Reincarnator - Chapter 347 : Inhabitants (2)

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Chapter 347 : Inhabitants (2)


Their leader, N-Maria, gritted her teeth as she looked at the thin man on the screen.

She remembered that face.

One of the B-levels had saved him when he was on the verge of death.

Although it had been awhile since he’d last been here, she still remembered that man and that B-level being all lovey-dovey.

But now he was repaying his debt by bringing an enemy to their door?

‘How did he find it?’

N-Maria wondered how that man had found the vehicle they hid with the latest technology from Angkara, but soon stopped.

That wasn’t important right now.

M-Waves—a power that only their planet’s soldiers could wield.

Those very M-Waves were blasting out from the bodies of the two standing before them.

The filters scanning the waves were going crazy.

These guys weren’t ordinary.

Those two beings.

Especially the man standing next to that lanky, pretty boy.

They were definitely considered as ‘transcendents’ amongst those things.

The ones who were especially dangerous and violent.


N-Maria quickly made a decision as she looked at the storm of lightning that his body released.

“Fire the cannons!”



The sole soldier of the N levels, N-Martin.

M-Waves started emanating from N-Martin’s body.


The weapon on top of the vehicle, , moved according to N-Martin’s wishes.

The weapon of war that the Neropa Union took pride in, the weapon that only their soldiers could use.

They had managed to escape in the past all thanks to this weapon.

“Sir Martin! Strike them!”

“Kill that bastard too!”

While the others shouted in excitement—

—there was one person who worriedly watched the scene.


Standing in the back, a woman watched them with an expression filled with distress.



A storm was brewing up in the air.

Jack gulped as he looked at the swirls of energy that was starting to surround the armored car.


He’d forsaken his saviors and had betrayed them.

He’d done it by using the hidden ability within his trait, the ability to find women he’d once been intimate with.

Of course, these people would no longer welcome him after what he’d just done.

‘No. There’s one exception.’

The woman who had saved him.

Jack mumbled as he thought of the woman he had charmed in the past, B-Anasen.

That woman might still hold him dear.

But what did that matter?

The B-levels were one of the lowest levels in their society.

If the N-levels wanted his head to fly off, then they could only comply.

“...Can I leave yet? I’ve guided you here.”

Of course, he wasn’t just going to leave.

Since he would die amidst the flaming attacks falling down from the sky.

Kiriel smiled as she said:

“What are you saying? Hold your position.”


‘I knew this would happen. This is why I wanted to hide my trait…’

While Jack cursed in his mind—


—the brewing storm amassed and a giant shockwave rang out.



A tremendous amount of energy that could bend even space itself started gathering into a sphere.

A sphere that enveloped Hansoo and Kiriel.


The sphere was around 10 meters in width when it first surrounded Hansoo and Kiriel and then it rapidly started to shrink. shrink.


Everything within the sphere, even Nelkipa’s skin, started to get sucked into its center.


Though they had aimed it at the two, its range was so large that it even impacted Jack.

And while Jack screamed as the force pulled him into the sphere—


—Hansoo frowned for a moment, and then grasped the center of the sphere with both hands.


The gray sphere, which had been devouring everything in its range, let out a huge noise as it froze.


The gray sphere tried to devour the two hands holding onto it, but the hands remained unaffected.

Hansoo pushed around the sphere as he looked at Kiriel.

“Indeed, we won’t need a weapon.”

“Shall we smash it apart then?’

“No, let’s just stop it for now.”

The fang in Kiriel’s hands cut across the air, slicing the gray sphere into two.

And Hansoo threw the hammer in his right hand towards the armored car that had been preparing to run away.


Tendrils of lightning branched out from the point of impact and quickly covered the entire armored car.


“Don’t glare at me like that. I’m here to talk.”

“...Sure. Of course, you are.”

N-Maria sarcastically replied, glaring at the three people who invaded their armored vehicle.

‘Damn, we can’t even run anymore.’

The opponent was way stronger than expected.

Even though the weapon on this vehicle was meant for defensive purposes, it didn’t even put a scratch on them.


N-Maria sighed as she looked at the soldier, N-Martin, who was looking down at the ground in embarrassment.

“Fine, let’s talk. What do you want?”

Alhough the man had stopped them from leaving, he had controlled his strength from overly damage their vehicle.

