Reincarnator - Chapter 286 : Star of transcendence (2)

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Chapter 286 : Star of transcendence (2)

Tiamet looked at the data with a shocked expression.

Codename : Plan for the Migration of Humaniy.

The directives were simple.

1st and 2nd grade citizens were to board the spaceship that was being built across the mountain range.

And there were clear instructions for the enhanced race so there wouldn’t be any casualties during all of it.

But nowhere in the data was there anything regarding the 3rd grade citizens.

Tiamet asked Nepallem.

“...What’s going on? I thought everybody was migrating?”

Nepallem smiled.

“Why are you asking a scientist like me? I’m only responsible for making you and creating the spirits. People who decide how to use them are people like Akamel, the highest-ranked members.”

Tiamet made a dumbfounded expression.

Even if people like Akamel could fly, they wouldn’t be able to reach the height Nepallem was at.

Which meant that Akamel had to present his ideas and receive approval from Nepallem for every plan.

But for Nepallem to not know what’s going on in a situation like this?

“What are you…”

Tiamet, who was about to become enraged, realized what he was about to do and then calmed down.

Why was he getting angry?

Thinking about it, there was nothing that should matter to him even if the 3rd grade citizens were disposed of.

Since their deaths didn’t matter to him.

The 100 or so of the TMT series will be allowed to board and it was better if they didn’t take the 3rd grade citizens.

Why was there a need to get angry for those who threw eggs at him?

But something kept tickling him inside his chest.

Something was complaining inside him.

And Nepallem smiled as he looked at Tiamet.

“Shouldn’t you run?”

“...What do you mean?”

Nepallem patted his chest.

“This. I’m talking about this from before.”

At that moment.

Tiamet realized where the uneasiness and the annoyance was coming from.

And Nepallem whispered into his ears.

“Our TMT-17 is a very precious resource. Adding one extra person wouldn’t be that hard.”

And the moment he heard this.


Tiamet stomped out from Nepallem’s personal area as he started to walk somewhere.

And somebody shouted behind his back.

“Good luck! If you hurry then you might be able to find her before they re-enter.”


Tiamet disappeared into the darkness and Nepallem shrugged his shoulders inside his own personal area.

“Well, you should at least hear why you’re so special. That’s the most important part.”


[15 minutes until entrance time into Exodus. Citizens, please move to your designated locations.]

“Finally, we’re going back in.”

“Gosh, I thought I was going to die from boredom! Ugh.”

“Keke. I’m going to kill what I was about to before!”

As the announcement was made, the citizens who were spread out all over the wide underground area started to swarm around the tower.

Though some were looking at this with a strange expression.


Astania made a worried expression while looking at the citizens.

‘I know it’s nice but… Aren’t they relying on it a bit too much?.’

Astania mumbled to herself.

She understood that the world inside that place was good.

Since they were able to forget the problems of reality inside it.

The 1st grade citizens who wished to rule over them.

The harsh environment that continuously tried to wipe them out.

And they, who were powerless to do anything in this situation.

They were able to forget all of that inside that place.

No, more than that.

Unlike this place, where they were powerless, they could become heroes.

They flew through the skies and hunted dragons.

They killed beasts and saved others.

‘...Nothing I can do.’

It looked like they were running away from reality rather than playing a game but she was the same as them.

Astania sighed as she started to move towards her cell as well.

But at that moment.

Somebody grabbed her arm.


Astania saw a familiar face as she looked behind in confusion.

“Let’s go.”

“What… Hey! I didn’t do anything wrong! Why is a TMT series taking me?”

Astania shouted in confusion.

TMT series.

The beings that were in control of the city’s laws.

Astania freaked out.

‘Why… Why is this happening.’

No matter how she thought about it, she hadn’t done anything wrong.

Even if she did something wrong, for a TMT to come get her.

These were not things that should be for that.

Tiamet frowned as he responded to Astania’s words.

“You told me to meet with smiles but the situation is not like that. Follow me.”

“What… Oh. Are you the one from then?”

Astania then realized something.

She remembered who this was.

‘Ugh, there’s no way to tell them apart.’

Astania sighed out in relief but then frowned as she stopped Tiamet and spoke.

“Where are you taking me, I have to go in the cell.”

Astania pointed towards the giant tower filled with glass cells behind her.

And Tiamet made an annoyed expression at this.

‘This dumb girl. You’re going to die if that happens.’

The 1st and 2nd grade citizens were going to get on the ship.

The enhanced race who supplied and controlled the obelisk also had to get on.

