Reincarnator - Chapter 296 : The Great Collapse (2)

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Chapter 296 : The Great Collapse (2)

Humans got stronger the more they gathered.

And they got stronger the more powerful each individuals were, the more people they had as well as the better the synergy with each other was.

So Hansoo and the others planned things following this concept.

To raise each individual’s strength to the utmost limit.

To save as many people as they could.

And to create as much synergy between them as possible by getting rid of all forms of infighting.

This was the solution they had come with, creating a completely unified human race.

This was the only option they could think of in a world like this where each individual’s strength was limited.

Even in the Green Zone, the limit of one’s level was 250.

Though there might be a bit of difference between people due to their artifacts and skills but not by much.

They could not defeat a huge army that was well-coordinated.

They had thought that climbing through the zones as quick as possible was the fastest way to get strong and they made that the basis of their plan.

A plan to create a well-coordinated army.

A plan to create seven highly organized bases throughout the Zones that were protected from the Abyss.

But the moment he saw Tiamet.

The moment he saw a superhuman who could go up against the entire world by himself.

Hansoo realized.

That trying to buy time by protecting the seven zones from the Abyss was the wrong answer.

“...Should’ve just smashed it apart from the beginning.”

What they needed was not a strong army.

What they needed was a supernatural being that could go up against the entire world.

A gigantic tree that devoured everything and constantly grew.

A limitless world and powerful enemies to grow this giant tree.

Him witholding information was not the answer.

It was the complete opposite.

They shouldn’t be trying to grow like greenhouse plants away from the harsh environment outside the greenhouse itself.

He needed to share the information.

He needed to share the information with as many people as he could to break down the wall that stood between this world and the Abyss.

In order to break the limits.

To create a spot where he could fight, devour and grow into a huge tree.

It would be possible if they fused with the Abyss, the limitless world.

It would be possible for everybody to become as strong as Tiamet and even stronger.

And at this moment Hansoo mumbled.

‘...Eres and Keldian probably knew this.’

But it was clear that they were worried.

That Hansoo would release the information right away and break down the wall right away.

And now Hansoo realized why they had fumbled around with his memories.

‘...I guess Eres could not allow this.’

When the greenhouse fell and the harsh condition rushed in, only the strong seeds will stay alive.

Since they would kill off all the weaker plants that would steal its nutrients.

But Eres wouldn’t be able to withstand this.

The moment the wall between the Abyss and the seven zones broke down, countless people would die.

The already difficult world would become even more impossible as even those at the red and orange zones would’ve been dragged down to their death.

Since countless people had died when the wall broke down even in the past.

A lot of transcendents might appear.

And the chance of victory might increase as well.

But Eres could not allow a victory gained through a mountain of corpses.

This was why they had fumbled with his memories.

And as Hansoo thought of all this.

Another question appeared inside his head.

‘...Why me?’

If Eres, Keldian or someone else from the past had come then they would’ve been able to save at least 20 more years.

At that moment.

The fairy asked Hansoo.

“Are you sure about this though? Originally, the only one qualified for transcendence is you.”

Even when the walls existed.

There were existences who could break through the ceiling and grow.


People who had the rights to break through the limits set by the world and go above and beyond.

This right was completely up to one’s potential.

People who weren’t born with this couldn’t even dream of such a thing.

The only transcendent who had been born in this Green Zone was Tiamet in the tens of thousands of years of its history.

“I’m saying, in a situation like this where the ceiling is sealed. Only you have the right to break through it. And when that happens, those things below wouldn’t be able to go up against any of your words.”

The best part about his trait, Seven Stars, was not really that his skills grew fast and beyond their limits.

It was the fact that it gave him the right to break through the ceiling that stopped everyone else.

This was the true identity of the Seven Stars, one of the many forms of the Transcendent Stars.

The fairy laughed.

“You could become an emperor. Leading a tremendous army. The sole sovereign of the humankind. But if you break apart the ceiling completely, that might not happen right? Competitors might appear.”

Because the wall existed, the one who could break through it shone the brightest.

But if this wall didn’t exist?

Competitors would appear.

There were always people who had potential, worked hard, were strong minded as well as lucky.

Though there might barely be one transcendent out of billions of humans, there were countless people who could reach the wall.

