Reincarnator - Chapter 297 : The Great Collapse (3)

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Chapter 297 : The Great Collapse (3)

In the Orange Zone, a distinct voice continuously flowed out from the robots that Gwanje, who had the Crown of Thorns, controlled.

The broadcast was everywhere, from the hunting grounds to the giant control center created for recreation.

Anton Oel, who had been hunting beasts above Lazaar, was in a daze as he heard the broadcast.

As well as everyone else next to him.

[The first thing you have to be aware of is the race called the Karkil, their heart exist 15cm below their left chest bone and you will only be able to kill them after you destroy all three of their hearts located there at the same time. If not then they will create an explosion in a 150m radius. Everyone who has weaker defenses than someone at the Orange Zone with lower than 55% mastery of a high grade defense skill will… Definitely get killed by this. Also…]

“...What is this?”

“What’s going on.”

The words ringing out from the air were very hard to comprehend.

It was saying that these Zones that they were going through, the Seven colored zones, were just the beginning.

That it was a preparation for the actual game, the Abyss.


‘The actual game is going to start before the Seven zones ended?’

What were they, who were now barely in the Orange Zone, supposed to do then?

How could they deal with monsters that even people in the Violet Zone had a hard time dealing with?

For them, who had only been here for 4 years, to have to deal with things that even people who had been here for 20 years would get massacred by.

‘...I really hope this is a joke.’

But the words in the air were too serious for it to be a joke and for them to ignore.

The words continued.

[Sadly, you arrived way too late behind the first people. So the Abyss will fall upon us before you guys can get stronger. In preparation for this, you need to struggle with everything you’ve got and everything you will ever get in order to get stronger. These are some good things to know : In the Orange zone, the alloys that can be made are…]

Like a teacher giving a lesson.

Information that was crucial for survival continuously flew out from the air.

The endless flow of information stopped for a moment as the voice sighed and gave a few additional words.

[... Of course even if I tell you this it won’t be easy. But you need to use this information as the basis to continually get stronger. That’s the only way for you to survive.]

“...Why is he only telling this to us now then?”

“It would’ve been better to tell us earlier…”

“Damn… Is this really going to happen?”

Mumbles were heard.

A seed of fear was planted inside the minds of people.

And naturally their fear and hate focused towards one person.

Towards Hansoo who was telling them this information as if he was confident enough to survive.

“Damn… Is he saying he’s confident enough to survive by himself?”

His voice was too calm unlike how uneasy they were feeling.



“Mmm...It’s proceeding well. Good, good.”

The fairy felt the vibrations in the air as it smiled.

Though normal humans couldn’t sense this, it could as it was an overseer.

The scene of the information regarding the Abyss spreading out to hundreds of millions of people in an instant.

And as the information densities between the Abyss and this location were equalizing, the giant wall that stood between the two worlds started to break down.

The wall that the god had erected and that they were watching over.


The fairy smiled as it spoke to Hansoo.

“Will you be okay though? They will hate you a lot.”

People will find a target to direct their anger and fear when they found out about bad news.

And even more so if they couldn’t do anything about those news.

Moreover the person who gave those news was extremely calm, as if the approaching calamity wouldn’t affect him at all.

If Hansoo continued to spread information out like this and these were all true, it’s clear who the people will think of when they start suffering.

The fairy chuckled.

“The prophet will always be treated badly right? Why don’t you try making excuses? You can lie to them or something.”

The prophets who gave bad prophecies never had a good ending.

Look at the past chinese dynasties.

History clearly showed what happened to those who spoke ill of the future.

There were only two cases in which the prophet received a good treatment.

Either they would say things that people liked.

Or they would lead people towards the correct path and navigate them through a bad future.

Of course Mudusella belonged to the latter, this was how she was able to receive the respect of her whole race.

Hansoo cut off the fairy.

“There’s no time to explain.”

Each time more information was released hastened the descent of the Abyss.

And he couldn’t release all the information at once either.

He needed to stay on the edge.

So people would be able to survive.

And because of this, there was a limit to how much information he could tell them.

He needed to tell them the most important information first.

Since there was a limit to how much he could tell them, every word he said was precious.

Hansoo finished his words and spoke towards the screen again.

“The most dangerous beings that will appear in the Green Zone are the Dakramas. These guys usually use supersonic waves to communicate and…”

Everyone thought that Hansoo was telling the same thing in all the zones but that was not correct.

While Hansoo was telling the people of the Green Zone the relevant information, he was using the soul fragments to tell different things to the people in the different zones.

Just the necessary information for each floor.

Soon the Great Collapse will happen and the information he was telling them was the most crucial for them to survive.

Knowing or not knowing made a huge difference, especially if one’s life was on the line.

And every floor had different things they needed to know.

The things he were telling them would be of great help when the change came.

‘Though it’s far from everything… It should be much better since they have information and strength unlike in the past.’

Hansoo mumbled as he absorbed the information the owners of the soul fragments had about the different zones.

And Hansoo’s efforts weren’t in vain.

The strength of the humans were countless levels higher than when the Abyss fell upon them in the past.

First, there were many more people and each individual’s strength was much higher than that of the past.

Internal strife had been reduced as much as possible and though there wasn’t a lot of camaraderie, some friendship still existed between adventurers.

Even if the Abyss opened, they would fare much better than in the past.

‘Survive well… And become strong.’

“The greatest weakness of the Dakramas is…”

As Hansoo started to talk to the people of the Green Zone.

A tremendous tremor could be felt through his skin.

Although logically nobody should be able to sense this, he, who had the right to break through the roof, could feel it.

This familiar sensation.

The ceiling was collapsing.

The tremor that broke the wall between the two dimensions.

At that moment.

“Hahahahaha! Good job mister Hansoo!”

The fairy laughed out loud as it snapped its fingers.



A tremendous tremor that everybody could feel rang throughout the entire world.



“...What the?”

Everyone started to freak out.

A great change was occurring.

The sky was breaking apart.

The clouds split apart as a crack appeared.

The grounds broke apart.

Mountain ranges broke down as fissures appeared.


Holes appeared in the skies and on earth and continued to enlarge.



The holes stopped growing as they stabilized.

But the tremor continued to become stronger and stronger.

“Fuck, it was all real huh….”

Karhal cursed out.

He wished that this was all a lie.

He really hoped that this was all an elaborate joke.

Even if they were scared to their wits, he hoped it ended there.

But sadly that wasn’t the case.

‘...Fuck. It would’ve been better if his personality had changed to that of a liar.’

He wished that the new personality of Hansoo was full of lies and flat air.

But unluckily, his new personality seemed to be similar to the one they knew.

In that he was always serious.


And the tremors were continuously becoming stronger and stronger.

At that moment.

From between the cracks and fissures.


Huge pillars landed upon them.

They descended from the endless skies.

Huge metal pillars that seemed like they could penetrate right through the planet.

And soon a familiar voice was heard.

A vicious and maniacal laugh of an existence who brought disasters wherever it went.

The voice of the fairy could be heard throughout the ears of everyone.

Not just Karhal but everyone from the Red Zone and all the way to the Violet Zone.

Throughout the ears of every adventurer in the Seven Colored Zones.

<...We will begin the gustation phase. Stage 2. Starting up the [Ascendent Elevator] that will take you up before the Abyss. Everyone in the Seven Colored Zones, prepare for boarding!>



On the giant pillars.

Thousands of lights appeared all over their surface.

As if somebody had pushed the ‘On’ button.

“...Everyone in the Seven Colored Zones?”

While Karhal was thinking about the fairy’s words.

The fairy spoke another line.

The moment this voice rang out.

Everyone’s expressions froze.