Reincarnator - Chapter 298 : Demon King’s Egg (1)

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Chapter 298 : Demon King’s Egg (1)

Red Zone.

Atop the World Tree.

[The thing you need to prepare in the Red Zone is the Akoran Lightgold. The way to create this is…]

‘...Is this real?’

The overseer of the World Tree, Tekilon, made a dumbfounded expression while broadcasting the information from Hansoo.

Though Hansoo had shared a part of his own memories, the things he were saying were far beyond what he knew.



Above the World Tree.

A tremendous noise came from the King’s palace on the top of the World Tree.



Tekilon felt an uneasy feeling throughout his entire body as he used the power of the World Tree, teleportation, to come outside the palace.



A huge metal pillar landed upon the World Tree.

The pillar broke through the palace and the world tree and headed deep below the ground.

Deep down.

“What the hell!”

As Tekilon screamed out as he watched his destroyed palace.

Click click click click.

Boom Boom Boom Boom!

Lights started to appear on the metal pillars.


[If there’s an elevator then there should be floors right? But it doesn’t seem like we would need to recreate the floors, we can just recycle.]


And in front of Tekilon.


Along with a loud sound of friction, cracks appeared on the surface of the pillar as a door appeared.

And above the door.



A set of illuminated characters appeared.

“...Unknown floor or something?”

At that moment.

Tekilon gulped as he heard the screams of the Red Zone’s adventurers.

‘...This shouldn’t be the only place where something like this is happening.’

Tekilon mumbled as he sensed the trembles of the other soul fragments.




Gwanje sighed as he heard the painful roars of the giant beast.

A roar that shook the entire world.

This roar was coming from the White Tiger, Lazaar.

Anybody would scream like this if their body were thoroughly pierced by metal pillars.

‘...Well at least it didn’t go berserk.’

Gwanje mumbled to himself as he saw Lazaar screaming out in pain.

Though it was good that it didn’t go berserk, his expression was still full fo worry.

The pillar that penetrated through Lazaar to the sea of lava didn’t look simple.

Though the elevator was barely a thin, thin needle compared to the humongous Lazaar, the humongous tiger couldn’t move as it stood in place while crying out in pain.

As if it was fearful of the existence that sent down the elevator.

Gwanje controlled an Akadus to approach the elevator while he worriedly looked at the Lazaar that was frozen in fear.


‘...There’s no floor?’

Gwanje replied to the reports of his clansmen with clenched teeth.

“...I’m watching it as well.”


Something was coming down from the sky with shimmering lights.

Faster and faster.

The activated elevator started to let out a loud noise.


The overseer of the Yellow zone.

Khan, the clan lord who had been given the commanding rights over the Satellite Fortresses, sighed towards Hansoo through the soul fragment.

“Unbelievable...Even if it’s really an omnipotent being.”


Khan grinded his teeth while looking at the scene in front of him.

Countless Satellite Fortresses had escaped his control and were aligning themselves.



As if an absolute force was pulling them together.

From six to seven and all the way up to dozens.


They were connecting with each other.



The moment seven or so groups aligned themselves from the ground upwards.


A giant pillar descended from the skies and penetrated through all the fortresses.

And the Clan Lord, Khan, sent down orders to the controllers of the Satellite Fortresses pierced by the pillars.

“Report the situation.”

The moment his orders were passed through, a crazy amount of replies came back to him instantly.

“...We would need to use the elevator in order to move up?”

While Khan was at a loss while thinking about the mysterious elevator.

A scream came from one of them.

<...27 unknown organisms coming out! We’re attempting contact.>

<...Their appearances seem to fit the description of the Radu-Kail race you instructed us of before! Fuck...1st barrier has been breached!>

‘Already! There’s merely thirty though?’

Khan freaked out at the huge destructive force.

“Block them! Use all of the defensive structures and functions of the fortress!”

Khan screamed out.


Countless sounds of collisions and explosions were heard.

