Reincarnator - Chapter 287 : Star of transcendence (3)

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Chapter 287 : Star of transcendence (3)

Tiamet asked as he looked at the dark expression of Akamel.

“...Why not?”

His demand wasn’t outrageous.

This much should easily be doable.

But Akamel smiled coldly as he spoke.

“Of course not. It’s not fair.”

“Not fair?’

Akamel nodded.

“Yeah. Every other 3rd grade citizen is below. But who is that woman for us to treat her like this?”

Tiamet was dumbfounded from these words.


Was this something these guys who were leaving behind all the third grade citizens to die should be saying?

“It won’t be bad for them. It’ll end for them in happiness inside there. Every one of them agreed right? That it’s better to live inside there than living in reality.

As he heard these words.


A vein popped up on his forehead.

And he felt something boiling inside him.


Rage was one of the most distracting emotions when they were doing their job.

The chipset activated as it tried to suppress him.


While he was trying to escape the suppression from the chipset.

Tiamet resisted the electrical signals from the chipset as he raised his trembling hand.

Because he really felt like he needed to punch this man.

Though the fist of Tiamet, who could easily rip apart steel like it was paper, was approaching his face, Akamel was completely calm.

As Tiamet was about to grab ahold of Akamel.


The two TMT series next to Akamel grabbed both of Tiamet’s arms and made him kneel.


He tried to resist but it was all futile.

The chipset was still suppressing him and he could not win against the two TMTs who had the same power level as him.

Akamel smirked at Tiamet kneeling in front of him.

“It was hard making you. So you originally had the rights to come on board with us. But if you’re defective then the story changes.”

Usually, they would just fix the chipset and reuse him but they were about to leave.

They didn’t have the time nor did he want to.

‘I don’t need a defective enhanced human who can resist us in this new world.’

This was why the 3rd grade citizens were being left behind.

Though they were calculating the success rate of this plan, the Mudusella system was actually calculating something else.

[Should we take the 2nd and 3rd grade citizens with us to the new planet?]

Everyone was cautious.

As to how bad the situation could become if the 2nd and 3rd grade citizens rebelled.

The ashy storm outside the barrier proved this.

Would these guys not cause troubles in the new world?

The 1st grade citizens scanned the brains of every citizen using the Mudusella system and launched a calculation.

And the results.

[Up to 2nd grade is helpful.]

[Starting from the 3rd grade, their usefulness drops and the chance of them causing issues rises.]

‘Why should we take them then?’

Even such a thing in front of his eyes might appear.

Enhanced humans who broke the chipset and went wild.

Akamel had no thoughts of sharing even a bit of their precious resources to take someone like this.

Akamel laughed coldly as he spoke.

“Don’t worry too much. I have a conscience you see. I won’t hurt you lovebirds.”

With those words.



One of the TMT series stabbed into the back of his neck as Tiamet felt his consciousness fading out.

‘Fucking… Hell.’

Tiamet lost his consciousness as he watched Akamel who was laughing at him coldly.



Tiamet rose up as he sensed something whipping against his skin.

And he made a shocked expression as he looked around.

The empty platform.

All the 1st grade citizens and the enhanced race had boarded and left.

Only two lifeforms were alive.

He, who had fallen.

And Astania, who was still unconscious.


Tiamet checked the status of his body but then sat back down.

‘What’s the use.’

As the MSL series who controlled the Mudusella System left, there was no enhanced race member to pour him any energy.

Soon this giant tower, the Obelisk, will cease to act and then the harsh environment will soon sweep over this city.

Even he didn’t have the confidence to survive for long periods of time.

He will slowly lose energy and die out.

‘...I wanted to save you at least.’

Tiamet sighed out as he looked at Astania sleeping next to him.

He didn’t know what this sensation he was feeling towards this woman was.

But he felt that he would be much happier if this woman lived and was happy.

And even more so if he was next to her.

‘Were Nepallem’s words true?’

Tiamet chuckled at conversation he had with Nepallem.

He really had become special.

He was probably the only TMT series who was left behind here.

