Reincarnator - Chapter 293 : Transcendence (4)

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Chapter 293 : Transcendence (4)


Hansoo approached the huge shining ship as he checked his body.

[Kang Hansoo]

Strength (Green) : 99.9%

Stamina (Green) : 99.9%

Agility (Green) : 99.9%

Perception (Green) : 99.9%

Mana (Green) : 99.9%

Magic (Green) : 99.9%

Physical Resistance (Green) : 99.9%

Magic Resistance (Green) : 99.9%

Level : 250.

- Demonic Dragon Reinforcement : 99.3%

- Pandemic Blade : 60.8%

- Nine Dragons Spear : 38.2%

- Forked Lightning (Green) : 99.9%

- Nurmaha’s Ring (Green) : 99.9%

- Thousand Soldiers Armor (Green) : 99.9%

- Dark Cloud (Green) : 99.9%

- Dragon Essence Blade (Green) : 99.9%

- Mana Jade (Green) : 99.9%

- Fragments of Seven Souls (3/7)

- Seven Stars (3/7)

Of course his runes should be at 99.9%

But the thing that caught his eyes was the Demonic Dragon Reinforcement that had almost reached 100%.

‘It rose this much huh.’

The masteries of things like reinforcements which increased the abilities of humans rose faster when their bodies were strained while using them.

And he had continuously fought with players and faced beings much stronger than himself like Arthus Krancheska and Tiamet.

And on top of that, the harsh environment that rushed in from all around him.

‘If only this fucking headache went away…’

But it seems he had no time to heal.

He had to check who was inside that thing.

‘...The chances of it being a player is low.’

The lava had probably filled up the inner parts of the Obelisk and burned up all the bodies of the 3rd grade citizens.

And it was even less likely for it to be someone from the Kingdoms or the Empire.

There was no way for them to have come all the way here already when the Spirit Land had just opened.

Which means there was only 3 options.

An Ain.

Jang Oh and his forces.


‘Somebody from below might have sneaked up.’

He wanted to heal up a bit more before going in but the ship seemed like it was about to activate.

It would be hard to catch it once it flew up.

And once it started accelerating it would be impossible to catch up before it rose into space.

‘Gotta go in.’

What if someone like Jang Oh used that thing as a bomb?

If that thing fell onto the heads of the adventurers then it would be a catastrophe.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Hansoo quickly stepped off as he headed towards the giant ship.

‘And… This isn’t half bad. To be honest.’

Hansoo mumbled as stared at the vast amount of energy flowing through the surface of the ship.

After arriving below the ship, he jumped and headed straight up through the air.


As he used up a large amount of strength to reach the ship that had already lifted off, the headache from inside him and his already damaged body both screamed at him.




Maybe because his body couldn’t function properly due to the pain.

Hansoo’s body couldn’t reach the ship as he started to fall back down.

‘...Not like this.’

Hansoo frowned while looking at the ship that was lifting off in front of his eyes and used the new power he gained.

At the same time.


The surrounding snowstorm started to gather up accompanied by a strange sound.

To be more specific, the surrounding energy of the Ice Spirit had come together.

And soon a bright blue light gathered beneath his feet.


Ice started to form beneath his feet out of thin air.


Hansoo jumped off the ice beneath his feet and thankfully was able to reach the surface of the ship.

And as Hansoo reached the surface of the ship and grabbed ahold of it.


The tremendous amount of energy that even the Nine Dragons Spear had a hard time penetrating through gathered up to prevent the intruder from entering.

Something he could not go through in his current condition.

But there was a clear difference.


This time, the power if the spirit inside him did its job properly.


The huge amount of energy of ASTRO-1 that was being controlled by the Mudusella System started to flow into his own body.

It flowed through the mana circuits in his body as it reached the mana jade in the deepest parts of his body.


The dried up mana jade started to suck up the mana greedily like a dried up farmland meeting rain for the first time in years.

It wasn’t just sucking up mana either.

The mana jade recycled the mana into the Demonic Dragon Reinforcement as it sent it all over throughout his body.

To heal his body which had been destroyed by the explosion of Tiamet’s body.


