Reincarnator - Chapter 402: The Fifth Seed (1)

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Chapter 402: The Fifth Seed (1)

Hansoo frowned as he looked at the people exuding a powerful aura before his eyes.

‘...They successfully used the technology of the relic.’

Relic, Controller, or External Flame Divine Tool.

It had various names but its role was all the same.

It allowed one to use the power of the Flame.

A Dragon God Soldier who had been standing on the top of a building pointed towards Hansoo, Kiriel, and Erunheim.

“It’s my first time using it as well, but… it’ll be amazing. I think.”

At the same time—


—a terrifying amount of energy started to gather on his fingertip.

A pure white light.

And the moment the white light on his fingertip exploded—


—a white wave of light swept past the location Hansoo and Kiriel had been standing at.


Everything between Hansoo’s position to the citizen’s building behind him…

Whatever the white light passed by—all had turned into ashes.

“Haa… hahahaha!”

The Dragon God Soldier who had caused this, R-Kelkadian Ron, laughed out loud.

‘I’m sorry! I’ve had my doubts about it all this time!’

He’d heard that the upper echelons of the Ron family were working on a new weapon.

Their goal was one thing.

How to allow the Dragon God Soldiers to become stronger than the aliens.

When the aliens weren’t here in the past, the Dragon God Soldiers were more than enough.

Since the armor allowed them to achieve a strength that normal humans couldn’t even imagine achieving.

And things that a Dragon God Soldier couldn’t deal with could just be dealt with their ships.

But with the appearance of the aliens, everything had changed.

Not all of them, but instead the rare few that had the strength to rival their ships.

Although they and the ships had similar strengths, the difference in their effectiveness was dimensions apart.

If such beings secretly invaded their territory with the goal of assassination, then it would be a nightmare.

But he had been doubtful even while hearing about the research.

Although he knew that they needed a change, he believed that there was a limit to how far technology could take them.

Although these aliens existed, they only looked similar.

They were a different race after all.


R-Kelkadian looked at his hands in shock.

The tremendous power that was flooding out from inside him.

It felt like the ship’s engine had replaced his heart, and he had the ship’s proud Bardian Cannons in lieu of his hands.

The power to turn an entire city into dust, enough to massacre hundreds of thousands of people—this power wiggled inside him.

But R-Kelkadian soon frowned.

Through the dispersing smoke.

He could see the couple that didn’t have a single scratch on their bodies.


R-Kelkadian Ron smiled as he looked at Hansoo who was clad in the blue armor.

“It seems we hit the jackpot.”

“Haa… Good.”

The entire Neropa Union was raking their entire territory to find these two people, and for them to appear before his eyes…

He would have been trembling in fear if he was still at his former state.

Since the power that he’d seen through the video was nothing close to what a Dragon God Soldier could handle.

But not anymore.

They now had a new skill, a new strength.

‘Danger… is an opportunity.’

If he could deal with these two with his own hands.

His position within the family would skyrocket.

And Hansoo looked at the greed-filled eyes of these people and thought:

‘Weaker than the Nerpa, but… there’s quite a lot of them.’

They seemed much weaker than the Nerpa but there were seven of them.

They weren’t a force that he could ignore.

And it didn\'t seem like it would stop at seven people.

And behind Hansoo and Kiriel…


“Please help us! We’re stuck under the rubble!”

They could hear the countless screams of the citizens resounding from the destruction of their city.

Kiriel frowned at the citizens screaming beneath her and then asked the Dragon God Soldiers.

“Aren’t those your citizens?”

They had chosen the city as their stage for the battle to limit the attacks of their opponents, but it seemed like they didn’t care about them at all.

One of the Dragon God Soldiers who had been drunk with power chuckled.

“They’re our citizens, so we can do whatever we want with them, right? If you guys hadn’t barged in then this wouldn’t have happened in the first place.”



R-Kelkadian Ron made a content expression as he listened to the explosions around him.

A power that allowed him to do anything was overflowing inside him.

Kiriel frowned at this.

‘This is more annoying.’

Although their individual strength was far weaker than the Nerpa, their resistance to damage was much higher.

And there was a lot of them too.

‘And these guys… They look like they’re mass-produced. It seems like there’s a ruckus going on all around.’

This plan had started out with the idea that there wasn’t much that could threaten them outside the ships.

Since if the Neropa Union’s fleet was busy dealing with the Pompeion Empire, they wouldn’t be able to defend them with just the remaining Dragon God Soldiers.

But what was this?

Kiriel frowned as she looked at the Dragon God Soldiers approaching her and Hansoo with confidence.



14th City, Etoreim.

The city that Metionell and John Stone had gone to had been turned into a sea of flames.

“Hahaha! Why did you come here, Metionell?”


As a red mark shone from Karass’ neck.

A tremendous amount of energy sprang up from beneath and started convening towards the Dragon God Armor’s core.

It then flowed towards the subatomic cannon on his right arm.