And as he heard this.

‘...Ah, this is why huh.’

Hansoo realized why Eres and Keldian had sent him back specifically.

If Eres, Keldian or other first year adventurers came then they would’ve been able to buy more time.

But they still wouldn’t be able to break down the wall between them and the Abyss which would only limit their own strength as well.

And when that happened he, who would come into the tutorial, might get killed.

Since unlike the other three, Hansoo was actually weak in the beginning.

So they had sent him.

‘So they knew. That a leader was needed in the end…’

After saving as many people as they could before breaking down the wall.

After Hansoo put everybody under his control.

So that Hansoo could lead them through the Abyss after the wall crashed.

The sovereign status that was maintained with strength.

But Hansoo shook his head again.

‘This is a wrong choice as well.’

Strength came before anything in a victory.

He could not fight with such a weak army.

He needed warriors for the battle against the Abyss.

People even he could barely fight against.

This was that the God and the fairies wanted.

Fighting and fighting.

They wanted something that could amuse them to be born.

‘...I’ll play along.’

Hansoo made his decision and smiled towards the fairy.

“I’ll do what you guys want me to.”

The fairy asked again.

“Are you sure? This is a very important choice you’re making. If you do this then the remaining 4 billion people or so will have their lives changed. And it’s important for you as well.”

Once he broke the wall, the 4 billion or so people will fall straight into the hard and unforgiving life headfirst and would need to fight continuously.

If some figured what Hansoo had done then they might hate him to the core.

Why did Hasoo make them fight?

And moreover it wasn’t really to Hansoo’s benefit.Since he had given up the chance to stand above everybody and instead had given a chance to his competitors.

The people that could reach but could not break through the ceiling would soon grow crazily.

And there would be people who would go against him as well.

Hansoo chuckled.

“Living comfortably is impossible after coming to this world.”

He just needed to see one thing.

Could he climb over the giant wave?

He didn’t want to nor was he confident in doing so.

But he had given others a chance to gain their own strength by sacrificing their immediate comfort.

A chance to gain enough strength to fly over the tsunami that would come their way in the future.

Only those people, people who sacrificed their own comfortable life to get stronger, would have the right to fight against the Abyss.

What he needed was not meat shield that listened to his orders.

He needed allies whom he could entrust his back to.

As he made his decision.

‘...Let’s begin.’

Hansoo activated the soul fragments inside him.


The soul fragments trembled as they started to resonate.

The three worlds Hansoo had gone through.

Along with the soul fragments inside the three overseers of those worlds.

The huge earthquake inside his body trembled alongside the three fragments.

[Please convey everything I say...To everyone in your worlds.]


Hansoo spoke towards the huge screen in front of him, towards the countless adventurers staring at his ship.

“The words I will say from now are extremely important and things you must know.”





Every Zone.

Towards the billions of people living in these zones.

His information regarding the Abyss will spread.

‘Until the crack appears on the barrier protecting these worlds from the Abyss and things proceed onto the next level…’

Hansoo spoke coldly as he felt everyone’s eyes falling on him.

“Listen well. Remember clearly. And be aware. As to what will happen from now on.”


[Listen well. Remember clearly. And be aware. As to what will happen from now on.]

Tom Roren, who was receiving the protection of the World Tree in the Red Zone, squinted at the giant video in the air that had been created from the powers of the World Tree.

‘What is he trying to say?’

There was never a case such a broadcast had been made.

And the mood didn’t seem simple either.

Though he hadn’t seen that man himself, he had long been fed up by this man’s stories.

‘Kang Hansoo.’

The one who had killed the Five Calamities of the Red Zone to Revive the World Tree and save the Red Zone.

And then.

Hansoo’s words slowly rang throughout the world.

[What I am going to tell you about… Is the reality and the wave that will come your way.]

“...What the hell is he saying now.”

Tom Roren was befuddled at these words.

And not only him but every other adventurer in the Red Zone as well.

‘Come our way?...Is he a prophet or something?’

As they were making confused expressions.

Hansoo’s words rang throughout the entire zone.

[Remember these words. The information regarding the Abyss.]



The barrier surrounding the entire world squirmed as the world itself seemed to tremble.