Reincarnator - Chapter 339 : Main Research Center (1)

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Chapter 339 : Main Research Center (1)

“Can you read anything?”

Hansoo asked Kiriel, who continued to stay focused with her hand on the ground.

“Please, wait a moment!”

She hadn’t been able to read anything with her area skill.

Which meant that nothing had happened recently, at least.


As the range decreased and the effectiveness multiplied, she was able to delve deeper and read even more memories.

Kiriel started off from the most recent event near the elevator and started to read through them.


‘…What is this?’

Kiriel started to frown.


‘If I can find him while I’m cleaning up these pieces of garbage, then… that really is a jackpot.’

As he focused, Hansoo thought of Melchizedek, who reminded him of an innocent child.



A dark aura started to gather around the tip of Mjolnir.

The Nine Dragons Spear.

Of course, the name was because the creator of this skill was somebody who wielded a spear.

The important thing wasn’t the name, but how the skill itself worked.

A skill which squeezed every drop of strength in its user’s body, including the user’s instinctive struggle for survival during its use, and then turned that strength into a destructive form of energy that smashed apart the user’s foe.

Every time another dragon was added, the pain one felt throughout their body was multiplied.

A skill which stacked the energy that was extracted out from the body through this process and used it to destroy one’s foes.

This was the Nine Dragons Spear.

Which meant that as long as one understood the method behind the extraction of strength, and how the energy was gathered, it didn’t matter what weapon was used.



Four dragons rushed out from Hansoo’s heart and started to intermingle with the lightning within the Mjolnir.

It wasn’t that four was his limit.

But rather that four was more than enough.

Hansoo lifted the hammer surrounded by black lightning and smashed it into the ground.

And the moment the hammer collided with the metallic land—


—the black lightning rode through the ground and started to spread out.

Like countless dragons charging towards their enemies.



The streaks of black lightning swam through the land and smashed into the robots, blowing them up and melting them down.

It was like watching countless dragons chewing apart their prey.




Kiriel split apart the robots one by one, dazedly looked at this scene where hundreds of robots were destroyed in an instant.

But there were another set of eyes that were watching this scene as well.


“What the hell is that?”


17 kilometers away from the elevator.

A man, who was lying between the buildings and watching the elevator, freaked out at the scene where hundreds of AR-1121s were being destroyed.

Though they were mass produced, those things weren’t so weak that they could be destroyed that easily.

Another man, who had been standing next to him, asked with a stern expression:

“Do you think he came down from above? Or came up from below?”

“How would I know?”

After hearing the annoyed voice of the man who was on the ground, the man with the stern expression frowned.

“You mean we’ll have to meet them to find out. Are you going to make contact?’


That man was too strong for them to just ignore and continue on with what they’d been doing.

The man on the ground, who seemed to be the leader, frowned at the words of his underling.