Reincarnator - Chapter 285 : Star of transcendence (1)

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Chapter 285 : Star of transcendence (1)

Tiamet frowned at the citizens.

‘These guys…’

Even if the humans had succeeded in enhancing their own bodies and absorbing the node’s energy to a degree, his terrifying might was not something these humans could go against.

But the current situation was a bit different.

‘Annoying. Did that game enhance their perception or something?’

“You bastard! Come down!”

Tiamet made an annoyed expression as he watched the citizens who had climbed on the roof and were grabbing onto his clothes.

He and the other enhanced race were set so they would only be able to attack the citizens with the orders of a 1st grade citizen or when the citizen themselves broke a rule.

This was why these guys, who would get killed off with just a single breath, were acting like this.

And these guys, those whose physical bodies had been enhanced as well as having absorbed the node’s energy, could easily rip apart steel beams with their bare hands.

That was why they had been able to jump on the roof.

And the people who came up here started to tap on Tiamet as if they wanted to pick a fight with him.

“Hey you. You’re him right? The guy who burned my friend half dead.”

“Hey! Try attacking us like that time.”


“Yeah! Spread some egg on you before you walk around.”


These citizens weren’t able to attack directly either since attacking the enhanced race was against the rule.

But annoying him was easy.

But for them to be able to do this even though they would still clearly remember the might he could wield.

‘That game… I guess it rids them of their sense of fear as well. Or maybe they can’t differentiate between virtual reality and reality.’

Tiamet grinded his teeth as he looked at those who were throwing eggs at him.

The fact that he was being pegged by eggs by those whom he could kill with just a flick of his wrist was really annoying him.

And the fact that he couldn’t retaliate annoyed him even before.


And the chipset on his neck was stopping him from acting out.

Like a collar on a dog.

‘Yeah. I’m just a bastard dog huh…’


Every time Tiamet clenched his teeth, the chipset on his neck buzzed as it let out sparks.

In order to suppress the enraged Tiamet.

At that moment.

“Everyone calm down.”


A man came down from the elevator as he shouted in order to calm the people.

The surrounding guards could clearly tell how important this man was.

10 men who looked exactly like Tiamet.

A man who could take around 10 TMT series, which there were only 100 of like the MSL series, in this entire city there was only one person.


“No, uh. It’s not what you’re thinking…”

Everyone who were raging against Tiamet started to stutter and fall back.

The TMT series was the invention of Nepallem.

They were like the children of Nepallam and it was not easy to throw eggs at the child in front of the father.

Even more so if the father was a figure whom everybody respected and worshipped more than anybody else.


As everyone looked to Nepallem with awkward expressions.

Nepallem calmly pointed with his hand.

“Now now. Calm down everybody. Go loosen up your bodies or something. Though the world inside the capsule is invigorating, it isn’t as nice as this beautiful nature.”

Nepallem pointed towards the underground gardens which were being managed by the spirits and the people backed off at these words.

And Tiamet looked at Nepallem with an awkward expression as well.

Though he treated most people like bugs, two people were excluded from this.

One was Astania, the reason why he had come down here.

And the other, Nepallem.

‘Am I also respecting this human?’

Tiamet scoffed but he didn’t know for sure.

He, who had only been alive for 6 months, couldn’t completely control his emotions yet.

The reason why he had come down here was to verify this strange sensation that sprang up from the corner of his mind.

The moment he thought up to this point.

‘...Oh right, did she leave?’

As Tiamet tried to look around.


Something popped up in front of him.

“Who are you looking for?”


Tiamet stuttered as he looked at Nepallem who had appeared in front of his eyes.

Nepallem was smiling.

While projecting a hologram.

And an attractive woman floated on the screen.

“Perhaps this woman?”


Tiamet glared at Nepallem with a slight frown while Nepallem looked back at him in amusement and satisfaction.

“As I thought, you are special.”

Tiamet looked at the 10 TMT series who looked identical to him.

For him to be special when there were so many of himself?

It sounded like Nepallem was mocking him.

But Nepallem shook his head.

“Don’t make that expression. You’re truly special. We… Can help each other a lot it seems. Will you follow me?”


Tiamet frowned.


While he was stopping an uproar, he had been downed by a citizen when he got hit in the back of the head before.

Of course this shoudln’t have been possible but he wasn’t in battle mode but rather suppression mode.

But there was a woman who had saved him while he was being stomped and ripped apart by the enraged citizens.

