Reincarnator - Chapter 403: The Fifth Seed (2)

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Chapter 403: The Fifth Seed (2)

“...What is that? I’ve never seen that before.”

R-Eronia Nell, who had been looking at the alien man from her office, stared into the screen in a daze.

Darkness covered the man’s body.

And his battle prowess suddenly skyrocketed.

So strong that even the seven Dragon God Soldiers, who had received the Flame’s Blessing, had been reduced to a pulp in an instant.

The Technorat nearby was also watching the screen, and in confusion, N-Magaroan voiced her opinion.

“It’s a brand new form he has never shown before. If you give me enough time I can analyze—”

But even before she could finish her words—


—R-Eronia Nell slammed her fists onto the table and screamed.

“More time?! He’s about to breach through our defenses!”

The defensive line of the capital city, Neoreim.

Every ship had gone out to the battlefield against Pompeion while many of the Dragon God Soldiers had been spread around the continent.

The capital was very close to that man.

If he got through that line of defense, he was basically at the capital already.

“Damn! Dispatch everyone who received the Flame’s Blessing into that place!”

“But… the side effects!”

“You dumb b****!”



N-Magaroan collapsed onto the floor after receiving R-Eronia Nell’s enraged kick.

R-Eronia Nell then picked N-Magaroan up, brought her face close to her own and whispered:

“I order you. Make… as many blessed ones as you can and dump them there. No matter what you do… He cannot come into the capital.”

The fairytale stories of the prince who came to save the princess or the hero saving his comrades.

If that man’s goal was that valiant then it would be good for both sides, but it was clear how far his true goals were from such fantasies.

The Relic.

An object that they and the Pompeion Empire had each taken.

The treasure of all treasures that allowed their technology to soar so much.

He wasn’t a man in love or a warrior who had lost his friends.

He’d come here to steal their treasure.

‘You bandit… This is as far as you go!’

The family leaders shouldn’t bother themselves with such a job as this.

Their true opponent was far away in the distance, the Emperor Pompeion.

Not these bugs crawling around on the ground.

‘Thief… I will bury you here.’

At this moment, R-Eronia Nell thought of the ones receiving the Flame’s Blessings and smiled coldly.



Kiriel looked at the Dragon God Soldiers continuing to fly their way and asked Hansoo:

“Uh… Aren’t we going to use that Relic?”

Although the power of that skill Hansoo had just used was powerful, the power of the Relic that their opponents were using was tempting as well.

Even more so since they had a Relic as well.

‘We’re terribly outnumbered…’

As Kiriel made a bitter expression at the sheer number of people swarming towards them—


—Hansoo, who had rid himself of the dark light, shook his head and spoke:

“We might end up luring those things.”


Hansoo looked towards the giant monsters in the far distance.

The giant moving mountains that were ignoring the countless attacks from the ships and were searching for more Great Furnaces.

He knew how to use this Relic and had the physical power to withstand it as well.

But the moment he used this…

All those mountains would converge onto him.

The strength hidden inside this thing was far greater and purer than the Great Furnace.

It was the origin of those giant mountain-sized monsters after all.

If he used it now, then unlike the Neropa Union’s current indirect method, there would be a huge shockwave that would only serve to attract their attention.

Those mountains were hard to deal with even for beings who had already reached the 4th Star.

Since even the warship fleets couldn’t handle that thing.

‘Too strong. And it’s getting more and more annoying.’

Hansoo thought, looking at the Haetara in the distance.

As it passed by a city, the Haetara seemed like it needed a snack and was now eating up the Great Furnace within.



But strangely, the giant mountain was slowly decreasing in size as it ate the furnace.

It was an extremely minute change so most people hadn\'t noticed it yet.

But this wasn’t the right time to agitate it yet.

If all seven of those monsters came here then they would easily crush apart the defensive line, causing the Pompeion Empire to rush over instantly.

Hansoo did not want that to happen yet.

Those things and the fleets needed to stay where they were.

While he dealt with the issue here.



Hansoo laughed as he looked at the mass of Dragon God Soldiers coming his way.

‘It seems they scrounged up every last bit they could.’