Which meant this giant tower would lose both its software and hardware and would cease to work.

And the 3rd grade citizens would not be able to survive in these harsh conditions without the protection of the obelisk.

They would freeze to death inside the glass cells.

“If you have something to say then say it here. If not then just tell me later.”


He wanted to speak but the chipset was preventing him from leaking the top secret informations.


Astania frowned and then threw Tiamet’s hands off.

“What are you doing? If you’re going to just play around then fuck off. Are you looking down on me because I’m just a third grade? If I don’t go in there in time then it’ll be bad.”

Astania glared at Tiamet and started to stomp towards the tower.


Tiamet wanted to grab ahold of Astania but he could not.

The chipset was stopping him.

[The enhanced race cannot forcefully act against a citizen.]

[Stop you actions immediately.]

The chipset’s electric signal suppressed his entire body as Astania disappeared towards the tower.

And the various emotions inside him swelled.




Tiamet clenched his teeth and poured strength all over his body.




At that moment, something shocking occurred.

Tiamet started to move despite the chipset suppression.


As his body moved.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Tiamet didn’t pay attention to the fact that he could ignore the chipset as he started to rush towards Astania with an urgent expression.


As Astania freaked out at Tiamet who rushed up to her.


Astania fell on the ground unconscious as Tiamet hit her in the back of her head.


Strangely, the chipset had stopped suppressing him as Tiamet attained his goal.

Tiamet breathed out roughly as he stared down at Astania who was laid out on the ground.

He then heaved her onto his shoulders and quickly ran over to the elevator.

‘I need to hurry.’

The train to the spaceship would soon set off.

As he got on the elevator the sensor inside it started to scan him.


[...TMT-17. Scan complete. Activating.]


Tiamet glanced at the countless 3rd grade citizens lying in the glass cells in the distance but soon turned away from them as the elevator started to climb up.


[Everyone, proceed to board starting from the citizens of Zone 19 please.]

[You’ve done well until now, congratulations on obtaining the right to go to the new world.]

The 1st level station of the obelisk.

Countless people were climbing aboard the long train.

Most were the 1st grade citizens of the obelisk.

And around the 1st grade citizens.

The various enhanced race members were getting on board along with the citizens.

Akamel looked at the scene from the corner of the station next to two TMTs.

‘Good. Perfect.’

The boarding of the citizens from the city was proceeding smoothly as the Mudusella System was being moved onto the spaceship.

Though it might not be as good as the Mudusella system that used the souls of the 20 million people, it would be more than enough.

Since the number of citizens would naturally rise once they colonize the new planet properly.

At that moment.

[Warning! Warning!]

[Unknown citizen is attempting to board.]

[All enhanced race of cart A-22, proceed to prevent the boarding.]


Akamel frowned at the sudden warning.

‘No way… All the 3rd grade citizens should be inside Exodus by now.’

The 3rd grade citizens of the 17th zone who had been awakened just recently were also going into Exodus.

And they couldn’t use the elevators even if they were awake so who was trying to come.

‘...What’s going on.’

Akamel frowned as he took the two TMTs and headed towards the location of conflict.



Sounds of collisions could be heard around the station.

‘Who caused this…’

Akamel approached the area with a confused expression but then made a dumbfounded expression at the scene.

Various enhanced race members had been flung back.

And the one TMT series who had a girl on his back.

Akamel realized what was going on the moment he saw this and then grinded his teeth.

“...Nepallem. No matter how much you try to stop me this time, it won’t work.’

‘Fucking bastards. I’ll make sure to tighten your collars properly after this.’

And at that moment.

TMT-17, the one who had created all this mess, stomped towards Akamel.

‘This bastard…’

As Akamel glared at Tiamet.

Tiamet pondered for a moment but then spoke straightforwardly.

“Please let this woman onboard.”

His demand wasn’t very far-fetched.

His own worth was extremely high and though he didn’t know why they were leaving behind the 3rd grade citizens, adding one extra woman wasn’t hard for Akamel.

This was why he had left behind the other citizens.

Since if they started to cling onto him he might not be able to save the woman.

‘Though you won’t be treated well after you get on...You should at least live.’

Tiamet mumbled as he glanced at Astania.

But from the distance.

MSL-17, Mudusella, saw this scene with a sad expression.


She understood what he was thinking.

But sadly, Tiamet didn’t understand the humans enough.

To be precise, the dark parts of their emotions.

And just like she expected.

“Don’t want to.”

Akamel scoffed as he replied.


“Tsk, Tsk.”

Nepallem looked at this scene from the distance and clicked his tongue.