Reincarnator - Chapter 376: Inheritance War (6)

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Chapter 376: Inheritance War (6)


“Hahaha! What’s up? Try a bit harder!”

Elis Valentine laughed out loud as she charged towards Kiriel.

Despite her laughter, she was bleeding from her entire body.

Kiriel freaked out at the sight of Elis Valentine continuing to charge at her despite the countless wounds on her body.

‘I knew she was crazy, but… she’s just straight up mental.’

She realized that something was off with Elis’s head when she saw her stabbing herself with that spike.

But she didn’t expect her to be this crazy.


Kiriel activated the Dragon God Armor to its limits as she attacked Elis Valentine again.



The fang in Kiriel’s hand had cut enough flesh to reveal Elis Valentine’s ribs.

A wound that would cause people to freeze up in shock from the pain alone.

But Kiriel didn’t rejoice with this and instead hardened her muscles.

‘Damn it… Huup!’



Elis Valentine’s partially cut-off right hand smashed into Kiriel’s stomach.


Kiriel breathed in deeply at the powerful force slamming her stomach, quickly regaining her balance as the blow flung her back.


Kiriel dug her fingers into the ground, slowing herself from being flung backward.


And she frowned as Elis Valentine approached her again with a smile.


The injuries on her body were healing at a visible pace.

New skin grew, and her body reabsorbed the leaking blood.

Broken bones mended and severed muscles healed.

A monstrous healing ability.

Even for a 3-Star Transcendent, it was abnormal.

She wasn’t at that level, not even close.

Elis’s spike had punctured her skin, and the wound was still bleeding.


Kiriel frowned as she looked at the completely healed Elis.

Elis made a creepy smile as if Kiriel’s expression made her feel happy.

“It seems you don’t have a Trait designed for battle? So how is it? Seeing a battle-specialized Trait?”

Kiriel shrugged.

“Eh, I’m not really envious or anything. I’m not insane like you.”

Rising to the 3-Star level had strengthened her Trait as well.

Unlike before, where she had to focus to read memories, she could now read memories just by touching someone briefly during a fight.

Elis’s Trait was .

She was resistant to pain.

A human’s natural defense mechanism to feel pain did not exist inside her.

Actually, one could say it was more of a disorder than a Trait at this point.

But of course, her Trait allowed her to take this to another level.

She could save the pain she would otherwise feel and convert it into her own strength or even heal herself.

A very useful Trait in a battle.

A battle involved collective actions that put one through pain.

Of course, the healing rate wasn’t crazy to the point that she could heal everything.

She was still losing out in the end.

But since Elis was giving away a rib to cut a single piece of Kiriel’s flesh, Kiriel was the one truly losing out in this battle.

And another.

‘...Damn. She wasn’t poking her body around just for fun.’

Normally, she shouldn’t be able to heal like that.

Calculating the injuries Kiriel had given to Elis, there wasn’t enough damage to heal her to this degree.

But Elis had completely recovered.

There was only one reason for this.

She had saved up the pain with her Trait and waited.

‘She’s insanely efficient.’

She had accumulated her painful actions and used it to heal.

With her natural healing abilities, the injuries from her spikes were more than enough for her to mend her wounds.

And this was the result.

A near immortal body.

Elis giggled as she looked at Kiriel.

“Oh, don’t misunderstand. The thing I was doing before is my hobby. I’m not doing it because I need to.”


Kiriel was at a loss.

‘This girl. She’s really mental.’

Elis continued to speak, enjoying Kiriel’s expression.

“You see, I was in a lot of pain before I came here in the past. A lot of pain. So much pain that I’d faint from it. But then it’s funny because you wake up from the pain. Every day is a living nightmare.”

Later on, the medication stopped working as well.

Struggling from pain day by day.

She wanted to die, but they wouldn’t let her.

“But there was at least one good thing about it.”

“...What is it?”

Elis laughed as she replied:

“When I used all my effort to pretend not to be in pain, people looked at me with admiration in their eyes.”

This had made her feel special.

It was something that others couldn’t do.

Withstanding pain that others couldn’t even imagine.

Her body felt full of pain, but that one thing was good.

And the Trait she had earned as she came over to this world…

Pain Nullification.

“I really like this world. I don’t hurt anymore. But unlike before, the people don’t look at me the same anymore. So I started this.”


Kiriel watched as Elis stabbed herself again in a daze.