The barrier was still active, which meant that they were still hidden.

Of course, there weren’t any casualties as well.

Which meant that this man wasn’t planning on harming them.

Not yet, at least.

So a conversation with them wouldn’t be that bad, it was what they had come for anyway.

‘...Still. What a mongrel.’

While N-Maria frowned at Jack—

—Hansoo shrugged his shoulders.

“Simple, I came to ask for help.”

N-Maria continued to frown and shook her head.

It didn’t seem like they’d be very helpful when he was already this strong.

“This is not an armory. We have no weapons powerful enough to be of use to you. The weapon you just went against? That’s the strongest one we have.”

Hansoo shook his head.

“No, I don’t want a weapon. I want a shield.”


Hansoo nodded.

“Yes, please apply the repulsion coating on us.”

Kiriel’s expression brightened up.

‘Yes, with that…’

The biggest reason they couldn\'t fight freely was because of those flaming pillars raining down from above.

A moment’s hesitation or one wrong move could turn her and Hansoo into fried chicken.

But if they could get the repulsion coating that those cyborgs had, the story would change.

They would be able to fight freely.

N-Maria started to think.

‘...Should I?’

If they did apply it to them, these people would become invulnerable to the Photon Strikes.

The coating didn’t come off easily either.

She didn’t know where this man stood between Angkara and Melchizedek, but they would be gaining extremely powerful shields.

But she didn’t think about it for too long.

Maria fell into silence as she stared at Hansoo’s eyes.

‘...We need to at least survive.’

She didn’t know what his objectives were.

But she had a hunch.

That he didn’t have the time or leisure to care about her people’s situation.

It would be better to apply the coating quickly and then shoo them away.

Even if she were reprimanded under the laws of the union for giving aid to an alien race, it would be worth it.

“We’ll do it, but you’ll have to wait. It takes a bit of time to prepare the coating.”

They could prepare it faster if they were at the Main Research Center or the Armory. There was a limit to what they could achieve in an armored vehicle that was built for research purposes.

After the A-levels started to prep the coating, N-Maria bit her lip as she said:

“I have one condition.”

“What is it?”

“Please do not cause harm to my race while you’re here.”

Hansoo nodded.

He wasn’t planning to anyway.

There was no real benefit in fighting them.

N-Maria’s confidence rose after seeing Hansoo’s reaction, and she added another condition.

“Also, please leave after this.”

But Hansoo shook his head.

“No can do.”

N-Maria started to frown and Hansoo continued.

“Just listen, it won’t be that bad for you guys.”

While N-Maria’s expression turned to one of confusion—


‘What the…?’

N-Maria frowned as the entire vehicle shook from the impact.

One of the B-levels operating the sensors shouted.

“They’ve tracked us down!”


N-Maria frowned at the screen.

Countless robotic foot soldiers.

‘Melchizedek, that lunatic. What the hell are you planning…?’

N-Maria gritted her teeth as she looked at the half-robot, half-human being standing behind the foot soldiers.

N-Maria clenched her hands into a fist as she stared at the countless robots who were charging through the flames as if they’d all been applied with the repulsion coating.

Having once talked to the kind and friendly Melchizedek in the past, she would’ve never expected it to do something like this.

‘Well, if he was violent from the beginning then the alliance and betrayal would have never occurred.’

N-Maria mumbled to herself as she looked at the charging robots shown on the screen.

Apparently they’d detected their vehicle in the short moment their barrier had collapsed from the previous attack.

N-Maria glared at the two intruders and gritted her teeth.

“They’ve managed to track us down thanks to you guys. At least fight for u…”


Even before Maria could complete her sentence, a huge shockwave caused the entire vehicle to shake.

“The outer shield has been damaged! They’re rushing us!”

“Dammit! Defend! Don’t let it break! N-Martin! Activate the weapon!”

They would be destroyed at this rate.

N-Maria quickly issued orders as she stared at Melchizedek’s forces.

But, the Catastrophe wasn’t being activated.

“What are you doing, N-Martin! Activate it immediately!”

At N-Maria’s shouts, N-Martin, who had been in a daze, woke up from his stupor and began to let out his M-waves.

All while continuing to steal glances.


N-Martin glared at the two intruders.