Reincarnator - Chapter 329 : The Grand Scheme (2)

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Chapter 329 : The Grand Scheme (2)


“It’s been two years. We didn’t get a chance to finish our conversation back then, right?”

Hansoo raised his brows at the boy’s sudden change in attitude.

And it wasn’t just his attitude alone.

His posture, aura, and his eyes had all changed.

Those eyes which he had previously seen on Jang Oh.

Hansoo mumbled as he stared into those eyes.

‘This boy inherited the soul fragment, huh?’

But even before Hansoo could finish his thoughts.

Taehee, who was now in full control of the boy, smiled.

“Well, the situation is much more different now.’



The moment the stake swept through the air, the Seven Strands Spear which Hansoo had experienced in the past shot out instantly.


Though it was sent out in haste, the power behind it was not weak.

The Seven Strands Spear charged towards him as it ripped the space apart.

A power which could even cause the Dark King to become a pile of meat in an instant.

‘As I suspected.’

There were no openings.

Unlike the Dark King, who was basically playing around with random skills, or the boy, who had still been experienced, this person was dimensions apart.

A skill that had been polished, over and over again.

Hansoo smiled coldly as he looked at the seven-colored spear which had manifested for the sole sake of destruction.

He had been hurt by this quite a lot in the past, but—

—now he had something very useful up his sleeves to counter it.


He pumped out a few dragons from his heart, and they ran towards the tip of his spear.

His heart continued to pump as it supplied every nook of his body with warm blood.

He poured out waves of his mana, causing the mana jade to go into overdrive.

And in the brief moment it took the Seven Strands Spear to reach Hansoo, four dragons had crawled up the spear and had condensed into a single point.


The dark orb flew out.


The seven-colored light and the dark orb collided, creating a huge shockwave.


But soon, the black-colored orb smashed apart the seven-colored light as if it were trying to prove that it was the higher level skill, and almost instantly reached Taehee in control of the boy.


Though it had been weakened from the collision with the Seven Strands Spear, it was still more than enough to destroy a life.

Even though anybody would freak out if they were to see such a powerful attack approach them, Taehee merely smiled.

—bubble bubble bubble—

The area surrounding Taehee began to bubble.

As if she was being covered in boiling water.

The air and space itself bubbled up.

Affecting Hansoo’s attack as well.

As Hansoo’s black orb approached Taehee, it gradually started bubbling bit by bit.

And as these two collided—


—another tremendous shockwave was let loose, shaking the entire perimeter of the place.

And Hansoo frowned at the sight.

“…Elemental Outfit.”

A terrifyingly powerful skill which absorbed the surrounding elements to defend and attack.

For skills at the level of Solo Numbering 1,2, and 3, there wasn’t much difference of power between them and the Zero Numberings.

To the point of being able to beat Zero Numberings if the Solo Numbering 1,2, and 3’s masteries levels were higher.

From what he could see, Taehee’s mastery over this skill was miles and miles ahead of its limit.

‘...The Witch. She was annoying in the past as well.’

Hansoo shook his head as he looked at Taehee walking through the residue of the explosion.

Though she had the look of a twenty-year-old boy, he could visualize the beauty who had fought so confidently in the past.

A person who had terrifying potential and monstrous skills.

With a personality that enjoyed battles.

She would’ve been a very good comrade if not for the fact that she had long been blinded by Clementine’s vision, skills, and potential.

To the point that she’d been willing to offer up her own life.

‘Well, everyone who follows Clementine is like that…’

Anyway, this would not end so quickly now.

Since she wouldn’t back down that easily.


As Hansoo tightened his grip on Forked Lightning, Taehee walked out while wearing a colorful outfit that seemed to burn up her surroundings.

“Well, it’s been a while, so I didn’t want to say goodbye this soon, but this is the end of our reunion it seems.”

“Your actions and words contradict themselves, did you know that?”

Taehee smiled at Hansoo, who chuckled after seeing her body burn up even brighter.

“Well, it’s not like you’re going to just let me go, right?”

Hansoo replied by gripping his spear even tighter.

It was just as she’d said.

He didn’t know why she was trying to avoid a fight with him, which meant that this was important.