And Elis looked at her expression and smiled.

“Yes, that expression.”

“You crazy b****. These aren’t the eyes of admiration but eyes that think you’re f***ing insane.”

Elis shrugged her shoulders.

“Well, it’s all the same shit. They’re all surprised by me, right? Anyway, come at me. You have to stop me, right? I need to finish this up and go over to my brother too. Remember, this whole place will blow up if you don’t stop me.”

Looking tired, Kiriel mumbled:

“I’m coming, you crazy b****…”

Her entire body was creaking with pain but thanks to their chat, she had healed to a certain degree.

Kiriel stared at Elis and thought to herself:

‘I don’t know what to do, Hansoo… she’s more insane than I imagined.’

A crazy b**** could be dealt with if you beat them halfway to death, but she was also ridiculously strong.

Kiriel looked at Elis with a bitter expression.



Hansoo frowned at the countless figures charging towards him.

‘These aren’t at a 3-Star level, but… for them to become this strong…’

The overflowing energy from the crystal.

And the Dragon God Armor that used this energy.

The modifications that pushed the body’s efficiency to its limits.

Melchizedek seemed to have taken it as a challenge to see how far one can push a 2-Star Transcendent. It had invested everything it had onto these Artificial Transcendents.

And they were showing him their might.


Hansoo’s Mjolnir and the blade from the Dragon God Armor collided as a huge sound reverberated.


Of course, it couldn\'t withstand the strength of the 3-Star Transcendent Hansoo, so the blade had snapped.

But the other Artificial Transcendents did not miss this chance.


Two more attacks rushed in from the small gap created by the first Artificial Transcendent’s collision with Hansoo.

Including the one blocking his attacks, three Artificial Transcendents were raining attacks down on his body.

Hansoo frowned at seeing these attacks closing in on him from all directions and then let down his guard.


Three blades embedded themselves between the gaps of the blue armor.

And as if they felt ecstasy from the succession of their attacks, they all smirked a little.

A deep wound.

No matter how strong Hansoo was, this was still fatal.

One blade had even approached his heart.

Any small movement could rob Hansoo of his life.

But while the Artificial Transcendents were rejoicing, Hansoo voice called out:

“I’m sure Melchizedek erased your emotions because they might interfere in battle.”


Hansoo continued to speak as he looked at their confused expressions.

“I’m just saying, if you wish to rejoice then do it after everything’s over.”



—the hammer in Hansoo’s hand swung through the air and smashed through their heads in quick succession.

The Dragon God Armor and the overflowing energy of the crystal had tried to protect them, but it was all futile.

The seven dragons that he’d gathered while they stabbed him had sent all three heads flying away, one at a time.



Hansoo healed his injury with his Immortal Soul as he looked around.

‘There’s still a few more left?’

Since he was trying to finish things quickly, he’d lost a significant amount of stamina.

Even the Immortal Soul had a limit in healing wounds from the condensed mana—it took a considerable amount of effort for it to fully heal these wounds.

In a situation where he didn’t know what Melchizedek was planning inside, he didn’t have the leisure to be wasting his energy and stamina like this.

Hansoo passed by the corpses of the ones he’d killed off and quickly dashed further into the depths where he felt the crystal’s aura.

The aura was continuously expanding.

It didn’t look simple.

‘Let’s see. Let’s see what you have hidden.’


Hansoo hastened towards the depths of Melchizedek’s machine castle.


“Who made that? That creature? Isn’t it alive?”

N-Aroel shook his head.

“No way. Somebody created it.”



R-Koronaita Nell freaked out as he looked at the giant creature, Nelkipa, as it flew through space.

‘That… Somebody made that?’

A body with defensive properties that was countless times more superior than their proud fleet of flames.

Who had created that?

For what reason?

And as if N-Aroel had read R-Koronaita Nell’s mind, he answered his thoughts.

“That is a warship. A warship created by a certain race.”

“...That’s a warship?”

“It’s not even active by the way. It’s… just waking up?’


N-Aroel laughed at R-Koronaita Nell’s dumbfounded expression and said:

“It’s a warship. A ship designed for war. It’s not supposed to float around like a jellyfish. If it started up properly… It’ll be amazing.”

N-Aroel then made an amused expression as he looked at the countless spikes on the Nelkipa’s back.

“But aren’t you curious? As to how I know all this?”

R-Koronaita Nell’s expression froze.