<...Damn. I really don’t like you but I’ll save you this one time. You fucking bastard.>

Tiamet asked in confusion while the back of his neck was still ringing in pain.

Since he was somebody who should simply be killed in their eyes.

And if he was kept alive then he would only be used to suppress them again after he healed.

This woman’s actions did not make sense.

The woman, Astania, spat out some blood as she answered.

They fought for freedom.

But these guys never had freedom to begin with.

They only followed orders and fought for the 1st grade citizens.

The reason for all this hate was the 1st grade citizens but only the people below were bleeding.

And Astania did not like this.

Astania chuckled.

The TMTs were under a lot more pressure compared to the MSLs since their main purpose was battle, not management.

Unlike the MSLs in charge of management, emotions were something that were truly unneeded in the TMTs whose focus was battle and massacres.

It wasn’t bad usually but once they got into battle mode then the chipset behind them erased all of their emotions.

Astania finished her words as he climbed back out.


Tiamet grasped his painful neck as he looked towards Astania with a confused expression.


“Things were really bad back then. But thankfully there weren’t many dead, it’s all thanks to you TMTs.”

Nepallem smiled as he mumbled.

Casualties only happened when two forces of similar strengths collided.

The 1st grade citizens removed the limits imposed on the TMT series after seeing the situation turning for the worse and everybody who was rebelling were suppressed by the pure might of the TMTs as they backed off.

‘I guess he was more cheerful than I thought.’

Tiamet stared at Nepallem who was mumbling in happiness as he asked.

“What do you need?”

The enhanced race were wired to be respectful towards the humans.

Though Tiamet felt like he could be disrespectful if he wanted but it didn’t feel right to do so to this man.

‘...Maybe it’s because he created me.’

Tiamet controlled his unknown emotions as he tried to understand the current situation.

There was no reason for him and Nepallem to converse one on one like this.

Though he was one of the two special series within this giant city, the other party was a man who stood out amidst the 70 billion humans.

They were on different levels.

‘And this is his personal space...All other TMTs are outside as well.’

The tower’s topmost penthouse from where one could clearly see the entire city.

This place was a mysterious place where even Akamel hadn’t been in.

A perfect personal space where not a single monitoring device existed.


Nepallem poured two cups of tea as he smiled at Tiamet.

“I wanted to converse with just us two. Anyways, how’s the emotion of love? Well, maybe it’s not there yet.”

But Tiamet was extremely shocked by these words.

‘Love? This?’

Tiamet then scoffed inwardly.


“A TMT like me has no such function as replying to your jokes. Find someone else please.”

Nepallem smiled.

“What do you mean? You wouldn’t just go underground to eat some curses right? Didn’t you go down even though you knew that would happen? Something’s itchy right? In here.”

Nepallem patted his chest.

Tiamet frowned as he asked carefully.

“Are you calling me special because of that?”

Even if he felt something for a citizen.

He didn’t know if this made him special in any way.

Maybe not during a battle but he, as a enhanced race, was entitled to some emotions.

It was possible for them to feel emotions in special cases and if they were in the daily life mode.

The other TMT series were just standing around expressionlessly because they didn’t feel the need to show emotions.

They were born for battle and all these emotions would just disappear like bubbles once they got into a battle.

But Nepallem chuckled.

“You aren’t special because of that. There’s another reason.”


Tiamet became curious.

About what his differences were and why this amazing scientist, Nepallem, was so interested in him.

But when Tiamet was about to ask.

[TMT-17. These are the new commands and their associated data for the plan. Open the channel so I can send them over.]


Tiamet frowned as he heard Akamel’s voice through the chipset.




Then, towards Mudusella as she finished up reverting the Mudusella System back to its original state.

[MSL-17. These are the new commands and their associated data for the plan. Open the channel so I can send them over.]


Mudusella made a confused expression at the sudden orders being sent to her.

Was there something she didn’t know about regarding this plan?

‘And… It’s not only coming to me.’

It was being sent to every enhanced race including the MSLs.

Mudusella started to read the data with a confused expression.

Wondering why the data was sent suddenly and in secrecy.

And soon.


Mudusella’s eyelids trembled as the spirit cursed inside her.

“...They’re leaving behind all the 3rd grade citizens? The whole over 20 million of them?’

They weren’t just being left behind.

According to this plan… Every remaining human would die for sure.

Mudusella was extremely shocked as she continued to read through the data.