‘I should’ve listened to his answer at least. The reason why I am special.’

But it was too late to hear the answer now.

Since Nepallem would’ve long boarded the ship.

That man was in a different situation than him.

At that moment.

“Living isn’t easy right? You would’ve been able to board if humans lived in harmony.”

“...No way.”

Tiamet mumbled in shock at the voice that was coming from the distance.

Since that voice was not something that he should be hearing.

But despite his voice, the voice was only getting closer.

Tiamet turned around and was at a loss for words.

“Napallem. How are you here…”

Nepallem chuckled as he looked at Tiamet.

“It seems your chipset is completely broken. Maybe it’s a good thing? Hahaha.”

“...Why did you stay behind?”

Tiamet pinched his cheek in case he had come into the virtual reality.

Nepallem had no reason not to board and he had to board.

Since if Nepallem chose to stay here, all the other 1st grade citizens would’ve forcibly taken him.

Nepallem shrugged his shoulders.

“Oh that? I just boarded a clone who looked similar to me. I hope that guy is happy over there.”

“What… What are you...? Why did you not go?”

Since the chipset, which was suppressing his emotions, had been broken. Various emotions sprang up from inside him.

As Tiamet mumbled with a shocked expression, Nepallem laughed as he spoke.

“Is there a reason for me to go? I’ve already accomplished my goals here?”


Nepallem pointed towards the tower behind him as he looked at Tiamet.

“They left behind the most important thing.”

Tiamet’s expression brightened at these words.

That confident expression.

Nepallem, who had overseen all the previous plans and endeavors had been left behind.

Was this not a possibility of him surviving?

Maybe the ones who got onto the ship made a mistake?

But sadly.

Nepallem made a sorry expression as he spoke.

“I’m sorry if I brought your hopes up but… Don’t make such an expression. This body will soon die.”


Nepallem shrugged his shoulders.

“Why are you so shocked? Since I’m done with my objective and this body has done what it needed to, it’s time to throw it away.”

And Tiamet was enraged.

“Fuck! What were you trying to do here then!?’

Various emotions that had been suppressed before sprang up.

No, there was one dominant emotion inside him.


The emotion that endangered a soldier the most.

This emotion was slowly eating away at Tiamet due to the unknown future.

And as a response to this.


A white spirit exploded out from inside him and surrounded Tiamet.

A spirit of light.

One of the most destructive spirit in existence had come out.

With one objective.

To protect Tiamet.

But Nepallem scratched his chin as he looked at Tiamet.

“Why are you getting angry after you just asked? Anyways, my objective is… Well, you could say it’s engineering. Or terraforming. It’s making this place a bit prettier. Suiting the taste of someone above.”


Someone above?

Was there somebody who was in a place higher than Nepallem?

‘Is he making fun of me?’

At that moment.

“Ah, he’s here.”

With this.


Space cracked and spliced apart.

And from the dark void.

A small creature popped out.

A small pair of wings and a shining body.

As he looked at the fairy-like creature he had seen from the fairytales.


Tiamet’s entire body started to tremble.

Though it’s outer appearance was a cute fairy, there was a tremendous amount of power and viciousness residing inside it.


Tiamet couldn\'t help himself as he fell on the ground but Nepallem ignored it as he spoke to the fairy.

“It’s finished. You’re going to take over now right?”

The fairy smiled.

“Mmm...That’s how it should be normally but there’s something amusing here?”

Originally, as the giant Obelisk was completed and these other creatures were gone it should’ve been finished.

But how could it ignore something amusing that appeared in front of it?

As the fairy, who had the same nature as god, smiled.

“Fucking bastards. If you’re going to joke around then…”

Tiamet grinded his teeth as he mumbled.

This tiny thing was looking at him as if he was a toy.

But the fairy shook its head and smirked.

“No. I’m not joking around. You see, I really like people like you. You’re very special.”

The fairy looked between Tiamet and the direction the 1st grade citizens had gone towards as it spoke out.

“You were born with the transcendence star.”

“Oh right, I was going to tell him first.”

Nepallem smacked his forehead.