Reincarnator - Chapter 372: Inheritance War (2)

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Chapter 372: Inheritance War (2)

“The third fun story?”

N-Aroel nodded at N-Akuon’s question.

“Yes. It’s a fun story. Melchizedek took one of the bodies from that race and went up. It was too much of a waste to use it as fodder and throw it away.”

N-Akuon nodded.

If it was really a race as powerful as that, even a corpse was valuable.

But it wouldn\'t be as good as a live one.

There was still a question in his mind.

“...What will it do with the body?”

N-Aroel shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t know. Maybe use it to turn the situation around? You see, it’s not in the greatest position right now.”

“Not in a good position? Hmm…”

N-Akuon could not understand the meaning behind that.

According to what he’d heard, Melchizedek had prepared meticulously.

It had succeeded in the rebellion, swept away the civilians of Angkara, and gained control over Nelkipa.

For someone who controlled that strange insectoid race, what could it have issues with?

N-Aroel smiled at N-Akuon’s words.

“Can you see that over there? That cannon-like thing.”

N-Akuon peeked his head out and looked out of the ship to the place N-Aroel was pointing to.

N-Aroel’s finger was pointing directly at the Nelkipa.

The spikes at the back of Nelkipa to be exact.

They called them spikes relative to the whole of Nelkipa, but those things were dozens of kilometers tall at least.

That size was actually comparable, or even taller, to the skyscrapers in Angkara.

It had a strange design as well.

N-Akuon was at a loss as he looked at the metallic spikes—each of them seemed to have a hole in the center.

“No way… Is that really a weapon?”

One of the technicians of the fleet had actually come up with a theory.

That those spikes could be weapons.

But that theory was soon ignored.

Because of one reason.

“If that was a weapon, why isn’t Melchizedek using it?”

N-Akuon asked N-Aroel fervently.

Well, it was more of a fear-stricken expression.

Of course.

That giant creature and the giant cannon.

The energy felt from within it was endless.

If that thing started firing at them, then both the fleets and the planet of Angkara wouldn’t be able to escape from turning into a sea of flames.

He could only feel fear.

So he had ignored that possibility.

If that was a weapon, why wasn’t Melchizedek retaliating after they attacked with Photon Strikes?



N-Akuon looked at the giant creature that was flying through the countless rays of Photon Strikes as if they were just a light drizzle.

“Bingo. That’s the important part. Do you know why it isn’t attacking?”

“...Tell me.”

A part of him wanted to guess it as a challenge, but he was truly desperate for the answer.

N-Aroel looked at N-Akuon’s thirsty expression and smiled.

“It’s because Melchizedek doesn’t have complete control over Nelkipa.”


“And that’s why Melchizedek needs to turn the situation around. I don’t know what he’ll do though.”


Another question appeared inside N-Akuon’s head.

He no longer cared about how Melchizedek would use that new race’s body.

Something that he was even more curious about had popped up.

“...Who? Who’s causing Melchizedek this much trouble?”

Who had the power to?

“Let’s see…”

N-Aroel chuckled as he scanned the Nelkipa below.



At the head of the giant Nelkipa.


One man listened to the cries of the Nelkipa, which was maintaining its course towards Angkara despite the countless artillery shells smashing onto its body, and he cursed out loud.

“F***ing hell. I don’t even know why they fire these things when they don’t work anyway. Annoying.”

Countless artillery shells were continuously raining down on him.

Not that it mattered.


A Photon Strike slammed onto the man, but he just dusted himself off in an annoyed manner.

“Damn it. I hate saunas.”

The Photon Strike that had even burned Hansoo at the 2-Star level didn’t leave a single scratch on that man.

It wasn’t like the man was covered in the nano-coating anyway.

The man had easily blocked off the artillery shells with a thin mana barrier above his skin. He spoke to the woman standing next to him.

“Hey, could you stop that?”

The man looked perplexed at the woman next to him, who was stabbing herself with a strange spike.

Despite the spike puncturing her skin and causing her to bleed, she continued her actions with a dull expression.

‘Ugh, I can never get used to that.’

The woman snapped in anger.

“Shut up, don’t meddle in my hobbies. Focus on how you’re going to deal with that thing instead.”

“...I don’t think I can do anything.”


The man, Ares Valentine, mumbled as he looked at the groups of soldiers marching around the giant fortress in the distance.

Of course, those little toys couldn’t stop them.

They could rip them apart like paper.

But the issue was the ones behind them.

2-Star Transcendents that had been modified and even equipped with armor.