Hansoo felt the squirming seed of the Nine Dragons Strike inside him and refocused his attention onto another seed.

The skill he obtained after beating Melchizedek in the 5th Zone.

Although it hadn’t been long since he planted it inside him, the seed that was glowing in a natural multicolored light was letting out an aura that didn’t lose out to the Nine Dragons Strike.

Hansoo took a glance at the soldiers before his eyes and then probed the seed in the center of his chest.

And at that moment—


—a giant shockwave rang out inside his head.


His vision quickly darkened.

Darkness covered the entire sky and not a single ray of light pierced through, causing the land to fall into shadow.

Lightning strikes struck down from the dark clouds and his surroundings could no longer be seen.

But Hansoo knew.

That this was only occurring inside his mind.

A phenomenon caused after he activated this skill and entered the other dimension.


The land around Hansoo broke down and a giant hole appeared.


A giant hand rose up, grabbed Hansoo and dragged him down.

A tremendous strength that no existence could resist.

But Hansoo did not resist as he let it drag him down.

And soon—

—Hansoo arrived at a dark space.

Like an underground cave but with a spacious area.

It was clear.

That this wasn’t Angkara’s underground area.

No creature like this had lived under Angkara.


Behind the giant hand that dragged Hansoo down.

The existence belonging to that hand could be seen.

An existence so large that it treated those giant Haetaras as nothing more than bugs.

A spider-like body with eight arms and eight legs.

The thousands of eyes on its head glowed with a red light as it watched Hansoo in the darkness.

And it wasn’t just one spider next to Hansoo.


It was dark but because there were flames emitting a little bit of light, it told Hansoo that there were many more of them.

Thirteen existences that had completely different auras.

Of course, they all had different appearances as well.

Some were even larger than the spider and some were only as big as Hansoo.

One glowing with a white light and one had a horn embedded in its forehead.

But they all had some similarities as well.

One had a terrifying amount of rage surrounding its body.

While another was unfathomably powerful.

As Hansoo descended from the spider’s hand.

The thirteen existences started to argue with each other.

The one who started it was the spider that had dragged Hansoo down.

But even before the spider finished its words…

Countless angry voices filled the area.

Hansoo frowned at the arguments of the thirteen existences but then pointed towards one of them.

Two horns and thirteen pairs of wings.

Although its size was similar to Hansoo’s, its aura didn’t lose out to the giant creatures at all.

“Shut up. You. You’re coming with me.”

The existence that was covered from head to toe in darkness and was laying around in a lazy manner.

It was the most useful one in this situation.

The moment his words rang out—



—the loud area suddenly turned deathly quiet.

The one who broke it was the man who Hansoo had chosen.

There were thirteen in all.

All of them had the strength to rip the world apart but this kid before their eyes could not withstand such a strength.

It only made sense for him to choose someone who was the most suitable for the situation outside.

As Hansoo stayed silent, the man shrugged his shoulders and said:

At the man’s words—

—Hansoo replied.

“I know too well. Don’t worry.”

He knew way too well.

As to what these things were.

How much strength they had.

What kind of ability and personality as well.

How could he not?

These were beings he had shed countless drops of tears and blood to defeat in his previous life.

‘Allowing me to experience my old memories, that damned fairy.’


A skill that entrapped the most powerful thirteen demons within the Abyss.

In his previous life, he had to put his life on the line multiple times to defeat these things despite being countless times stronger than he was right now.

The difference between his strength and theirs was no joke.

Although there were side effects…

That meant the strength he received was just that great.


The demon who grabbed Hansoo’s hand, Barmamunt, quickly shot up into the sky with Hansoo.



“...What the hell is that? It’s making me feel uneasy.”

As the Dragon God Soldiers looked at the darkness-covered Hansoo—



—Hansoo’s eyes, which had turned completely black including his whites, looked around with a cold gaze.

And at that moment—

‘What the f***… What?’

—the Dragon God Soldiers flinched as they backed up.

Those weren’t the eyes that looked at an enemy.

He was looking at them with joy, with love.

And as they looked at those eyes…

Chills ran down the backs of every single Dragon God Soldier watching him.