The beams the fortresses were shooting towards their inner parts and the attacks of the beings from the Abyss.



Everyone in the green zone was at a loss.

From the countless spaceships that rose up above the northern tundras.





The spaceships broke apart into nine or so sections and got stuck onto the pillars that came down from the sky.

But there was an exception.


Unlike the ships that stuck onto the pillars, this single spaceship remained flying above the northern tundra.


“No problem. You’re even going to do our job for us!”

Hansoo spoke towards the fairy as he stared at the screen he had turned off.

‘That’s enough information.’

If he let out more then beings even stronger would come down.


Hansoo sighed and then adjusted his posture.

It was just the beginning.

The fairy smiled as it spoke.

“Shall I then stay away for a bit? Talk between yourselves. We can discuss your reward after.”

The fairy disappeared with those words and TMT-1, who had been frozen when the fairy had appeared, started to move again.


Two people appeared.

The two whom he had called earlier.

The leader of the 2nd grade citizens, Great General Cykrus.

The leader of the enhanced race, or the Ains, Mudusella.

And their expressions were filled with fear from what they had seen outside.

Though they had gone through countless things in their lives, the scene outside was completely unfamiliar to they.

“What the…”

Hansoo spoke towards them.

“It’s time for us to go our separate ways.”

“Our separate ways?”

Hansoo nodded.

“Yeah. The plan you guys tried to accomplish in the past. Oh wait, I guess only one side knows.”

Mudusella fell silent.

Hansoo’s words were true.

The plan she had made.


Moving out from this planet and heading towards a new planet where only the enhanced race could live.

It was impossible in the past.

Since Tiamet and his Destruction Cannon prevented the spaceships from rising up.

So she decided to use Hansoo’s hand to deal with the two and then head towards the new planet Tiamet.

‘But...These guys weren’t part of the plan.’

As Mudusella glanced at Cykrus.

Hansoo spoke out expressionlessly.

“Go with them. You don’t know what would happen on the planet.”

Hansoo wanted to get rid of these guys who could become variables.

And it wasn’t very hard to do that.

He just needed to let them proceed with the plan.

The enhanced race had the spirits and the power to control vast amounts of energy.

The 2nd citizens, the Kingdoms and the Empire, had a huge amount of manpower and strong elite forces.

Since they need each other and had similar strength, they wouldn’t be able to deal with each other easily.

Well, one side wouldn’t just sit idle if the other wanted to leave anyway.

The people of the Kingdoms and the Empire would not sit still if the Ains wanted to leave.

It was the same for the 2nd grade citizens.

Without the enhanced race, they would not be able to maintain the ship all the way to the Tiamet planet far in the distance.

Mudusella was silent for a moment but then nodded.

She wanted to leave anyway.

Though leaving was the original plan, they could’ve come up with a better plan with some time.

But Mudusella didn’t want to stay on this planet any longer than she had to.

The aura that the metal pillars were radiating were triggering all of her senses of danger.

Mudusella spoke towards Hansoo.

“A few of us who cannot fly decided to stay here. Some can’t survive the long journey...Some don’t want to leave their homeland. They will give you the Ain’s blessings. Though you guys would need to gain the spirits…”

Mudusella ended her words and then looked towards the ships that had become part of the elevators.

The adventurers who had come up and who would come up from now on would probably have a harder time gaining the strength of the spirits.

Since they would only be able to receive the powers of the spirits after they deal with the strange organisms constantly expanding their territory.

But Hansoo nodded as if it was not a big deal.

“Not much reason to do all this if we can’t even manage that.”

Suddenly, Mudusella became curious.

What would Hansoo do in this new world?

“...What will you do now?”

Hansoo smiled.

“Since my role as the prophet has ended… I’m planning to go on a vacation.”


TMT-1 was dumbfounded.

Hansoo’s words were so shocking, to the point of breaking his calm countenance.

A vacation amidst all of this?

‘What the hell is he thinking?...’

TMT-1 frowned as he looked at the adventurers screaming outside the ship.