As well as the tremendous amount of energy supplied from the crystal in Aokan.

‘No, the crystal in there is even bigger than the crystal in Aokan.’

Ares Valentine frowned.

The main crystal of the Nelkipa—the core that supplied it with energy.

And the modified transcendents that were setting up defenses using the energy from the crystal.

Even if they were 3-Star Transcendents, they’d end up as a couple of rags once they stepped in there.

Elis Valentine, the woman who was listening to Ares’s words, frowned as she snapped again.

“That’s why I said we should’ve taken that first, you dumb bastard.”

“...How could I have known this would happen? And I thought this was all we needed.”

The man looked at the giant crystal behind him.


It wasn’t as large as the main crystal, but it was much larger than the one below Aokan.

One main crystal.

The sub-crystal behind him and the one in the distance that Elis Valentine was defending.

These three crystals were the main control centers of Nelkipa.

‘All this energy… just to provide enough energy to control this thing.’

Ares was at a loss.

The energy that he could feel from the crystal behind him was something that even he, a 3-Star Transcendent, feared slightly.

And all this energy was just a tiny fraction that came out from the artificial core of the Nelkipa.

‘Damn. We have to take control over this Nelkipa… Or if we can find the method to control all this energy.’

Ares Valentine frowned and felt regret.

They had looked down on Melchizedek a bit too much.

They’d thought that they could easily deal with Melchizedek’s toys, and then shred apart Kang Hansoo since they were both 3-Star Transcendents.

But after prying into the whole thing, what was all this?

Melchizedek had used its intensive knowledge and control over this giant creature to arm its underlings.

And as a result, they couldn’t even approach the main crystal and were tied down trying to protect the two sub-crystals.

‘Should I have studied instead of just fighting all the time?’

Ares Valentine lamented as he looked at the crystal behind him.

If he knew how to control this energy, then he would’ve long since charged in there and crushed Melchizedek’s skull.

The energy behind him was more than enough to do that.

Of course, something like that wasn’t possible for him.

This was not something one could do with a short amount of studying.

Only something like Melchizedek would be able to.

‘I need to accept what I have to accept.’

Ares Valentine looked at his twin sister, Elis Valentine, and asked:

“What are you going to do?’

Elis Valentine pointed towards Melchizedek’s fortress in the distance and replied:

“We might have the strength to defend all of this, but nothing will change if we just stick around here, right?”


“And charging in there will be a piece of cake?”


“So taking control of the Nelkipa is the same as well?’


Elis clapped lightly and then replied.

“Good, let’s begin.”

“Damn it…”

Ares made a flustered expression.

There was only one thing they could do now.

“You start first. I’ll join you soon.”

“Alright, I won’t see you off. Take care.”

With these words—


—Elis’s body quickly disappeared towards the crystal in the distance.

Ares shrugged at this scene and then moved towards the sub-crystal behind him.


The crystal that was overflowing with energy.

He had no way to control this energy at the moment.

It was too much for him to handle.

Melchizedek might be able to use it with its amazing technology, but he didn’t have a talent like that.

‘Maybe if I had the Acknowledgement.’

Well, the thing he was about to do didn’t really require him to control this energy.

‘Let’s see… Time for some fireworks before I go up.’

Ares chuckled coldly.

He’d tried so hard to keep this crystal, but if he couldn’t then it was better to destroy it.

And soon—


—a tremendous amount of energy extended out from Ares’s body and shook the crystal.



“I expected a greeting party, but it looks like that’s not happening.”

“Yeah. I expected them to do something as soon as we arrived.”

Kiriel and Enbi Arin were at a loss as they walked out from the giant elevator.

They had prepared themselves for the worst, but nothing was here.

But this only lasted for a moment.


Kiriel and Enbi Arin quickly woke up from their delusions.

It was not the time to let down their guard.

“These crazy bastards… What the hell are they doing?”

This tremendous aura.

Two overbearing auras exploded out from the giant plane on the Nelkipa’s head.

From two edges of the plane.

No, it wasn’t just two.


As two auras exploded out from two sides of the plane, another aura that was as big as both of them combined exploded out from between them.

Three energies ruptured outwards like the eruption of a volcano.

The tremendous amount of energy pushed against their skin, and Hansoo mumbled:

“I guess they didn’t have time to. They seem to be busy with their own jobs.”

“It’s time… for us to do our jobs as well.”

Hansoo mumbled as he looked at the three giant auras exploding around them.



The Nelkipa, which had been ignoring the countless artillery shells, started to cry out.