Reincarnator - Chapter 332 : Mj?lnir (1)

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Chapter 332 : Mjölnir (1)

‘I finally met him, but…’

Kiriel, who had been excited at meeting Hansoo, was confused.

Her seniors, who had acted as her teachers and comrades, had always talked about the past. It had been this way ever since she had come into this world, all throughout the 1st Zone to the 3rd Zone.

They talked about how much of a hell the previous world had been, unlike the systemized world of the present.

How they had to survive in such a world and grow stronger.

Of course, she wasn’t interested in all this.

Since it had only taken her a month or two to catch up to them.

Instead, every time she heard this story, her attention had settled on a single man.

Who was he really?

How did he revive that giant World Tree?

How did he tame the continent-sized beasts?

How did he annihilate the sages who’d treated humans like slaves?

And how did he turn the world from a terrifying hell to a place that was actually livable?

It had started off as curiosity, but soon grew into hope and a form of respect.

And as she grew stronger, she felt herself getting closer to this man.

So she had trained like a madman and chased after his footsteps.

But there was a difference between wanting to meet her idol and seeing them act weird.

‘He knows my name?’

Kiriel muttered in confusion.

Her knowing the name of this man, Hansoo, was obvious.

Since she was his fan and her trait was more focused on things like this.

But Hansoo shouldn’t know about her.

Since she’d come up here in the two years Hansoo had been asleep.

She had only been in this world for a year.

‘I’ve never even told my name to anyone in this zone…’

But there was no time to listen to his reply.


Since the Ark-Roa’s rage-filled attack was still shooting towards them.


Kiriel freaked out at the long metal spears that shot out from the ground, and Hansoo smiled sheepishly after realizing what he’d done.

‘I’ve made a mistake.’

He’d accidentally blurted out her name since it had been so sudden.


Hansoo dodged the attack the Ark-Roa aimed at Kiriel and looked at her.

He couldn’t believe it.

It made sense that Kiriel was already this strong.

Since her talent was top notch, even in his past life when she was still alive.

But no matter what their relationship had been in his past life.

He didn’t know how this woman might have changed.

Even more so if she had been mingling with the twelve.

Of course, their powerful opponent was also an issue.



Thousands of spikes rose up from the ground to block their path of escape, and its body was covered in lightning and flames.


The Ark-Roa, which had returned to its former black humanoid form, dashed through the melted land surrounding it and swung its fists at him.


Hansoo could no longer dodge, and had to block it with his hands, but the impact caused his hands to shake from the tremendous amount of force behind the Ark-Roa’s fists.

‘It ate too damn much.’

It would put him in a bad situation if he turned Kiriel into an enemy, especially since he needed her strength to slightly improve their chances.

But the moment Kiriel saw Hansoo’s face, she started to frown.

“It’s because you can’t trust me, right?”

Hansoo sighed at her words.

‘Do you know what I’ve done to meet you?’

Kiriel thought of her past.

She would need to become stronger to continue following him.

She had always accepted this fact even as she offered Hansoo her help.

She knew what had happened to those who accompanied him in the beginning.

Since she had devoted all her spare time outside of training into researching such things.

Even if the world had changed, it was always nice to be a beauty.

And even more so to be a powerhouse.

After countless hours of research, she had come to a conclusion.

Though they had been left behind to manage the lower zones, there was a truth hidden behind those words..

‘They couldn’t keep up.’

She would not chase after him from behind.

She would stand by his side and watch over him.

She didn’t go through with the nursery, and evaded the eyes of the others while she hunted down the beasts of the Abyss.

Since according to her trait, Hansoo wouldn’t like something like the nursery.

The only way to become stronger was to hunt.

She had devoted almost 24 hours of every day to chase after Hansoo, who could appear at any time.

But for her to see those cold and harsh eyes after finally being able to meet him…

But Kiriel soon shook her head.

‘No, it makes sense.’

She had expected this the moment she involved herself with the twelve.

To gain his trust, she was going to bring the heads of the other twelve, as well as the head of the one who had created her, but the thing in front of her had done it before she could.

Of course, the answer was simple.

She just needed to offer the monster instead.



Kiriel grasped the flail, a weapon she’d been fortunate to come across, and one that she treated dearly, and charged towards the Ark-Roa currently dashing towards Hansoo.


She then smashed her flail into the Ark-Roa’s head.



“Roaaar! A…Athena! Why are you doing this?!”

The Ark-Roa’s body squirmed around after being beaten down a few times.

The Ark-Roa’s body instantly changed to look like Aphrodite.

It was a cheap tactic, but it wasn’t aiming to achieve something great out of this.

Just a single moment.

It just needed a single flinch.

But Aphrodite’s looks were not enough.

Since Kiriel actually hated her right now.

“What the hell are you saying?”


‘You scrubs are the reason why he suspects me.’

