Reincarnator - Chapter 288 : Star of transcendence (4)

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Chapter 288 : Star of transcendence (4)

[We will set off after 05:02:11.]


Mudusella sat in the engine room as she made a bitter expression while looking at the Mudusella System in front of her.

She kept thinking about her partner, TMT-17, who had been left behind in the city.

It might’ve been better if there was at least a spirit she could talk to but that spirit had long been taken out of her into a glass sphere.

To supply the ship with the energy.

Akamel, who was standing next to Mudusella, smiled in contentment as he mumbled.

“Dumbass. He overestimated his own worth.”

“...Couldn\'t you have taken them all?’

Not just Tiamet but the 3rd grade citizens as well.


Akamel frowned at her words.

He also wanted to show her who was in charge but he could not.

Unlike Tiamet, MSL-17 was a vital part of the flight.

‘I guess I’ll make another when I arrive…’

Akamel was enraged and had almost spurted out his inner thoughts.

Thoughts that were a bit extreme for the others to hear but were completely fine to utter to these ‘products’ of theirs.

“No way. Our worth is much higher than those wasteful bastards. Those things that only know how to waste resources are a plague in a situation where we have limited resources. Maybe you don’t know because you’ve only been alive for a short time, etch that into your memory.”


As Mudusella frowned at Akamel.



Akamel held Mudusella’s chin as he coldly whispered.

“Know your limits, even if we need you it’ll be a bit hard on us if you cross the line.”


“Yeah, learn to avoid my gaze like that. Now, go ahead and finish your job. Move all the 2nd grade citizens in cryosleep onto the ship.”

The 2nd grade citizens weren’t used by the Mudusella system unlike the 3rd grades.

But they couldn’t just throw them away.

Since they needed them as servants in the new planet.

So they had frozen close to 10 million of them.

And they will be moved to the new planet in that state.

Until the 1st grade citizens finish the preparations.

The beautiful colony built inside the spaceship was only for the 1st grade citizens.

‘Perfect. I shall give you this planet as a whole… Farewell then.’

Akamel looked towards the city in the distance and then smiled as he thought of Tiamet.

But then.

[Warning. Warning. The surrounding environment is changing drastically. All citizens move to the designated emergency positions.]

A sudden warning rang throughout the spaceship.


Akamel freaked out.

“Check the outside situation immediately!”

Akamel hurriedly gave orders to the Mudusella system.

And soon, Akamel was at a loss at the scene in front of him.


A humongous tornado was spinning around the Obelisk in the distance.

As the shield that was protecting the tower broke, a giant tornado had formed inside it.

Akamel grinded his teeth as he looked at what was happening in the distance.

“What the fuck…!”

Countless ashy clouds that had originally surrounded the entire planet were being sucked into the tower.

And the mountain range that was barely holding onto its shape was being covered with snow and clouds.

All the land around the city was freezing and breaking apart.



And of course the spaceship which was preparing for its flight could not escape this calamity.

[Calculating… Flight determined to be impossible.]

[ASTRO-17… Shifting to dormant mode.]

The warning resounded throughout the spaceship as the 1st grade citizens freaked out.

“What the hell! What is this! We didn’t foresee this with the Mudusella System!”

“What’s going on!?”

And the spirit was shocked as well.

The spirit, which was acting as a generator for the ship inside the flask, made a confused expression as it looked.

The sky was falling with the tower as the center.

The Obelisk, which had become the pillar that held up the humanity’s survival was turning everything around it into a land of death.

As if it was trying to suck in every calamity of the world.

A similar scene was probably playing out in the other Obelisks as well.

And Hansoo was also shocked at this scene.

‘..Was this why the ship was resting beyond the range? There’s still too much that doesn’t fit.’

At that moment.


Sounds of explosions against the surface of the ship could be heard.

Even the people inside the engine room could hear it.


“Stop that bastard!”



Sounds of clashes and explosions were heard.

Though the spirit’s perception had weakened after it had entered the flask but it could clearly hear those screams.

And Akamel freaked out with a horrified yelp.

