and grim voice came out from his mouth.

But seeing the smirk on his face, he seemed confident that he wouldn’t be denied.

While keeping his flaming finger on Hansoo’s forehead, Barmamunt spoke.



—the black flame on his finger went berserk as it swirled around Hansoo’s head.

And Barmamunt shouted at Hansoo:

As his words ended—


—a bright light exploded out from the space between them, bathing them in light.

The judge was debating if Barmamunt’s request had been excessive or not.

The moment the light surrounded them, the black flames stopped digging into Hansoo’s head, lingering in place.

If Barmamunt’s request wasn’t excessive then it meant the judge had accepted his demand.

If the request had been unreasonable in relation to the strength loaned out, the request would then be slightly tweaked.


Hansoo felt the black flames surrounding his head as well as the light that bathed them and thought:

‘Memories… Why is everyone so interested in my memories?’

As Hansoo thought of Eres and Keldian who’d sent him into the past after altering his memories—


—the light started to disperse.

The judgment had been made.


The moment the light disappeared, the black flames started digging deeper into Hansoo’s head.



Kiriel asked, lifting up Hansoo, who was lying unconscious on the ground.

He wanted to run away, but how could he?


Kiriel sighed at her incompetence, unable to do anything for Hansoo.

If she had received a clear explanation, then she could’ve worked things out on her own, but Hansoo’s words were mostly fragmented.

At that moment, a thought appeared in her mind.

‘...Should I read him?’

She had never read Hansoo’s memories until now.

But if she did, she might be able to find a hint about the current situation.

As Kiriel looked at Hansoo and pondered—


—Hansoo, who had been leaning on Kiriel, woke up and breathed out roughly.

‘He’s awake!’

Kiriel sighed in relief after seeing Hansoo regaining consciousness and starting to move his body.

She had been worried that he would stay like this forever.

But she could only stay calm for a short moment.

Because she remembered Hansoo’s words before he fell unconscious.

To get as far away from him as possible.

If going berserk was Hansoo’s price for using that skill, then she would be the one in danger.

As Kiriel watched Hansoo and prepared to use Cloudy Movement—

—Hansoo stood up and spoke with a sigh.

“Haa… Thank you, Kiriel. But next time, just run away as far as you can first.”

‘I can’t guarantee that the next time will end this luckily as well.’

Kiriel flinched at Hansoo’s words but then sighed in relief and dropped her guard.

It didn’t seem like he’d gone berserk or was being controlled by someone else.

Kiriel then asked Hansoo worriedly:

“...What happened?”

Hansoo replied as he looked back at Kiriel’s anxious expression.

“He asked for my memories as the price.”

“...For using that skill?”

Hansoo nodded and Kiriel spoke out.

“Well, that’s not too bad. I can tell you about the memories that you lost.”

Of course, those memories were very important.

But it was much better than losing his life or something as valuable as that.

Kiriel actually thought that he’d have to pay half his lifespan or one of his limbs as the price.

Memories weren’t as bad.

‘And since he remembers me… It seems that he hasn’t lost everything.’

She didn’t know how much of his memories had been used as payment but she knew everything about Hansoo.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say she knew every single thing that Hansoo did since he came to the Otherverse.

This was the correct attitude of a die-hard fan.

She could easily explain the lost memories and remind him of the more important tasks.

But Hansoo shook his head.

This wasn’t an issue that Kiriel could solve.

If the memories Barmamunt wanted were the memories of this life, then Kiriel could indeed help him out.

But they weren’t the only memories he had.

The memories he could not say out loud; those to prevent the hastening of the Otherverse fully merging with the Abyss, the memories of the past and the future.

‘...How aggressive.’

Hansoo smiled bitterly.

He didn’t blame Barmamunt.

Since he was a demon after all.

The demons enjoyed watching humans stray off course.

They enjoyed watching humans who used to remain steadfast suddenly falter and reach an unfavorable end.

They would continue to lure them further and further away from their original goals so they could never come close to attaining them again.

Barmamunt had only one reason to take away Hansoo’s memories.

He’d hoped that Hansoo would deviate from his current path after losing the memories that had pushed him forward.

But it was more like he’d taken away the heavy load on his shoulders.

Allowing him to live the way he wanted, to be selfish and use his strength the way he wanted.

The life that every human wanted.

‘Of course, he isn’t that kind.’

If he really lost all his memories and lived the way Barmamunt wanted him to…

If he lost the memories of his friends and failed to unify the human race, using his powers for the wrong things…

Barmamunt would then return Hansoo’s memories and laugh at him.

Making him remember what he’d once valued.

‘But… I cannot allow that. Damned bastard.’

The payment wasn’t a one-time thing.

His memories of the future were too high a price for Hansoo when he’d only borrowed Barmamunt’s strength once.

And Barmamunt seemed to know this and hadn’t asked for too much.

At least, he remembered everything for now.

The memories of the past, the plan, and his comrades.

But it would slowly fade away.

Everything in his head.

Before he lost his memories of the past.

In order to deal with the load his friends placed on his shoulders.

‘I’ll complain to them once we meet up above…’

Hansoo thought of Eres and stood up chuckling.

He didn’t have the time to worry, he needed to move.

“I didn’t lose much. Let’s continue.”

Hansoo stood up and moved towards Neoreim in the distance.

Thinking about an existence different to Barmamunt.

‘The Fairy… Does it want me to move faster?’

This hadn’t happened just because he used the Demon’s Gate.

The problem laid in its roots.

The Fairy had given him this skill after all.

The Fairy probably saw a bit of the future as it handed him this skill.

The Fairy knew what he’d valued the most.

And how the demons wanted it.

But all of this didn’t matter.

Since he just needed to use it once it came into his hands.

Kiriel asked with a worried expression as she watched Hansoo starting to walk.

“...Are you really okay?”

Looking at his memories, it seemed like he’d paid quite a high price.

But Hansoo chuckled at her words.

“I’m fine.”


“I paid the price in full right away.”

So whether he used that strength or not, his memories would slowly fade away.

He had chosen to use this power as much as he wanted without limitations.

Since he’d paid for it, the more he used, the better, right?

“Let’s go.”

‘Before… I forget what I need to do.’

And behind Hansoo’s feet—


—thirteen shadows appeared and lingered.