Reincarnator - Chapter 294 : Transcendence (5)

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Chapter 294 : Transcendence (5)

Enbi Arin.

The substitute leader for when Hansoo wasn’t here.

‘Since he’s running around by himself… I will need to fill his void.’

An organization didn’t just work because you gathered up a lot of people.

It was even more complex than the most complex machines.

It needed constant supervision to get rid of enmity between members and provide everyone with what they wanted and needed in order to become a successful organization.

And in one way, Enbi Arin’s job was even more important than Hansoo’s.

Since she was constantly controlling and managing those who tried to cause trouble.

Like now.

“What are we going to do?”

“...There really isn’t a reason for us to fight them right?”

Enbi Arin massaged her temple as she watched the countless Ten Thousand Men Captains who had gathered up in front of her with complaints.

‘Fuck… Where the hell did this Hansoo kid go. And nobody else can handle things like this.’

There were plenty of powerful people she could trust in battles.

But power wasn’t enough to control such a large organization.

People like Sofia or Karhal weren’t suited for management and though Ekidu had experience controlling a village, she had never managed such a large organization either.

And it was the same for the others.

There was a huge difference between personal strength and managing a huge organization properly.

And Enbi Arin was one of the small minority who could do such a thing.

Since she had the experience of managing the clan, one of the giant clans which ruled over the Orange Zone.

If there weren’t for the managers of huge clans and herself, this huge organization would’ve long imploded.

But with the Mana Pool and the Body Enhancement Surgery she had received, instead of beating up their enemies she really wanted to beat down the people in front of her.

“There’s no point in being angry. Just persuade us. Why do we have to fight?”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

One of the Ten Thousand Men Captain, which was one of the highest positions in their quickly created rank system, Samuel Kinar.

He had been in charge of the middle management in the Rerorerore clan in the giant clan of the Orange Zone and was an expert in management and was powerful as well.

She originally had great trust on him because he had always watched what came out of his mouth right now he was really getting on her nerves.

Enbi Arin spoke in words what the other captains were implying.

“So… You want us to leave behind the Ains and just depart?”

This was what the others wanted.

To leave the Ains behind and escape.

Away from the forces of the Kingdoms and the Empire approaching him.

And Samuel nodded.



The handle of golden sword in her hand crunched apart.

Though it was an artifact created from the efforts of masters from the lower zone, it could not withstand her strength which had been severely increased due to her .

“You understand what your words are right?”

It wasn’t just leaving behind the Ains.

Without the Ains, there was no future for the people who would come after them.

Without the Ain’s Protection, they would all freeze to death before they could level up.

Samuel flinched at Enbi Arin’s words but didn’t back off.

“Honestly there are indeed more people below. But to me, the ten thousand lives I lead are more important than all of them. If we collide now then I don’t know how many would die out of them.”

They had seen with their own eyes.

Great General, Cyrkus.

They had seen how powerful his elite soldiers were.

And level 400 was not something they, who hadn’t even reached level 250, could handle.

Even if they won, they would receive a huge amount of casualties.

And there was a way for them to guarantee their lives.

Use the Ains as bait and then climb up after leveling up from the deepest parts of the Spirit Land.

In a situation where the people of the Empire and the Kingdoms had no reason to attack them, there was no reason for them to fight for the Ains.


Enbi Arin frowned as she looked at Samuel’s resolute expression.

‘It was much better when the Spirit Land was here. Fuck. Hansoo please help me.”

Enbi Arin thought of Hansoo as she mumbled.


“Can you see them?”

Ekidu frowned as she looked at the people who were clamouring in the distance.

‘Ugh...How embarrassing.’

And it was the same for Karhal.

Their faces had long turned red from embarrassment.

‘Fucking bastards. They should at least just do it quietly.’

“I really feel bad for mister Hansoo. For him to move around with these people. It’s not like he’s your mother…”

And the moment Karhal heard her words he splurted out in anger.

“What are you saying, Hansoo is raising them because they are still useful.”

Though she had excluded him in the ‘they’, he knew he was a part of it.

