Reincarnator - Chapter 404: The Fifth Seed (3)

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Chapter 404: The Fifth Seed (3)

‘What the hell is going on?’

R-Eronia Nell clenched her teeth as she looked at the hesitating Dragon God Soldiers.

The Dragon God Soldiers had received the Flame’s Blessing.

They should be wiping away every single bug before their eyes but they were hesitating, unable to take another step forward.

“You bastards! What are you doing?! Did you run over there to say hello? Kill him! Do you know how many cities are being destroyed while you wait?!”

R-Eronia Nell couldn’t hold back anymore as she roared into the communications device.

The aliens and the members of Reyunion were continuously destroying countless cities all around.

At a tremendous speed.

Multiple cities’ worth of damages was occurring by the second, so of course she was feeling annoyed at the Dragon God Soldiers’ hesitation.

But despite R-Eronia Nell’s enraged shouts, the Dragon God Soldiers continued to waver.

‘Dammit… What is that thing?’

R-Eronia Nell clenched her fists as she looked at the alien covered in darkness on the screen.


“Haa… Haaa...hahahahaa!”

Barmamunt, who had borrowed Hansoo’s body, laughed out loud.

How long had it been since he tasted fresh air?

He usually enjoyed ripping apart and devouring weaklings.

Rise up to the top, then stomp and trample all over those before him.

But what kind of world was the Abyss?

He was not omnipotent.

There were actually other powerful races such as the Dragons.

And there were some other special unknown creatures that even they felt danger from.

So despite being so powerful, he had to continuously strive to become stronger and stronger.

But what about this place?

He could run around without any restraints and just rip things apart.

‘How lucky. Good. Good.’

Barmamunt checked the body he was controlling.

Because of the sheer amount of strength they had, most creatures could not withstand their power and blew apart.

But this body was different.

It had more than enough strength to sustain his own and had an infinite room for growth.

And he liked this person’s goals as well.

‘He’s... going to be fighting a lot more.’

He hadn’t called him out here to escape this danger.

There were countless enemies he had to fight and too many battles he had to go through.

This man was too perfect.

Although there was a limit to how much strength he could use due to the current strength of the host’s body, but since the gate had already been opened, he could wreak havoc unto this world whenever he wanted.

Although there were countless beings that had never tasted their strength.

There weren’t any beings that had tasted their strength once and didn’t seek for more.

And since this man was a person who toiled in chaos, having gone through countless battles, that made this was even better.

‘I guess… I should give him some good service. I’ll show you something that’s dimensions apart from that stupid brute spider.’

Barmamunt chuckled coldly at the bugs around him.

Sadly, there were thirteen of them.

And the final decision fell to the owner of this body.

This meant that if he wanted to taste this fresh atmosphere as often as possible, he needed to stand out the most among the thirteen and treat him the best.

He was going to prevent that strength-obsessed spider and the other eleven from even seeing the outside world a single time.

‘I will turn this place… into something beautiful.’

Black smoke started to surround Barmamunt.



—as Barmamunt started to swing his right arm, he felt a sense of suppression from inside him.

And he heard a small voice echo out from within.

Barmamunt’s expression turned gruesome.

“You should know that I’ll have to control this body to use the amount of strength you want.”

The same power could be the difference between the heavens and earth depending on how efficiently one used it.

The amount of strength he was asking for was not possible with Hansoo’s level.

Since this strength wasn’t Hansoo’s but rather his own.

He had taken over the body thinking that Hansoo was going to entrust his body with him but what was this?

Barmamunt felt the fresh air as he continued his attempts at persuading Hansoo.

“If you want to control such a large amount of power, then you’ll have to pay a much higher price. Do you really want that?”

Hansoo chuckled from inside.

Barmamunt frowned at Hansoo’s words.

This was one thing he didn’t like about this host.

He wasn’t easy.

‘And another thing.’

He wasn’t stupid either.

Barmamunt pouted as he said:

“Let’s talk about it afterward.”

Barmamunt smiled as he gathered energy to attack again.

This body was already in his hands.

If Hansoo tried his best then Barmamunt would be affected but if he really went berserk then the soul inside the body could only watch while being swept around in the currents.

And that meant that he could stay out here even longer.

“Just rest inside, I’ll deal with everything and treat you well.”

Barmamunt gathered hellfire into his hands.

