Reincarnator - Chapter 300 : Demon King’s Egg (3)

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Chapter 300 : Demon King’s Egg (3)

The one that was needed now.

Was not a savior.

But a demon king.


Hansoo stared at the fairy mumbling in amusement and joy as it looked towards the situation in the distance and spoke.

“Well… Even if I want to do anything, I really can’t.”

‘My body is really a mess.’


Hansoo muttered in exhaustion as he checked himself.

The fairy didn’t seem to mind the exhausted Hansoo as it spoke in joy.

“It would be boring without you… How much longer would you need to rest?’

Hansoo lifted up two fingers at the fairy.

“2 years. It should take that long before I fix this.”

Him speaking about the vacation was not a lie.

He really needed to rest.

No, recovering was more like it.

In order to climb.

2 years.

This is how long it should take him to recover his destroyed body and create a foothold to continue forward.

It was also long enough for people to rise up by themselves using the stepping stone he created for them.

Hansoo spoke as he suppressed the three seeds which were acting up as if he didn’t have the right to control them yet.

“How many did I shove in there. I’m far from being at that level.”

There were memories about the Skills of Annihilation amidst the lost ones.

Three seeds of these skills had been put into him while his soul had been cracked from the collision of his own will and that of Eres and Keldian inside him.

The soul was constrained by the body.

The soul which had grown for over 50 years while mastering seven skills to the limit could not withstand three Skills of Annihilations.

If it wasn’t for the and his instinctive mastery in controlling skills attained from decades of training then his soul would have long been destroyed.

The fairy smiled at Hansoo’s words.

“Well. You do your thing with the rest… But you still need to receive the reward. What of it? Will you share it again this time?”

Hansoo shook his head tiredly.

He didn’t have that much room to spare.

“Give me the Immortal Soul.”

He shouldn’t be greedy for the Zero Numberings.

Since he didn’t know what would come out due to it being random.

There was a single thing he needed.

The Immortal Soul.

The Solo Numbering 1 skill that raised one’s soul and body to the extreme.

This skill, which had the highest efficiency out of the discovered skills wouldn’t lose out even when compared to the Zero Numberings.

He would need it to heal his damaged soul and his almost destroyed body.

No, he needed it to reduce the time it took.

His body and soul were really badly damaged.

‘...Damn. Even my Soul Fragments aren’t working anymore.’

Despite his damaged soul, he had used the that put a huge strain on his soul.

In order to send the information through the dimensions.

‘It’s really a mess.’

He was holding onto his consciousness because the 2nd grade citizens and the Ains might’ve looked down on him if he fell down but this was really the limit.

He really tried hard to say a few more words but fell down.

The fairy looked at Hansoo and spoke while pulling something out from the air and putting it into his body.

“Rest a bit then.”



The that had entered Hansoo’s body started up.




A silver liquid came out from Hansoo’s pores and started to solidify around him.

Like an egg.

At the same time.


The energy of the spirit inside Hansoo’s body acted up as it absorbed the energy around him.

The that entered his body had started to work properly.

Immortal Soul’s main power was survival.

It utilized every skill and everything one had to survive.

It would heal the soul with the mana and create a foundation for the Skills of Annhilation to grow.

The spirit’s power absorbed the energy around him to help him recover.

The liquid used in the Body Enhancement Surgery would constantly supply him with nutrition and prevent outside forces from reaching him.

The moment this egg was completed.

The vacation that Hansoo spoke of would begin.

The long, two year vacation.

The fairy approached Hansoo’s face which had now almost been covered in the silver liquid and mumbled.

“Well, we will wait. Anyways, those guys will probably have a lot of fun while you’re missing.”

The fairy finished speaking and looked into the distance.

It mumbled as it looked at the location where the adventurers were gathered past the mountain range.


‘...He left?’

As he heard the people’s mumbles.

Samuel Kinar finally realized what this uneasy feeling was inside him.

This was not something that came just from the fact that the Abyss opened and extremely powerful beings would pour out.

It was more so because of Hansoo.

The way Hansoo was speaking…

‘...He was going to leave huh. It was already decided.’

Samuel was at a loss for words.

It felt like a huge pillar inside him had been disappeared.

And he could feel the empty space from it.

‘...No. No….You lead us. You brought us here. You can’t abandon us. You have to continue to lead us.’

A person’s ability was relative.