Though it was slow, he saw his skin regenerating as he sighed out in relief.

Since the energy of the Spirit used for the shield considered him to be a friendly entity.

Though he couldn’t use the energy however he wanted due to the power of the Mudusella System being stronger, he was easily able to receive a much purer and concentrated energy than what was spread out around him.

‘And I can even do something like this.’

Hansoo condensed the energy using his controlling power and pushed it into the surface of the ship.

And then.


And the shield smoothly gave way as his spear reached the surface of the ship.

Now matter how powerful this allow was, it wouldn’t be able to withstand the Demonic Dragon Reinforcement without the energy.


Sparks were created from the spear and the surface of the ship as it started to melt down.

As he used the power of the spirit to stop the flow of the energy and melted the surface of the ship, a hole big enough for a human to go through had appeared.


Hansoo felt a warm and soft energy surrounding him, unlike the cold and harsh snowstorm outside, as he entered the ship.

Which meant that the colony inside the ship was functioning properly.

Hansoo absorbed the surrounding energy as he walked towards the engine room.

‘Let’s at least see who it is.’


As Hansoo walked by, the surrounding flowers died, and the lake lost its luster as the lanterns flickered off.

Because he was forcibly sucking in the energy to heal his body.

Hansoo nodded as he used his new powers to heal himself.

If the Mana Jade or the Body Enhancement Surgery strengthened the body itself, the Spirit allowed perfect acclimatation to the surrounding environment as well as the power to prepare for any unknown variables.

The fact that it could divert a fraction of the energy from the enemy’s attack and use it for itself was amazing in itself.

Since he was able to reduce the power of the enemy and increase his own defense.

But Hansoo suddenly frowned as he felt the energy coming out from the control tower.

‘No way.’

At that moment.

An extremely familiar face had appeared in front of him.

The faces he had seen in the past and in the present as well.

The enhanced race member who had the face of Tiamet.

‘Level… It should be around 330?’

Hansoo frowned as he looked at the TMT series that were absorbing the energy from the Spirits in the ship.

Though they were much, much weaker than Tiamet, they were still very strong.

And these guys didn’t have any bombs inside them nor had their conditions been turned into a mess from the Obelisk’s storm.

TMT-1 walked out with a shocked expression.

‘...He really killed Tiamet.’

Though they were all of the TMT series, TMT-17, or Tiamet, was an exception who had escaped the confinements and had become a monster.

For an weak adventurer who could only break through the limits for a short moment to defeat Tiamet.

Though Mudusella had indeed prophesized all this and though they had felt the Obelisk falling, it was still shocking to see somebody defeat Tiamet and come back alive.

“What are you doing here?”

TMT-1 came back to his senses and remembered his job.

Not his first job which he was doing here.

But his second task, after meeting the existence called Kang Hansoo.

‘Did she tell me to greet him first? My god, for him to really appear.’

TMT-1 thought that MSL-17, Mudusella, was truly amazing as he shrugged his shoulders.

“You have fought for us, I am very thankful of this.”

“I don’t think that’s what you want to say.”

It didn’t seem like they had come here to apologize.

And TMT-1 replied expressionlessly at Hansoo’s words.

“Yes, you are correct. Since there isn’t much time I will directly transfer the message of our representative, MSL-17.”



TMT-1 used his Light Spirit’s power and created a hologram with the surrounding energy.

And Mudusella appeared in the air as she smiled.

TMT-1’s energy trembled as it even made the same voice as Mudusella.

The respectful tone of Mudusella was filled with sincere thankfulness.

‘This is a bit too much for just releasing them from the seal…’

As Hansoo frowned.

Mudusella’s hologram continued to speak.

No matter whether Hansoo wanted it or not, there was only one thing they could do for him.

And as her words ended.

A humongous energy beam, which was actually TMT-1 who had surrounded himself in white light, charged towards Hansoo.

Unlike TMT-1 who had a cold expression.

Mudusella’s hologram smiled warmly as she spoke her final words.

“I never wanted such a thing!”

Along with Hansoo’s shout.


The giant spaceship got filled with explosive sounds.