Reincarnator - Chapter 299 : Demon King’s Egg (2)

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Chapter 299 : Demon King’s Egg (2)

Hansoo shrugged his shoulders despite the strange gazes.

“It’s time for me to take a break. Isn’t it time for me to work solo for a bit?”


Mudusella and Cykrus both shook their heads.

One clearly showing disappointment.

Another didn’t show it but still had a similar expression.

‘Can a person change this much? Such a waste.’

Cykrus, the one who had clearly shown a disappointed expression, thought to himself.

He personally liked people who strived for the well-being of many people or for the greater good.

Since he himself had become a general because of this.

Though he had met him as an enemy in the beginning, he had felt a lot of sympathy for Hansoo who was working himself to death for the humankind.

Putting one’s life on the line for someone else was not an easy feat.

He had thought that it was part of Hansoo’s nature to help others but it seemed like it was due to the restraints he had.

He had heard something akin to it from Mudusella on the way but he still kept his hopes up just in case a similar personality remained.

But it was for naught.

‘Too bad I guess…’

Cykrus stopped paying attention to Hansoo and turned around.

Mudusella smiled awkwardly between the two and spoke to Hansoo.

“So… What will you do now?”

Hansoo understood the meaning behind her words as he chuckled.

“Just drop me off anywhere suitable. Hmm...Yeah. Behind the mountain range should be good. There’s something I must do hidden away from the people’s eyes.”

Mudusella was embarrassed because Hansoo had understood her meaning of her wanting to leave this place quickly as she nodded.

The more time she dragged on the more variables would come into play.

TMT-1 received Mudusella’s orders and quickly drove the ship towards the other side of the mountain range.

But at that moment, Cykrus couldn’t hold back his anger and spat his words out.

“You really are a scoundrel. Do you not see the chaos outside? Don’t you feel any responsibility?”

Cykrus pointed towards the outside scenery the screen on the wall was showing.

A corner of the Spirit Land.

A scene of chaos.

“They probably realize it by now. That you abandoned them.”


“What the hell is going on…”

Samuel Kinar, a Ten Thousand Men General, mumbled as he stared at the giant elevator in the distance.

‘...This feels incredibly ill-boding.’

He wasn’t just talking about the feeling he was getting.


From the tower.

Tremendous screams and roars could be heard.

Sounds of things breaking and smashing apart.



At that moment.

He could hear complaints next to him.

“Damn… Leader, do you know anything about this?”

Samuel shook his head at the words of the Thousand Men Captain.

He hadn’t known anything about this.

At that moment.

John Stone, the Thousand Men Captain who had complained, asked back cautiously.

“Isn’t this linked to Kang Hansoo?”


Samuel Kinar started to think.

‘...Yeah. Something is off.’

They could slowly figure out if it was true but if it was really linked to Hansoo, the information they received from him was priceless.

A piece of knowledge could determine life and death in a bad situation.

Pushing aside the fact that he publicized this knowledge, the origin of all this information was suspicious.

Where could he have gotten all of this information?

And if he knew about it, why did he say it right as this huge change was about to fall upon them?

‘...There’s too much we don’t know about. He just told us how to deal with the monsters from the elevators and nothing else.’

He grew even more curious as Hansoo only spoke the most important and crucial information as if he was running out of time.

John Stone spoke to Samuel again.

“Think about it. Isn’t something strange? The moment he spoke, these things happened. And didn’t the fairy say it? That this opportunity has come because of Hansoo.”


Kinar frowned at the word opportunity.

He didn’t like this opportunity that the fairy spoke about.

To a normal person, an opportunity was something that had a small amount of risk in comparison to the large reward.

But the fairy never spoke lies.

Which meant that this was a high risk and extremely high rewarding case.

The fairy, which didn’t even appear during normal times, actually appeared and told everyone that the elevators were a huge opportunity.

Which meant that those elevators were extremely dangerous.

Way more than anything they had gone through in the hell-like Yellow and Green Zones.

And according to the fairy’s words, Kang Hansoo had brought all of this upon them.

John Stone got excited as Samuel frowned more and more.

“Look. This is all caused by that bastard. Why isn’t he appearing now? He really dislikes internal strife, he should be all over us right now trying to quiet us down.”


Samuel agreed.

Hansoo did not like internal strife.