“You bastard...How!”

It also heard the familiar voice that was responding to Akamel.

“I sold my soul to the devil.”


As Akamel screamed.

Hansoo quickly started thinking.

‘He sold his soul to the devil?’

This current Tiamet was much stronger than before.

If Akamel had known that Tiamet could make that tower go insane.

And that he would kill off the other enhanced race to get to him.

He would’ve never left Tiamet behind.

And as Hansoo tried to suck in more of the spirit’s memories.


The spirit’s exhausted voice came into his ears as he started to get sucked out of the flask towards an unknown location.


When Hansoo’s consciousness came back, it was where he had been before.

Inside his own consciousness where the spirit had sucked him in.

And something very faint was barely holding onto its form in front of him.

Something that had lost its previous seven-colored luster.

“That guy?”

As Hansoo frowned at the spirit’s words.

The spirit chuckled as he left behind its final words.

At that moment he realized he needed to hear something.

‘This bastard saw something from my broken memories.’

Hansoo held onto the spirit as he asked.

“Speak, what did you see.”

As a consequence the spirit became even more transparent.

As if it was about to flicker off.

Usually a threat like this would’ve worked.

Since the spirit’s mentality wasn’t that strong.

But the situation was different now, it was already done for.


The spirit broke apart and disappeared before it could finish its own words.

And the seven colored fragments of the spirit’s body entered Hansoo’s body.


A new ability started to appear in his body.

Like he was becoming a new entity.

A change that was occurring as he consumed the spirit’s fragments.

It was something he wouldn’t resist usually but he was looking around frantically.

‘My memories...Just a bit more.’

But then.


Hansoo’s consciousness started to get sucked out.

Towards the body outside.


Tiamet frowned at Hansoo who had flinched for a bit before moving but then he just gathered more white light in his hands and prepared to attack again.

It was not something his light spirit had in the past but something he had gained after hearing that he had to devour everything to become a transcendent.


A giant beam exploded out from Rangkom’s Stake as it flew towards Hansoo.

It was not a might which Hansoo could withstand.

No matter how close the gap between them had gotten, this beam was more than enough to smash him into bits.


A giant storm of mist appeared around Hansoo.

Tiamet grinded his teeth as he saw this.

“...Did you fuse?”


“So it was like this.”

Hansoo replied nonchalantly from inside the mist.

And the snowstorm was gathering and creating a wall of ice around him.

As Hansoo lifted his hands to activate this newfound power again.


The snowstorm started to gather at a single point.


Towards Tiamet who was preparing to attack again.

And in an instant the snowstorm that had been created from the crazed tower that gnawed away at Tiamet’s power pushed down onto him but numerous times stronger than before.

The power of the light spirit he had was solely focused on destruction.

The dark spirit in Jang Oh’s hands was focused on manipulating the darkness efficiently.

But the ability of the spirit which Mudusella, the manager, had was different.


Control over the power a spirit had.

An ability needed for her to managel the giant Mudusella system as well as the entire Obelisk.

Tiamet’s light spirit was more efficient when turning energy into destructive force but not when there was a huge energy storm all around them targeted at him.



“Fucking… Hell!”

It wasn’t just any mana storm.

The mana storm that had previously surrounded the entire planet and had now been compressed by the tower was rushing around Tiamet.

And as Tiamet grinded his teeth at the tremendous pressure.


Hansoo dashed through the snowstorm as he smashed down into Tiamet with the Forked Lightning.


As Tiamet was flung back and was about to smash onto the ground.


Hansoo, who had dashed over and got on top of Tiamet asked as he beat him.

“Tell me what happened in the past”


Smack. Smack.


Hansoo whispered as he grabbed ahold of TIamet.

“Did you finish them off a thousand years ago?”

He needed to hear this.

As to what that ‘Devil’s’ deal was.

And if that contract was still in effect.

“You bastard…!”




‘Since the spirit isn’t responding anymore...I’ll need to hear from this side.’

Hansoo dodged the stake that flew towards him and smashed Tiamet in the face again.