‘And it’s not like our meeting was that smooth.’

If it was up to him, he would just kill off the ones who he should and take the ones he needed.

He would focus on power and materials.

And his own opinion wasn’t that different from Clementine’s minion.

But there was a reason why he followed Hansoo’s opinion instead.

Since Hansoo’s method was much better in the long run if they could control them properly.

And they had been able to control them well up until now.

‘I guess it’s all up to one’s own abilities.’

And from what he could see, Hansoo had more than enough rights to use such a method.

Karhal shouted towards Mudusella as he looked at the golden army in the distance.

“Look, even that captain leads an army around despite his strength. It’s not like you live in this world all alone.”

Becoming stronger as they became bigger was a given.

And the friction that occured from this was the price for this strength.

‘There’s no such thing as an organization who’s always in peace. It’s not like we’re robots.’

But Mudusella’s smile became even brighter at his words.

“Is that so?”

“...What are you trying to say?”

Mudusella chuckled as she continued.

“So where did you use them?”


“I’m asking if there was really a time where you guys were needed.”


Karhal couldn’t refute her words.

‘...Right. Where is he trying to use us?’

It should be natural for somebody to want to use the power of a group once they created it.

Even if it was more efficient to act alone, it was safer to move in a group.

But Hansoo’s actions up until now were clearly different.

‘It’s like he really is our carer…’

Mudusella kept smiling as she continued.

“From what I hear, everything you guys have around you is from him… And he even has to feed you. He needs to think of the cost of maintenance but he had no use for you...But it’s not like you guys will listen just because he gives out rewards. And it’s not like you’re that precious to that man? You guys don’t really seem that close.”


Karhal and Ekidu’s faces turned gloomier and gloomier as Mudusella’s words stabbed into their hearts.

Though they wanted to refute, they couldn’t say anything because of the people bickering behind them.

Mudusella continued.

“Everyone has a need for some measure of enjoyment and contentment. Have you ever seen him search for such a thing?”


Ekidu and Karhal shook their heads.

They actually had talked about this in the past.

It’s not like humans were machines, one would clearly break down if they continuously ran around 24 hours a day.

But this was exactly what Hansoo was doing.

And it wasn’t like he was looking for his own enjoyment.

He could easily live like a king by ruling over the adventurers.

It’s not like he needed to risk his life or face a powerful enemy immediately.

But from his own actions…

“Isn’t he like a worker ant? So I became curious…”

There was two reasons for one to work hard to the point of even destroying their own body.

Either there was a huge, unbelievable reward.


‘Somebody forced him.’

But Karhal shouted in rage from her words.

“No way! Who can force him to do anything!?”

Who could force Hansoo to do things?

Even if there was somebody, there was plenty of chances for him to escape their grasp.

Since he was alone most of the time.

Mudusella laughed coldly.

“I’m curious about that as well. So… I’m going to help out a bit.”


“It should be done about now.”

At that moment.


In the distance.

Something started to fly up above the mountain range.

‘...That is?’

A huge steel ship that was letting out light.

Karhal and Ekidu frowned as they watched the giant ship approaching them.




‘...Do we just need to beat him up like this?’

Since ASTRO-1 will move to its destination on its own, he just needed to do this.

But beating up a guy whose body hadn’t even healed up wasn’t very fun.

TMT-1 made a bored expression while beating up Hansoo with his light blade.

‘Well. If he dies then whatever.’

There were no orders to deal with him carefully.

He had just been told to drive him to near death.

Though Hansoo was holding on very well, he needed to perform his first job now.


As TMT-1 gathered up energy to smash for his final attack.




TMT-1 stopped at the strange noises coming out from Hansoo who was kneeling on the ground.

A strange change.


Hansoo slowly rose up.

With a completely different expression from before.

A small mumble came out from his mouth.

“...Eres. Keldian.”

His broken memories surfaced.

Fixing the broken cracks inside him.

“If you were asking for a favor… You should’ve just told me.”



As he heard the frightening noises all over his body.

Hansoo smiled.