Though he had the right and the ability to lead ten thousand men, Hansoo had more than enough ability to lead hundreds of people like himself.

And on top of all this, there were the mysterious elevators that had suddenly appeared.

Samuel panicked.

If a person at Samuel’s level felt this way, how would others feel then?

“Fuck! What are we supposed to do if you run away on your own!?”

“What’s going on!”



There was nothing holding them back since even the Ains had gone missing.

Rage-filled skills exploded out from the adventurers and started a huge ruckus.

“Damnit! Everyone calm down!”

“It’s not time for us to do this! Bastards! Keep your formations!”

The ones who had yet to go crazy were trying to calm down the others but it was not easy to calm people down in a situation like this.

Samuel was at a loss and just watched all of this in a daze.

Then John came up to him.

“Wake up… General. Wake up.”

John Stone, who had been shouting about Hansoo being a traitor, came up to him and grinded his teeth.

“Why are you acting like a retard? It was better when we were at the Rerorerorero clan really. You were shouting about how we would devour everything… Did you become mute?”


As Samuel seemed to have woken up from his stupor, John whispered a few words to him.

“Like the fairy said… This is an opportunity. We promised to rise up right?”

John Stone then pointed towards the elevator.

“The people below have already accepted Hansoo as the savior. So that’s out of the question but it’s not the same above. It’s all an empty land above us!”

John Stone pointed around them.

“There’s nobody to control us and even that Hansoo guy is gone. There’s probably a reason for it but that’s not important. The only important thing is that there is nobody standing in front of us or above us. You know what to do now.”

From John Stone’s words.

Vigor appeared in Samuel Kinar’s eyes.

“...Yes. We need to eat them up.”

Though the head had been cut off.

The body remained.

Having the greatest power was the most important thing now.


Samuel realized what he needed to do.

Gathering people was easy.

‘Make an enemy.’

And there was a very easy target for this.

As he made his decision.

‘...Though I don’t dislike you or anything… Since you left us first, you don’t have the right to be upset about this.’

Samuel breathed in and out and then shouted.

“That damned Kang Hansoo had abandoned us! We need to go forward on our own!”

‘We will become the best.’

Above that tower.

They will take over the top.

John Stone made a satisfied expression while watching Samuel and shouted.

“Bastard! He pretended to be a savior but then just abandoned us!”


Enbi Arin, Karhal and the others who were close to Hansoo cursed out.

“You fucking bastard! How dare you!”


A battle of curses and clashes occurred between those who followed Hansoo and those who cursed him and wanted to create new opportunities.


“Jeez. Didn’t you leave them with too much freedom? You should’ve at least set up some order before.”

Hansoo spoke with a laugh with his half closed eyes in reply to the fairy’s words.

“They’ll do well. They’ll be really busy now.”

They wouldn’t be able to fight each other to the death because of the elevators.

Since they would all know what’s more important.

And as if it had gotten bored from his words.

The fairy pouted as it spoke.

“It seems everything is just annoying to you now. I guess it’s time for me to leave then. But let me ask you one final question before I go.”

“Go ahead.”

The fairy smiled and then asked.

“What are you going to do when you come out?”

2 years was a long time.

A lot of things would’ve changed when Hansoo comes out.

At that moment Hansoo’s eyes opened wide.

He then spoke quietly through the small cracks of the egg.

“Demon King.”

“Ugh, how childish.”

With the fairy’s frown as the last thing he saw.

The egg completely covered up his body.

The fairy smiled at the single silver egg left atop of the vast tundra and disappeared.

“Sleep tight.”


The round, silver egg slowly disappeared under the snow in the vast tundra.


The world was changing.

The ceiling disappeared and the leash around their necks had also disappeared.

Only bastards who could bite flesh off others could survive.

People who would go at any lengths to gain strength could reach greater heights than ever.

One needed to be evil and greedy enough to be able to be called a demon.

That was the only way.

Though the ceiling had collapsed, it wasn’t easy to reach those heights.

They needed to do at least this much in order to go past the ceiling.

They would only be able to become a transcendent if they became demons.

And in this new changed world.

I will become the Demon King.

The Demon King.

King of the demons.

I will become your king, the king of you demons.

I will leash you, you who have become as strong as demons.

I will become the king who stands in the very front against the existences of the Abyss.

So grow well.

Until I come.

Climb high.

Higher and higher.

Continue to climb up.

Until you are worthy enough for me to lead you.