And a cold voice echoed out from inside his mind.


“...What the hell?”

“You bastard…!”

But even before he could finish his words—


—the terrifying dark aura that stormed around the body started to disappear.

“What a troublesome fellow.”

A different voice came out from Hansoo’s mouth.


<...You damned bastard. How do you know my true name?>

Hansoo thought to himself as he listened to Barmamunt’s words.

‘Because you told me in the past when you begged me to let you live as my slave.’

Hansoo thought back to the past when Barmamunt offered his true name while shivering in fear, and he walked forwards, slowly getting drunk from his newfound strength.

All these fellows were untrustworthy.

It wasn’t good to use them for a prolonged period of time.

‘I’ll finish it up fast.’

Hansoo’s speed quickened.



R-Oroita Ron, a Dragon God Soldier who had confidently run over, slowly backed up.

A tremendous amount of strength was overflowing from inside his body but this strength did not get rid of the most primal fear borne from their instincts.

And R-Eronia Nell’s enraged voice continued to pierce into R-Oroita Ron’s ears.

‘B****… You should come and check him out yourself.’

R-Oroita Ron clenched his teeth at R-Eronia Nell’s words but he started to move forward.

It was annoying but her words were correct.

He had gained a new, unfathomable amount of strength but was still shivering in fear.

The strength he had received was because he had fought more valiantly than anyone else and so he would continue to do so in the future.

A soldier who refused to fight was useless and there were countless others who would gladly take his spot.

If he continued to act in this way, then even if he survived this battle, he would lose everything he had gained and fall straight down the social ladder.

The mark on his neck started to shine brightly.


The metal alloys around them started to bend away while making breaking sounds.

His aura alone had caused this.

And as the metal alloys bent to the point of snapping apart—


—R-Oroita Ron’s body shot off an attack, accompanied by a huge sound.

A tiny sun that melted everything it passed rang through the darkness.

And he wasn’t the only one who attacked.



Multiple other Dragon God Soldiers who heard R-Eronia Nell’s orders started to fire as well.

R-Oroita Ron smiled coldly as he looked at the multiple attacks that could melt away a couple cities in an instant.


This amount of firepower could rival even the fleets.

A single being should not be able to withstand this.

R-Oroita Ron looked at the wave of attacks as he activated the sun visor before his eyes, and he covered the area where the attacks were converging onto with his hands.

It would be bad if he were to end up blinded by the light that would soon follow.

But as the attacks arrived by Hansoo—


—the darkness surrounding Hansoo stretched apart as it spread out a thin dark veil.

And as the light touched that veil—


—the wave of light was sucked into the darkness.

Like a black hole, absorbing everything away.


Their attacks weren’t supposed to end like this.

And as they flinched at this strange sight—


—Hansoo, who hadn’t received a single hint of damage, rushed towards R-Oroita Ron standing at the very front and swung his hammer.

“Damn… Ahhh!”

It was too late to dodge.

As Hansoo’s hammer flew in, R-Oroita Ron used all the power from the Flame’s Blessing and poured it onto the shield before his eyes.



‘I blocked it…’

—R-Oroita Ron was full of joy at the giant shockwave that occurred right in front of him.

Although the Dragon God Armor cracked and his arm felt like it was about to break, he had succeeded in defending.

And he wasn’t alone.

‘Bastard… I’ll smash you apart.’

It was time for a counter attack.

As R-Oroita Ron aimed for Hansoo again—



—R-Oroita Ron looked down at the strange sound that came from his arm.


R-Oroita Ron screamed out in pain as he saw that his arm had been ripped off from the elbow down.

Hansoo’s hammer had done this.

Well, the dark shadow that was lingering around at the tip of Hansoo’s hammer to be exact.

The shadow that had devoured the wave of light was showing its white teeth as it devoured R-Oroita Ron’s arm.


While R-Oroita Ron screamed, a dissatisfied voice could be heard from inside.

‘Well, that’s not my problem.’

“Ahhh! Die!”

“Demon! He’s a demon!”


There was no time to care about Barmamunt.

Since the other Dragon God Soldiers were charging towards him.

The hate-filled voice of Barmamunt, who was still shocked by the fact that Hansoo had dragged him down, could be heard from inside him.

The thirteen demons.

Barmamunt of Gluttony.

The great demon that devoured the world spat those words at Hansoo.