Reincarnator - Chapter 350 : Entering (2)

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Chapter 350 : Entering (2)


Hansoo smashed through a wall and looked around.

‘Not much here, at least in this area.’


Hansoo checked his body as he walked into the giant train.

The Immortal Soul seemed to have grown a bit—it was healing his body at a faster rate than before.


As Melkasus charged through the entrance, Hansoo started to swing his hammer again towards the robots that followed it inside.


Despite the countless numbers being flung outside the train by Hansoo, they continued to rush in as if they had expected all of this.

Hansoo shrugged his shoulders as he watched this scene.

‘I need to bait them…’

The robot’s target was not him, but rather, the vehicle behind him.

—boom! booom!—

It was clear as the artillery shells were focused onto the vehicle.

‘Did they realize I was heading towards the control tower?’

He couldn\'t handle the hundreds of shells that were flying towards the vehicle with his strength alone.


And those exact artillery shells were slowly chipping away at the vehicle’s shield.

‘No, this won’t do.’

Hansoo frowned.

Red clouds started to seep out from his body and surrounded the area around Melkasus.


crack. ssss…

The artillery shells all started melting whilst passing through the mere few tens of meters of red clouds.


—tonk! tink!—

The artillery shells melted away as only a few of the remaining fragments slammed into the vehicle.


The flaming pillars didn’t reach this place.

His pandemic blade would not be weakened anymore.

Through a small communicator near his ear, Hansoo asked,

They needed to take over the control tower first, then they would be free from the artillery fire.

‘Anyway… Where did they get these transcendents?’

There might be a lot of one-star transcendents, but not this many.

Even if all the one-star transcendents were caught and modified, this number was simply too large.

‘Well, we’ll know after taking over the control tower.’

But even before he could finish his words,


An extremely condensed aura exploded out from the end of the train.

A bloodthirsty aura.

Hansoo frowned at the prickly sensation on his skin.

N-Maria shouted from inside Melkasus.

N-Maria grinded her teeth at the countless robots that continued to charge in.

Without the red cloud, they would become bare to the artillery shells again, and the robots would charge in as well.

They needed to take over the control tower as quick as possible, so why was he just standing there?

Hansoo looked over into the depths of the train.

Kiriel frowned.


There must be a reason why Hansoo spoke those words.

Kiriel elevated her senses to the limits to check.

—prick prick—


Kiriel subconsciously clenched her hands at the dense aura that was radiating towards them like blades.

‘If that thing came to us…’

Kiriel spoke to Hansoo.

N-Martin’s annoyed voice could be heard from inside.

If one left, fine.

But if both of them did?

What was he supposed to do then?

There was no way they’d get to the control tower without them.

‘These guys, they really are stupid. They don’t even know their priorities.’

But while N-Martin was grinding his teeth, Kiriel’s cold voice rang through the communicator.

She didn’t care if everyone else died.

She was only helping them out because Hansoo told her to.

But that aura.

That aura was different.

Though she believed in Hansoo, that being was not simple.

Of course she would choose to follow Hansoo.

However, Hansoo spoke as he shook his head.

One of the five N levels spoke up.

Though he looked like he was lacking a bit in comparison to N-Maria or N-Martin, he must be an N level because he had the abilities.

‘...This kid.’

Kiriel clenched her fists even tighter as she said,

Hansoo nodded, raised the hammer up high, and then commanded,


The floor beneath them exploded out with lightning as a vehicle and a humanoid shadow flew out from the smoke clouds, running in different directions.



Hansoo frowned as he continued to run inwards.

‘...I wonder what the rest are doing.’

Hansoo made an annoyed expression.

Why was he doing this?

Neither Clementine or any of his comrades could be seen.

Of course, he couldn’t just ignore this.

If he, who knew of the future, let things go, then things might really go awry.

‘There are those who refuse to listen as well.’

Hansoo thought of the Angkara as he continued to run towards the aura.

This guy was top priority.

‘Let’s see what you are.’

Hansoo smashed through the walls of the research center and ran towards it in a straight line.

Though breaking the complex-looking machines felt like something he shouldn’t be doing, there was no time to waste.

‘They’ll fix it.’

This was why he was with Angkara’s people.



It was from the depths of the research center.


Hansoo smashed his legs onto the floor as he stared at the golden beam that was rushing towards him.

The photon strike.

He never expected to see it in here.

Of course, it was much more condensed than the ones that were outside.

Hansoo smashed the beam upwards with his hammer.


The beam flew into the air, breaking through countless layers of the research center and into the sky.

“What a nice introduction.”

—stomp stomp—

Something walked out from the dark.

It was a sturdy man with a defined jawline.

Hansoo frowned.


Then, something also followed it out from behind.

Unlike Melchizedek, who wasn’t armed, this new being was armed to the teeth.

A giant cannon was cooling off behind its back.

‘A personal weapon that can fire the photon strike… Hmm.’

It was a cannon that allowed one to use the photon strike which could only be used by military bases or starships.

Of course, this wasn’t common.

According to his knowledge, only the R-levels had the right to use this special, personal defense mechanism, even in Angkara.

It was a weapon used by the royalties who ruled Angkara.

Melchizedek smiled at Hansoo.

[A gift. It was really hard to catch this thing, you know.]

Melchizedek smiled as he touched the surface of the cannon behind the man’s back.



“Is it here?”

N-Maria answered,


Catastrophe, which was on top of the vehicle, started creating a large, gray ball.


The ball was forming on the wall as it started to tear the wall apart, creating a path for them to pass through.

Shockingly, the gray ball was forced to disintegrate as strange energy flew through the wall.


N-Maria was shocked by this scene.


Kiriel made signs and activated a skill.


A strange shockwave spread out from her body and caused everything around her to stop functioning.

‘...What? I’m not even frozen!’

N-Martin, despite being fully awake, could not move his body at all.

Kiriel glanced at them and then smashed her fist at the wall.


Cracks appeared on the wall as a small rectangular hole was made.

Kiriel spoke after she created the hole.

“The smaller the entrance, the easier it is to guard. Only take the people you really need and go in, I’ll guard this place.”

N-Maria saw the robots who were starting to move again and then quickly started to get off the vehicle.

They had basic body modifications already, jumping down from the tall vehicle wasn’t much.


Kiriel made a confused expression at this scene.

Not many had come out.

“Only you few? What about the other N-levels?”

Kiriel thought of the other four in the vehicle.

“I’m the only one from Technorat, just guard us well!”

Kiriel smiled at N-Maria who was running through the hole and then glanced at the vehicle.

She could penetrate them right through the walls.

‘I guess I should clean up the cockroaches when I get the chance.’

She didn’t like them already.

And they weren’t needed.

She created four flaming spears in her hand.



Four holes appeared on the walls of the vehicle.