Kiriel smashed away the face of the Ark-Roa that had tried to approach her looking like Aphrodite.

‘But yeah… this isn’t easy.’



Kiriel frowned as she smashed away the opponent.

Her hand was actually tingling.

And as if the Ark-Roa was getting used to everything, its movements were becoming faster and even more subtle than before.

As well as the power of its skills.



Lightning now covered the metal spikes that rose up from the ground.

Meaning that its strength was rising.


Kiriel frowned as she sent out a few skills from the energy stored within the flail.

‘Mmm…this is going to be hard to do alone. What am I going to do?’

She had jumped in to prove herself to Hansoo, but it wasn’t easy.

And according to her trait, she lacked the skills suited for this situation.

At that moment—




—a small orb shot past Kirie’s shoulder and smashed into the Ark-Roa.

The Ark-Roa screamed out in pain as Kiriel looked at Hansoo witn glee.

“You trust me?”

She had felt that she hadn’t done enough to gain his trust, but for him to agree to fight with her already…

But of course, Hansoo hadn’t interfered because he fully trusted her.

‘…I can’t just watch.’

Though he kept telling himself that the Kiriel of the past and the current Kiriel were different people.

As he watched her fight, his past memories kept on rising up.

And they couldn’t drag this out any longer since the Ark-Roa was getting stronger.

‘...Kill the Ark-Roa first, and then decide.’


While Kiriel had been buying time, he attacked with a combination of seven dragons from the Nine Dragons Spear, but the Ark-Roa was already regenerating.

And as Hansoo watched this, more dragons started to gather around his hand.

‘Mmm… if we’re going to fight, then…’

Hansoo pondered for a moment, and then took off the Arham’s shield on his left wrist.

And deactivated the Rangkom’s stake on his left hand.

He then threw them towards Kiriel.



Kiriel looked at Hansoo in confusion.

‘Might as well.’

He had already spoken her name, it would be impossible to dodge her suspicions.

He decided to use his knowledge of the past to dodge around it later. He spoke to Kiriel:

“Read it with your trait.”


“Hurry. Use your Psychometry to read those three.”

Kiriel was in shock.

‘…He even knew about that?’


Kiriel stared at Hansoo in confusion as he attacked the Ark-Roa with his Nine Dragons Spear.



Her trait.

The ability to read the past memories of objects, the surrounding land, and lifeforms.

A trait which she had never told to anyone.

She had been able to read the traces of her senior’s battles and become stronger.

She could tell if someone was lying.

She had been able to confirm Hansoo’s achievements that others could only hear of in tales.

The battle at the corner of the World Tree.

The battle within the giant white lion, Lazar.

The annihilation of the sages inside the giant underground birdcage in the 3rd zone.

And this trait was the most useful when scanning an artifact.

She was able to find out every secret and method of use hidden within an artifact.

Though most other adventurers couldn’t follow the ancient uses of mana that were different from modern-day methods.

She could.

Maybe it was a blessing from the gods.

She had even been able to learn the spells of the old Empire which had been engraved on the flail.

Hansoo shouted at Kiriel:

“Read all three!”

Hansoo realized something on his way here.

The three godly artifacts of the Empire.

Arham’s shield.

God’s flail.

Rangkom’s stake.

They’d initially been split up because they had to be used separately for different reasons, but—

It was originally a single object.

The strange hole on the flail.

The strange indent on Arham’s shield.

The few protrusions on Rangkom’s stake.

Miraculously, these strange features fit each other perfectly.

But these weren’t some random lego blocks.

A method to use them was needed.

And even he could not figure that out.

But, Kiriel.

Kiriel could with her Psychometry.

But Kiriel was hesitating.

“…If I use that then you’ll have to fight alone!”



Kiriel shouted worriedly as she looked at the Ark-Roa’s terrifying attacks.

Psychometry wasn’t that easy to use.

She needed to focus deeply in order to read the details.

And she wouldn’t be able to fight during that time.

She wouldn’t be able to defend herself either.

But as if it felt her hesitation.


The Ark-Roa, which had been fighting Hansoo, extended its arm towards Kiriel.


It used Hephaestus\'s skill, , and extended its arm out several dozens of meters, reaching for her neck.


As Kiriel was about to swing her flail—


—Hansoo flew in from the distance and blocked the attack in front of her.

‘Reminds me of the past.’

Hansoo smiled towards Kiriel and said:

“Don’t worry about it, and hurry. I will guard you.”

And as she saw that smile—


—Kiriel blushed and then started to focus on the three artifacts.

And soon—


—Kiriel’s consciousness got sucked into the artifacts as Hansoo watched.

‘You’ll be able to figure it out. Why…for what reason they were created. And who created it.’

This was not something the Empire could make.


Hansoo mumbled as he smashed away at the Ark-Roa charging towards him.