And since letting them succeed in their plans wouldn’t be good for him—

‘I’ll just…break your legs right here!’

Hansoo smiled coldly.

HIs strength was overflowing.

Another step closer to his past life’s original power.

The four skills were roaring out from within him.

Use us.

Hurry and use us.

Use us to crush your enemy.

Prove you are superior.

Taehee herself might be an issue, but he didn’t plan on losing to someone being controlled by Taehee.


Hansoo’s spear and Rangkom’s Stake collided, creating a huge shockwave.

The shockwave continued to extend outwards.

And soon it reached a creature that was rolling around the ground in pain.

The Ark-Roa which was trying its best to suppress the Pandemic Blade.



The shockwave from the distance pricked its skin, but the Ark-Roa had no time to worry about such a thing.

There was something much more important at stake.


The food it had just eaten was rotten beyond reason.

The ones it had eaten were nothing more than empty husks because all their sources of mana had been devoured by these spores.

It had devoured six, all of which had been filled to the brim with these spores.

It hadn’t gained much strength from them, and instead had just received a lot of pain.


The pain hadn’t reached the point of killing it, though.

It was just a bit annoying.

For something to give this much pain to itself…

The Ark-Roa slowly suppressed the spores as its eyes filled with rage.

Of course it wasn’t acting according to its emotions.

The shockwaves from the distance was telling it that this place wasn’t safe.

It needed to heal back up, it needed to evolve even more.

It needed…more food.

Much, much more food.

The Arc-Roa started to focus on its left arm.


The veins, muscles, and mana circuits started to crazily push the spores towards its body.

The spores multiplied at an insane rate to devour its entire left arm, but as they moved, they soon realized that there was much more energy in the actual body.

And after fully curing its left arm of the spear, the Ark-Roa used its right arm to cut its left arm off.


The Ark-Roa’s left arm turned to mush as it fell down to the ground.


There was no blood.

Only a bit of life.


Another left arm regenerated.

And shockingly, the same thing was happening to its original left arm.



The left arm quickly grew larger and larger.

It expanded into a giant, gruesome sphere, about the size of a man, but then started folding into itself.


A giant hunting dog came out as a result.


As its claws and teeth sprang out, it started to dash away with a roar.

There was no point in giving it an order.

The Ark-Roa was the dog, and the dog was the Ark-Roa.

The Ark-Roa’s true body smiled as it looked at the dog while it continued to suppress the spores.

A clone of itself that was created just for the sake of devouring.

Though it had only expanded a bit of strength since it needed to quickly suppress the spores, that dog would be more than enough to sweep apart the entire zone.

Though the remaining beings were weak, once he devoured the millions alive, it would be of great help towards its next stage.

Then he would eat them all.

The ones from below who were going to come up.

And the ones going up.

And everything on the 7th floor as well.

Then…it would have the right to go back to where it had come from.

But there was something it needed to do before that.


As the Ark-Roa growled out while thinking of the weak, weak human beings who lived upon this land.


Something flew over and loudly landed next to it.


A young boy’s voice could be heard through the smoke.

“Ah… he really wasn’t an easy opponent. Seriously.”

Taehee, who had cut through space to arrive here, smiled as she looked at her empty hand.

She’d been forced to throw away the stake and run away.

And there wasn’t much time left now, either.

Since the one who had caused all of this would soon arrive.

‘Ugh, I’ll need to finish things up before then… but damn. He’s really strong.’

Taehee shook her head as she thought of Hansoo.

She had thought of herself as being quite strong, but it seemed like Hansoo was numerous levels above her.

Although she would win if she brought her true body over since they were in different zones, that didn’t even qualify as an excuse.

Since she had come to this world twenty years prior to Hansoo.

Taehee smiled bitterly and shook her head.

She didn’t like lingering on useless thoughts.

She just needed to accomplish her objectives.

Taehee then smiled towards the Ark-Roa in front of her.

“It’s been a while, right? Since I sent you down here when you were an egg.”


Though it looked different, the aura was the same.

The past.

Ark-Roa grit its teeth as it saw one of the beings which had turned it to such a mess and had forced it to run away on the elevator.