Every time it happened, he would rush over and either suppress all of them or make a deal with them.

Like he was obsessed.

And the Red, Orange and Yellow Zones were controlled under an absolute rule.

The reason why they were able to complain like this was because there was no method of controlling them in the Green Zone.

People were complaining with rage-filled eyes due to the lack of control and the huge change that suddenly struck them.

“...Fuck! Explain this!”

“What is going on!”

Though they were complaining, there was a reason why they couldn’t revolt or cause a ruckus.

In the distance.

The Ains that stayed behind and surrounded them.

Because of their existence.

The current Ains were much stronger than them.

Much stronger.

What if the Ains were the method of control Hansoo left behind for them?

‘...At this rate, we might need to go to the frontlines if we’re unlucky.’

He was feeling uneasy about the action of going into the giant elevator.

If they need to use meat shields, who would they use?

Those who listened or those who didn’t?

‘Damn...This is too real.’

Samuel Kinar mumbled.

It was hard to think that someone who paid so much attention to controlling them in the Red, Orange and Yellow Zones wouldn’t care about it in the Green Zone.

And he didn’t even bring them up to the Yellow Zone before the Satellite Fortresses were ready.

Despite it being easier to fight together with them.

People who were at such a high rank were trying very hard to calm down the people below.


Samuel Kinar was at a loss for words.

That man wasn’t even here.

But every one of them were contemplating every single one of his past actions.

Samuel was terrified at the tremendous amount of influence the man had.

At that moment.


In the distance.

A single ship that hadn’t fused with the elevators started to fly towards them.

Maybe because it was designed to fly into space, the speed at which it flew allowed it to arrive by them almost instantly.


Samuel almost got blown away by the winds created by the giant ship and frowned as he stood in place.

‘I knew it. He’s already had everything prepared.’

Every person who had been complaining or making a ruckus fell silent as the ship arrived above them.

‘Since he returned… I guess we can at least hear what’s going on.’

They would at least be able to hear explanations since the ship came back.

But as Samuel sighed.

“Everyone on board! It is time for us to leave!”

The voice of a woman was heard instead.

‘...It’s not Hansoo?’

Mudusella was speaking towards the Ains.

‘What the… Kang Hansoo? Where did you go?’

As Kinar frowned in confusion.

Something unbelievable happened.

The Ains, whom he thought were watching over them, started to fly into the ship.

‘What the hell…’

But as Samuel was about to speak.

Somebody was faster than him.

“Hey! What the hell man! Where the hell are you guys going?”

‘...Fucking John Stone. Why are you asking with so much hostility?’

The same words would sound different if spoken differently.

Samuel was about to speak to cover the hostile words of John but Mudusella answered calmly.

“We will leave this planet. We do not want to live here anymore.”


Samuel looked towards the Ains in shock.

Most of the thousands of Ains were flying onto the ship.

They wouldn’t be able to control them with the few remaining behind.

‘They weren’t here to control us?’

But while Samuel and the other Ten Thousand Men Generals were shocked.

John Stone asked back as if he knew this would all happen.

“Do you know where he went then?”

Mudusella kept her smile as she replied.

“He left our ship previously. He said that there was something he would need to do by himself.”

John Stone shouted proudly the moment he heard this.

“I knew this would happen! See? This is all caused by that bastard! He caused this and just ran away by himself!”

As his words were heard.

Mumble mumble.

The the fear of the one who could control this suddenly disappeared and they felt freedom as a result.

“Fuck… Really?”

“Damn… What do we do then!?”

Shouts were heard all around them.

And Samuel frowned seeing this.

‘What are you planning John?’

John Stone was vicious but was still a Thousand Men captain.

He wouldn’t act like this without any plans.

He should know that making people uneasy clearly wouldn’t be good but for him to do such a thing.

Samuel glared at John.


Below the mountain range.

Two shadows laid on the ground in the depths of the harsh snowstorm.

A shadow who was lying down with an exhausted expression unbefitting of the vacation he spoke of.

And the shadow of a small creature flying around in glee in the air.

“Hahaha! A smart person indeed acts quickly! I should’ve watched the scenery a bit more before I came to give you your reward. Anyways, how’s your body?”

“What do you think? It’s a mess.”

‘But still...It’s progressing well.