The Nerpa was strong enough to control this power with his own strength, but Karass wasn’t.

Instead, he had a powerful body and the Dragon God Armor.



—the subatomic cannon, which was on par with the ship’s cannons, split through the air and flew past the melted buildings within the city.


Metionell clenched her teeth as she watched this scene.

She was also a high-ranking member of the tribe.

Although she was wearing the Dragon God Armor that could use the power of the Flame, it wasn’t strong enough to defend against an attack on the scale of a warship.

And as Metionell fell into despair—


“It’ll become annoying to navigate if you die, stand behind me.”


—someone grabbed her by her neck, flung her backward and stood where she had been standing at.


As the bright red axe slammed down, it split the attack in half.

‘This barbarian… You can split that as well?’

As Karass flinched at this scene—


—John Stone shouted and started to charge ahead.

Earthquakes occurred around his feet and shook the surrounding area.

As Karass hurriedly activated his defensive mechanism—


—the bloody axe slammed onto the forcefield around Karass’s body.


Although the forcefield ended up slightly cracked, it was still intact.

The blood-colored axe had failed at penetrating the shield that continued to regenerate.

“This…You bastard!”


And as if he was venting his anger with his newly found strength…

The tremendous energy from the Flame started converging around him.

And not only Karass but the two other Dragon God Soldiers as well.


As Metionell let out a shout from behind—


—three beams of white light shot forward and swept past John Stone, who had been standing in front of Karass.

“Hahahaha! Did you barge in here by trusting in this weak alien? At least bring a ship, Metionell!”

Karass laughed out loud.

Thinking that the betrayal of his tribe in the past was the right choice after all.

What use was there in trying to hold onto the flag of a damned tribe?

Preparing for revenge after falling far, far down was something only found within a story.

Always strive for survival, for profit.

Winners only grew stronger and losers only fell weaker and weaker.

While they were crawling around the ground in search of revenge.

He and the Neropa Union he had chosen were rising into the sky.

K-Adelaia Ron.

The person who had given him, an outsider, a set of Dragon God Armor and even the Flame’s Blessing.

As long as one had the ability, they were treated well.

If it wasn’t for this, they wouldn’t have been able to unite thousands of tribes, clans, and families under her feet.

Since she would’ve had to kill them all.

But as Karass was smirking at Metionell—

“Bastard… Who are you calling weak?”

—a voice full of rage rang out from the dust.



—something cut through the dust and flew towards Karass.


Karass barely managed to dodge it with luck.

He’d never thought that John Stone would be able to survive the strike.

Since the attack from before was an ambush.

Sadly, the two Dragon God Soldiers behind him weren’t as lucky.





The bloody axe flew through the air and cut through the necks of the two people standing behind him.

The attack was so swift that they couldn’t react on time to activate their defense mechanisms.

‘What in the world?!’

Karass clenched his teeth at the man who walked out from the dust.

But his calculations hadn’t been wrong.

The man had been destroyed to the point of being unable to fight.

Except… he was much more tenacious than he’d expected.

“Some damned bastard inserted some things inside me… Although it’s a bit annoying, it’s still very helpful.”


John Stone muttered, grabbing the axe that flew back towards him.


The red aura leaking out from his destroyed body was somehow maintaining his body.

It was forcibly suppressing the nerves that relayed the feeling of pain to his body, forcibly moving his destroyed muscles.

Karass looked at John Stone, who was standing tall like a zombie, and he couldn’t help freaking out.

Although he was about to fall.

It felt like his own neck would fly off if he approached him.


But Karass then realized he didn’t need to worry so much.

“Hahaha! There will be reinforcements! Dumbasses! Countless Dragon God Soldiers are receiving the Flame’s Blessing even now!”

Karass touched the communication device by his ear.

Just one.

If just one Dragon God Soldier came then he could easily deal with the two before his eyes.

But the moment he touched it.

‘Support… denied? Why?’

There should be more than enough Dragon God Soldiers.

Did something bad happen somewhere else?

Something that prevented them from sending a single Dragon God Soldier this way?

‘No… We should’ve already calculated their strengths with total accuracy!’

Then Karass heard a cold voice that caused chills to run down his entire back

“Keke… It seems things aren’t turning out the way you want? Listen, let’s have a fight. Man to man.”

The expression on Karass’s face turned gruesome.


“Originally… I didn’t want to cause a ruckus here.”

Hansoo muttered, swinging his hammer.

It wasn’t good to cause too much damage to one side.

Only when the Neropa Union and the Pompeion Empire had similar strengths and gnawed away at each other would he take over the Pompeion Empire with much more ease in the future.

But if these guys wanted to act out like this, he didn’t have the time to hold back either.




The seven Dragon God Soldiers rolled around the floor, their entire bodies utterly destroyed.

And as for the countless extra Dragon God Soldiers rushing towards him from afar.


A black aura started to flow out from Hansoo.